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Found 38 results

  1. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    This is my first Moc after coming out of the Dark Age. I have always loved winter and Christmas and I am very happy to have spent two years building this village; unfortunately the time available is always little and I can put some bricks only a couple of times a month. The photos are a bit old and a new version of this village is already under construction _DSC2659 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2611 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr Link to the complete gallery:
  2. ENGINEERING IS AN ART. Equal parts rational and emotional, engineering is at its best when the tension between these sides results in harmony. Flickr: Instagram: Such was the vision for NSX GT3. This was my inspiration: NSX GT3 inspiration by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This project began with the intention on designing the fastest 1:8 scale car in my lineup. Thanks to @Kalps1811 for helpin me find this beauty and @DugaldIC for some suggestions that were at the perfect time. I've really wanted to build a wide body, low racecar for some time now and the body style of this car allowed more room fit all the batteries into the framework for extra power. Acura NSX GT3- outdoors by lachlan cameron, on Flickr With the two battery packs and 2 S-bricks the power to the XL motors doubled, and had enough torque to also double up on the gearing. Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I'm proud to say the gears have never skipped once. The bodywork is 3/4 studs off the ground with ultra tight suspension. Two m-motors are tucked into the main console, each powering a single door. Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The front sports 10 headlights and a slightly tilted front / grill. 2 lights for the rear, easy battery access, V6 motor geared up 4x faster than before, adjustable seats & steering, working steering wheel powered by servo motor, opening hood and engine cover. Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This is my first white supercar and am happy to use new color schemes. Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr NSX- Filter Fire ? by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Acura NSX GT3 Type R by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  3. cesbrick

    MOC - Snow White Cottage

    My LEGO version of the Snow White and the 7 dwarfs cottage (based on Thomas Kinkade depiction). I watched the movie when I was a kid and I vividly remember how I wanted to live in a cottage in the woods after seeing this one! Although I rushed the build a bit, it was fun to build because I haven't build something "castle" for a long time and I wanted to try some new stuff like the roof or the newer shades of greens or play around with the vegetation using odd pieces and parts. Still some things didn't came out as I planned but I wanted to finish this to make room for other projects. Thanks to Markus for coming everyday to my desk and give me some hints and motivation! :D Hope you guys like it! Just like a doll's house
  4. Legownz

    8-Wide City Bus

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted on EB in a while and this is my first time posting in the Town Forum. So a few months back, I decided I wanted to design a city bus based on a bus I saw in a Youtube video quite a long time ago: My final model definitely looks a lot like my inspiration, but I'd like to think I put a bit of my own spin on it as well. I tried to squeeze in detail in the front, which turned out alright, I think. The bus has seating for 16 people and a few small places for baggage. The doors can open as well, but for them to work in LDD, two parts need to be removed first. I'm not completely satisfied with the design, as I think it needs more detail and the door mechanism improved. However, I don't have too many ideas at the moment on how to solve those problems. If anyone wants the LXF file, let me know and I can send it to you. Thanks for reading!
  5. I've finally got around to taking some photos of MOC's I've completed in the past 18 months or so. This is the first of three. Sorry about the photo quality. A better photo taking location is on the to do list. This one a is very simple sprintcar, using the tumblr wheels, which are perfect. It has the usual V8, as well as suspension all round. It came together quite quickly. Down the track is plans for stickers. IMG_20170528_140044 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140031 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140120 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr
  6. skcheung

    (SK MOC) Beluga Whales

    They have another name which is easier to remember -- white whales. Have a look here or you need to see them in person in the Arctic. Enjoy.
  7. lagrenouille7

    Aged Legos

    Hello Everyone, I have a Problem that I hope someone can help me. First let me say that I live in Indonesia and have collected legos since I was 3 - 5 years old, now I'm 23 and still enjoying to play with them but I have encountered a few problems. 1. oily , Greasy tires, I don't know if anyone else has this problem but my small lego tires have harden and are sticky as if they have been rolled in sugar then let to dry . I have tried to wash them in hot water with soap and I let them sit in the water over night. if anyone can recommend a different solution , great . 2. yellowed white bricks, I'm sure many of you know this, yellowed white bricks I have heard to use peroxide but my problem is I live in Indonesia and peroxide is only available in 100% not 3% or .99%. so I dont know the mixing levels with water and peroxide . if some can tell me how much peroxide for 1 liter or 2 , cause I've got thousands of white pieces all affected . 3. also with the white pieces can I do colors like light grey and blue ? thx I hope someone can help me
  8. Good day ! I was suggested to start a WIP topic for this project, and I decided to make it.Also I think this will help me obtain a better result at the end. As you can read from the name of this topic it will be a supercar. The objectives for this one are: Kingpin inclination Caster angle(positive of course, maybe even adjustable ) 68'8 x 36 ZR wheels All-wheel drive with "semi-automatic"? gearbox and brake(on the central shaft not the wheels) 2x RC buggy motors Sbrick Rear and front lights(rear ones turn on when braking) Engine mounted on rear White exterior Blue interior GTA inspired look Optional NOS Free instructions No 3d party add-ons except for the Sbrick I'm going to start with front suspension. Current progress: LDD Currently need to buy: Sbrick BuWizz 1x buggy motor(Already have one) 1x set of PF lights Servo motor A LOT of panels, random pieces ,blue pieces for seats,CV joints...
  9. Hi Everyone, For some months I have been working on a realistic looking "not so super" car. Actually it is my real life car, I tried putting both much functionality and also good in aesthetics. Here is a photo of real life image of Ford Focus I "focused", (photo is not my car, my is 5door hatchback in dark gray) Nope, it is not orange, LEGO lacks many things in orange but as Blakbird says white is new red, so I made it in white. Still there are many pieces lacking in white so I had to use many black pieces from my inventory. Now it looks like a panda unfortunately. I hope you enjoy it. Features: * Common Expectations from a (Super) Car: Independent Suspension, 5+R gearbox, working steering wheel, HOG steering, fake engine * Handbrake / 2WD / All WD switch, fake engine is tied to front wheels * Openable doors, back trunk, front hood + sunroof * Realistic accessories: side mirror, back mirror, glovebox (?), console "middle of seats arm putting thing / small box" (what is this called in english?), fake air conditioners and its control panel, fake stereo system * Around 2stud suspension travel * Custom front axle with some geometry I honestly dont know its names, I know it has Ackermann steering and kingpin incline:) idea is from here, check post #8 and #13 * NO RC Link to all screenshots: Ford Focus Second Gen Glovebox thing, sorry it is black and hardly visible there Handbrake's special switch to activate 2WD/AWD and also handbrake (by locking the middle differential to force on with different direction turning, technically prevents wheels turning = handbrake ) That "thing" I have been mentioning about the middle seat box. Console and you can also see the handbrake's link going back. Idea is almost same with the new gokart set. Dead simple sunroof, opens by manual lifting, no technic stuff. Front axle, idea from this thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=74356 check post #8 and #13 Finally the bottom of car and interior with a different angle to show "fake" stereo and air conditioner controls I hope you like it, Things I dont like: * It is white, I really wanted to make it orange, perhaps after Porsche set is out I will have a chance to convert it to orange. * Front is ugly, if you have a different idea about the front hood and lights, I appreciate. * I could not put the fog lights on front, I want to put them for completeness, again problem of the front * Interior is messy to make the sunroof and also the angular back, it is not really visible unless you look for them (no photo of it hehe). interior is like the arm of 42042 :) * To make the angular view, I used some angles which Lego does not like, no stress is made but as you see not all beams look connected directly. Hint: 15L white beam over the rear wheel is actually completing a 15x1 triangle * to LEGO: Why you not make #4 connector and #6538c on white common !!! Cheers
  10. This is my entry to the Porsche contest: The Porsche Mission E concept car! This model features: openable doors, hood, and trunk, the arc of light in the rear, steering controlled by the steering wheel, full independent suspension, four speed sequential gearbox, and the option to choose forward, neutral or reverse. Sadly I couldn't motorise it because I had no motors able to be used... This model also has no fake engine, because in real life the Mission E has no piston engine, it's all run by electric motors! Many other things have been left out too, like mirrors, just to keep the realism. Anyway, I put a lot of thought into it, and hope that you like it! Questions and comments are welcome!
  11. After the last boxcab, Commander Wolf and I figured we had to go smaller. And slower. So we decided that both of us should build a motorized model of a GE 23-ton boxcab. We agreed to build them models independently, then meet up and compare approaches. We started with the same scaling image: Since there was some variation among the prototypes, choice of details was a matter of taste. I took most of my references from here. Here's my finished model: The original locomotive is really tiny, so I tried to keep the model about 7 studs wide. There's a lot of SNOT in this model: The main chassis is upside-down, the deckplate and frames are held against that using Technic pins, and the body attaches to some jumpers on the deckplate: The battery box is mounted sideways in the body and the power switch is reached by jabbing an antenna through the window. The roof is actually only held on by gravity: Originally I wasn't sure if I was going to put the caution-stripe tiles on the frames, but codefox421 vouched for them. You can see the full Brickshelf gallery here. So, what did Commander Wolf do? Read on...
  12. polarstein

