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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. Hello everyone! Maybe it's too early, but let it happen. What do you think of the Speed Champions series in 2022? Do you think it will disappear or continue, or will it be under a different name? Anyway, personally, I think they will stay with us for a long time (after all, they have made specially new wheels for 2021). It seems to me that there is a good chance to see in 2022 in the SC series such cars: - BMW M8 (maybe GTE) - Pagani Zonda or Huayra - Ferrari - some F1 car - due to Toyota license can Toyota gr010 (hypercar) - maybe some cars from the DTM or VASC series Post comments about what you think.
  3. Lotus isn't the only new British car brand to join the Speed Champions theme this year. We also get a dual car pack from Aston Martin, with another set said to come out in August. While it's not the first Aston Martin set LEGO has released, it is the first minifigure-scale one. Despite only have 28 more parts than the Mercedes double pack, this set costs a whole $10 more in the US. Is it worth the price or should you stick with some of the other sets? Read on to find out! Set Number: 76910 Name: Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Theme: Speed Champions Year of Release: 2022 Ages: 8+ Pieces: 592 Price: £34.99 / $39.99 / 39.99€ Online Shop description: The Box The front of the box shows the two Aston Martins racing each other down a straight race track. I'm not familiar enough with race tracks to know which one it is supposed to be, if any, so if you recognize it, let me know in the comments. The back depicts a similar scene with the two cars driving off into the sunset together. How romantic! There are also close-ups of their noses as well as reference images of each car. Like on the Mercedes set, the top of the box has various translations of the set's name (which is giving the Mercedes set a run for its money in terms of length), although they're a bit more justified here since they actually use the word "and" instead of an ampersand on this one for some reason. The "official licensed product" mark from Aston Martin is printed on the box for this one instead of being a holographic sticker like on the other sets. There's not much to say about the bottom and the other side. Contents Inside the box there are two instruction booklets, two sticker sheets, and four numbered bags. One odd thing about this is that the little baggie with the hubcaps is inside one of the large numbered bags rather than separate like in the other sets. Another is that the numbers on the bags are all printed at random heights. I wonder why. Instructions The instructions are very "explosive" as we get more star explosions and sticker bombs. They are relatively easy to read, although the gray tones are still a bit hard to distinguish sometimes. Notable Parts This set comes with more of the new style of wheels and hubcaps in black, although after all these sets they are not that rare anymore. We get two printed windscreens in this set and one of them is even a new mold! The Valkyrie's windscreen is 6x7 studs and basically a longer version of windscreen 18973 with sloped sides which should become a useful part in the future. Other printed parts include a 1x2 plate with an Aston Martin logo printed on the side, 2x2 round tiles with dark silver rims, and the headlights. The headlight wedges come in two new colors, dark gray and lime green. Not only that, but we also finally get an unprinted pair of them in lime green, making this the only set so far to feature them without prints. There are also several parts in interesting new and rare colors including 1x2 plates with horizontal clip and 1x1 plates with horizontal tooth in translucent colors or a propeller blade in red. Minifigs This set comes with 2 minifigs as expected. The Vantage GT3 is driven by a nerdy guy with spikey brown hair while the Valkyrie is driven by what looks like Nya from Ninjago with dyed dark brown hair. They both have new Aston Martin AMR racing suits with the same print in different color schemes that continue onto their legs. Their design is similar to the one you can buy from Aston Martin's website for the "low" price of £4,385.59. Interestingly, each of their suits has the color scheme of the other driver's car, which is kind of sweet when you think about it. I'm totally 'shipping these two. Sorry, Jay. Both of them have the same kind of back printing too. What's a bit disappointing about these torsos is that the "Aston Martin" writing under the logo is not very well defined and quite hard to read, especially on Nya where it just looks like two solid lines. The torsos in the previous set had a lot more legible writing for the most part, so why not these? The Build The build of the Valkyrie AMR Pro is very unique. Like the Formula 1 car from the last set, it uses the Speed Champions wheel bearings part as the base, two of them even. The shaping of the front and back are also very different from any other car. The Vantage GT3's build is a bit more standard, using the usual car base and similar shaping to that of other cars like the Evija and Project One, although there are some interesting SNOT techniques used in the tail section. Spare Parts The extra parts consist of the usual small bits and the 5-spoke hubcaps that you can use to customize the Vantage. Nothing exciting. The Complete Set Here are the two finished Astone Martins. The Valkyrie AMR Pro looks quite bizarre and almost more like a spaceship than a car. The Vantage GT3 looks similar to other Speed Champions cars of the 8-wide era and seems almost boring next to the wild