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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, yesterday I reinstalled windows (Windows 10 like before) and all the apps, LDD included, version 4.3.11, brick version 2670 ( I dont want the last version of the official LEGO page because is a broken piece of shit with the half of the pieces, thanks TLG). Well, the issue with the Adobe in the installation was solved but today I have opened a file and try to change a colour and... there is only red in the palette LOL. Kinda weird because I used this version until two days ago...even in my laptop I have it as well and I see the complete palette. Can someone helps me please?? I work with LDD and makes me angry ( I need the double of time to make the same build, the mechanics are VERY CLUNKY) Screenshot->
  2. The latest incarnation of my VW Beetle MOC, in minifigure scale. Incorporating new backend shaping to assist with the difficult matter of the curves. Enjoy
  3. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Baby Porsche or VW Beetle tuning? This is a fictitious race car, I hope you like it :) You can support it on Lego Ideas: It is a studless build in Speed Champions scale, but with City wheels. I used only standard LEGO elements, the slopes with stickers are part of the set called 1968 Ford Mustang. Baby Porsche 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  4. bamsham363

    [MOC] VW Repair Shop

    A new home for my VW Collection, be it old or new or rodded, enjoy
  5. Mitch Henry

    its a bug

    its a bug
  6. My version of the famous bug, Wip, as never satisfied, so keep on updating This is based on my real build beetle moc, all comments welcome, old rear end. rally version (i believe this is Gulf oil racing colours) classic version
  7. bamsham363

    [MOC] Space bug/beetle

    The future version of the vw beetle, "The Space Bug", travel for the future
  8. Hello everyone! Today I come bearing a MOC of mine built for an insect contest. It's a golden tortoise beetle (charidotella sexpunctata) made up of just two pieces, sitting on top of a strewn pile of fresh leaves. Here we go! Here's the reference picture. Even the scale is close to the original! Thanks for your attention!
  9. I use Open Beta v1.0 (21) with LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.10. This digital model is under Creative Commons license. Did use out-of-date ldraw.xml or I should wait to next release ?!! FIRST IMAGE Import into as LDD model. SECOND IMAGE Import into model after export from LDD using updated ldraw.xml as LDraw model.
  10. I've been waiting to make a Galaxy Squad moc, I manages to open a box of old pieces and put together this guy, I made him a backstory too. After a deadly battle one abductoid is injured and left by his comrades, however using resources from a wrecked galaxy squad fighter he creates new limbs, painstakingly creating them with only his mouth as a tool, now he seeks revenge on the squad member who shot him down, Solomon Blaze, outcasted from the other bugs he hunts alone...
  11. A racing car-like model created for a stop motion that never was. The idea was born out of creating a vehicle with uneven wheel base widths (because of limited parts) and the colors are lime green because those were the parts on hand. The Power Miners stickers actually work towards the model's design in my opinion. The model was reproduced in MLCAD (without stickers) and will be submitted to Rebrickable as well. The windscreen is on a double hinge which allows it to open up despite limited space. The rear compartment is also hinged to allow access to the engine. The car has both front lights and rear lights (on the MLCAD version). Unfortunately, no rear bumper is a weakness of this design. EDIT: I'm also putting a dark blue version of this racecar on rebrickable with pieces that are marginally less rare and (hopefully) less expensive to procure. It looks like a Batman car (whoops :{ )
  12. soccerkid6

    Insect Terrarium

    This was an entry to the 2016 MOCAthalon. I took inspiration from Sean and Steph Mayo’s terrarium and insect collection builds. The terrarium contains a beetle, two ants, a millipede, a butterfly, a ladybug, and a stick bug. There are lots more pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  13. Playing in LDD I managed to use a bugged color to create a file which in the shown example changes the colors randomly. The colors are taken from hundreds of PF receiver outputs. Here are just a few examples of the hundreds possible colors that can be generated Before you use the file mare sure your shader match as following: After opening the file with correct settings just move over the car and it will change color to a random one. Click here to download the random color generator file
  14. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] New Discoveries

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Log of Agent G: Donwarr, a densely forest place, thought to be populated only by bugs and lizards. They were wrong. The Na Vohz are most certainty populating Donwarr, as they have repeatedly made clear to me. They breed the local Sliver Bugs to huge sizes through stolen technology and witchcraft. When riding them, they must be sure to be completely cloaked, with multiple layers covering them and large google to protect their eyes. This is due to the incredible speed of the wingbeats of the Slivers. One can be blown over just by standing next to one. The Na Vohz use Long Vibro Spears to incapacite their prey. As of now, this is the only information known about them. I hope to find out more in my coming days stationed here. C&C much appreciated.
  15. ZetoVince

