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Found 182 results

  1. This time, I decided to try building something that I have only ever seen one other MOC of. The J-1 Semi-Autonomous Proton Cannon. This thing has a very unique shape, and some fiddly limbs. I did a fair bit of physical brick building to figure out how I could do the legs, I'm happy with what I came up with. The legs can support a reasonable amount of weight, but overall I think this thing would need a stand to help support it. Anyways, here is what I came up with. A side view. The 3mm tubing is a little funky, but given how tricky is is to bend them in I think it is a decent approximation. A comparison to 7869, and to my Delta-7b And action shot for fun.
  2. There are not many fictional spaceships as recognizable as the x-wing. Because of that, most of us had built one at some point of time. After all, it is both iconic and pretty simple: long, thin nose, four wings on hinges, cockpit somewhere in the middle and long guns on wingtips. It was built so many times it is as boring as it is popular, which is why I never attempted doing it. If not BrickVault, with whom I am cooperating on making models with instructions, I would probably never make my own. Eventually though popular demand made it an obvious choice and so I started. What was initially a build stuck somewhere between one TIE or another, took me about four months to complete, which is huge for such a relatively small ship. Let me present you the finished product first. Because we were not entirely sure which color variant is the best, I ended up making three - this way everybody will have one which fits him! So: are X-Wings simple? I just can't emphasize on how wrong was I. There are so many things that need to be done right. Thin wings. Front fuselage which has no parallel surface and has an annoying stripe which interferes with structural work inside. Rear fuselage which is neither rectangular or hexagonal, it is something else. And don't even get me started on the cockpit situation. LEGO part designers made one cockpit which has good front, but bad back, and then the new one has good back, but bad front. Had they merged the designs into one it would be perfect, and without it we can only pick whether we will have abnormally wide nose section, or abnormally square-looking cockpit. Altough there are many great X-Wing designs in the AFOL world, most notably those from Atlas, Cehnot, Inthert, Mike Psiaki and Dmac, among many others, most have their noses either studded, or with jagged edges. So instead of starting with the wings, I started with the front fuselage, as it was the most difficult part. And after all what can be hard with simple wing-opening mechanism? This was the fist sketch. I had no clue how to join this all, and tried all possible cockpit pieces, but I liked the idea of using hinges to make smooth upper sides of the ship. But since my designs modelled in LDD end up being... uh, not too perfect, I had to move to real bricks, and fast. So immediately after a batch of pieces including the cockpit arrived, I made the real version of the nose. ...yeah, so it does not look like the LDD one, because the LDD one was really bad. This one features a lip I was pretty sure was the standard feature of the x-wing, later I discovered that the lipped version is a hangar model, and miniature model has none of it. Also, I noticed the fuselage is already too high so it will have to be lowered later on. Here it has some of the rear fuselage, and first of many variants of nose tip. So far so good. Except it totally did not hold together, so... I also got a hunch that something odd is going on with the proportions at this stage, but "eeh this is a prototype, I will get back to it later". Having front part more or less done, I started doing the wing gearbox: It worked well enough so far, so I could return to the nose area. It was too high, nose top was too long and some of other proportions were wrong. So I fixed it: The X-wing's cockpit front panel does not line up with top surface of the nose, there is a slight angle change. I wanted to have that, but obviously overdid it badly... it looks sort of vulture'ish here too, due to the nose, doesn't it? There. Much better, isn't it? I added cheese slopes on top of 2x2 slopes behind the canopy so I could make the cockpit lower in relation to rear fuselage. I also made a better nose tip. Even the bottom was shaping up quite nicely. By that time, however, issues with wing mechanism became too apparent. It clogged often, was wobbly because each wing was held only on one technic beam, and tended to detach bottom fuselage panels every time when it was opened. Something had to be done, which meant another major rework. Eventually after about two weeks of tinkering, I maged to find a solution which in short space (6 studs) contains an 2x2 gearbox and two attachment points per wings, with added benefit of entire assembly built sideways which greatly helps with wings stability. What the final model uses for wing mechanism is an evolved version of this mechanism. Notice how the control knob is on the bottom of the ship... With wing core situation solved, I could move on to landing gear, which proven to be super simple but