Valkyrie, but I love its color scheme. Lime green is my favorite color, so it's great to see a set with not just one, but two cars that use this color. Both give the impression of a powerful, modern sports car. Why don't we ever see James Bond drive an Aston Martin like these? The Valkyrie AMR Pro seems to be based on an early concept art (which you can see below) with the larger headlights and wavy spoiler, but uses the color scheme of the car that Aston Martin actually ended up producing. I think the designers recreated the unusual shape of this concept car about as well as they could. The Vantage GT3 is pretty spot-on at first glance when compared to the real car. I really like how they created the lime outline around the Vantage's grill using brackets and fangs, although the studs that are left exposed under the bumper are a bit unsightly. The use of car doors to represent the two thin walls in the grill of the Valkyrie is clever as well. It's a bit sad, though, how these parts which were very common in the 80's and 90's are rarely used as actual car doors anymore. The designers recreated the wavy spoiler of the Valkyrie nicely using curved slopes and boat studs. I also really like how they did the taillights on the Vantage the way they are sticking out by half a plate and are topped off by a sideways panel and upside down cheese slopes, although the trans-black 1x2 plates that they used to hold those cheese slopes in place look odd and shouldn't be there. The Valkyrie looks very cool and aerodynamic from the side. It has a neat fin in the back like the Mercedes-AMG ONE from the last review which happens to be one of the Valkyrie's main competitors. Perhaps it's not a coincidence both of these concept cars appear in the same wave. The Vantage on the other hand looks more angular than it should and I don't like that half-plate gap that is left between the front bumper and fenders. As you can see in this top view, the Valkyrie is a whole 3 studs longer than the Vantage and other Speed Champions cars like it. Its long spearhead shape and the angled gaps behind the front wheels have been recreated quite well. The printing of the windscreens on both of them is quite good as well, so they don't look out of place. While I like the use of a propeller blade for the Valkyrie's fin, I wish they would have filled in the gaps next to the blade like they did on the Project One. Both car interiors can be accessed by removing the windscreen and look pretty decent. However, the light gray parts on the Vantage and the Technic connector that holds the fin on the Valkyrie look out of place, and the steering wheel of the Vantage is off-center. The stickers on the center consoles add some nice detail though. Ratings Design: 8/10 The Valkyrie looks very cool and unique while the Vantage is a bit boxy and generic. Build: 6/10 Starts out very interesting with the unusual build of the Valkyrie, but becomes more and more standard with the Vantage. Playability: 7/10 You can seat the minifigs, customize the rims, and race them against each other. Figures: 8/10 Despite the usual generic heads, both figs have nicely printed new torsos and legs. Parts: 9/10 Several new and rare parts, including new prints, unprinted new wedges, and a new windscreen mold. Price: 8/10 While it's not as good of a value as the other double pack in the US, it's still good price for 592 parts. Overall: 8/10 This one is a bit of a mixed bag. While the Valkyrie is a very cool and different addition to the theme, the set is bogged down a bit by the Vantage which is kind of just okay. However, the detailed, exclusive racing suits, the new/rare parts, and the very reasonable price still make this a good buy. It may not be the best Speed Champions set, but you definitely won't regret getting it. Thanks for reading and thanks to TLG for sending me this set for review. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and in the poll above. The set will release on March 1, 2022: By the way, did you know that the Valkyrie is the product of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing? Speed Champions March 2022 Wave: Final Thoughts Overall, I think this is a very strong wave! Speed Champions just keeps getting better and better and they really took it up a notch with this batch. Aside from some printing issues and minor design flaws, these are all very good and accurate looking. I'm hard-pressed to even pick a favorite (although it's probably not the Lambo). LEGO is clearly trying to compete with the die cast market, and for the most part I think they are getting pretty close to that level of detail. The only downside to these for me is the lack of any scenery or extra builds that were so common in Speed Champions' early years. Those always added a lot more playability to the sets, but with the cars taking up more and more parts now, I'm afraid we won't see something like an entire Formula One pit again any time soon. I guess we can't have everything. Still, these are great sets and I recommend you go and pick some up. I hope you enjoyed this review series. See ya, and drive safe.
  4. bj51

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Hey, Here's my attempt at an 8L Aston Martin Vulcan. It's been a blast recreating all those complex shapes, from the mouth to the spoiler. As a bonus, you can fit TWO whole minifigs in that model, where some of the recent cars in the Speed Champions Line can't even fit one... I've built it with real bricks but i'm still missing 40ish pieces in the right color. The inverted 1x2 curved slopes in blue just got released in a Minions set. And that canopy doesn't exist without a print... For now. Thanks for reading !