    [MOC] Volksrod

    Since i got my hands on this beautiful quarter dome piece i knew that sometime i was going to use it in a little Volksrod but everytime i was trying to build the rest i couldn't get past the cabin section! Then out of nowhere, Calin posts his beautiful Volksrod and without knowing it he solves my riddle!! That chair is exactly what i needed! The rest you can see it! Just because it wasn't very time consuming, there are some instructions...
  16. Missing Brick

    Shame Yahoo had to break Flickr on iPad2

    So, having worked perfectly for years, it seems Yahoo decided it would be a good idea to break flickr a couple of weeks ago - so it doesn't work anymore on anything but the very latest browsers. I'm running Safari iOS5.1 on an iPad2 and now I get an 'unsupported browser' message when I go into the photo preview page - so I can't comment anymore. Kind of annoying since I've never encountered any other page anywhere else on the internet that doesn't work with Safari 5.1. 'Why not upgrade to iOS7 or iOS8?' I hear you ask. Because they run like treacle on iPad2 with more lagging than my loft. I also hate the 'every-app-looks-the-same-flat-white' style that Johnny Ive imposed after Steve Jobs died - and the confusing way the wifi networks jump around when you click them. Anyway, guess I'll have to get used to using flickr on my tiny Android phone screen. /rant
  17. Activity- Exploration. Location- Mynderis - A04. Previously, Mark of Orion saved Captan Brutus from the Malicious Munchmoid on Jurin II. In reward for his brave service and quick thinking, Mark was promoted from the exploration dropship team to a new solo mission. Mark was sad to leave his comrades but the new pay grade was definitely a must. Not eating at the maggot-infested cafeteria was pricey at best! Mark's next mission, to try out a new MANTIS™ prototype vehicle. Arachtis Strider M2 The Arachtis Strider M2© has just come out of the diabolical labs of MANTIS™ HQ. Unlike most conventional vehicles, the Strider has six independently-powered limbs that propel the saucer--style body. Made from a mix of Durithium composites, the strong but flexible exoskeleton provides a durable frame for the softer bioengineered core. The "feet" are based on the same cell structure of the tentacles of the Garctaloid of Yallorn II, which can send sensory information to the control panels while providing excellent support and superior grip. But this unique transportation mode is not just for show. The Arachtis Strider can traverse even rough terrain at 85 MPH. And the 9 Awesomnium-powered thrusters means that this craft is capable of effectively flying in upper level atmospheres and beyond. The designers believed interplanetary travel in the current Strider model is possible, though dangerous due to the vehicle's small size and weak debris shields. Understandably, Mark was very excited to man the first expedition in the Arachtis Strider M2©! His first mission was on the currently uncontested planet of Mynderis A04. neither Octan nor Kawashita were believed to have any operatives on the surface. As Mark touched down on the crusty plain, he felt for the first time what is must be like to be a 20-foot tall alien bug! "Ohohoho! This thing is FUN!" The location Mark had been posted was on the northern tip of the volcanic planet, here the temperature was well below freezing and the lava flows and eruptions were less frequent. The advanced computers immediately began to direct Mark to curious object on a rocky slope. On closer inspection, the purple edifice gave off large amounts of energy and radiation. Probably Awesomnium! "Time to try out the feet." Arachtis Strider M2 on Mynderis A04 Mark directed one of the limbs to rest on the larger crystal in the center of the mound. The computer immediately read out, "Content: Crystallized Awesomnium 98%, Basalt ash 2%" Mark smiled. This tech was useful. "Nice! I wonder how deep this crystal thing goes..." "Approximately 1300 feet." "Haha! This is awesome!" "Incorrect: The content is 98% Awesomnium." "Yes, yes! I know! Hmm... Where are those humor settings..." To Be Continued! (Begin commentary) Well, I didn't have much time this week, but I did have a friend over on friday and while we were building and tinkering with the LEGO I managed to come up with this bug saucer thingy! Reminds me of War of the Worlds, even though I've never seen the movie or read the books! Hopefully next week I'll be able to DESTROY reply to all the MANTIS™ Haters!
  18. Here is my lastest car. The classic Volkswagen Beetle, officialy called Type 1, or informally in some places around the world the VW Bug. This car received a lot of modifcations and improvements along the years, I have built the 1967 model. This car is made in scale 1:7.8. The total size is: 65 studs of length, only 25 wide and 23 of high (50x20x18 cm) The weight is 2.5 kgs, with around 3000 parts and 5 motors. As always it includes some remote controlled functions: - Steering (M motor) - Drive (2 XL motors) - Sequential gearbox (PF Servo motor) - Brakes (M motor) The sequential gearbox is a modified version of the Mustang's gearbox (3rd Gen V2), with 4+N+R speeds and as always with auto-clutch. The speeds ratio: R - 1.25:1 1 - 1.25:1 2 - 1:1 3 - 1:1.33 4 - 1:1.67 The max speed in 4th speed is 4 kph (~2.5 mph) It has a gear indicator in the interior, between the front seats. Boxer-4 fake engine under the rear bonnet. The bodywork Also you can disassembly the bodywork removing only 5 pins, do it is very easy and fast. A complete bodywork with openable doors, front trunk bonnet and and rear engine door. Also the doors have lock, you need turn the door handle to open it. It has 4 full size seats and folding front seats. The suspension is based in the real one: front rigid beam independent suspension axle and rear swing axle. Also the front axle has stabilizer bar. The steering has ackerman geometry and working steering wheel. The car also has working brakes in all wheels: disc brakes in the fron and drum brakes in the rear. In addition it includes functional brake pedal. Now the "most wanted" picture for technic fans. Like the Mustang the instructions will be available coming soon Finally as always a little video: As always for more info visit my website:
  19. The Assassin Bug (a.k.a. Wheel Bug) most commonly have an elongated head with a distinct narrowed neck, long legs, and a prominent, segmented tube (rostrum) for feeding and defending itself. These predators use the long rostrum to inject a lethal saliva that liquefies the insides of the prey, which are then sucked out. The saliva contains enzymes that predigest the tissues they swallow. This process is generally referred to as extra-oral digestion. The saliva is commonly effective at killing prey substantially larger than the bug itself. Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug Inspiration by mink66, on Flickr This is a nasty bug! And the perfect model for another Lego Galaxy Squad Alien Bugoid creation! A powerful Bug that strikes absolute fear into any Galaxy Squad Team member especially if caught alone out on the battle field. The Assassin Bug can make a quick meal out of any unsuspecting human, or store it in its purplue coccoon for later consumption or to bring back to the hive. Good luck humans...they will need it! Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr
  20. Hammerstein NWC

