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  1. elfprince13

    [MOC] Resistance Fireball

    Instantly recognizable! That was a show with a lot of great ship designs - I was sad we didn't get official sets for most of Ace Squadron.
  2. elfprince13

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Venator - The Negotiator

    This is is beautiful, great work!
  3. elfprince13

    [MOC] TIE Phantom

    Wasn't familiar with this TIE model before and was hoping this was going to be some kind of hilarious "Ugly" mashup of a TIE and the Phantom from Rebels. Looks great though!
  4. This is great discussion and super helpful, thanks! =)
  5. Thanks for the tip - Studio really needs a "pick the cheapest color for invisible parts" feature!
  6. I think you could build a box around the turret + canopy area, connecting those 4 corners. If you go with longer axles, you could tie into the main body of the ship and not just those top few dome layers.
  7. I had a good number of parts in the multi-dollar range skewing the stats.
  8. You can use longer standard axles in a sandwich, alternating passthrough technic plates (e.g. 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 with holes) that tie into the surrounding brick-built superstructure, and 2x2 round with axle holes for extra clutch (or the 2x4 bricks with axle holes if you really want to go hardcore). Ideally you want to run that all the way down to the bottom of the ship, and maybe stop for a few tie-ins to the existing technic infrastructure I see you have in place. example:
  9. HOW?!? I just did a first pass on pricing out my ~8400 part Hapan Battle Dragon yesterday, which looks way smaller (but maybe looks are deceiving?) and it's coming out over $2K.
  10. I'm sure there are a few hardcore Mando cosplayers that might feel compelled to shell out for it! Beautiful model either way =)
  11. elfprince13

    [MOC] N1-Starfighter (Royal and Modified)

    Looks great! I really appreciate that you can see how the one would convert to the other!
  12. elfprince13

    [MOC] Hapan Battle NG

    yeah, especially since for accuracy you probably don't want to drive them synchronously. I have some ideas about how I could do it, but it's such an unwieldy model to pick up, I didn't really design it around playability. Now if I I could hide some drive axles in the straight sections of the saucer and stick a motor in each saucer.....
  13. elfprince13

    [MOC] Hapan Battle NG

    Just went with the default environment for importing LDRAW to Blender - next time I'll set the sky to white too :D And theoretically - you can see it in action a bit in the YouTube video in my original post, or in slightly higher quality (but portrait mode) on this Instagram Reel. But obviously it's hard to know how smoothly the mechanism will work out until I build it physically. There is a 2-plate-thick groove in the outer circumference of both saucers, and the belt has 2x2 round plates sticking inward at every 4th segment, with 1x1 round tiles built up on the inside to try and keep a smooth ride. TBH that was 95% of my motivation for building this - wasn't going to bother if I couldn't figure out a plausible mechanism for the belt since that is the iconic feature of the ship. The other 5% was the mention of Dathomiri Rancor riders on TBoBF.
  14. elfprince13

    [MOC] Hapan Battle NG

    okay here we are, sorry for the double post Hapan Battle Dragon NG by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr