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Found 29 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just made this new MOC and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the model. It's a 42126 alternate build so it uses only the parts from the Ford F-150 Raptor.
  2. Hi Eurobricks community! This is the first time posting my own thread on Eurobricks and I wanted to test out if posting my MOCs here is ok or counts a spam or something. I will be only glad for any feedback I get and really happy if you like my model! The DriverRichard Petty. If you are a bit into classic US muscle cars a bit, I'm sure you already heard this name. Richard Lee Petty also know as "The King" was a NASCAR driver between 1958 and 1992. He won the NASCAR Cup series 7 times while also winning a record 200 races during his career. Richard Petty is known for driving Petty blue cars with the start number 43.The CarOn February 14th, 1971 Petty won his third Daytona 500, driving a back then brand new Plymouth Road Runner. A car from the second gen of the B-bodies, the "fuselage" design also featuring a 425 hp HEMI.The RecreationMy model recreates a car he raced one of his races in the 1971 season, unfortunately, I couldn't find out in which race he used this car. it is based on a restorated version I found here. The most annoing thing about building this model was doing all the prints/stickers for it. Some of them I found in the internet, some of them I had to do on my own. Setting them all up needed a long time! Unfortionately the printed parts didn't showed up in Blender, the rendering platform I use. That's why my friend Alexey (w35wvi) readded all the stickers in Mecabricks (which doesn't work properly on my computer) and then rendered these amazing pictures for me. You can find instructions for this model on my Rebrickable page.
  3. Future Racer - Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Future Racer (Building Instructions)
  4. Now that we have a better pictures of 42039 Le Mans car, it is time to share some thoughts. ... do I see a rare 19L white flex axle in the front going to the cabin? I definitely prefer the first version of the car. The nose was so much nicer ... There seems to be yellow shocks in the front right wheel, so it seems to have a suspension. There is also HOG steering, open-able rear end, some existing parts in new colours, and that's about it ...

    [MOC] Toyota GT-One TS020

    Pleased to have completed this, but it's a little bittersweet as even with the smaller wheels the nose is not quite low enough. But I can't change that as I had to put emphasis on the smoothness of the slope from tip of the nose to the top of the mudguard. Thanks for viewing :) KMP

    [MOC] Porsche 935 K3

    Overall I'm quite pleased with it, wanted to brick build the 1979 Kremer Racing livery but that's difficult to get right, so went with Martini livery instead. Just got reminded that this looks like Autobot Jazz too. Thanks for viewing :) KMPMOCS
  7. I like idea of current TC18 contest so I decided to build something for it too. My initial idea was very simple - it has to be alternative model. Then I found out that set 42106 is the only set I own with four 43,2x14 wheels so I chose it as parts resource. This set also features pullback motor so I think I am the first who decided to use it in model for contest. Since I also wanted to add ordinary steering I had to find the way how to make them work together. I came with idea of two modes: Pullback - pullback car with blocked steering to keep it going straight Steering - car with steering and disabled pullback motor to allow reverse I began building chassis with necesary mechanisms and then tried to build body around it. Honestly this is my first "normal" car so I was very curious about result (I built only hot rods and buggies before). Building body became as interesting as I stopped taking care about chassis and made body one solid structure. I didn't take inspiration from any real car but I think it looks like hybrid between Škoda 135, Ford Mustang and some Asian tuning car. Body is connected to chassis only by two pins and four axles. It has very simple interior with steering wheel and no seats due to limited amount of parts in set 42106. Overall dimensions are: lenght 34 studs (41 with flames from exhausts), width 15 studs and height 12 studs. Back to functions - pullback motor is connected to rear axle through 3 gears that can be disconnected by gear behind right door. Connection is also secured with black pin to resist torque from pullback motor. Steering can be locked by two axles controlled by black lever. Thanks to its big weight this race car features small acceleration and low max. speed. Chassis in pullback mode Chassis in steering mode Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  8. _TLG_