    [MOC] Monorail station & sushi grill

    Hi all Here's another new MOC. Moving away from residential buildings but keeping the style with black, white and grey boxes with a lot of glass to provide a contemporary/modern design, my latest building is a monorail station with a sushi and fish restaurant. The big "M" of the city's fast monorail network isn't just attracting many commuters every day but also sushi and fish lovers all over town. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr During first week of opening, a student in a shark costume was hired to attract commuters and passengers walking by. The entire building is on pillars. At street level (ground floor) there is a disabled parking space and parking space for bikes. The small sushi and fish restaurant extends over first and second level, accessible via stairs and the elevator. At first level there are also restrooms. The second level connects to the monorail station (right end of the building) and is accessible both via stairs and the elevator. A small roof terrace on top of the restaurant provides views over the city. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The monorail station entrance has a vending machine providing cool drinks, which is especially handy if you're sweating away in a suit. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr "The train now approaching platform 1 is the 14:47 Brickston Monorail service to East End calling at Scorpion House and Dark Age Road. Please mind the gap between train and platform ..." Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The red bricks in the actual platform is a less-than-ideal solution in absence of grey bricks. The monorail train is supposed to be red though . More pictures including interiors and the connection to a simple monorail platform can be found on my flickr page Comments and critique, things to improve etc. more than welcome! Cheers, Polarstein
  13. Wedge09

