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Found 57 results

  1. Here's my next MOC: I-Beam Suspension Trophy Truck Size: 36L, 16W, 16H, cm Weight: 702g Parts: 843 Features: - Independent front I-Beam suspension - Live axle rear suspension - Opening doors with locks - Opening bonnet with holder - HOG-steering - Fake engine - Modular construction Video: More pictures: Instruction available on Rebrickable:
  2. - 4 wheel drive - 4 wheel steer - 4-cylinder straight fake engine - 4 link axle - 4 long soft shocks for each axle - 4lding seats, rolling wheels - 4 steering there is HOG More photos: Building instructions:
  3. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Big 4x4

    Enthusiastic about the suspension of the Octan Racing T1+ I thought about making a rigid axle for a Dakar truck But somewere things "changed" a little and finished with a "redneck" style 4x4
  4. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Octan Racing T1+

    New year, new moc What happens in January since 1979 ? The Dakar Rally (ok...and the Monte Carlo too) So, 1st MOC of the year its a T1+ based pick up What its a T1+ ? Its the new that FIA has given to the new rules for the most evolved cars like the Toyota Hilux , Minis (the new Hybrid Audi its a T1U) All started trying a solution to put the spare wheels underneath the cabin like the official Toyota´s and Mini´s Its has a functional front suspension system. Fragile, ok, but it works. And have some direction too The rear suspension works too, and the rear it´s for me the best part of the MOC (and yes, the real pick ups´s rear are very "empty")
  5. Hot Trot - RC Trial Pickup w/ Diagonal AWD I would like to present to you my shot at a 42129 B model. About the name 'Hot Trot': On a very uneven surface, a vehicle typically moves its weight from one diagonal pair of wheels to the other as it proceeds from bump to bump. Hence the word 'Trot' in the name of this model. It refers to a horse proceeding at a moderate pace, lifting each diagonal pair of legs alternately. Instructions are on Rebrickable. Diagonal AWD With Diagonal AWD I mean: 1) having two separate drive trains with equal torque that 2) keep a vehicle going on a very uneven surface while 3) preserving the advantage of having a distribution optimal for cornering. We all know the downside of a classic 4WD setup with three open differentials; as soon as one wheel loses grip, all power will flow to that wheel, causing the vehicle to lose traction. One way to deal with that is to add differential locks like in the Zetros. Another approach that is commonly seen in LEGO Technic builds is to have separate drive trains for front and rear wheels like in the 42099 X-treme Offroader, in which case you need a slipping front wheel and a slipping rear wheel to completely lose traction. This approach however, has two downsides: There is no open distribution of torque between front and rear wheels, which is not optimal for cornering, because the front wheels are not free to average to a higher speed than the rear wheels. On a very uneven surface, for instance in diagonal tests, where wheels start losing contact with the surface, it's likely to have a front and (diagonally opposite) rear wheel loose traction. But what if we would separate the drivetrains diagonally: A drivetrain with a differential between the left front (LF) wheel and the right rear (RR) wheel, and a drivetrain with a differential between the right front (RF) wheel and the left rear (LR) wheel? The resulting 'Diagonal AWD' would serve two major benefits: While cornering, the LF and RR wheels will average to a speed that is almost equal to the average speed of the RF and LR wheels. So not having an open distribution between two diagonally arranged drivetrains is much less of a problem than with separate drivetrains for the front and rear axles. On a very uneven surface, where wheels start losing contact with the surface, the wheels that still have contact are typically lined up diagonally. With Diagonal AWD, the vehicle will still have traction, even without additional differential locking. The vehicle will only lose traction when two wheels at one end or at one side will lose grip. Drive trains I wanted to have the motors at the same level as the rest of the drivetrain to keep the center of gravity low. I came up with a fairly flat setup with longitudinally placed motors, a differential at the heart of each drive train and bevel gears to make the 90 degree angles towards the wheels. Each motor drives a 16t clutch gear locked to the differential using a 'floating' driving ring. After some trial and error the best option to properly brace the bevel gears that make the 90 degree angles to the wheels, turned out to be a symmetrical setup with the motors rotating in opposite directions. Because of these opposite directions, using a clutch gear to make the drivetrains cross in a completely flat layout, was not an option. The clutch gear would rotate in opposite direction compared to the axle it's attached to, which would give loads of friction, particularly in motorized models. But luckily, the Zetros has exactly the right gears to make the drivetrains cross independently. The biggest challenge was to prevent the gears that make the 90 degree angles from slipping. I've experimented a lot, but no matter how strong I braced the bevel gears, I could always make them slip with my bare hands, using 24t gears to put force on the axles. So the goal was to make sure the gears can at least handle the power provided by the motors without slipping, even when one drivetrain gets completely blocked. I eventually succeeded, but it has cost me long hours of tinkering and trial and error. I created completely locked up structures for the bevel gears, using the 