  5. Hi everyone ! Today I'm glad to present my latest creation : a replica of a Le Mans Prototype, the Lola Aston Martin ! See below the result, I worked on this creation during 1,5 month : SPECIFICATIONS : - Fake V12 engine - Independent pushrod type suspensions - Steering by HOG + Working steering wheel - 4 speeds sequential transmission + paddle shifting - Rear cover articulated - Elytre openable doors DESIGN : I used this part from 42056 Porsche to create the cockpit front curved shape. Into the cockpit you can find some details sport wheel and seat. The dashboard include speed indicator serigraphed tile but also green/red indicators to speeds shifting. Paddle shifting is created by 2 short yellow liftarms. You can notice presence of a red extinguisher ! Red and white pins indicate two sides of the paddle shifting ! FEATURES : To create the HOG, I used one couple of knobs and one couple of 16t. A friction axle avoid steering free wheeling. In other hand, doors are openable. For the rear cover, I used Nathanaël Kuipers tips to keep it open with friction like NK03 ( The fake V12 engine is a Crowkillers design : The sound it makes in functions of speeds is awesome ! Supensions pushrod system is a copy slightly modified of 8674 set. For the front pushrod I re-used Nico71 design like on his own LMP1 : I created my own 4 speeds gearbox for this model. It's a flat design like 42056 Porsche one but there are less gears so less friction. I use blue rubber for the 90° indexor. See how its works in the video bellow. Ratios (without diff) : 1 : 1:1 2 : 1:1,667 3 : 1:3 4 : 1:5 I put a paddle shifting in the back of the car to up and down gearbox speeds. I re-designed 42083 shifter to make it smaller. MODULARITY : Main assembly is easily operate by a modular design. There are 6 modules and 2 structural elements. Cockpit itself is a part of main structure. I choose this kind of design in order to make instructions in the future. VIDEO : INSPIRATION : I'm sharing links of creations that somewhere gave me ideas for my Moc : I hope you'll like it See full HD gallery on Flickr : See you !
  6. bricksboy

    [MOC] James Bond Aston Martin DB5

    I built this model base on Aston Martin DB5. The hood, doors and trunk can be opened. My other MOC models: [MOC] Lada VAZ-2105 [MOC] Subaru WRX [MOC] Classic Cadillac Convertible [MOC] Toyota 6th Gen. HiAce Van [MOC] James Bond Aston Martin DB5 [MOC] Toytoa HiAce van [MOC] Toyota GT86 [MOC] Office Desk [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  7. When I first saw the official Aston Martin DB5 set, I wasn't really impressed by it's looks. It's kinda blocky, there were some oddly placed parts, and the action features might have compromised on the interior and the overall shape of the car. Because of a James Bond contest on LEGO Ideas, an Aston Martin DB5 was needed in what I had wanted to build but it was all in chrome gold (You can check that out here). So I recolored it and that's how it looks like. The whole car is completely new build, with elements from the actual set. Changes were made to the sides of the car, I used the Ferrari F40 windscreen and added windows to the doors, the metal bumpers are new, the roof has a bit more curves and the interior is new and more detailed. Not saying the actual set is bad, in fact, as I was building this model, I had build the Aston Martin DB5 set for reference, and as I was recreating it, I was amazed at the engineering and technical ingenuity that went into the set. There were so many elements that had to be placed in weird angles and they were properly secured, especially in the window area. The window area in my re-creation is very flimsy and would fall apart when picked up. After building this MOC I had a newfound respect for the Aston Martin DB5 set and would say that it is one of the best cars that LEGO has created. (But still, couldn't the designer had just fit in a little more curves :D) Anyways, I think I have done a pretty good job in adding more curves and shape, although it could actually use some more. But if someone is able to create an even better version I would be thrilled!
  8. Hello all together, I would like to present you my entry for the 14th Eurobricks Event Contest. The goal was to build a car in Speed Champions style. I did choose the Aston Martin DB5 007 Edition. I thought a regular car could be rather boring so I put in some action features that the car in the movies also has. I also made a VIDEO to show all the features. Enjoy: I hope you liked what you saw.
