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  1. weavil

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    I have this I'm going to use in a crane build later this year.
  2. I came across this use this morning. It's metal, but you could do something similar with the treaded axle.
  3. It looks so nice! It just needs a "Clarkson" figure driving.
  4. Not really, cause the body comes in widths from like 90 to 105 inches and the the cab/chassis can be truck, full size van, or sprinter. So when I resized it smaller, cause of lack of parts, I chose small body and fullsize van. I used Osage and Wheeled Coach for reference.
  5. Yeah I ran out of parts and I had other ideas in the works that I needed the panels for, so I finished the best I could.
  6. So I looked for ambulance and found nearly all results showed normal City theme builds. Only one or two Technic theme builds. So I made the plunge, found some drawings, and got to work. The first attempt was a fail as the scale was a little to big, cause I ran out of parts. So I found a different set of drawing and found Sariel's unit converter app. This allowed me to plan and make to scale and smaller, only to find out near the end that I still didn't have enough red. (Or money at the time to get more, but have also moved on). So I will call this somewhat viable MOC- Ambulance V.1 I have plans to build digital and make a version 2 in the future, but I got another set of MOC's on the table at the moment.
  7. weavil

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    I like the small scale trucks, cause most people are like "go big or go home." Now I have a new one to add...
  8. weavil

    [MOC] Off-roader UAZ 3151

    It looks amazing. Now I realize I need more grey pieces.
  9. weavil

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Does my doll size Power Wheels count?
  10. weavil

    General Part Discussion

    People are missing the second black pin. In order of appearance: Thick walls with No slots Thick walls With slots Thin walls With slots The new one that appears to be Thin wall with No slots So the newest pin should be fine as the walls (if the same as #3) should give enough flex when going in and out.
  11. weavil

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I think it seems like cars can be too repetitive, like they all have the same basic functions (suspension, motor, and transmission). They only real difference is how those functions are implemented and how the outside looks. I think it's the fact of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". You have to remember that not everyone buys set every year so they tend to be simpler to allow for lower/more accessible price points. So that causes a lot of people to not have enough parts to make MOC's. I was unable to finish this MOC, but did make some realistic functions. Don't need that many parts for a MOC like My Zero Turn Mower that has 1,500 views but three replies. To me I'm trying to make MOC's that haven't been done yet or not enough of a type of MOC done yet.
  12. Same for me. I only have 3 balls and there for my daughter's Friends sets. I've wanted to make a module, but I don't got to shows or see the need to buy 20+ balls.
  13. weavil

    General Part Discussion

    It is most likely that the rod got turned in the mold. Cause I got two of 2 these in red from the 42000.
  14. weavil

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Ah, the good old days. I have enough PF right now and I can't justify buying a set with C+ that has 1 or 2 motors. It would be fine if making a car/truck MOC, but I would have to buy more motors if make loader or something bigger.
  15. 1. NASCAR, Case IH, Bobcat 2. A- Recreational vehicles (like ATV's, a larger size Go-Kart, or even an RV.). B- Common, everyday vehicles (like a normal Fiat or a work truck) C- Rescue vehicles D- Race vehicles from other motorsports (not F1, not motocross, not Le Man's car) E- Old school cars (like the 1960's to the 1990's. A Corvette for the 1980's or an old Datsun.) 3. A 1960's Datsun for $50-$60. 4. Infrastructure or bringing back old parts. 5. New Elements, New Color, Building Experience, Using LEGO Technic System for MOCs 7. No 8. I have too many Power Functions parts that will not be supported on the Control+ system. Buying new sets and then adding them to my collection for making MOC's will cause me to either: A- not use Control+ (or similar) till I have enough of those to make MOC's, or B- find and buy Control+ (or similar) right away so I can make my own models. Either way It will cost me more to replace all of my now "End of Life" Power Functions parts. 9. Don't know cause I'm still in the Power Functions era. 10. A physical controller for Control+ and/or adaptor for Power Functions for Control+.