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  1. This is fantastic, thanks for sharing. Side question: what are you using to produce the color coded gear diagrams? Is there a specific cad software? Thanks!
  2. Glad you like. It doesn't have HOG steering, instead, the steering wheel is directly connected to the front wheels (works great!):
  3. I really like many of P-Lego's MOCs. I wanted to build two of my favorites, the Lancia Stratos and one of the rally cars. Alas, I'm short on PF, so I thought I'd mix it up with alternate designs using fake engines and HOG steering. I present the Lancia Stratos alternate and the Rally Car alternate: The Lancia was an interesting challenge mimicking the original body while fitting a full-sized fake transverse V6, rear differential, and full suspension. I eventually gave up having a suspension on the rear and just went with the front (too little space). It came together in three separate pieces: front, middle, and rear. The suspension in the front has a lot of travel and a tight turning radius. Some of the proportions are different, especially the fenders in the front and the height of the rear trunk (had to make things fit). There is actually room in the front for a spare tire (in place of what would have been the battery box), but I didn't have one when I made the model. For the rally car, I wanted a full suspension with a fake engine and rear differential as compact as possible. It has a mini fake V6 in the front. This was built in two parts, the chassis with all the moving parts, and the body with the HOG wheel. The body attaches to the chassis with 6 easily accessible pins. When connected together, its a pretty sturdy connection. In theory, the chassis could fit to many alternate bodies. More images for the Rally car, Stratros, and both. Currently working on some instructions (LDD is quite a time sink). I'll post when I get around to it. Thanks for looking, and thanks P-Lego for the cool MOCs.
  4. Really cool Caterham! Thanks for sharing an LDD. I was inspired enough to make my own. ...Sadly, I lack train motors (or most power functions for that matter), so I made one with fake engine and steering instead! I've got a non RC LDD for those interested here.
  5. It seems the brickshelf gallery is private.
  6. Fantastic model. Really good read on the design process. When you're building the model, you said you designed the engine, chassis, and transmission within the first week. How do you determine the size of the chassis and the proportion the rest of the car body around it? Is this something you workout beforehand when building the chassis, or do you build it first and then fit the body around it?
  7. Really cool. Wonderfully compact. Just curious is the rear engine connected to the wheels via the rubber band? Does it have a diff?
  8. Fantastic work! Question: how does the ratchet in the transmission work? I can't seem to figure it out:
  9. Just to see if I'm following this correctly, there is no official LEGO version of the springs you used for the macpherson strut, or do they come from an existing shock thats dismantled? Thanks
  10. Huge fan of your creations! I really liked your 3-wheeler so I re-created a similar one myself. Rough LDD here for those interested.
  11. I find one of the coolest things about LEGO Techinc is the never-ending variety of car MOCs, both big and small. I was recently traveling through London and was inspired by all the sleek hatchbacks everywhere. So, for my first MOC, one hot hatch: Its a front engine, flat 4, rear wheel drive car with HOG steering. It has operable doors, hood, and a full tailgate. Detailed with spoiler, lights, and other features. I wanted something with a simple yet compact drivetrain I could freely design around. I was originally trying to go for an inline engine, but switched to a flat 4 which I could fit a steering rack under and keep the hood as low as possible. I was also able to fit a diff in back under a large trunk. You can find more images as well as an LDD of the full model here. Enjoy.
  12. I just happened to stumble on the LXF file for the yys530 - Tank. The page is here (the page is in Chinese). The download link for the lxf is here. Thanks
  13. Cool model. It seem the flickr images you posted here are down. Any chance for a reupload?
  14. Was this car ever finished? I didn't see it on the site. Thanks.