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  1. @jorgeopesi and for everyone too, video of it.
  2. Thank you and yes and I kind of regret it, but I suck with it because I was determined to build the beast and was happy with the results too. Thank you. I probably spent more time getting the curve of the arm right than the body of the build. This version of CAT has a different curve than other excavators.
  3. Working on the video, but the weather has been crap. Tomorrow or Monday I will have the video, because I want to also get clips of it digging Lego 1x1's and both are in two different places.
  4. I'm Back with another huge build: The CAT 329 D L. I came across It and thought it would be an easy build as the curves and size would work. It was not that easy. It's as close to 1:16 scale as I can get and has Power Function. It has 2 PF-L for the drive, 1 PF-XL for the main boom, and 3 PF-M for the boom, rotate, and bucket. I set the battery boxes close to the rear of the body. However the beast kept growing in weight and I had to add the old 9V box into the build. It also features opening side panels for the power switches, able to rotate 360°, and opening cab door. The W.I.P thread. More pictures. The only hard problem was with my printer and could not make sticker. Thank you for your time.
  5. This is a great guild! I did one only to show off the camper I made for it. I made the front 2 studs wider to make it a normal independent.
  6. And we have a winner! They seen those people snatch up sets like free candy when released collector type Ideas sets years ago. They seen a brand new demographic, now they are running it into the ground. Now we are sore about it because we there are too many licensed sets that cost more then they should. (Except for this year. what have been released are good sets at a good price, so far.)
  7. But do I submit the Workshop, Riding Mower, Toolcat 5600, or Rocket Van? Or can I send them all? So hard to choose.
  8. The body has formed nicely: The cab and first seat design: Second seat and controls: The final feature and video will be soon unless there you have some input.
  9. Cost of sets has been talked about so many times on this site. People miss the main reasons for the cost of sets. 1. Is the set officially licensed? 2. Does the set have large and/or difficult to produce part; and how many. 3. Does the have any electronic components (i.e lights, sounds, control +....) Other factors are acceptable as a consumer are the cost of the raw materials and costs to ship final products. So using $/part as a metric does not work, because they could just drop 100 1x1's in sets to make $/part look the same as a cheaper set. So there might be a justification for the Liebherr crane's price and delay as it could have new parts that had production problems with. We don't know yet and probably won't for at least two more months. Because for all we know they could have a new control+ box with 6 outputs, longer beams, new motors, and another turntable. Just my two cents.
  10. So far they work fine with the weight of the main boom, however: The 16T gear on top will "pop" or "skip" now and then as it raises or if I put a "load" on arm.
  11. Here is the redesign of the bottom. It's a lot stronger and better function. It has more torque for the drive, but I had to make it 2 studs wider than the other version. Here is the is the main boom: It has the right curve, but I didn't like that I would need to use plates to hide the insides. So version 2: It was close but the form and function was still off, but it was the base for the final version. Here the final version of the arm. I forgot to take pictures of the first version of it. Now the final of boom and arm: Now the start the upper structure:
  12. I again wanted to go big on this build. Like BIG. So I went 1:16 scale the best I could. I started with an existing design from a failed build. The plan is to have 2 PF-L motors for the drive, PF-XL for the boom, and PF-M for the rest. Please note that I'm almost done with the build, but I am making minor adjustments to the build to help with function and/or weight support. I will be posting here to "show my work" of sorts and get feedback. I have been busy catching up on other things and building the excavator. (not much free time for posting/commenting on here) This was the first version of the bottom: And the start of the upper: It was looking good, sort of, I had to redo all of it as I add the battery boxes and arms it had a weak structure and was "clunky" in functions. I have remade all of the above and will post more in the morning to not have too many pics in a single post.
  13. I found this from an old post: And this one too:
  14. They should be ABS, but the colored pellets may cause them to become weaker.