4 available 5x7 frames and 8 of the 11 beams with alternating holes. These structures are also tailored to fit the main structure well and to provide form-locked mounting points for the suspension arms. The two assemblies are extremely hard to build, because you can only insert the gears and axles after the structure has been put together. Suspension I incorporated independent double wishbone suspension with the springs arranged in a pushrod style. The springs have been mounted such that they compress by approximately 33% under the vehicle's own weight. This gives a very nice road holding, because the springs can both expand and compress while taking bumps. I managed to optimize the spring setup for max suspension travel, which is about 3L, which fitted my objectives perfectly. The suspension travel shouldn't rule out the chances of having a wheel coming loose from the surface, because that's when the Diagonal AWD kicks in. It seemed obvious to use the new longer male half of the CV-joints for the rear axles, so the rear axles use 8L suspension arms. The suspension arms of the front axles are shorter, because I had to build the gear-rack assembly around the drivetrain axles and wanted the steering links to have the same length as the suspension arms to avoid bump steering. The steering setup has an Ackermann geometry. The steering links have been reinforced such that they never detach from the gear-rack assembly and the gear-rack assembly itself has been braced in a way that rules out unintended transversal movement. The 2 phone handsets came in handy for this purpose. Chassis and bodywork The main structure is as stiff as I could possibly make it. I even used the motors as structural elements to add to rigidity. I wanted to rule out flex as much as possible, because I wanted to demonstrate how responsive the suspension is and because a flexible chassis would reduce the chances of the Diagonal AWD kicking in. Apart from the extensions necessary to mount the springs, the main structure is just 5L tall. On top of this main structure I've build a strong structure for the cabin of the vehicle. The bodywork does not have any features like openable doors or whatever. People that know me, know that I'm mainly interested in drivetrains and suspension. The bodywork is robust however and I did pay attention to the interior this time. You can lift it by the roof and I also made it very easy to remove the battery box. Powered Up Profile Because I don't use the medium motor, and because I have the large PU motors running in opposite directions, I could not use the Control+ app to operate this model. However a default profile in the Powered UP app could be easily tweaked to what this model needs: Finally I want to mention that I started using Energizer Ultimate Lithium Mignon batteries for my MOCs. They are strong, long-lasting and most importantly; they are at least 20% lighter than alkaline batteries. Photos
  6. Well Guys, i finished my newest MOC,the well known red Pickup from GTA V Character Trevor Phillips.The Canis Bodhi might be one of the most iconic Character Cars from GTA V because it`s a unique Vehicle and it has an interesting little Feature mounted on the Grill. Yes,Trevor had some good Times with Mr. Rasberryjam so the little Bear has to come everywhere. I tried to recreate the Car as good as possible and even added some Gimmicks like a Gun, a Shovel (to dig Holes for Bikers) and an Axe for....well chopping Stuff to Pieces. I also tried some detailing under the Car like the Driveshaft and a Pair of Exhausts. To complete the Pickup,i also tried to make two Minifigs of Trevor himself and Nervous Ron. I hope everyone likes my newest Creation,feel free to Comment and Like. 20161110_154908 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154924 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154931 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154946 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154957 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155029 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155038 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155054 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155119 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155137 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155434 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155442 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr
  7. Instruction can be downloaded here. After second version of the Ford Bronco I decided to build another pickup from Ford, really love powerful truck with double rear wheels and also I wondered to use handlebars as part of the front grill and now you can see how this part is used in the model.As usually I am trying to follow some rules regarding the building process, therefore in this model I also used modular building, to simplify the process model is split by 4 steps.Dimensions: 18.5 x 46 x 15 studsWeight: 952 gFunctions: HoG (detachable) Working steering wheel in the cab Working V8 engine Openable all doors, hood and trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building
  8. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Pickup Truck Minifigure Scale

    Hello there, this is my newest model of a pickup truck. The truck is 6 bricks wide so it fits to the old street baseplates and on MOC streets. I tried to build it in minifigure scale. For all those who wanna rebuild the model, you can watch the building video on YouTube. Feel free to check it out. Under the Video you can see some rendered pictures from the Truck. Build in Studio 2.0 The small 1x1 brackets in dark bluish grey are not official available. I recolored them only for the picture. In the building video, I used parts who are available.