effective. Building, however, is not just about the design itself. Sometimes you have to tend for the workplace as well, because I eventually ended up with such a situation: where is that part? In the apartment I was renting back then, I did not really have enough space for building. Or, anything really. I moved. How often do you move to finish a MOC? :D This was just before the departure. Having the workspace situation resolved, I could get back to work. By that time I also got most of the parts I required to finish the ship, so I made all the components or their placeholders, and pondered why it still felt wrong. It took me a while, but this happened to be caused by rear fuselage. You see... I had it like on the left, while it should be more like the one on the right. Easy to fix? Except because the ship has no internal frame, it is held by the outer parts. So any rework in this area was causing issues everywhere else. I figured out a way. Yup, from that moment on, the tile-to-clip connection is main structural connection of the ship. Basically the idea is that front fuselage attaches to rear fuselage by these areas (and similar on the underside), and they all together "wrap around" the wing structure. It holds together surprisingly well, to the point it ended up being the final solution! This was the version tested by BrickVault. In case of some harder models, and X-Wing totally qualifies, we do an additional verification step to ensure all works. The results of the tests were, if I remember correctly: - landing gear collapses - nose top part cannot be attached properly - angled fuselage sides cannot be angled properly - rear fuselage top part randomly pops off not to mention several issues with the instruction itself. ...and what do you mean R2 doesn't fit? Here during debug of the front cover issue. If you work in IT, you know these dreaded words: "hmm it works for me". Yet for brickvault guys, this connection was not possible because the jumper tile was too deep. The issue, as usual, was caused by a part being placed far away, in this case - under the cockpit. Making instructions introduces entire new class of problems. How often do you debug a MOC? Now, remember what I said about the control gear being installed on the bottom? The idea was that an axle would go through the stand, with a nice knob to spin the gearbox to open/close the wings. Unfortunately though, the force required to open up wings is so high, the axle bent and twisted in a way which made operation through the stand impossible. It surprised me, because turning it with fingers is reasonably easy. This issue I did not solve. The only thing I could do was to move control point from the bottom to the top. This triggered YET ANOTHER F**** REWORK, this time of both the underbody top fuselage panels. I lost count here, but it seems the rear part was redone about 5 times totally, with smaller numerous adjustments during the way. The story came to an end after four months of work, several rebuilds, several totally wrong ideas, and a lot of beer drunk. I hope this wall of text is interesting for someone. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think! ------------ This build was done with collaboration with BrickVault. You can watch a video review here: Instructions are available here:
  3. So I've been working on this on and off for the past 7 years. I wanted to have the Eta-2's to go along with my Delta-7B's. Initially my design was heavily based on Gunner's, which I had seen on this forum. The size was very close to minifig scale, and it served as a good starting point. However I ended up unsatisfied with my result. Four years later after having worked on my Ghost, I took another stab at it and started to make a bit more headway. I focused more and more on correcting my shaping and overall design. By the end of last year I had finalized a design that I was pretty happy with, the only drawback being the lack of 29119 & 29120 in yellow. Thankfully they came out with the introduction of the 76897 Audi. Earlier this month I took another look at my design, and while I did still like it, I felt it could use some final tweaks. And by simply changing the mandibles I found a new love for the design of this ship. So much so that I went ahead and updated my version for Ahsoka, and did up all the other versions from the movies. So here we go; My design progress. Anakin's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. The cockpit interior and under the s-foils (showing the hole through the wing). The usual size comparison to my Delta-7B. Ahsoka's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. And now the designs seen in Revenge of the Sith. Anakin's Yellow Eta-2. With a comparison to the new 2020 75281 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. Anakin's Green Eta-2. Obi Wan's Red Eta-2. And finally Obi Wan's Blue Eta-2. As a final note, all of these are buildable except for Anakin's green Eta-2 (There are several pieces unavailable in Dark Green and some in Dark Bluish Grey). I have Ahsoka's test built in mostly the correct colours, I've placed a Bricklink order to get the pieces I need to finish both hers and Anakin's CW Eta-2. Once I have them completed I'll take some photos and add them here. As always, enjoy.
