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  1. Hey everyone!The time has come for us to reveal a special alternate build for the 42156 Ford GT! We have rebuilt it to be a VOLVO iron knight.VOLVO IRON KNIGHT BACKGROUNDWithout further ado let's go into what the Iron Knight is. The Volvo Iron Knight is a race truck specially designed by the Volvo racing team that was specifically designed to be an absolute beast. The truck featured 4 turbochargers released 2,400 Horsepower and 4,425 pound-feet of torque. It used a dual-clutch system that is also included in most of Volvo's trucks but the whole body was redesigned to be a light, lean record-breaking machine! Features of our VOLVO IRON KNIGHT A realistic working V6 engine Iron Knight's unique exhaust and detailing RWD Rear solid axle suspension Front independent suspension HOG (Hand of God) Steering for front wheels Smooth drivetrain Racing Minimalist Interior Iron Knight lights Opening the front Grille to reveal the steering And it of course is only built from parts included in the LEGO 42154 FORD GT Suspension and SteeringThe IRON KNIGHT uses a solid axle in the rear and independent front suspension which is steered. The rear axle drives the V6 engine in the back of the truck. For looks, we decided to keep the model levelled for those who want a more aesthetic display of the model, this means that the rear solid axle suspension has limited suspension capabilities in its current state. This can easily be changed by doing a quick modification we are going to release to those who want this option on our website. The suspension modification simply moves the connection point of the rear suspension pieces down 1 stud! It's very simple and effective.....
  2. Central reinforcement? I don't think the flex in the middle is huge. It seemed pretty rock solid to me but I'll run some tests and I'll post them here soon.
  3. Hey everyone, I stripped down my Dodge Demon MOC to the chassis and I want to modify it in a way that will make it look more rugged and potentially even have some RC components added! Do you all have any suggestions that you could please give to support the build?????? Here is a before and after of the chassis as of today: The Changes I have made are the following: - Improved central ground clearance - Components of the chassis have been removed to allow the fitment of bigger tyres - Larger Tires - Some reinforcement of the suspension struts and how they connect to the chassis I have a workbench post on rebrickable with a video! What should I add or change next?????
  4. Thanks mate. those are some good suggestions. I built the model using my constraints of only using parts from 42154 and 42126. I have designed some brick-built taillights and front lights using only parts from both of those sets. Here are some photos, I think the built headlights kind of take away the look of a Dodge Hellcat in the front section and it kinda resembles it in the rear, I prefer personally, the stickers but it is cheating in a way! :)
  5. Hey everyone, here is my newest creation... An 850hp supercharged BOAT!!!! AKA the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon!!!!! It is made using the parts from both 42154 and 42126. I liked this car and wanted to design a model that would highlight a similar and recognisable look! Please let me know what you think about it! Some photos and features: Front and rear View \ Wheelie function which is accessed using the orange key Doors, boot and hood can all be opened Please enjoy a video I made: Now on rebrickable:
  6. CrazyKreations

    Caterham 7 (42154)

    Thanks, I do find the one white piece on the sides a bit annoying but the parts in the set didn’t allow me to do anything else
  7. CrazyKreations

    Caterham 7 (42154)

    Hey it’s an honour to have you actually look at my MOC’s. The front suspension is hindered due to an extra layer under the front suspension arms. They give a clear 1 stud of travel which is lacking for me, I didn’t have enough parts to make a custom wheel hub for the suspension. The parts do not flex. I believe you have noticed the fenders… if I had more parts I could have redesigned the joint to the wheel hub and the fenders for sturdiness but it’s not as simple as many may think. To make a low profile Lego hub requires some more specialised pieces that aren’t available in the set 42145. I am currently taking more photos for the connections and a gif for the front suspension, I will release more after a day or two. Thanks for your words, as always it’s tough to make flawless creations with no issues especially when it is something cosmetic, but we can only try. 😁
  8. CrazyKreations

    Caterham 7 (42154)

    There you go, I don’t have many excellent photos of the model but there you go and there is a video too if you want.
  9. CrazyKreations

    Caterham 7 (42154)

    oops, that's my bad. I'll probably check with the admins if I can't figure out how to do that. Thanks for your kind words, I would never had dreamed that the MOC would come out this good by the way
  10. CrazyKreations

    [MOC] 1969 Dodge Charger

    It looks really good, the charger is one of my favourite cars! This model also looks very clean, well done!
  11. Hey everyone, I just released one of my newest alternate builds on rebrickable. However, I'd like to know your thoughts on the model itself. Please keep in mind the following limitations of the build. I redesigned the Ford GT from the set 42154 into a classic Caterham 7! This surprisingly was a tough build that I wasn't anticipating. Here are the instruction links - The Ford GT doesn't come with many beams or long-ish panels that can be used to fill out the outer body -It doesn't come with clear lights -Just limitations all around colour as the Ford GT had a lot of gaps this was a factor in the model. As with any alternate builds these issues are not uncommon, so please also see the features that I have tried to implement in the model: Realistic opening hood Fenders move with Steering Steering Working Steering wheel Working Inline 4-piston engine Independent Front Suspension Independent Rear Suspension Detailed interior Realistic Caterham 7 looks Please take a moment to watch the video and tell me what you think of the model!
  12. I have a 4x4 offroad truck that has a flatbed and winch... I have it shown in action at the end of this video actually.
  13. Hey everyone, CrazyKreations here. We are proud to present to you all our new alternate builds using the Lego set 42126, the Ford F-150 Raptor. This would be the 5th alternate build model that we have designed from the Ford Raptor! As always this model has a variety of features and detailed instructions on how to build this model. This model is a 1970 Dodge Charger and was inspired by Dom's Offroad Charger from the Fast and Furious 7 movie. The movie car featured an offroad modification of the traditional Dodge Charger for an offroad scene in the movie. We were inspired by this car and decided to remodel it using only the 42126 Ford F-150 Raptor's parts. Some Photos of the model: Features: Although this model is intended for display, it features some sturdy features that increase playability. This model has the following features: Front and Rear Suspension Independent and Solid axle suspension Steering via HOG Detailed + Working Flat 6 Engine Detailed Interior 2x Spare wheels (I used different spare wheels in the video as the Raptor only comes with 4 wheels) This model was intended to be modelled after Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious 7. If anyone has any concerns about the model please feel free to send us a message on rebrickable via Private Messaging or contact us on our website using this
  14. I know that technically this is a car/truck but...
  15. My Mercedes Zetros Expedition Truck Build! Rebrickable Link