    [MOC] Street racer

    Hello, let's start the race! It is my own hypercar concept with a minifigure. I reused some details of my earlier idea called "Hypercar concept 1", but I wanted to build this car even more dynamic. It is a studless model built from standard LEGO elements. The overall size is similar to the Speed Champions sets, but the wheels are from City sets as I wanted to keep the height to length ratio closer to the real sports cars. If you like this car, please share and support it on Lego Ideas: Many thanks! Street racer 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Street racer 04 by László Torma, on Flickr
  9. Hello Speed Champions fans, Trabant 601 is a legendary car of Eastern and Central Europe. This is its studless model in Speed Champions scale. If you like it, please keep alive this project and support on Lego Ideas to become a real set (only 3 supporters are missing in the next hours to reach the first milestone): I wanted to create a relatively accurate model, and some details were challenging in this small size. Firstly I needed smaller wheels than my other builds in this scale, the size of the actual ones are equal to the Mini Cooper (Lego 75894) ones. It was clear too that the City mudgards will not fit to this size, therefore I created a brickbuilt one. The connection of the wheels are tricky a bit which helps to keep the room between the wheels and the mudguard proportional. I wanted to create an accurate front, and I added simple white stickers to the direction indicator lamps to keep the orange parts visible on the front only. The most common colors of this car are the light blue and white (broken white). I decided to use white pieces as the roof element of Mini Cooper (part 6018101) is ideal as hood and roof, and I have this item only in this color. The rear of the car is a bit tricky too as I wanted tilted lights similarly to the real ones. The back lights could be red transparent elements, but I was not able to buy them in that color. I had to buy some elements of "brick, modified, 6191" to the sides too, and it was available only with "Nitro" stickers, but my son said that these stickers are cool, so I kept them. I wanted to use as less stickers as possible as I don't really like them, because they restrain the applicability the stickered elements in different builds. There is picture without the "Nitro" sticker and an other one without any stickers. The set includes a minifigure with a baseball hat and with an additinal red helmet. Trabant 601 by László Torma, on Flickr 02 Trabant 601 by László Torma, on Flickr 03 Trabant 601 by László Torma, on Flickr 04 Trabant 601 by László Torma, on Flickr 05 Trabant 601 by László Torma, on Flickr 06 Trabant 601 without Nitro sticker by László Torma, on Flickr 07 Trabant 601 without any stickers by László Torma, on Flickr My other Speed Champions scale model in "LEGO Town" forum is the Audi R8:
  10. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Baby Porsche or VW Beetle tuning? This is a fictitious race car, I hope you like it :) You can support it on Lego Ideas: It is a studless build in Speed Champions scale, but with City wheels. I used only standard LEGO elements, the slopes with stickers are part of the set called 1968 Ford Mustang. Baby Porsche 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  11. _TLG_

    [MOC] Hypercar Concept 1

    Hello, feel the speed! It is my own hypercar concept inspired by real hyper and supercars. It is a 6 studs wide, studless model built from standard LEGO elements. The overall size is similar to the Speed Champions sets, but the wheels are from City sets as I wanted to keep the height to length ratio closer to the real sports cars. It can be combined with my other MOC Hybrid Truck which will be available on LEGO IDEAS soon too. If you like this car, please share and support the it on LEGO IDEAS: Many thanks! LEGO Hypercar concept1-02 by László Torma, on Flickr LEGO Hypercar concept1-01 by László Torma, on Flickr LEGO Hypercar concept1-03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  12. It's bound to look bad after Brunojj1's mind-blowing McLaren P1, but oh well: Photos and reading:
  13. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Hey fellow LEGO fans, may I present to you my latest creation! As the title says, this is a (fantasy / my own interpretation) version of a Group-6 race car from the mid to late 70's. I had a ton of fun building it as I never used so many smooth round bricks in a single model before. It consist of approx 760 parts, it has functional steering, its low-drag aerodynamic design is very realistic, it has a removable rear bodywork and a fully modeled cockpit. I hope you like it!
  14. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    May I present to you, my take on a car from the legendary 1980's Group-C racing series. Cars from that series were known for producing literally tons of down force through under body diffusers that accelerated the air underneath the car and vented it through two large openings in the back. The resulting low-pressure area underneath the entire car paired with aggressive splitters and light weight of the vehicle resulted in cornering speeds of up to 3-4 g's. Engine power in excess of 1000 bhp accelerated those cars to speeds up to 245 mp/h or 405 km/h. With my build, which consists of approx 1500 parts, I tried to visually capture the extreme speed and raw power of those cars. I hope you like it!
  15. Exetrius