  4. Hi everyone! Decided to start a new topic to showcase some of my custom clone troopers made with AVfigures decals. Hope you all enjoy! You can find more shots of them on my Flickr. Clone commander wolffe P2 Delta squad Bad Batch 501st P1 Commander Cody P2 Commander Cody 501st Desert trooper Imperial Kyber trooper Teth Arf trooper Clone commando Gregor Arc trooper Echo and Fives These are just some of the figures I've made. Will continue to upload as I complete more!
  5. Shortcuts Core RulesFactions/Member SkillsThe MapOther details Welcome! Welcome to Factions. A home for MOCs from all eras of Star Wars loosely tied together by a map-based strategy game. The game itself takes place after the battle of Jakku, but builds can represent any planet in any era of Star Wars.       The goal of the strategy game is to find and control Holocrons. They are revealed by exploring planets and winning challenges.  There are many different factions you can petition to join. Being a part of a faction allows you to participate in 'episodes' (challenges), build freebuilds to earn in-game XP, tags, and other rewards, as well as other aspects of the game. You'll have a main character in-game, and through your building, you can advance your character and help your faction win. Getting Started Private Message (PM) a faction leader to ask to join their faction. Each faction has it's own style, storyline, and aesthetic, so you'll need to create a character in line with whatever faction you petition to join. Faction description, requirements, and contact info can be found in each faction's post at the top of the Factions subforum. You may only create one character, even if you change factions; make it a good one with a flexible storyline. Create your character, upload a 100x100 picture to your preferred image host, and fill out the Character Creator form. You can choose any name for your character but please keep it appropriate. Players may change factions at any time, but faction leaders do not have to accept new recruits. Alternatively, when builders have earned 75 XP they can create their own faction. Introduce yourself in the Introduction and Discussion topic. Fill out the Character Creator form to have your character added to the active players list. (optional) Create a signature using this generator created by @Bob De Quatre. Please note that it does not currently support Flickr photos for the avatar. We hope to fix this soon. Read up on the Core Rules here! Where to Post What This subforum, Factions, is used for this game. As such, you should only post your entries to Star Wars Factions here. The Core Rules contains the rules; questions about the rules should be asked in this topic. Players should introduce characters in this Introduction and Discussion topic and fill out the Character Creator form. All posts in this Introduction and Discussion topic should be Out of Character. Each faction will have their own way of communicating, so check with your faction and discuss your upcoming builds, Works-in-Progress (WIPs), strategies, and storylines through whatever method your faction leader proscribes. Announce your free builds in your faction topic to receive feedback, but make sure to also fill out the appropriate form to have it scored. Episodes will be announced in their own topics, and you will be able to use those topics to ask questions about and discuss the specific episode. Important Links Link to Submittal Form Player Index Link to Character Creator Form Link to Faction Change Form Link to Planet IP Values Link to Team IP Values General Discussion Signature Generator
  6. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* The heroic Captain Phoenix (part-time swoop racer and part-time bounty hunter) stalks the treacherous radioactive wastelands of Malagarr! Working off intelligence from CFS vigilante network Nimbus Cell, Captain Phoenix has tracked down a scientist from the nefarious Techno Union. “Curse you, Phoenix!” screeches the scientist, technologically. “Don’t you know what we could learn from this place? Entire planets turned into reactors! Think of the power, you fool!” “This inhospitable trash heap has a lesson to share, you’re right about that,” replies the Captain, dashingly. “I’m just not sure it’s a lesson you’re willing to learn.” “Ha! These fools made mistakes! We would do it better!” The scientist began cackling. Evil, computerized cackling. Captain Phoenix clenched his jaw. “Your hubris blinds you, doctor!” He raised his ray blaster, set to ‘enjustify’. Time to end this mad scheme once and for all. Just then, movement on the ridge! A cloud of red dust fades to reveal a new danger, a wrench in the cogs: a vicious reaver gang with weapons primed! The Techno Union scientist starts to shuffle away in the chaos. “Blast, Reavers! Watch out, scum! No one can stand in the way of justice!” How will the incredible Captain Phoenix get out of this one? You’ll have to leave that one to your imagination, dear reader! More Pictures Thanks to the CFS Discord for the feedback and community. Thanks for looking!
