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  1. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    UPDATE 1/20/20 Not much since the previous update, but I've added a fake V6 engine as an additional feature. The engine is driven by a PF M motor located directly beneath it. I went all out decorating the engine here. It's been given a heavily modified appearance, and it will be exposed and stick through the hood. I added the engine because while planning out the bodywork the hood just looked bland. I wanted something to really make it look aggressive, and to really give it that Mad Max feel. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Some other changes I've made to it since the previous update are that I moved the stack of plugs for the IR receivers towards the back, below where the bed will be installed so they'll be completely hidden. I also removed the side panels on the tracks - I just felt like they didn't belong there. With a heavily modified V6 engine under through the hood, The Halftracker proves that there's no obstacle it can't power through. Photos:
  2. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    UPDATE 1/17/19 The entire chassis is now finished. I finished it late last night, and took the photos before I went to bed. The chassis came together pretty cohesively - the motors for the arm functions fit perfectly between the tracks, and directing their drive up the arm's support structure was pretty straightforward. The arm rotation motor fit perfectly inside the support structure, between the drive axles for the arm functions. The arm functions and rotation are all driven by PF M motors. The power supply of the model is a PF rechargeable battery, and it's placed just in front of the arm's support structure. The IR receivers are mounted behind the support structure, and overall wire management was pretty easy. I did have to stack the plugs of the IR receivers elsewhere though - there is simply not enough room to stack them on the battery box. The stack of plugs is quite an eyesore, but it should be covered up pretty well when the body is built. Note that the turntable for the arm isn't installed yet - the turntable will be supported by the body elements, so I'll add that when I get to building the body. Photos:
  3. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    Both shock absorbers are about halfway compressed. And yes, when the suspension tilts to the side, one spring is fully compressed while the other one is fully decompressed.
  4. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    I’ll probably do something like that for the support structure of the arm. The chassis immediately below it is gonna need quite a bit of reinforcement.
  5. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    Thank you! I’m glad you like it.
  6. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    UPDATE 1/14/20 The chassis above the tracks and the front oscillating axle are done. I've just got to join these parts and add the motors and support structure for the arm, and I'll be finished with the chassis. I was anticipating the part above the front axle to be challenging due to the lack of space for reinforcement, but it actually turned out pretty well and it's very structurally sound. However, due to the height of it I'm probably gonna have to add another set of parallel beams to reinforce it to the chassis, probably to the support structure for the arm. The part above the tracks was actually more difficult than anticipated. Sure it's just another set of parallel beams, but I had a harder time finding a way to reinforce this than the part above the front axle. It ended up with plenty of reinforcement, though. Photos:
  7. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    My Fire Rescue Half-Track from 2016 used a differential on the tracks, and it suffered significantly from slipping. The hard plastic tracks are a lot less “sticky” than rubber tires, so it doesn’t take much for a track to lose contact with the ground and thus strand the vehicle.
  8. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    I’ll be updating the topic over the next few days, showing how the build progresses. I’m planning on finishing most of this model before I go back to college next week. Glad you are interested in my MOC!
  9. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    The most difficult part of the chassis I think will be where the oscillating front axle is, as there is not much room for reinforcement in an area that especially needs reinforcement.
  10. JLiu15

    [TC17] Halftracker

    Oh no the front axle won’t be driven - it’s just steered and suspended. It would be really hard to get the gear ratios just right lol.
  11. The world as we know it is destroyed. All that's left is the wastelands of a civilization that once thrived. But for us who have survived the fall of humanity, we need a vehicle that can bring us to safety - and help everyone else do so. It is the Halftracker. This is my submission for the TC17 contest. As the name suggests, it is a half-track. It will have a claw arm attached to the roof of the truck. The arm will have full 360 degrees of rotational freedom, but unfortunately this means only two functions can go through the turntable. The functions/features I am considering for this model are: Driven tracks (uses an individual L motor on each track as opposed to a differential to prevent slipping) Steering on front axle Oscillating front axle (with shock absorbers) Suspended tracks Arm rotation (full 360 degrees) Jib elevation Claw Additional motorized function (e.g. a winch). It will have 3 IR receivers, so there is room for one more function. The suspended tracks and oscillating axle will help the Halftracker tackle any fallen debris, and the claw arm will clear out any roadblocks for people to get through. Currently I have the tracks and their drivetrain and the front axle (the oscillating portion) completed. The tracks are pretty solid at this point, so building the chassis should be pretty straightforward. Photos:
  12. JLiu15

    [TC17][WIP] the monster blue bus

    Lowkey looks like the Fortnite bus lol. Just wondering, will the green 11x3 panel in the front be replaced with a dark azure one to make it consistent with the rest of the body, or is it meant to be green right there?
  13. UPDATE 12/10/19 Hey guys, unfortunately I've decided to cancel this project. I was originally planning on finishing it before college, but I didn't and my interest in finishing this model quickly declined. It doesn't look like it will work well in the end either - the single pneumatic compressor is far too weak to effectively operate the pneumatics, especially the arm elevation. I don't like the idea of using a manual pump to help the compressor either, as this is a model that's meant to be fully remote controlled via SBrick. Not to mention it's a real pain to close the valves precisely. I could replace the pneumatics with LAs, but that would mean rebuilding the entire model from scratch. It would also defeat my initial purpose in building this MOC - which was to use pneumatics, so that would make this MOC a pointless build. I'm going to focus on smaller, simpler projects over winter break.