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Found 26 results

  1. Here's a MOC on which I'm working since the end of the previous summer! After I have done the video of my DS3, I had the idea to do a new chassis with 4 wheel drive. I thought it would not be possible, but the first prototype was better than my DS3! Actually the MOC is not finished. The stickers are missing, and I'm continuing to develop the chassis (I'm adding a 4th L motor) Actually there are 1 L for the front, and 2 L for the rear. The great advantage of the 4WD is that it can take a great angle while turning, but it's always controllable. But, that can have an inconvenient: the understeering. For that, I did the same thing on the real RC drift cars: I added a free wheel. So when I do not accelerate, the front wheels are not braked and the car does not understeer. You can see this video on this video, done for BuWizz with Charbel. But this is one. It's the same thing, but there is only my car. The final gymkhana will be for the next summer, because that requires a lot of time, and with the school, I have not enough time at another moment of the year.
  2. SuRrEaLNJ

    [MOC] Speed Champs Mustang

    I know this is/was all the rage, but its been a while since i MOCd so i jumped on the bandwagon with a MOD of the SC mustang. I built it while waiting for the creator set to come out, but pictures until now. More pics HERE on flickr
  3. The classic 1967 Ford Eleanor GT500 was a fearsome beast in its day, with a 428 cubic inch big block rippling the pavement courtesy of an astounding 355 horsepower. It's also the car made famous as "Eleanor," Steve McQueen's awesome ride in the original 1974 movie Gone In Sixty Seconds. With so much heritage to this classic car, I knew this build had to reflect that hardcore stance and styling everyone grew to love. 1967 Eleanor Mustang- let’s drive by lachlan cameron, on Flickr In an attempt to stay true to the mechanics and design, I began with the classic live axle rear suspension and an inboard suspension style in the front with Ackerman steering and torsion bar. 1967 Eleanor Mustang- Chrome engine block, gold pistons, red chrome wheels - by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I threw my new red chrome rims on the car just for a quick photo with lots of bling :) 1967 Eleanor Mustang by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The car also sports front and rear headlights, motorized hood and trunk, 2 XL motors for drive, 1 servo motor for steering, 2 Buwizz batteries in the trunk, a chrome V8 engine block with gold pistons, working fan and blower, snap back doors. 1967 Eleanor Mustang by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I did try to follow the shape of the car closely, as you can see in the overlay below: 1967 Eleanor Mustang by lachlan cameron, on Flickr After so many new challenges on this car I'm fairly satisfied with the outcome. So sit back, grab a cuppa and check the video! And as always - a huge thanks to my brother @DugaldIC , @KD123 & @technic_addict for their support throughout this build.
  4. I'm happy to present my model of the classic 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350-H, a very special version of the legendary Pony. It doesn't look perfect, but it has all the functions I wanted, including some really creative ones. More photos and description:
  5. Kevin Yoo

    [MOC] 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

    I liked the new Mustang set so I completely remade it in my building style.
  6. Thought I'd collect my growing series of six-wide builds into one place as my feed on Flickr is getting pretty dense. I'd struggled to get the Speed Champions cars proportioned to my liking (I ended up with slightly outrageous 10-wide P1 prototypes), meanwhile my Flickr feed has a continuous drizzle of inspiring builds done around the slightly smaller City Scale fenders and tires. Somehow this scale just works. While there are a good many builders on Flickr working at this scale and all their work inspires in some way, I would like to call out ER0L, Tom Netherton and Adrian Barbour aka BrickMonkey in particular as their approaches, shared designs and instructions went a long way to kick-starting this series of building for me. I've adopted the techniques they honed which has given me a great platform to come up with some of my own tricks. Also, there's sort of an easter-egg in all of them; rather than filling the inner spaces of the chassis with big bricks a la Speed Champions, I like to tuck in plate-built details like engines and chassis structures. These are all up on Flickr > Prototyp with plenty of photos of each if you'd like to check them out more closely. Will update here with new builds from time to time. 1972 Datsun 510 A cooler version of my college car (if I weren't so broke the and had actually hopped up my Dime); fat MiniLites tucked into some flares, front and rear skirt work, and a twin-cam engine swap under the hood. Nissan Skyline KCG10 '72 Early work on the 510 ended up developing into the even cooler, lower, sleeker, meaner Skyline GTR "Hakosuka" McLaren P1 Unrelated in every way to TLG's Speed Champions P1; very long, very low, very curvy... Even the color is opposite. Particularly proud of the trick nose build and that TT wing plate as a rear diffuser (which, interestingly enough the new 720S Speed Champions model also uses) Built up in some colorways. Ferrari 458 Italia Distantly-related to BrickMonkey's 'chibi' style Ferrari 458 caricature. Like the McLaren, this one is also quite long and low. There's a plate-built V8 tucked in the mid-rear, too. (will need to build this one in more colors, too) Honda NSX Type R Adapted from Tom Netherton's Acura NSX with a new nose, new tail, and a v6 under the rear glass. Ford Mustang GT350 Another Tom Netherton-based build. His work on the nose and side panels is fantastic stuff. I reworked chassis to move the whole roof/cockpit area back a stud in order to play up the long-hood coupe proportions. Under the hood is just enough space for a hint of plate-built V8 and the GT's strut-tower cross brace. The tail is extended and incorporates a custom exhaust and diffuser setup. Porsche 935 '77 This MOC started out as a build of a 911 street car but got sidetracked by the desire to make something a little more outrageous (and to use the Speed Champions fender/tire combo). The turbofan wheel covers and front suspension camber are small design and technique triumphs. Some good bones here for a series of stickered replicas. And yes, there's a turbocharged, air-cooled flat 6 engine under the rear hood, too.
  7. Our admins are holding new Bodywork competition in Lego Technic Russia community. I've decided to participate in it and this is my entry. Features are: openable doors, hood and trunk; some details in interior; detachable body; no suspension; simple steering without working steering wheel. In future maybe I will make a good RC or manual chassis for this body, but in this case I will have to disassemble my FWD chassis for Honda Civic project (McPherson front suspension, rear multilink (sort of) suspension, moving by two L-motors and steering by servo with working steering wheel). So what do you think about it? Mustang: More photos: Honda chassis: Video:
  8. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] 5th Generation Ford Mustang GT