    Green sports car - track edition

    Centario 470C Track edition Presenting the new Centario 470C Track edition, a lightweight, mid-engined, high-performance sports car, built for the road and optimized for the track. The 470C Track unites sporty looks with classic curves and modern technology, without compromising the practical qualities of the standard road version. Therefor, it has leather seating and a luggage compartment, in addition to a carbon fibre chassis, wing mirrors and spoiler. Specifications: Engine: atmospheric 1,6-litre V6, 470 hp Performance: 0-100 km/h in 3,2 seconds, top 227 km/h €B 298,000,-* excl. taxes
  16. i am working on a new car starting soon i saw a image of a rendering and urged myself to try to make it what is this......... good luck figuring it out Edit: look below
  17. This is the Mach 5, the fastest looking (and driving!) white-with-red paint scheme car ever devised. It is piloted by Speed Racer (son of Pops Racer, designer of the car) in the original Japanese anime, (Mach Go! Go! Go!) and all subsequent TV and film adaptations. The car seen here was inspired by set 8158, (Speed Racer & Snake Oiler) from the tie in to the Speed Racer film from 2008. Needless to say, the film did horribly and flopped about as hard as the crash of the Mach 6 in the film. Anyway, as my parents were fans of the original 1967 TV show, I bought the set way back in 2008 to make my own Mach 5 model. The many stickers killed any joy of putting it together, and thus ruined any chances of me touching the set for almost a decade, albeit digitally only for now. The stickers have been eliminated in place of carefully placed red parts to make the hood "M". Doors have also been added, and rear trunk latch .... though the trunk doesn't open and does not fit any mini-figures or pet monkeys. The dual exhaust / tail-lights are new, and so are the Speed Champions wheels in white. The car seats two figures comfortably with even more arm room thanks to the opening doors. I couldn't think of a way to put the "5" decal on the side of the car though. The young and energetic driver of the Mach 5, Speed Racer. Both the hair and printed helmet are included in the LDD file, with the hair off to the side of the car. Speaking of LEGO Digital Designer file, here it is: Speed Racer and Mach 5 file. This file is 100% build-able in real life, and will be made by me eveventually. When that happens, I'll update this thread with real life pictures. Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  18. Hello everyone! This is my lego Technic Old Race Car. It's not based on any particular model but it must look like an old race car. This car is driven by a L motor, steers with a servo and has suspension. The goal for me was to build a car with suspension. I looked at the 24 Hours Racer (set 42039) how this al works. When I tried to put a servo motor on it I came to the conclusion that I need to change the steering a little bit. Here's a video and some photos. I also made a instructions video (and LDD file) for the front suspension with servo motor. You can download the instructions on and here is the video If you want some photos of the front suspension please say it in the comments. Thanks for watching this topic!
  19. Rally Racer is the successor of Rally Rac3r. The difference? This Rear Wheel Drive race car is a tremendous success. As complimented by Karl4123, this vehicle has "sleek and stylish looks." It is geared up 36:12 or 3:1, and it is decently quick with decent torque. Many styling cues have been added. Why is there no InfraRed Sensor, you may ask! Well, thank you for asking! With the help of Builderdude35's tutorials, Rally Racer drives via Bluetooth! Rally Racer's Intelligent Brick acts as a receiver, and a second Ev3 Intelligent Brick is the remote! In this way, I am able to control Rally Racer from 200 feet away. Rally Racer features twin dual exhaust. The taillights feature vents which mimic the outsource of airflow, similar to that of the Ferrari 488 GTB. The spoiler is a low, lean downforce-inducing wing. The headlights are a twin-cluster with a main headlight and an auxiliary tinted light, not including the rally style fog lights. The chassis is extremely compact in and of itself. I borrowed the drivetrain design from Builderdude35's Falcon FAV100, so thanks! Two Large Motors drive a 36z gear which drives a half-bevel 12z gear (these are encased about an H-frame). It then transfers drive both to the front and rear of the robot. There is a differential which transfers power to the rear wheels, while the front axle extends to the front of the car as a neat auxiliary cue. The rack and pinion steering setup is controlled by a Medium Motor, and stabilized with a LEGO rubber band. Check out the metallic exhaust tubes while you're at it! Please comment if you have any questions or... comments. I appreciate any feedback whatsoever. I am quite please with how this turned out, especially when comparing this with my original Rally Rac3r model.
  20. May I present to you, my first MOC in this forum! (And I forgot to tag this as a MOC, whoops) A large-ish scale model of a 1970's Can-Am race car. The Can-Am Series was a hugely popular north American racing series that lasted from the mid 60's to the late 70's. It featured very lightweight innovative 2-seater open top race cars weighing only around 700-800kg with large V8-V12 engines that produced up to 1500hp. Whats not so widely known is that those cars were often faster than Formula 1 cars back in the day. My creation is a fantasy version, it combines features from several popular cars from that era. About 900 bricks, designed in the LDD. I hope you like it!
  21. EDIT: Building Instructions Available: HERE ________ I’m a big fan of Japanese cars, mostly because of its reliability. In the city I live in, there is a car factory which manufactures some models of Toyota and Mazda cars for the Chinese market. Among them is the Mazda 6 Atenza, the latest model of Mazda 6 series. (via Internet) I like this car a lot. A family sedan beautifully shaped like a supercar. Also you can choose hatchback or wagon configuration, but you don’t see a two-door race car model in this series. So I decided to build one out of LEGO. After a long winter, now I present you my latest MOC: A Mazda Race Car with SBrick. This project started with this iconic front grille. I don’t have a concept of the overall scale for this MOC, everything was decided by the scale of the grille. Ironically, I didn’t realize part 32192 in LBG is rare until the prototype is finished in LDD, and I don’t have a single one of it. Finally got my hands on it after quite a long time. Let’s have a look at a video first. (4K @ 30 FPS, watching in full screen is recommended) Weight: 1130g Dimensions: 350mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 127mm (H) Parts count: 1390 pcs Working headlights / taillights Servo motor cable has to go between the two seats due to length concerns, otherwise I can put more details in that area. A tiny fake engine for a tiny space. I must say I’m not a big fan of soft axles and I don’t use them too much. But they look great when used to shape wheel arches. The car is heavy towards the back, so rear suspension looks kind of weird. It gets the job done, though. Drivetrain is quite simple. Also you could find some inspirations from Madoca’s Supercar and Corvette. :thumbup: More photos: Building instructions is on the way. It will be available very soon. SBrick can be easily replaced by PF IR receiver. Enjoy and stay tuned!
  22. wooootles