  7. New version of an older build from 2017 - the Speeders have both been re-designed and I'm posting this again because there are now FREE downloadable instructions on Rebrickable! :)
  8. I created this and posted it online (mainly in FB groups, here on Eurobricks and Flickr) in December 2018 - based heavily on the old Lego 9493 X Wing Fighter, as that was the most recent X Wing model that I owned at the time...One year later in December 2019, Lego gave a similar looking ''Christmas themed X Wing Fighter'' to their staff as a Christmas gift which looks to be based more on the newer 75218 set. I emailed the Lego company asking if they'd been inspired by my idea and they replied with a polite 'no but we like yours more'... what do you guys think? :DThat Lego staff gift set is now changing hands for big bucks on the 2nd hand market, but at least you can now have instructions for the original for FREE as I've uploaded them onto Rebrickable!A lovely Christmas gift for any Star Wars Lego fan + a great display piece at Christmas to bring some Star Wars love to your living room :)
  9. Evilkirk

    The Gonks of Ren

    YOU DON'T KNOW THE POWER!! The Gonks Of Ren are back - and for this, I must apologise :D I originally built a different rough version of these without using any source material in August 2019 (before the Rise of Skywalker) and as there's much more info and images of the Knights of Ren out there now, I thought it might be fun re-make the Gonks to look more like the Knights. I've uploaded free instructions onto Rebrickable for those who are ridiculous enough to want to build these slow moving, repetitive-speaking droids of death and destruction.
  10. *Your entry has earned 9 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Previous chapters of the Perilous Adventure! Chapter 1: Meet our heroes! Chapter 2: Meet the devious Colonel Corbett! Our trio find themselves in a precarious position, deep in the forgotten jungles of Imynusoph, face-to-face with the dastardly ex-Imperial Colonel Corbett! Read on to find out how it happened! The Story The Raiders The Heroes More Pictures Thanks for looking! To be continued!
  11. This is my very own Mini-Scale Imperial Shuttle (with display stand) built of LEGO bricks: And yes, detailed step-by-step Building Instructions are available --> Instructions for the Imperial Shuttle I have to say, the Imperial Shuttle is my most favorite spaceship from STAR WARS ... and because of that, I really tried very hard in getting the shapes and proportions as accurate as I could. I designed additional Landing Gear and a removable Landing Ramp to display the Shuttle in it's landing position. The Shuttle is sized to an official LEGO® nano-scale minifig. To display the Shuttle in it's flight mode, I built an additional all-black stand to securely display the Imperial Shuttle, featuring the Galactic Empire emblem and my own logo. Features: both flanking wings can be folded outwards for flying and inwards during landing procedures, includes two forward-facing double laser cannons, two forward-facing wing-mounted double cannons, and a rear-mounted double laser cannon, removable landing gear and boarding ramp, and on top of all it's a very solid build ! What do you guys think of this build ?
