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  1. Hi! Yes I can provide an update! I am wrapping up the final test build, after which I have to clean up some additional details in the manual, fix the parts list, and work on the final steps of a big surprise for this manual. Official Release will be May 4, 2021. Confirmed.
  2. Cjd223

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Great to hear! The final steps of getting instructions ready are always the most arduous!
  3. The parts list is currently undergoing its final changes so I don't have the exact answer right now but will include that statistic once everything is all good to go within the next few weeks
  4. Cjd223

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Just a heads up, that's Brick Bob's version not the one mortesv worked on. It's pretty much the exact same with a few added details, so the dimensions may be slightly off. I'm going to be remastering the instruction manual and design mortesv and I worked on as a part of a Rebel Fleet Collection later this year. Same thing as the other ones I've worked on recently, anyone who got this one from me will get all the updates for free. More to come soon!
  5. Cjd223

    [MOC] Trandoshan playgrounds

    Nice! Cool idea you had with removing the one leg to make it look like it's bent at the knee. Very reminiscent of the Clone Wars arc
  6. Cjd223

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    You'll get a free update if you bought it now, but if you want the new instructions for building anyways I would wait for then because the parts list is definitely going to change a little bit, especially with the reduction of rare/expensive parts
  7. So good as always Mirko. Definitely was not what I expected or could have guessed with 50 tries, but a really unique and as you said, bold model. The stormtroopers really steal the show for me here, they're unbelievable. The vehicle looks great, but the vehicle in TROS just isn't memorable enough for me to want to hop on this quite as much as your most recent projects. That being said, once we see what the $800 set is this fall, I may or may not be crawling right back to this MOC...
  8. Great reply, thanks @Anio I think the best way to describe the wing weight here is that yes, physics determines that over time the torque from the tips of the wings will cause bending of the wing shape, BUT it will be miniscule, if even noticeable at all (Cavegod's has been standing for 6 months and looks good as new). I think a good comparison for this MOC is the UCS Shuttle 10212. With shuttles it's really tough to get every last detail while keeping things such as the wings proportionally accurate and stable, especially their thickness. @cavegod included a TON of detail in areas that are not as well pictured in the first post on the bottom and rear of the shuttle. The paneling nature of shuttles such as this one really prevents "additional detail" from being added since they are really just flat surfaces (The use of different tile shapes is really the key). A quick note on the joins, in the original post the front panel was attached one stud in the wrong direction, after fixing this there is a really large difference seen at the joins between the front and side panels. As was the case with the details, I wasn't able to grab any shots of the bottom of the shuttle, but the transitions of the different angles on the bottom of the shuttle is absolutely stellar by Cavegod, there is zero gap. When I take some more photos of the MOC I'll be sure to grab some examples of it. The scale I think needed to be this large because if it is only slightly bigger than the official set, that doesn't really bring much to the table. At minifigure scale it puts the size of the ship into perspective, and composed of 2,000 pieces (The base is the other 2,000+ pieces thanks to the grass), there's no wasted space here, every piece has a purpose. Anyways, always helpful to hear some constructive feedback while a MOC is still being finalized.
  9. Um, some constructive criticism would be appreciated if it contained specificity rather than simply stating you think they look terrible. Especially given how talented of a MOC builder/developer you are, not quite sure why you’d leave such a vague and snarky comment...
  10. Cjd223

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    Nice MOC! Really great job with all of the slopes and curves of the ship
  11. 1) Like Cavegod said, I anticipate zero issues with the wings bending. The Brick Vault Tydirium has much larger wings than this model, and the connection style is much different. 2) It is pretty much exactly twice as large in every dimension. This model is minfig scale, the official set as it turns out is exactly one half of that. Once I get some more work done on finalizing the manual I'll be doing a photoshoot of the MOC and am going to be including side-by-sides to the official set as a part of that.
  12. When I folded the wings up several tiles would either pop off or restrict the wings from being folded all of the way, so I found the best solution to be simply removing those tiles prior to folding up the wings. That section of the shuttle is hidden once the wings are folded up, so there's no visual difference.
  13. Due to the various shapes of the shuttle, when you go to fold the wings up for the landed display, it's necessary to remove a few tiles to get the angle right. The drawers hold those pieces for you so you can easily find them if you want to switch up the display style from time to time.
  14. I am thrilled to be sharing this MOC with everyone, it is a UCS Krennic's Shuttle. The original model is courtesy of @cavegod, it was a pleasure to work with Pete again. He sent me over the LDDs to get started on the instructions (more details on that later), and after going through the model and building a scenic display, I built the model and am over the moon with it. It can be displayed both in "Flight Mode" (Wings folded down) as well as "Landed Mode" (Wings folded up). The transition between these two display styles is quite simple and easy to do with just a single person. The goal here was to give others who build the MOC the ability to choose their display style based on how much spare room they have. Some stats about the MOC: It is in fact minifig scale. Part Count: ~ 4,400 bricks with 7 minifigs. There's a few modifications I need to account for in the parts list and instructions before being exact with this. The minifigs are of course optional as collecting Krennic + 6 Death Troopers can be pricy. Flight Mode: Height: 35 in. / 88.9 cm Width: 34 in. / 86.4 cm Depth: 16.5 in. / 41.8 cm Landed Mode: Height: 26 in. / 66 cm Width: 11.5 in. / 29.2 cm Depth: 16.5 in. / 41.8 cm Instructions: The instructions will be completed and ready to go some time during March is the goal. After going through the test build there are some modifications to implement and some other finishing touches to put on the instructions and parts list, but most of the work is already completed. Here are some photos of the MOC for everyone: More information and pre-ordering the instructions are available here on my site: https://alloutbrick.com/products/the-director
  15. Cjd223

    [Moc] [Instructions] UCS AT-M6

    Jaw dropping! I can only marvel at the size of it next to the AT-AT. I can't wait to see how the instructions/kit turn out, and some more pictures of the build of course. On another note... 24,000 pieces!? My goodness, this absolutely shatters anything I've built before. Can't wait to dive into the parts list and figure out a timeline to taking a crack at the build. Another great one Pete, congrats!