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  1. They are modified construction equipment. Tree harvester is kin to an excavator or wheel loader (depending on style) and a skidder or forwarder is like a modified hauler.
  2. This is going to be another good contest! With my mini off road crane coming in at ~18,000 cubes, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  3. Looks marvelous! Excellent detail. Brings back the memories of the 90's!
  4. Thank you. I try to stay with as much technic as I can. It's like a shelf though. Thanks. I didn't have any other orange, so it was yellow, red, or black.
  5. I looked here and there at all the alt models and mods for the Raptor. I appeared like there wasn't many options left. Then it hit me. A Camper! They make slide in campers for trucks and they even make them for the real Raptor. So I got to work. It's not Lego standard of detail, but I'm happy with the outcome. It is provided with the following features: A stove A sink A refrigerator A vertical storage area A place to sleep A shower No toilet. You got to poop in the woods. A hole to extend the steering knob on the stock truck. I had to widen it two studs on each side because when looked at the real one more, it was a little wider then I had built. It's not a complicated build and will be doing instructions in the next week or two. (If my schedule provides)
  6. I had modified the most of the bottom end mainly because I wanted to show off the camper I made for it. With the added weight I needed MORE torque and existing mods didn't look like they would do. I added a clutch gear for 1:1 and 1:1.667 and goes to the standard differential, then to the geared hubs for a final drive of 7.56:1 and 4.536:1. I also added a manual winch and bars on the front. Here is a video of it working:
  7. I was playing around to see how other tires looked on the Raptor before i started modifying it. The truck was stock at the point. Here are the rest of the pictures.
  8. Congratulations! I guess I need to up my build quality. Oh well, there's next time.
  9. I came, I tried, and I probably failed. But I had lots of fun doing this contest because of how challenging it was. Best of luck to the few that joined me in this great up hill battle!
  10. It looks big and nice. But how well do the tires handle the weight?
  11. A better view of the internals:
  12. I got 2 of them for an idea, but other projects came up first. Well it looks like a jet intake fins and I may have tweaked the scale a little to make it fit.
  13. Dear lord it felt like a pain in the butt! Sliding the jet back when the doors opened was too hard to fit in the cramped area, so I left it out.
  14. It looks like the old dodge charger. I like how the build looks!