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  1. CrazyKreations

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I think we need to make a poll with one of the options being the GBC and the other the stud remake one. A stud remake will bring back so many memories but I like some don’t have there resources to make a Good looking GBC (Correct part colours and all). I am really in favour of the studded remake!
  2. CrazyKreations

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Look guys I don’t know about you but I think heavy duty off-road trucks like 6x6 trucks. For example, the ones with big off-road logging trailers. Commonly seen in Snow-runners (The game)
  3. CrazyKreations

    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    Beautiful, this is just unbelievable the attention to detail. What I cannot get over is the cracks in the stone when the juggernaut Is running over them and that chair. Oh this is amazing, great job Mate.
  4. Very good work, Bigfoot is really camouflaged well in there!
  5. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker’s Share your Trailers!!!

    Sorry Mate, I literally haven’t thought about it. Thanks for the advice Mate feedback is always appreciated
  6. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Hey everyone I have started a share your own trailers forum for all those who have trailers that they are proud of, please have a look and share your trailers!! Here is the link
  7. Hey everyone, you must check out the share your trucks forum for many talented eurobricker’s inspirational truck designs! But this topic is for those who have made their own custom trailers and mods that they are proud of! I will start first Here is my trailer for my custom Semitruck. I am currently designing a nice off-road capable caravan which I hope some of you would like to see, I am almost finished and I will post it here when I am done.
  8. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    I made this truck a while ago: It was based on a custom Kenworth I saw online , it’s below: I have a video of its functions here:
  9. CrazyKreations

    Effe's MOC Corner

    @efferman How on earth do you create the cabin exterior and front engine cover so well? I really need some tips because I am absolutely horrible at that. It looks amazing, I still can't believe how perfectly in scale the cabin exterior is to the chassis! Great job Mate
  10. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    They are amazing, Mate I love that unimog! Great Monster as well, and I recon that about a monster truck as well (What is a truck if it doesn’t get dirty). Very wise words Mate.
  11. CrazyKreations

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Sorry, I already have basically. Thanks to the guys who sent me the photos for the leaked sets.
  12. Your not wrong mate, but we can all agree on that the old construction style (more functional) LEGO technic sets earlier than this Powered up era was soooo much better. E.g Mercedes Arocs, Unimog and the Crane truck.
  13. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Thanks so much buddy. That will really help!
  14. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Mate these are really nice, I am attempting to build some type of tiller truck that can tip a rear tray in any direction. It’s a bit of a challenge because I only have a small linear actuator.
  15. CrazyKreations

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    I recon it is a Ford F-Max I think kinda, but I am more confident guessing that it’s a Volvo.