  9. Hi, Here is my latest model (it is again an exclusive commissioned model, sorry for that), an Aston Martin DB9 Volante: It has the regular features: - Independent suspension on all wheels - Steering with Ackerman geometry and caster angle - A 5+R manual gearbox - A V12 fake engine - Adjustable seats - Openable doors, hood and bonnet And as a special function it also has a convertible roof. The mechanism inside is not automated, like I did on my Ferrari 458, but it does fold itself like the real thing. Which means that the top part of the roof folds in three parts on top of each other. It was a real puzzle to get that mechanism working, but I am very pleased with the end-result. The cover is custom made from a thin cloth. Some more pictures: I hope you like it Leg godt Jeroen

    [MOC] Lego Aston Martin Vulcan

    My moc of the Aston Martin Vulcan, at the moment it's my favourite moc. First saw the car while watching Grand Tour and loved it. The front of the car isn't very accurate but overall this is a satisfactory build. Hope you guys like it ! Regards, KMP FB : Flickr :
  11. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    The Aston Martin RB 001, is a Hyper-car designed in partnership with Red Bull racing and Aston Martin. The performance figures have not even been set in stone yet, but claims are being made that it will lay down LMP1 lap times, and sport a V12 in the middle of this beauty of engineering. also expected is a Track only version which will push it even further, F1 times being the targets for that version. weather it lives up to the hype or not there is no denying that beauty of it's styling. (photo of the car: http://blog.caranddr...03-876x535.jpg) this Lego version is just as sleek and impressive as the real thing. and an extreme amount of care went into this model both replicating as many features as possible and the spirit of the vehicle. i spent several days refining the lines and adjusting almost every part of the car to include as many of the vents, ducts, and other extreme body work details as i could fit in a 6wide+ car. and at a mere 16 studs long and 3.33 bricks tall it is one of my smallest city scale cars to date. but that's not what you are here for you want to see the car so lets get to it! So from this angle you can see just how sleek it is, very few breaks on body line, and everything swoops back in attempt to follow the real cars tear drop lines. (note, the raised rear wing, in this image) the Dramatic side vents are a bit tough to see being black on black, but the lighting on this angle shows just how deep some of the cuts are in the body work. (also wing in its down position, which i find so elegant and is my preferred position for it) rear view of the car, there is very little hear as the body lines pull high to the wing and only a lower lip at the break lights to allow for minimal drag and maximum down-force on the read of the car. top view of the near stud-less car, not a lot to see from this angle that hasn't been shown already and lastly a comparison shot (slightly blurry i hadn't noticed till i was posting it here, will try to re shoot that at a later time) Thanks, for taking a look, and i welcome any and all feed back on this model, I'm probably not done with it myself yet, but its 95% the way it will likely stay. hope you liked it!
  12. 007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage by rolli From James Bond 007: The Living Daylights (1987) Built for the's "MOC the 80s!" contest. I've been talking about doing James Bond related MOCs for a while now, always putting them off for something else. This years contest left me without an excuse and I decided to finally build one of my favourite cars from the franchise. It was quite a quick build, just two evenings in early September. And then I had to wait for those lovely striped tiles that are incredibly hard to get. And now its the last day to enter ;) My thanks and credits go to Calin for the wheel technique - and for Cecilie for providing me with wheels I didn't own - cause why would I own any? :P Intact side with 007 (out of camera): Back (out of camera): Real car for comparison: Looking forward to your opinions on it! I'd be happy about any feedback whatsoever, it being my first car. Best Markus
  13. [Edit, 12 October 2015] Note: This thread is discontinued. If you're interested in more cars of this sort please join me on Flickr. [/Edit] Hi all, after all the LCS and airport stuff it was time to build some new cars - or rebuild some older cars according to the actual scheme of widths. In this thread you'll find some actual sports cars (to be continued). List of cars in this thread #1 Ford Falcon (Mad Max Interceptor) #2 Ford Mustang Convertible #3 Ford Mustang Fastback #4 Dodge Charger #5 Aston Martin DB5 #6 Ferrari Daytona Spider "Miami Vice" #7 Ferrari 308 GTS (Magnum, P.I. edition) #8 Mustang Shelby GT 500 "Eleanor" #9 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda #1 Ford Falcon (Mad Max Interceptor) The old Mad Max Interceptor (which might be known to some people) didn't fit any more into the actual range of widths used in the town project. Thus the following aspects were changed: width reduced from 7w+ to 6w+ lower roof line (back of the fig must be slanted, but it works) exhausts are situated more under the body than before tanks dark grey instead of red some minor changes #2 Ford Mustang (classic version) 6w+. Fits one whole minifig (two are quite difficult with this setup). #3 Ford Mustang Fastback A sportier version. #4 Dodge Charger The Charger is based on derjoe's amazing design which is very well known (see, but with quite a few modifications. The main point here is that "behind-the-tile design" which allows some unusual slopes - a concept to be further developed, I guess. 6.8w (6w plus two tiles), fits one fig (two are quite difficult with this setting, something to improve). Some more pics on Flickr. Thanks for looking, c&c welcome as usual. To be continued.