    MOC: Octan One LMP Race Car

    I think it's time for me to start posting some finished LEGO work again, it's been a while Here's my latest creation - an LMP-style race car. Inspired by both the 60053 (which I found too stubby) and the upcoming Speed Champions line. It can sit minifigs upright. Since I'll probably buy some of the Speed Champions stuff I am contemplating moving my future car MOCs to full 6-wide body, as well. Also, it started off in LDD. Here's my POV-Ray render (and my current wallpaper) Here's the whole album with the full-size images! Thanks for looking! I am looking for other CITY/Friends cars to modify. I gotta get my feet warm again before I post some of my bigger stuff!
  23. SlabKing

    MOC Can-Am racer

    Hey everyone. I had a go at my own design for a Can-Am race car inspired by the McLaren M8 series. Your feedback is welcome.
  24. Brick Car

    The roaring twenties

    Hello!This is my latest moc a creator styled,5 widerace car from the 1920's.It featured steering,detailed engine,opening hood,detailed interior(with steering wheel,pedals,gauges and a lever for changing speeds).I used extensively the S.N.O.T in the shaping of the back part,so tell me if you like it So let's see it. It has steering with this simple steering mechanism,that I found: It has a detailed but no so comfortable (anyway,it's a racecar)interior You can see it's bullet shape from this side view pic,it also featured a huge exhaust and spots for racing numbers This fast to death vehicle is very old and clearly very unsafe(as all the cars of it's era)but brave drivers can win many races in it...first the mechanic must start the car with this big handstarter!!! In the back I used the snot technic,in order to give it the common pointed shape of the back parts from 20's racers. This red racer has a strong straight-8 engine which provide it with much horsepwer to beat it's rivals in every Grand has so many victories Good bye for now,I will come back with more mocs.All comments are accepted(especially these that will suggest me changes to improve my car and will inform me about mistakes that need to be fixed),I will be very glad to hear your opinions What did I do wrong with the photos?I uploaded them via the uploader and now they are not visible,please tell me what I should do. Phredit:
  25. My first attempt to build a race car. Shape is OK, maybe front is a little bit ugly :D Built in one evening for Latlug event in Limbaži. For rear wheel arches I used cut SMC TU 4x2mm hose. I did not hide battery box because this car was intended to drive around in exposition room. Battery box change is fast :) Features: Drive - L motor Steering - M motor Return to center steering I like how rear part of a car turned out. Kids had fun, they loved to drive around with it. Also to crash... Front is fragile and holds to the chassis only with two pins. I think that explains everything. Same story about the front axle. Only two pins holds it to the chassis so after a crash usually it was broken too. Steering system and front axle: I have short video about it in Flickr More photos here Cheers!