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  1. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    this is absolutely fantastic, thank you for sharing.
  2. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    like....a specific one?
  3. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    thanks! =)
  4. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    Experimenting with some HDR photography techniques to try and get the lighting how I wanted... Looks like there have been some mixup on this alien’s first contact mission to Earth: perhaps not a complete bust after all Duplicate of first shot, but with a little bit more detail in the mix to see the actual construction
  5. elfprince13

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Just want to say "Tensor Deflector" is a great riff on "Vector Detector"! Your models are great too!
  6. elfprince13

    2024 Space sets

    oof is that why the licensed-set markup just notably shot up?
  7. elfprince13

    Bamboo Cruncher 6000

    thanks! I spent a few weeks meditating on ways I could combine the bath panda with the orange wheels before remembering I also had an unbuilt GWP Carrot House and that dump-truck bed.
  8. elfprince13

    Bamboo Cruncher 6000

    thanks! nice signature btw ;)
  9. elfprince13

    Bamboo Cruncher 6000

    thanks! I have a couple other nifty Duplo elements I've been eyeing and haven't quite figured out how I'll use yet, but this one obviously had to take priority.
  10. elfprince13

    [MOC] DIVINER - Ice Planet 2002

    nice continued use of the Bionicle elements!
  11. elfprince13

    Bamboo Cruncher 6000

    My third, and likely final Space Jam 2023 entry - this time for Bio-Mechanical Fusion. Friendly and intelligent sustainable harvest equipment Working rear "dump truck" for unloading harvested shoots Not sure if this is a "legal" technique, but the underside of brick separator handles has pretty respectable clutch power Modular (dis)-assembly is important when key parts are also toddler bath toys
  12. Understood I have an SGI O2+ from '96 under my table too, but every time I plug it in it trips the circuit breaker Anyway, I'll poke around and see what I can discover.
  13. that's awesome - I had no idea that little sensor window hole was pin / stud sized! This is actually perfect as I've been pondering that the MicroScout tucked away inside would be a great standalone smart brick for incorporating some motorized functions into a big spaceship build, but hadn't settled on how to control it pseudo-remotely yet.
  14. I do have an old Windows XP machine but I haven't turned it on in almost a decade and would be honestly surprised if it works. I wonder if it shows up as standard "USB Serial" device to the OS? That would make it easier to figure out! I thought I saw you mention somewhere that Bricx CC (which I've used in the past) knows how to use the both the VLL and IR components of the tower, but I was never aware until today that there was a VLL capability in the USB tower, so I'm curious to dig into that a bit.
  15. oh the fiber optics is a neat twist. do you have a thread somewhere showing that setup? I'm curious how many extra parts are needed to hold it all together.