  9. Rebuild your 42111 Dom's Dodge Charger into this Vintage Custom Pickup with adjustable suspension. This is an alternate build of 42111, all required parts are in this set. If you own the Charger, you can completely build this alternate model. Keep in mind that spare parts of the set are used. Follow this link to the instruction Features: HoG-Steering openable doors straight 4-piston engine openable hood with lock openable tailgate in the back adjustable suspension in the front and back 40cm x 17,4cm x 14,5cm The model is packed with many details for an enjoyable building experience, playing and displaying. It comes with adjustable suspension. With a lever in the cabin you can push the mode of front-suspension to Highrider or Lowrider. The same goes for the suspension in the back. Instruction The instruction comes in high quality rendered images with steps that are easy to follow. Here are some example pages of the instruction: Have fun with this 42111 alternate build. Let me know in the comments what you think. Visit the showroom of my page for more pictures and content here.
  10. Hi, guys Remote controlled Pickup with Top Gear Rally Car profile Lambo doors, adjustable height of the rear axle (manual) Download for free at Happy Easter!
  11. Hello there! American all-wheel drive pickup from GMC. The model is built as a continuation of the Chevy K30 Big Dooley published in 2019. Of the main differences - the muzzle of an earlier generation, a shorter base, the design of the frame and bridges was changed. Planetary hubs and CV joints are used in driveshafts from 42099. Drive - for each axle by L motor. Steering - M motor, Power - BuWizz, a canister with gasoline in the back, spare wheel, shovel and a box of lemonade More photos
  12. Designed model is based on my previous model Ford Bronco, but created in pickup version with fully reworked rear suspension and body (look and feel I kept as it was in previous Bronco version). During creation of this model, modular build concept is used to simplify the building process by splitting the overall process on three stages. Instruction: hereDimensions: 16 x 38 x 20 studWeight: 1100 gFunctions: Steering Control+ L motor Drive Control+ XL motor Front independent suspension Rear 3 link suspension Openable doors, hood, trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building (body can be easily detached) Quick access to the battery box for batteries replacement You can change the torque just by replacing gears in the chassis
  13. I built 2 pickup alternates from Creator Expert sets. The first one is from the 10265 Mustang set, and to keep within the theme and time period I decided to go for a Ford F100 from 1970. The model includes steering by HoG, opening bonnet, doors and tailgate, a detailed interior and engine. Once done I thought why not try to build a pickup model from the 10252 Volkswagen Beetle too? So that's just what I did with this vintage American pickup truck somewhere from the 1930's. It has similar features as the 10265 alternate except for the steering function, which was not possible. Some pictures: Pickup trucks from 10252 and 10265 by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10265 Pickup Truck by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr Pickup Truck guts by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10252 Vintage pickup truck by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10252 Pickup truck rear by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr More information and pictures for model 10252 and 10265 at In case you want to build your own copy building instructions are available at
  14. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! Chevrolet K10 Silverado 1985 Description: - 2 L motor for drive - Servo motor for steering and steering wheel - 1 Small power supply ( Hot swap ) - Counterfeit engine under the hood (connected to motors) - Detailed interior - Doors, hood and trunk open - Swap body -4x4 Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Trailer: - Platform lift - Working ramps - Retractable front wheel
  15. - 4x4 - Spring shocks suspension at the front - Leaf springs at the rear - Opening doors with locks, bonnet, tailgate - Removable body - 2L, Servo, IR, LiPo ***
  16. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! But this time I have prepared something special! Meet the Chevrolet K10 Silverado!!! Description: - 2 L motor for drive - Servo motor for steering and steering wheel - 1 Small power supply ( Hot swap ) - Counterfeit engine under the hood (connected to motors) - Detailed interior - Doors, hood and trunk open - Swap body -4x4 Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: For the first time I used the construction of the chassis separately from the body, that is, the body can be easily removed and any other body can be built on the chassis.