    Blacktron Harvester

    When Blacktron Reconnaissance discovered the value of pollen from Persei Six, they created the Harvester Drones to steal as much of it as possible. Unlike the Nalongii Pollinator the Harvester has received some inbuilt aggressive programming and the accompanying "wing chung" unarmed combat techniques. Side by side with the Nalongii Pollinator!
  21. agrof


    Hi All, i am just faced with these: and played with the idea: how cool would be to involve kids into Lego Technic with such collectibles - ready for customization. I mean like Ninjago spinners, Chima vehicles. I know therefore we have Mindstorms, but i think about more compact sets: 1 IR, 1 Medium motor... well custom battery box (Li-Po), for reasonable price. Does somebody made such MOC? Feel free to put here, opinions, links... whatever. Maybe just another idea for different kind of Technic stuffs (OK, i wouldn't mind some official steampunk Technic set ).
  22. Having fun with the Galaxy Squad theme. Lovin' this series of sets (and pieces!) Back at the nest bug neophytes build a new egg with crystals from the planet while more mature bugs patrol the area. Young bug posing with his new viper. "How you doin' ?" (said with thick New York accent) Bug patrol ship The landing mechanism for the bug patrol unit. Lower wings tuck back and the third leg swings down. Surprisingly stable. The angles coming off the bar frame for the wings. I've got an 2L axil going through the back of the bar frame to the plate (with holes) on the front to add some strength. In 1979 Denmark quietly launched the Earth's first deep space exploration ship. Little did they know that their first encounter would be with the bugs Yeah the hood is hard to see over but that's the price you pay when you wanna look good in your viper. Full sized photos here:
  23. Siercon and Coral

    MOC: Insect Collection!

    This is the collection of 10 parts from the "Creepy Crawly" category for the MOCathalon 2013 (team Clutch Builders: Si-MOCs, Blake Baer, Legonardo Davidy, K.Kreations) So after building one bug... there was just no stopping, and this is the end result! Lots of inspiration was taken from various builders as battle bugs and lego insects have often been explored. I tried to tag a few key people in the evolution and inspiration of our lego bugs Doctor Mobius, Lino M, ROOK, and Sir Nadroj. Thanks so much for paving the way! If you are a Lego bug fan, take some time to check out their photostreams! Panoramic View Praying Mantis (Family: Mantidae) Purple Flora Butterfly (Family: Nymphalidae) Black Wolf Spider (Family: Lycosidae) Black Millipede (Order: Diplopoda) Hornet (Family: Vesipidae) Burying Beetle (Family: Silphidae) Walking Stick (Family: Phasmatidae) Other species included in the collection! :) Hope you've enjoyed!
  24. A Plastic Infinity

    MOC: Centipede

    Built for MOCAthalon category "It Creepses and Crawlses". Go Team Zodiacs! And enjoy. Visit MOCpages for the whole story! Please tell me what you think.
  25. I've been using the font size option on the rich-text editor (mostly to indicate whispering in Heroica), but many times clicking on the drop-down arrow will crash the tab I'm using. It's rather annoying, not to mention the amount of re-typing I have to do each time it happens. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this? (I'm using IE--yes, I know--on Windows 7, if that helps.)