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  1. weavil

    [MOC] Mini Off-Road Crane

    Thank you for your appreciation. Now I can work in the contest.
  2. I was thinking of doing the the 8448, or has it been done before?
  3. weavil

    [MOC] Mini Off-Road Crane

    Thank you. They do, however they rub when turning. The Jeep tires are 56 and these are 49 and I only have two of the others.
  4. weavil

    [MOC] Mini Off-Road Crane

    Thank you. I tried my best.
  5. I set out to make a mini crane. I then had the Idea to use 42082 as the reference and make a mini version. Making a smaller version of a Lego model can be hard to do because some aspects can't be, or hard to scale down. This was true here as using the wheels as the point for scale and some of the 42082 can't be scaled in half. So I just rolled with it and had a good model, but I didn't like how I did the features. Mainly the outriggers were independent and I wanted them all to function as one. It took me longer then I will admit, but mission accomplished! It has: 4 wheel steering Raise and lowering boom Extending boom Outriggers Winch and extension uses 3L friction pin with stop bush to "lock" them A few more pictures are on Bricksafe.
  6. Looks more like a main model! Great job!
  7. Great work on this. Still has the angry look.
  8. weavil

    MOC Amazone UX 11201 Trailer Sprayer

    This is excellent! Now I want more parts so I can play Farming Simulator with Technic!
  9. How about tracks, tank, and plane?
  10. weavil

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Dude, that's a lot of parts! Looks huge and amazing!
  11. weavil

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Looks like it's for the tractor pulls!
  12. So does that mean we ban talk about custom 3d printed parts? Or the sell of 3d printed parts? What about custom made parts? Shouldn't this hood fall in with those? If it's not from a set put out by a clone/bootleg brand or Lego, then wouldn't be a custom made accessory? I think the hood is nice and if someone want to buy it for their model let them, because they might buy it to put on before they put the model on display in their house.
  13. I love it! It's so beautiful!
  14. Thank you. People use them more then some of the "usual" Lego builds, so why not make them! I'm thinking on making instructions for them all.