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  1. My International Paystar 5070 from Snowrunner!
  2. Hi everyone, we had our Raptor set parts sitting around and after we built a Jeep Gladiator out of the Raptor we decided to build something packed with little features that will add extra value to this licensed set. We present to you an Offroad Truck with a crane! Please visit this blog post on our website for more info on this model and don't forget to like and follow us on Rebrickable and sign up on our website for discounts on more MOCs and alternates. Features: Clean and working V6 engine under the hood openable hood with a stand to keep it open hog steering (removable top nob) opening doors interior snorkel exhaust 2x4 drive solid axle set up throughout model new front axle that has improved steering Outriggers with an easy lock wheel chocks that are stored at the side of the model outrigger pads (recommend making custom ones**) crane arm with extendable boom Rebrickable Link
  3. Jeep gladiator, alternate of the Ford F-150 Raptor.
  4. Hi guys I am looking for a tandem steered and driven set of axles that can be used as pendulumn suspension? Has anyone got any advice? Please I am desperate
  5. Thanks heaps, yea it would have been nice but this model has limited parts
  6. Hi everyone,I present to you a Jeep Gladiator Gravity-inspired vehicle made out of only the parts from the Ford F150 Raptor! Now it was a real challenge to design some parts of this model only using the parts available in the Raptor however, I really believe that this model looks good and that its suspension (highlight of this model) surpasses the Raptor.This model is based on a variety of different custom jeep designs but its main inspiration is the Jeep Gladiator Gravity!Features Steering via a gear at the top Simple, matching and pleasant interior NO DOORS (Preferred for a better 'offroad' look) Opening tailgate and large bed Opening hood with working engine Solid 4 link axle front and rear suspension Amazing flex Great design! Conversation Starter! Full description, more photos and a video here Instructions:
  7. CrazyKreations

    42126 | Sherp

    Hmm never thought of that I might, anyway instructions are out now on rebrickable.
  8. Hello everyone, CK here and today we present to you one of our favourite vehicles designed from the parts from the Lego Technic Ford F-150 Raptor. We enjoyed building this and watching it drive around in the dirt and sand so we made instructions for it. It would function amazingly in the snow however it doesn’t snow where I’m at in Australia. One of the key difficulties of this model was to try and make it an all-wheel-drive but due to the lack of gears, we were unable to do that. Even using 4 motors wasn’t an option so we decided to keep it simple and use 2 L motors as the basic skid steering. Of course, the front photo's wheels aren't the Raptor's but I could only render it with those wheels as I couldn't find the Raptor's wheels on Studio. In other words, the Sherp ONLY works with the Raptor's wheels. Video coming soon… When you purchase this MOC you will get high-quality PDF instructions generated from Studio. Instructions cheaper at Instructions available on Rebrickable on the 1st of January Impressions More images here
  9. Sherp Made from the Ford F1-50 Raptor. instructions Link
  10. Check out this custom tray for the raptor that I made it’s on rebrickable What do you think about it?
  11. Interesting, down under trucks sometimes come like this mate. How extraordinary!
  12. Thanks Mate. Down under i see one everyday at least 7 times! I can’t believe you haven’t seen much of one lol.
  13. Your kinda right, however, the main reason is to be able to carry much heavier and rougher stuff inside your bed. Also to look cool! here is a real life tray I referred to in order to build this, (Please note that the canopy is removable as well) Yes it does seem to fit high but the type of flatbed and canopy I chose to build needed to be in scale with the real on and work well with the raptors amazing suspension. There is one in this comment.