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  1. Cjd223

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I am not collaborating with Brickvault at all. I was working on the update on my own/All-Out Brick, I actually had no idea Brickvault had a remaster in their plans as well 😂
  2. Cjd223

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    At least I'm not the only confused one here 😅 For those that don't know, I created All-Out Brick alongside the remaster of the Cavegod AT-AT in Oct. 2020 I've been working on the Sandcrawler remaster for about 8 months now (alongside a few other projects). As far as I was aware that was supposed to be the official remaster, with A TON of added features, corrections, and bonuses included in the remaster. Did not know that TBC was working on this as well. I guess we all have some catching up to do and figuring out who has the official remaster and who is going to get left out of this one. Would really stink to lose the work that's already been put into the Sandcrawler remaster, it was going to be something truly special
  3. Cjd223

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Unfortunately no way, no how will it be done this year. There is so much on my plate right now along with this MOC, and I want to make sure that everything is PERFECT with the update/remaster that will hopefully really make everyone happy. I currently estimate that it will be fully revised and good to go in mid-late 2022.
  4. They actually don't snap into the modified plates! They just sit in place. Those plates just add extra support to the frame. Originally they did attach, but it was incredibly tough to do (especially on the final side) so I modded the mechanism to just have them slide in
  5. This advice exactly. They are INCREDIBLY tight for the squeeze, the design really has no gaps after they're snapped in, just takes some patience (Trust me I had issues on my first attempt too!).
  6. That's a really awesome stand style for an option that doesn't require as many pieces but still allows for Flight Mode! Assuming physics plays nice, I can't imagine a major stability issue with it, but it may swoosh a little bit while setting up.
  7. Happy May the 4th! The instructions, parts list, and the webpage is all setup and ready to go! It has been an absolute blast working on this model, refining every bit of it along the way. The instructions are 311 pages long, and I am THRILLED to announce that they are available both as a digital download and a physical printed booklet! The printed booklet has been the reason for so many pushbacks, I wanted it to be perfect before sending it out for production. Parts List & Instructions: https://alloutbrick.com/products/the-director I've attached some updated photos of the MOC on the first post of this thread, one of the major differences compared to the original model include closing all of the gaps up as tight as possible across the shuttle. This model never failed to provide me with a new challenge to tackle and I am so happy to finally share this MOC in a way that allows other people to build it. Final stats for the MOC: Parts: 4,305 + 7 minifigures Size: 35"H x 34"W x 16.5"D (Flight-Mode), 26"H x 11.5"W x 16.5"D (Landed-Mode)
  8. Cjd223

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Torment

    This is awesome! What a great way to make a splash of May the 4th. Your model and photography do a great job of bringing the size down but still capturing the feeling that this ship is massive. Very well done!
  9. Set 75156 (The official release of Krennic's Shuttle) has 438 shared parts and the Krennic Minifig.
  10. Yes, because there are more pieces required to build the display tower. Perhaps you're a time traveler, today is May 1 Still on for May 4.
  11. Shuttle Only: ~$300 Shuttle Plus Display Block in Landed Mode w/ all 7 minfigs: ~$450 Shuttle, Minifigs, and Display Block in Flight Mode: ~$575 Obviously this can fluctuate a bit depending on the market of certain parts, but the final parts list was made very carefully trying to avoid any parts that could become tough to acquire. All 7 minifigs cost ~$75 so keep that in mind. About 11 cents per piece for everything without the minifigs. There are several parts lists that will be included so you can choose the display/budget option that suits you best! Different displays may not be incredibly clear right now, but will be once everything is all published.
  12. Me personally, I don't look for one condition or the other unless pieces are in white. I always set white pieces to new condition to avoid getting yellowed bricks, but aside from that I just go with whatever is easiest to acquire, sometimes new condition is only a few extra cents per piece for smaller parts.
  13. Cjd223

    MOC - TIE Advanced x1 (Vader's ship)

    Looks really good! Is there a specific reason why you went with an all studded look on the wings this time compared to your other MOCs?
  14. Hi! Yes I can provide an update! I am wrapping up the final test build, after which I have to clean up some additional details in the manual, fix the parts list, and work on the final steps of a big surprise for this manual. Official Release will be May 4, 2021. Confirmed.