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  1. weavil

    [TC17][WIP] the monster blue bus

    Sharks shoot lasers. How else is he going to shoot lasers? But it looks great.
  2. weavil

    Impossible LEGO

    I had put a normal 4L axle in a 5x7 frame because I already used my few 4L w/stop I had. So drilled and screw and out.
  3. This might be all I need to survive!
  4. weavil

    Impossible LEGO

    I posted way back in this thread a solution:
  5. Well I only have like 10 blue arms so.
  6. Here is what I got so far, but I'm reworking the chassis in LDD.
  7. I am working on a car. Just a car with no branding. It's in the trial and error period, but work is progressing. Right now it my be a bit big, but we will see. It will have a V10, 8 speeds(?), some other functions as I go, and some RC functions too. Currently I have @Didumos69 modified gearbox so it would be a little more compact for my build.
  8. weavil

    Estimating part count?

    Looking at the pictures, I'd just put "About 2,000 parts"
  9. weavil

    General Part Discussion

    It's a wish that was shopped because someone wanted to make something with SNOT and needed to join plates to an axle hole on another part. That was a few years ago though.
  10. weavil

    stringless three-section boom

    I experimented with using the red frictionless gear and a rack on both sections so I could operate the sections separately, but added an extra to the boom pivot. I was able to make the 3 sections extend at the same time with the red gear and two gear racks. I will try to make a mock-up tomorrow.
  11. weavil

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I like paper cause I started long before digital, so it's more of the nostalgia for me. I don't dislike the digital versions, except for instructions that include a lot of brown. Some paper can be hard to see where to put brown on brown, but even worse with digital. What about people that buy Lego that don't have internet, live where they can't get internet, or have internet but share one computer/device with others in the house? People could also lose there place with digital or accidentally delete it and get mad cause they have to re download it. While it makes sense financially for TLG to drop paper, they would out customers and I don't think they would take a loss on a product just to keep the none internet customers.
  12. Function is the same, but not form. The right one is a little transparent and has a slight recess around the axle hole. The left one is a little proud around the axle hole.
  13. weavil

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    It would look like a giant mouth and all you would need is googly eyes.
  14. I took a few pics of a couple12 tooth bevel gears I had. The old one is on the left and the newer is on the right. The left is darker and the right looks like not enough color was added and/or different compound, mold, or process.
  15. weavil

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    See if you could get a replacement bucket then use both when you build it!