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  1. @thedaniels where did you find that? Looks so nice.
  2. That is a beast of a build. Looks great with the third party tires.
  3. OMG, that's a lot of functions packed in there. Great work making it all work.
  4. So sad. Hopefully the worst is over.
  5. Getting caught up as well. Great to see your progress. Credit to the writing of the last post. If I knocked them off like that, I would have cried.
  6. The tail center spins, but the material is too soft and had to use a cone piece. Thank you.
  7. I made a "fix" for the chuck sag issue. I added a large turntable. I didn't add it at first because I wasn't sure about how to connect the chuck to it and how it would work with added friction. It works, but even with a very light oil it still has quite a bit of friction. Works fine on the two lowest speeds and starts popping gears on the other speeds. I will work on it in the next week or so. Here is the pictures of the changes.
  8. @Lego Tom I guess I will add that to list the project list!
  9. Thank you. Its not normal cause its not a car, truck, or heavy equipment. Thank you. I was thinking of later doing an updated version with a the chuck attached to a turn table for a hole for long stuff.
  10. Floral foam as I wanted to use Lego parts for the cutter and its soft enough. Thank you.
  11. Thank you. I try to build the not so normal stuff. Thank you. That was kind of hard. Small knives have blunt tips and swords are too long. Thank you. I had seen on a larger one someone built, but it was big and bulky. So I managed to make a smaller version. Thank you
  12. After a busy last year I finally finished my Lego Lathe. I have a WIP folder sowing most of the changes through the year when I had time to build. I had wanted to do a machinist lathe, but not a huge build like the few videos I had found. So at this scale I was able to fit lots of functions into the build and still be strong. It has: 8 total speeds for the chuck 2 speed for the auto feed, plus forward, reverse, and neutral Moving and lock tail stock Can engage the apron (tool holder part) with 2 speeds or neutral Uses a wrench with a flat end as the cutting tool with the flat part I have made free instructions available here! More pictures here. Please enjoy!
  13. weavil

    Coal mine

    This looks fantastic. They did great work with the details and I love the easter eggs.
  14. I just noticed the arm bend. I forgot to add a pin+cross axle in there.