    [MOC] Villa Damian

    Hello everyone! I'd like to show you my lastest build: Villa Damian. I always have been interested in architecture but I never tried nothing like this before; it was a challenge and it took me some time but I quite enjoyed the result. In creating this, I was heavily inspired by Villa Midgard, a real villa build in Stockholm. Enjoy! And in such a villa, why not host a party? I couln't resist to gather up Elves dragons and ladies for a party in this beautiful house All photos can be found on my Flickr Gallery
  14. My name is Pertyn Sawk, Pertie for friends. I got this name from my great-great-grandfather. He established a small speeder workshop on Bothawui and my family has been living there since then. We still produce small vehicles and I'm very proud of this. One day a group of men came in the workshop and asked for some small transport speeders. And this seemed very suspicious, since they didn't look like workers, but more like soldiers. But not imperial soldiers. They asked me some questions and I told them, that I'm not very fond of the current system, altough my life's not bad. I saw some stormtroopers intimidating my Bothan friend. And I knew why. My customers soon identified themselves as rebel soldiers and invited me to join them. It was a hard decision, but I said yes. I left the family business to my younger brother and went away. But I took my first speeder with me and I'm still using it. ---------- I've recently joined this RPG and I wanted to build a small, simple build to introduce my character. Thank you very much for stoping by. I would be very happy if I could get this freebuild judged. Thank you in advance. ----------
  15. Good day! I hadn't any inspiration for Pentax, so I decided to make a quick project. And here is the result, a mini car powered by RC buggy motor. With most of the bodywork removed: Dragged axle on rear.The RC motor works as a reinforcement for the rear axle. Double wishbone on front with return-to-center ONLY CHASSIS REAR AXLE Some progress photos on Tumblr I hope you like it, the video will come soon.
  16. Since my brother has started helping me with my supercars, he has wanted to get his own lego an build something original. Not copy anyone, just sit down and build without any guide, support or reference. I helped with the bodywork of this car, but the entire frame was created by my bro. This car features AWD, working steering wheel, custom door lock, working pistons on the V8, large 42000 wheels and independent suspension. Many features were torn completely apart to recreate. I'm posting photos for now because its 3:30am and need to get some sleep Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 pounds) Size: 29 wide x 65 long x 16 high. Video:
  17. A small piece of chaos has always existed, a rouge element that refused to be tamed, lying hidden in the labyrinth of the inner city streets. But when the strange burning light becomes more aggressive, Alex Temnota is tasked with stopping it at all costs. But as the light's influence threatens to destroy everythinghis entire world, it becomes apparent that even the most extreme measures may not be enough. Don't believe that I've ever shared this here before. Hope you like it, and feel free to leave feedback!
  18. Edit: Please note that this thread includes a mixture of posts from the 2015 Pictures & Rumours which have been merged with appoah4's thread..... Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond. A lighter grey,in the palette as a compromise would indeed have been great, but you make do with what you have. Not that I'm second guessing your decisions, but I'd still like to point out that white doesn't look that bad on a transport ship like The Ghost, which isn't really that far removed from the Falcon as far as presentation goes.. I realize that it has a lot of bright colors to contrast with a bright white, but the white is also toned down with clever use of grey plating like it was done on ghost.. I guess I should just assemble the thing in white in LDD sometime and take a screengrab and see for myself :) EDIT: This is what it looks like at the end of Bag 6: Also, if I may ask one more question, was there ever an idea of giving The Ghost interior space a la Falcon? I promise, no more questions after this.
  19. Hello: This is my new MOC baja. It uses 2 L-motors for drive (not coupled) and a Servo motor for steering. It has full suspension with live axle rear (Like it should) and front positive caster independent suspension and working front lights. The batteries used are 9v made to work with custom adapers similer to 1nxtmonster 's called the MiniZip, but mine has 2 plugs instead of 1. (purists dont kill me) The front suspension is stablized by the 6L links elimiting almost all front-back free play in the suspension. Also the front suspension has no upper wishbon but it has a verticle axle holding it togeathe much like a MacPherson strut suspenion does, but the spring is not mounted to the hub. (see Image) It works quite well but does break if you drop it from over 3-4 feet or ~1.5 meters but it does the job for being as small as it is. Hope you like it All pictures HERE Bye
  20. As some of you may know LEGO is running a Technic Building Competition with Mercedes-Benz. I was looking forward to participate and it took me a while to understand what future truck would look like. Initial idea of building truck driven by both front and back axles was quite simple to implement. Two L-motors have been used for that. Steering is performed by Servo motor and truck is controlled remotely. Fun fact - chassis without aerodynamic cover is somewhat reversible and can be used up side down. Final model is very sturdy thanks to slick and strong body. Unfortunately, due to selected width rear axle is somewhat less reliable and has gear grinding upon start but drives normally afterwards. This is something wasn't possible to completely solve having double wheels per each side. [/url] Below you can check my vision of a truck in year 2045: Few more pictures can be found on my Flickr Stats: 2 L-motors for propulsion Servo motor for steering Small non-rechargeable battery box 44 studs long 17 studs wide 24 studs tall weights 1098g. no suspension
  21. Hey all, Been getting my bearings around the threads and all and I noticed something kind of worrying on the Custom Decal front. From what I've read there seems to be a difficulty with having white in you decal design. Especially if your are making your decals with something like Testors Waterslide decal paper or similar. My question is is there a reason that White can't be printed with a inkjet printer and show up on the decals. I know the reason why Metallic colors can't be done since Printers can't print metallic (which you think by now we would have ones with addable inks that can) without it just being Grey. I'm sorry if this has been explained else where I don't want to make a thread on a covered subject. But I thought I'd ask the experts. Main reason I ask is I want to have whites for the eyes of my minifigures with glasses like Good Cop's and also you got to have white for the Octan logo. Anyway let me know and I'll figure it out from the pros. Thanks all, Plokman
  22. hunpeter12