  17. Hello everybody, my latest iteration is the pick up truck. The ford F-150. I am questioning a bit if its Creator or Technic, but chassis and power train is technic aspect and body is made of system bricks to deliver that specific look. It has 2 RC functions, drive and steering, steering is possible by virtual pivot point for narrow fenders look of system bricks, and only few manual options, as openable doors and rear cargo door. More photos are either on my FB page or Bricksafe page Bricksafe page Facebook Page most of all, from my MOC´s sales i am able to continue to build more creations, so it would be great if you support me this way if you like the model. Instructions are available here : Iinstructions Also can be fitted with Buwizz for more power : Buwizz
  18. Hello every1. I am noob here and this is my first attempt to take a part is such competition. i am AFOL from Russia. my main problem - I can’t finish my Mocs, so I decided to hit goals importAnt for me first of all. 1. Keep building my model to the end 2. try myself in such worldwide competition 3. learn more about building technics i already started my build. It’s gonna be azure hot rod pickup. cause lack of experience it’s not gonna be a model with much details and features. Thx every1 and sorry for bad English. Don’t judge me to hard.
  19. Haven't built anything from Technic for more than a year now, so I thought to give it a go in times we live now. Not going to reveal much plans upfront, prefer keeping it in secrecy. However from name (not final though, but may hint a little) you may figure out my model is planned to be built in a shape of pickup. To start with MOC I've built V8 with working pistons. It will be driven by some gears and face flywheel on the other side. Colors aren't final as it is still a WIP and I'm missing some parts. Anyone could suggest LEGO compatible 3rd party silicone rubber bands? 4 x 4 works (I got single one), but puts a little too much friction than I would have preferred. I've also made an engine trolley to show off the engine, this little MOC is presented here.
  20. Hi there, I've developed a very annoying habit in the last few years. I randomly build pickups and other 4x4's. Even bought a real one. Anyway, the latest one is quite a biggy (sizewise) thanks to the planetary hubs. I've found a trick build them into solid axles with a practical ground clearance. This trick is going to be conroversial here. But start up with the video instead: All pics to be found here: In the comments under the video, noble members of our community noted, that there are parts which could solve the 1/4 stud misery. (if you don't know what is that, off you go, and whatch the video to the end! ) One of these is the 14t gear from the old diffs: I've made the attempt, but due to that collar on the bottom (top on the pic) it is too wide and puts srain on the drivline, making it hard to turn it by hand, so it is off the table unfortunatelly. So I speak for myself when I say, cuting those axles worth it. Not a rare piece, and costs 1 cent on bricklink, but only because there is no smaller value in the currency itself. In return the design prooved itself very reliable. Another "weakness" of the axle is the inperfect geometry. The wheelhubs aren't completelly vertical. There is about 1 degree tilting inside on the top. /---\ Before overdramatising this atribute, think, if you've noticed it in the video? Apart from the axles, the rest of the truck is the product of those years I've mentioned above. The essence of it is a simplest possible drivetrain: And a steering solution refined for non-rack steering: (The render is made of an older version, hence the different connector) If you don't belive your eyes, yes I choose to use 4x2 beams to form steering arms. It looks savage, but it is doing the job very well, brings ackerman geometry in the game. It does not hold the wheels rock solid of course, but in practicality it isn't noticable on the field. I've got a rack steering solution as well, but that brings the servo down A, onto the front axle (I don't do that. Ever ) B, into the mid chassis, where I don't have room for that. So we keep that for another build. Also has a working steering wheel using the rear output from the servo. ame old bevel system I've been using in most of my builds. Check the 1st episode of the pickup saga for more on that. Suspension Solid axles on a 3 link setup. It is kinda made up design, slightly inspired by the rear suspension of my Isuzu Trooper. Changing the shocks, or their hinge point on the top, gives 3 different ride height and suspension stiffness. The black, soft springs give a softer, relaxed, lower stance to it, while the dark grey shocks (known from the set 8880) are lifting the truck to a practical maximum, but still can reach full articulation. Not in all situations good to have your truck up in the sky. Like the climbing in the video. With low shock setting it made 52 degrees, but 47 "only" on big wheels and lifted shocks. The center of gravity moves with your ground clearance. That's about it, the rest is smoke-screen, like the body, and fancy doors. Oh, here is a fun fact: When it came to the seats, I realised I have 2 adjustable seats salvaged from a lorry build from about 5 years ago. Luckily they fit perfect so just made a rear bench in the same style. A non adjustable lazy style. Please feel free to ask about it, or just say something about cutting axles. I hope you find something useful here to take home with you.
