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  1. weavil

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I like paper cause I started long before digital, so it's more of the nostalgia for me. I don't dislike the digital versions, except for instructions that include a lot of brown. Some paper can be hard to see where to put brown on brown, but even worse with digital. What about people that buy Lego that don't have internet, live where they can't get internet, or have internet but share one computer/device with others in the house? People could also lose there place with digital or accidentally delete it and get mad cause they have to re download it. While it makes sense financially for TLG to drop paper, they would out customers and I don't think they would take a loss on a product just to keep the none internet customers.
  2. Function is the same, but not form. The right one is a little transparent and has a slight recess around the axle hole. The left one is a little proud around the axle hole.
  3. weavil

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    It would look like a giant mouth and all you would need is googly eyes.
  4. I took a few pics of a couple12 tooth bevel gears I had. The old one is on the left and the newer is on the right. The left is darker and the right looks like not enough color was added and/or different compound, mold, or process.
  5. weavil

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    See if you could get a replacement bucket then use both when you build it!
  6. I just happen to think, are the sets/parts your testing/using from the same factory? Cause they have a few factories to spread out the work load. Like did they send some of the old molds to #2 and #3 and make new ones for the original factory? Not sure if it was mentioned, but the quality of the plastic could be an issue or the mold is wearing quicker then thought causing parts to be out of shape of sorts.
  7. weavil

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I want a Clarkson fig with a reliant raobin!
  8. weavil

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I was thinking this - or this - or my favorite - But it probably won't be one of there super crazy cars they made.
  9. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ba/bc/af/babcaf26e1b292563d2f4c7506a6e9d5.jpg But then I found the post on Reddit https://old.reddit.com/r/Hookit/comments/7ylwfp/interspecies_tow/ Then I came across this crane http://www.roadrunnertowncrane.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/IMG_0769a-1024x536.png
  10. weavil

    Planetary hub internals

    The moving parts need to be able to snap together with rims and be able to be removed from those rims with lowish force. They could use "pressed metal" manufacturing, because it would be cheaper at high volume, but it would cause wear/deformation on the snaps on the part. Also as the part gets used, the snaps would flex and after so many they could break or no be able to spring back. Other metals could be used, but the cost per part would be higher as more labor is used and snaps could still break. Then there is the the wear on the plastic as it spins. With out lubrication each part would have to be super smooth. Either way, metal+metal or metal+plastic, one grain of sand and it will be on its way out quicker. Exactly. They paid for the set/parts and can do as they please. I or others might not like it, but it's not my problem.
  11. The 42000 could be worth a look at. I have it and to me it felt stiff. There are F1/Indy car MOC's out there that you could look at too.
  12. weavil

    Price per Piece - An outdated idea?

    When looking at sets for me or my daughter, I always look at these points when deciding a sets value (except for basic type sets): Licensed: Is the set a licensed product? If so is it a big name like Harry Potter/Marvel? or not as big a name like Jurassic World? Complexity of Parts: Does the set have large parts like panels/boats/supports/animals? If so what size are those parts? How many of the large parts? Is it one T-Rex? Twenty Technic panels? One small paddle boat? Are the large parts easy to make (like a 2 or 3 piece mold)? Or are they difficult to make (like a 5 or 6 piece mold)? Printed: Do any of the parts have printing on them (other then regular figs)? How many of the parts are printed on? Is it a little bit like a 1x2 tile or is it a lot like a big animal/creature/figure? Pre-Assembled: Does it have any pre-assembled parts? Are they simple or complex assemblies? Are they small or big? How many does it have? Design: Did the set take a few months to design? Did it take 10+ months to design? There will always be a debate about the value of a set. A collector will not worry too much over price. A builder will look at what parts they get for their money. A person who plays with the set will look at how many functions/entertainment they will get for their money. Right now we can use Bricklink to assess the the value of set, sans new parts for that set/year.
  13. weavil

    RC Buggy Motor

    This is so cool! I knew where future money is going to go (at some point). Looking at that link I seen this cool tool: cause some of my blue 3L pins can be tight.
  14. weavil

    Technic 8460 Crane

    3-in-1 works ok for the turn tables (old or new). Used it on my old and new ones and they spin great. I had the same problem with mine; free spins fine, but spin it with pressure and it was stiff. I think I used a butter knife (or similar) to pop it apart to put 3-in-1 oil in it easier and it spins fine now.
  15. Well started working on it late then my schedule started filling up.