    [MOC] Grand Piano (White)

    I made this model as a gift for my piano teacher. I'm going to conservatory, so I'm leaving her. (She did like it very much.) Large image: See more at my photostream!
  23. I've been playing around a lot with pneumatics lately, and want to show you one of my recent MOCs. This one has been made over the last week, from a smaller, more yellow prototype. It is fairly small (scaled to the tracks, as they are the size they are), and the width of the body is 15 studs, compared to 8043's 19. Also, it's manual. No compressor or anything. I'll go ahead and show it off in "Excavator mode" first As you can see, the range of movement is quite decent, and it folds up pretty nicely for a transport configuration. The boom is lifted by two of the old style long pneumatic cylinders, and the dipper and bucket are each controlled with one normal cylinder. There is a third pneumatic circuit going to the end of the boom, but it's not in use when it only has a normal excavator bucket mounted. There is also a dozer blade on the chassis, operated by two small pneumatic cylinders. Next I have fitted the material handling claw, and as you can see this is where the extra pneumatic circuit comes in to play. The claw is operated with two small pneumatic cylinders. An added feature present is many material handlers is a lifting operator's cab. This has been implemented with a normal pneumatic cylinder. Next up is a picture of the top of the superstructure, with the pneumatic lines and some detail of the cab lifting function Now, if you've made it this far. you might wonder where the pneumatic pump is ? As I said, the model is afterall manual Well, it is actually mounted horizontally inside the superstructure. The 2L black pin connector (on the right hand side of the grey "air filter") in the above picture is connected to it, and by pushing it forward, you pump air into the system. Here is a picture from an early stage in the build that shows the principle: Also the valves are hidden on various places inside the superstructure. Well, that's it more or less, hope you guys like it. Like I said, this was put together fairly quickly, so there is definitely room for improvement both aestethically and build-wise (the inside is per now a mess of reinforcing and pneumatic tubing with not much system to it Lastly, another picture with one of my other recent pneumatic MOCs (still a WIP): EDIT: All pictures, as well as some others, can be found in a lot higher resolution in this Bricksafe folder I have recently started using my aging DSLR again, so it might be worth a look if you want to see more details
  24. Haven't seen any MOCs of the new white TIEs from Star Wars 7 yet, wanted to change that. Have this. The first of Sienar's TIEs with a more efficient white-painted solar cell, the TIE/cs utilizes five long range disruptor cannons, fed by two large power sources on the top of the wing struts. The extremely high rate of fire on the high-powered disruptor cannons necessitated the use of two "static emitter arrays", or SEAs. The bright flashes of the excess electric arcs emanating from the SEAs and the heavy strobe effect of the disruptor cannons earned the TIE/cs the nickname "Blinder". Later models were given an anti-flash protective layer on the cockpit, as to not damage the pilot's eyes. MORE HERE gaaah, mods please change name to just [The Force Awakens MOC] TIE/cs "Blinder" please
  25. (I just noticed that the title got cut off. After the / it was supposed to say "shield," with a question mark.) I've been wondering for a while if the part pictured below, used to join Tahu's "lava surfboard" and Kopaka's "frost shield," came in colors that corresponded to the colors of the parts they're used on (silver and white, respectively). I recently looked it up and it turns out that a white one does exist (last used in 2011), and although a "silver metallic" one doesn't technically exist, I was able to find one calling its color "silver" (last used in 2003), which is close enough for me. Given that, I thought I'd pose this question: why do you think the Bionicle set designers didn't use this piece in colors better suited to match the pieces they were used on? I would have preferred if they had, because then the pieces wouldn't be so obvious or contrast so much, and I'll be replacing the piece with a silver one on my Tahu, once I get it. -Nomad