  21. I decided to start a new supercar project and after lots of thinkign decided to make an ute just because nobody else made one yet AFAIK. For those who don't know what an ute is, it's when a pickup and a normal or sports car really like each other and end up having a child like this: For this project I set myself the following goals: Unibody construction - The model will have no chassis per-se, the body will be load carrying, something @nicjasno is really good at. Convertible - If you have a sports pickup, why not make it a convertible? This will also force me to make the unibody extremely solid, since there wont be any roof support. Motorized with gearbox - I am using a new high efficiency gearbox idea. Power will be delivered by 4 PF trains motors Realistic suspension - High-gearing solid axle in the back and McPherson suspnsnion in the front Here's the current progress: The gearbox has a total of 4 gears. Wave pieces are used to switch between them. Here's a more detailed view of the setup. As you can see, I used a tilted axle for the overdrive gear: Since the wave selector pieces can't cope with high torque, the gearbox is designed to work with high speed and low torque. That is why it will be powered by the fastest currently available motors - 4 PF train motors spinning at over 2000 RPM generating around 10Ncm of torque. The rear axle is an inverted portal design. It' made to be low as possible so that the bed can be placed nice and low. The axle has a total of 1:12 gear ratio in order to get useful torque from the fast spinning gearbox. Double 24 tooth gears are used in final drive because I expect the car to be quite heavy. So that's the basic idea for now. I will update the topic as I build.
  22. GMC c4500 Ironhide He killed a total of about 20 evenings after working on the assembly. Spent about 2000 parts. The design of the entire filling is very complex, a gearbox with a double clutch and a double row of gears (so as not to disrupt under loads) and two gears (lower and higher), differential units (no one has yet seen that there are blocks of both bridges on similar lego cars ), the suspension so that when it works, it doesn’t hurt anything even when the wheels are turned up and the maximum squeeze, a connected winch, plus the location of all the motors in the mind (1 servo, 2 M-motors and 3 L-motor drive), battery pack and two receivers while the center of gravity was like mine it’s lower, plus the design and appearance itself all this made me explode my brain and spend a lot of time. 2017 year problem with photo, not loading Thank you for watching
  23. Another MOD of the fantastic 8081 set is done! Styled after a LR Defender pickup, this MOD features the following: 4x4 drive. Steering Front and Rear live axle suspension with Panhard rods Opening doors and tailgate Seating for four V-8 fake engine Roll cage Fischertechnic 80mm tires. Full album is here. Driveline From the left Articulation I'm still working on the sport pickup, but this should be good for now.
  24. Hey Guys Jeep Wrangler custom Pickup „Bandit“ 1:10. The model is full motorized and radio controlled. More pics: 1 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 2 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 3x by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 4 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 5 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 6x by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 7 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 8 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 9 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 10 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 11 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 12 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 13 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 14 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 15x by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 16 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 17 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr
  25. Buggy-style pickup truck. 2 L motors, rear-wheel drive. 1 servomotor Building instructions: Video: