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  1. Sérgio

    [MOC] Hat Village Train Station V2

    Your catenary work is great! Muitos parabéns :)
  2. Sérgio

    [MOC] Faith No More

    Yes, the drummer have long grey dreadlocks, I paint a Rapunzel hair with citadel ink
  3. Yes it is a old BUDD, I made it also (digital only) . Since the eletrification/modernization of the south lines, they are no longer in use in Portugal. That is awsome!
  4. Sérgio

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Well, My main objective is Portuguese Trains. Steam are not in use (except that one) since 1970's, I born in the 80s, so, beside the 0186, I never saw another working steam in life. My knowlegde on portuguese steam is still very low, I made another two small steams digitally, never tested on real life: 2-2-2, and 0-6-0
  5. Sérgio

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Thank you :) My First and only Attempt to a Steam, some years ago
  6. There is no law or rule who defines the width you should use, do whatever you like to do. My trains (they are all MOCs) are 1:48 (kinda) scale, most of them are 7 wide, some of them 6, another 8, and even 9. I just build what it feels right to me at the moment. :)
  7. Sérgio

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Hi, I don't know much about this one, A person request me to design a 8 wide version of a Belgic Class 77, so this was the result:
  8. Sérgio

    [MOC] Vintage Computer Room

    I Can Hear the printer working! great job
  9. I Have beard and Long Hair, but I can't do miracles, just having fun with Trains :) thank you. Thank You :)Show-me some Pictures, I'm european, Not familiar with American Rail :) I Add LDD file, You can have it in your Lego City :)
  10. Well... I Have more than 200 train projects on waiting list (I only do MOCs)
  11. I forgot I Have a BS account here: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SergioBatista/train/sekess-v2-2019.lxf I also put this link on original post :)
  12. Sérgio

    [MOC] Alco CP1320 (Ex Renfe 313)

    Thank you :) I superimposed the renders on the backgrounds who have similiar prespective, and edit a little bit. I'm doing all of these on my smartphone using PicsArt APP :) My objective is to look more like a scale model and less a Lego train, if doesn't look like Lego, it means I did a good job :P Another variation of this model
  13. Thank You :) I pretend to build all my Digital projects, just waiting to win the lottery :P however, I can Share the LDD file of this One, there is any way to put this file here?
  14. Hello, Annother Portuguese replica, 8 Wide, more than 50 studs long, can transport 6wide cars (Max 4bricks high) The waggon is a bunch of brackets, plates and tiles, not tested yet in real life. LDD file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SergioBatista/train/sekess-v2-2019.lxf
  15. Sérgio

    [MOC] Alco CP1320 (Ex Renfe 313)

    Thank you. I know that, the window should go up, but I have a little problem, a stud from a bracket (lime parts are the window), and the only part I can put there is that panel, If i build in real life i will put a sticker cover the bottom of the panel, yes, its cheating, but I am ok with that :) [edit] Or... Maybe this could work :) That is the idea :) Thank you!