    This is my first MOC in about 5 years. It's a 5th generation Ford Mustang GT - I specifically modeled it after a 2008. It uses a lot of Speed Champions elements and shares some design traits with that series as well, such as the SNOT side panel and bumper body work. It was designed in Mecabricks and ordered via Bricklink - the orange 1 x 1 corner panels were the most difficult part to track down, since they only appeared in 2 fairly unpopular sets in 2004.
  9. Rolic

    '65 Shelby Mustang

    Alright.. Here's something classic and muscle - the mighty Shelby Mustang from year 1965 in it's original white + blue stripes color schema. So.. it turns out - it is only 3,5 years ago since I started to use some more color in my models - other than white I mean. I really like how the outdoor pictures turned out. For instance - in the next one it does really look like in the same scale as the building, thou the building is of course a real one. This model used some quite interesting techniques and details I think. Take a look at those rims. They are actually steering wheels. But stuffed inside those old type tires - they fit and stay there very well. So does the red break calipers. These do stay in place as the wheels go. Apart from all the historical models - this one I really regret taking apart. A sad moment to the humanity I'd say :) But... at that moment I didn't have enough bricks to keep it in one piece and build another car. So... hope you enjoy this old American beauty. As always - more pics at my flicker album here: Feel free to let me know what you think. See ya next time :) Cheers.

    [MOC] 1969 & 2005 Ford Mustangs

    Hi everyone :) Below are mocs of 2 of my favourite cars, '69 and '05 Mustang Hope you guys like it ! Thanks & Regards, KMP
  11. This diorama shows three different scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan. All the action is taking place on Ramelle bridge at the same time (just for the purpose of this diorama), although in the movie there was a longer time frame between these scenes. The first scene is in the middle section, when Captain Miller on the bridge shoots with his Colt into Tiger I tank, just a second before P-51 destroys the tank. The second one is right after Tiger I explodes and German soldiers starts to run. Corporal Upham captures a small group of soldiers. Among the captured soldiers, Corporal Upham recognizes one German soldier who was captured and let go previously. The third sequence shows the arrival of the allies.
  12. I am going on a road trip soon and hopefully will get a Mustang from the car rental. So I happened to walk past this set and just had to buy it in anticipation of the trip :D So, I never use stickers. Hate them. So I thought I try to mod this car stickerless, which seemed doable. It is a minor mod, but I am kinda new and I feel kinda proud I could finish what I had in mind. I thought I'd share. Thanks for reading! http://u.cubeupload....t20160511at.png http://u.cubeupload....t20160511at.png It was an one afternoon thing and I did not have all my bricks at hand but, I am pretty happy with the results :) edit: reserved for possible changes. Would love to make it stud or two wider... edit: resized images
  13. legofrik

    [MOC] WWII Mustang P-51

    This MOC is very fragile. Lots of SNOT technique were used when I built it. But still, the cockpit cabin can be opened and the propeller is rotating too.
  14. Scale is 1:11, Features 90 degree V8 fake engine, steering, 4 speed transmission, double wishbone front / live axle rear suspension and everything that should open, does. Except the glovebox. Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr The steering parts are those little 3L ones from a few years ago, which fit within these wheels for reasonable steering geometry at the expense of decent lock. Still, at least the wheels don't rub the sides of the close fitting arches. Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr The shift plate from 8880 is just superb - such a nice gearchange! Now we just need one in black.... Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr It's the '66 model GT350 with side window in place of the '65's louvres. Also without the '67-on extra metal grafted on the ends. Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr Also, seats slide, tilt forward and recline. Well, the front ones do. The rear ones just sit there... Shelby Mustang GT350 by Nick Barrett, on Flickr
  15. [Edit, 12 October 2015] Note: This thread is discontinued. If you're interested in more cars of this sort please join me on Flickr. [/Edit] Hi all, after all the LCS and airport stuff it was time to build some new cars - or rebuild some older cars according to the actual scheme of widths. In this thread you'll find some actual sports cars (to be continued). List of cars in this thread #1 Ford Falcon (Mad Max Interceptor) #2 Ford Mustang Convertible #3 Ford Mustang Fastback #4 Dodge Charger #5 Aston Martin DB5 #6 Ferrari Daytona Spider "Miami Vice" #7 Ferrari 308 GTS (Magnum, P.I. edition) #8 Mustang Shelby GT 500 "Eleanor" #9 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda #1 Ford Falcon (Mad Max Interceptor) The old Mad Max Interceptor (which might be known to some people) didn't fit any more into the actual range of widths used in the town project. Thus the following aspects were changed: width reduced from 7w+ to 6w+ lower roof line (back of the fig must be slanted, but it works) exhausts are situated more under the body than before tanks dark grey instead of red some minor changes #2 Ford Mustang (classic version) 6w+. Fits one whole minifig (two are quite difficult with this setup). #3 Ford Mustang Fastback A sportier version. #4 Dodge Charger The Charger is based on derjoe's amazing design which is very well known (see, but with quite a few modifications. The main point here is that "behind-the-tile design" which allows some unusual slopes - a concept to be further developed, I guess. 6.8w (6w plus two tiles), fits one fig (two are quite difficult with this setting, something to improve). Some more pics on Flickr. Thanks for looking, c&c welcome as usual. To be continued.
  16. Okay... perhaps not as fast as I wanted it to be ...... but quite a bit faster than the original. Here is Sheepo's Mustang with actual RC racing parts. Traxxas Titan motor to be exact. I had to create a new bracket, drive train, etc. to accommodate for the new rpms, power, etc. To be honest, the drivetrain could have actually used more power, it is the heavy back end that limits performance on this model. I will not post all the details here... that is too exhaustive. But I had done so elsewhere. Check it out it you can.... hopefully it is an interesting read. I love feedback, especially constructive feedback, but if you have something scathing I totally don't mind, but please read the whole post on my mocpages before posting something too critical. I love it when people post stuff but haven't read or seen all the videos.... sometimes your question/concern/opinion will be addressed if you read/watch all that has been posted. Also, the post has some things that I think may be of interest to the Technic community... such as how to address the problem of short supply for red flex cables..... and perhaps some additional information as to why Sheepo is now building 1/10 scale instead of 1/8 scale. Dang.... I can't get the videos to post. It is so hit and miss with these things. I use the exact same procedure everytime.....Is there anything I am doing wrong? Grrr.... I guess that is a different post. If someone knows.... please feel free to fix the issue.
  17. Collection of late model Ford Mustangs. Each features a highly detailed interior, engine compartment, chassis and exhaust system, steerable front wheels, working suspension, and opening hood, doors, trunk/rear hatch and fuel door. 1984 Mustang SSP (Special Service Package) Texas Department of Public Safety Interceptor 1985 Mustang SVO 1987 Mustang LX Notchback Outlaw Drag Car 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra 1994 Mustang GT 2000 Mustang SVT Cobra R 2003 Mustang Mach 1 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra
  18. Hi all! It's been a long time since my last post, I have been busy with school. A few weeks ago I builded the standard Mustang Shelby by Sheepo in black with red striping. I tought it was a very nice and detailed model, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it faster, using only official LEGO parts. Therefore I decided to build, next to my standard mustang a RC version. It turned out very well, I didn't mesured the speed yet, but I think it goes around 15 or even 20 km/h. For propulsion I used 4 RC motors, 2 for each rear wheel. To power those energy slinding motors, I used 2 RC units. I kept the brakes in the front, but even with a XL motor, they doesn't have a lot of braking-power. More at my Facebookpage, even a little test video: I'm sorry for my bad English and rubbish text, I wrote it in a hurry. A clean, nice and detailed topic will follow!
  19. Back when I started seriously getting into building some 15 years ago there was a guy named Jonathan Stephenson who had designed some really awesome Technic cars... Of course this was before everything had gone full studless... I know that many people here have probably never seen these models, so I would like to share them as they are amazingly well done... I don't know if he still builds or not as I haven't seen anything since these cars from 2000.. IMO they still hold up even with today's new full wave of parts... Corvette Mustang
  20. Hey everyone, This is something that I have alluded to in the past here on the forum. I have been working on a Sheepo's Mustang with added power. I went with RC power, a 380 motor to be exact. This has been a fun project so far; not yet complete but at least the motor is in and runs great. Really, the test will be when everything is complete and the weight is heavier to see if everything runs as smooth under load. Although there are other ways to power-up a model, this one appealed to me because I love RC cars and have many stare parts. If everything runs fine under load, then this will be tons of fun to drive and probably the fastest version of Sheepo's mustang out there (although, yes, obviously not using solely Lego parts). Admittedly, if everything works as planned it will still be very hard to drive. I will use the Lego servo for steering, so I will have two controllers. Again, I get it that this will make the car hard to drive, but this is a project that I did more to see if it could be done as opposed to trying to make something functional. I have had a lot of fun with this so far, and still a little work to go. As can be seen in the video I kept the transmission which is probably not needed (and makes the video very loud!). But I just wanted it keep it anyways b/c it is such a cool part of the build. But, there is a good chance that eventually, if things all work out under load, I will take the tranny away for direct drive. When I get it all done I will include pics and a full write-up with details and another, longer video. And yes...... I know I need to switch that back axle out... the tire is a little wobbly.
  21. Hey all, I have made Sheepo's mustang after seeing him at lego fan weekend in 2013. But although it is just superb in almost every way i wanted to make it faster. So i just kept the body and made a new chassis for the mustang. After i saw how well it performed with the powerfull motors, i decided to do the same with the caterham. This was much simpler because the body is the chassis here, so i just had to build the body and put the units in. On the mustang i putted wheels from the sunset cruiser and the super seven is sitting on the red tires you could buy with the dirt crusher. Both are doing around 25km/h which i think is not bad for these huge cars. Here is the photoset: Thanks to Sheepo for making such nicely styled bodies which are Just the right scale for these motors Tibivi Ps: The caterham is not yet finished, it neds some details like a dash and seats. Also some hoses are still on there way.
  22. It's finally done! UPDATE: The LDD file is out for free! Get it here. Features: - R/C drive and steering with working steering wheel - Front dual a-arm suspension with advanced geometry and sway bar - Rear leaf spring suspension with sway bar - Detailed interior with adjustable seats and opening console box - Opening hood, doors, and trunk Video: More info can be found in this blog post, and more photos can be seen here.
  23. This past Saturday, I rebuild my abandoned Mustang chassis (and made some improvements) . Here's what I got done: Features are all the same so far: - Front independent suspension with Anti-dive geometry, caster angle, kingpin inclination, and Ackerman geometry - Rear leaf spring suspension - Return-to-center R/C steering - Remote control drive The main improvement with this chassis so far is a slightly more compact gear system for the steering, which allowed me to move the drive motor up (and add a second drive motor). Here's the old chassis for comparison: This Saturday, at 12:00 PM Pacific Time, I'll be hosting another build livestream. There, I'll be building the cabin and dashboard, possibly more. Here's the link. In the meantime, what do you guys think of the rebuild so far?
  24. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Mustang GT-500

