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  1. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    Thanks Holodoc and Roger Smith for your input. Let´s be optimistic about this particular project. I´m in no hurry to finish, so while waiting for more bricks/parts to arrive, the little spaceship option above will be kept "on hold" BTW: Here´s the second package of bricks/parts: Regards,
  2. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    Thanks BeO for your input! I guess you´re probably right, because special and discontinued bricks/parts are pricy and difficult to find. However, I enjoy looking for those bricks and parts. I also like the sense of completing the set step by step with every package that arrives in the mail. BTW: the mailman dropped another pacakge this week, and I have identified 74 additional parts for my project. I´m now around 200 bricks/parts short. I´ll keep you guys posted. Regards,
  3. rmontesb

    Please help me identify this part.

    Many thanks deraven for your quick reply. I`ll go part-hunting now to complete the set. Regards,
  4. This Lego part came in a recently purchased bulk package. On the bottom, it has the number 85779-1-05. There´s and indication that it was made for McDonald´s under license around 2009. Any help identifying the set will be highly appreciated. Regards,
  5. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    Yesterday, the mailman left a package at my doorstep. It happens to be one of those Lego bricks lots that are sold by the pound. I´ve identified 15 (blue, black and light gray) parts that can be used for my Galaxy Explorer project (see picture). That´s 15 out of 325 bricks...I expect more packages to arrive soon. I´ll keep you guys posted. Regards,
  6. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    Many thanks for your input weeble1688. Light Gray it is! I´ve already identified several bricks in some e-stores, including the translucent-red and translucent-green ones. I guess the translucent-yellow, the printed bricks and some other special parts will not be that easy to find. As you indicate, It is definitively a fantastic set (I used to own one as a child, but it is no longer in my possession). Buying/trading, organizing and putting together all the bricks will bring some good memories. I believe this is an interesting project to share, so I´ll keep you guys posted on the progress of this particular build. Regards,
  7. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    I´m in the process of reconstructing/replicate the Lego 497 Galaxy Explorer set. With respect to the colors of the gary bricks, some e-sellers identify them as being "Light Gray" or "Medium Stone Gray". Which is the correct color for the set? Thanks in advanced for your assured response.
  8. rmontesb


    Greetings fellow members! I´m an Attorney-at-Law living in in Honduras which is located in Central America. I have played with LEGO´s since childhood, and now, as an adult, I want to start a collection of classic LEGO sets. Looking forward to learn a lot from this community. Kind regards,