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  1. weavil

    Technic Power Wheels v.1

    Thank you. Thank you. I had it with double 12t and 20t gears, but that made it too slow and when I changed them I forgot to add a 3l beam, 4l axle w/stop, and a 5l axle w/stop to it.
  2. weavil

    Technic Power Wheels v.1

    Thanks! I used the colors I had that would go together best, you know "use what you got". But I got other ideas, but some I need to get more parts.
  3. After a long time away, I got the technic back out and started messing around with them again. I thought that a Power Wheels would be a good and simple enough to get going again. So I did and used my daughters 18 inch doll as a passenger. Has one large motor for drive and a servo for steering. It needs work cause, so we will call it version 1 for now. It has independent front suspension and the rear is just a swivel suspension. The battery box is under the hood.
  4. weavil

    RC Hamster

    Best MOC ever!! Can I use the EV3 to make it fully autonumus?
  5. weavil

    Electrical Questions

    Using tablet and must have held my finger too long on a letter. And for videos, they don't load on Eurobricks, just every other site. Those had the same custom made low profile motor as the micro. But I think they did away with that type for cost reasons.
  6. weavil

    Hail our new overlords!

    Love the fine print! But it should be a one movie deal with six revamped versions!
  7. weavil

    Churchill tank

    Love it and your evil hamsters!
  8. weavil

    [WIP] Sidecar Racers

    Great work! Wish I had a crap load of chain links like most of you.
  9. weavil

    [MOC] [WIP] Uniknick

    Look fantastic Paddy McMog!
  10. weavil

    [WIP] Mini Ural 4320 6x6

    I like the second chasis . Waiting for the rest of it.
  11. weavil

    [MOC] Nissan Skyline R34

    Wonderful work you did. Look great.
  12. weavil

    Electrical Questions

    1. Could be the bearing or cheap magnets (like the micro motor). I thought my geared one was seized but manually turned it and it works fine. 2. It and one version of the geared 9v motor had a ring magnet. They were pressed powder and poor manufacturing. 3. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37693 4. Buy new set. The LED is made/glued into the stud size piece. 5. Don't know about the RCX. Search the forum. P.TMS. You didn't need to bump the post, I was typing/tapping my reply on my tablet when you did.TM
  13. weavil

    Holes in ball-joints

    They would need to save cost considering they reintroduced Bionicle.
  14. The link does work. You just need to "Right Click" and select open in new tab or window.
  15. weavil

    [WIP] Unknown Excavator

    It has been a little busy lately playing tech support for my computers and running errands. So I got a little progress done Friday.