    Hello there! After some time of loyal lurking I've decided to share some of my creations :). Let me introduce myself first, as this is my first post here - I'm a typical AFOL, thanks to having own children in proper age (pre- and primary school), I've managed to get back to old hobby. As both of my children are girls, so the field of construction is quite obvious - Friends serie ;). I've decided to improve the standard garage, supplied by the Lego Group, so you can expect some 4-wheeled creations, 6- or 7-wide. The first choice is one of my first creations, the 7w car inspired by the iconic muscle car - Ford / Shelby Mustang GT-500 - not a specific model, rather the mix of 2010 - 2013. As most of my MOCs, it's designed to be playable by 3-years old kid - heavy duty construction, and the obligatory openable doors (I even can't think about the car without such feature ;)). So, the requirements are quite hard, but the results are quite good, I hope :). Sorry for the mediorce photo quality (terrible focus depth), but didn't have too much time to play with the friends' camera, borrowed for short time :). So, let Olivia to introduce one of her cars: More photos on my flickr page. Downlolad LDD file. My other presentations:
  25. HorcikDesigns


    Hi When I had been building (in March, I think) other things, that are going to appear soon, I have recognized, that I have parts to make a great chassis for simple buggy-ish vehicle. However, then I have seen some musclecars here in Technic forum, so I decieded to build one too. This one is the final product of that build - it is not prepared, I've been building it instantly according to my thoughts. Hope you like it. ;) it is propulsed by one 5292, and for steering it has one servo. It's steering wheel doesn't move, it is just decoration, and at "RC car" it was "redundable mass"... Video: More photos: musclecar by Horcik designs, on Flickr musclecar by Horcik designs, on Flickr musclecar by Horcik designs, on Flickr musclecar chassis by Horcik designs, on Flickr