  12. TheCreatorr

    LEGO Death Star II Hangar Bay 272

    This is my very own Mini-Scale Death Star II Hangar Bay 272 Diorama MOC built of LEGO bricks: More in-depth and movie-accurate shots of the build: And yes, detailed step-by-step Building Instructions are available --> Instructions for the Hangar Bay As you can probably tell by now, I do really love designing in mini-scale, which means that my builds are sized to an official LEGO® nano-scale minifig. Moreover, I love the Imperial architecture and the Galactic Empire in general ... Before I originally had the idea to design some Star Wars ships in mini-scale (Imperial Shuttle, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced and TIE Interceptor are already finished:, I already made a rough concept of the iconic Executive Hangar Bay 272 where Palpatine arrived in ROTJ. Such an iconic and menacing sequence in the movie! Now it's time to talk about some specs of this build: This giant display piece represents Emperor Palpatine‘s Arrival at the Death Star II from 1983‘s „Return of the Jedi“. As you can propably tell by looking at the model, it took me quite a while to design this build, especially recreating all those little details like the back wall texture. The black tiled front with my TCRR-logo makes for a more premium look. I'm very proud on the fact that the stripes of blue lights on the lower part of the back walls will glow if you illuminate the backside of the Hangar Bay! The Hangar contains 5403 pieces, the Imperial Shuttle 533. Measurements of the Hangar: 44,5 cm (w) / 58 cm (l) / 26,5 cm (h). On top, the Hangar Bay is designed to accommodate my Mini-Scale Imperial Shuttle, about which I already made a topic here on eurobricks: What do you guys think of this build ? I really tried to get this build to be as accurate as it possibly can ^^.
  13. This is my very own Mini-Scale Millennium Falcon (with display stand) built of LEGO bricks: And yes, detailed step-by-step Building Instructions are available --> Instructions for the Millennium Falcon Recently I've been very much enjoying designing in mini-scale, and I'm pretty proud on this Millennium Falcon design. The Falcon is sized to an official LEGO® nano-scale minifig. I tried to get as much details into the tiny space as possible, which was quiet challenging, especially the recreation of the curved top panels. I designed additional Landing Gear and a removable Landing Ramp to display the Falcon on it's own. To display the Falcon, I built an additional all-black stand to securely display the Falcon in an angled position, featuring the Rebel Alliance emblem and my own logo. Features: angled top panels with color and piping details, sensor dish on top, as well as two rotatable heavy quad laser turrets on top and bottom, and on top of all it's a very solid build ! What do you guys think of this build ?
  14. twinbricks

    Lego speed Builds

    Hello guys I record lego speed builds and I make lego reviews on my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it if you guys would take a look and give me some feedback. This is my Newest YouTube Video:
  15. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Mato's Tale: Chapter VII For the first time in his life, Mato woke to the sun streaming through a window. On Nal Hutta he had slept in a room with as much ventilation as a prison cell. Not much sun to go around anyway. Here it was blinding. The cot he'd slept on was the softest bed he’d ever had, but he rose nonetheless. He had always been punctual, mostly for the sake of survival: Hutt Bosses weren’t known for their patience. But there were no Hutt Bosses here. He had slept in “the House”, an abandoned Imperial Governor’s mansion-turned community hub. Ko-Yode, the leader of the colony of Bur Wend, had put him up in the same wing that he slept in; not the house’s actual bedrooms, but what used to be the servant’s quarters. Mato imagined there was a statement being made there. Vendors stuffed the shining halls. Mato was wandering and watching people set up their market stalls when Ko-Yode found him. “Sleep well?” Ko-Yode asked. “Until your blasted sun assaulted me.” The Steward smiled behind his beard. “First time seeing a sun?” “One that bright? You bet your chob.” Ko-Yode grinned and retrieved a wide-brimmed hat from one of the vendors to give the Weequay. “This could help. You’ll have plenty of time to get used to it, don’t you worry. After all, you’ll be out in the hills.” This turned Mato’s attention. He looked up, maybe a little overeager. “Anything to earn my place,” he said quickly. “I’m ready to work.” “I’ve got no doubt,” Ko-Yode nodded. “You’ll be training with Dinnie for the week. She oversees our rice farms on the Lam Mountains. She’ll show you the ropes, introduce you around. And maybe later, you and I can go for a hunt, eh?” Mato considered it. He wasn’t eager to do any sort of violence, and he told Ko-Yode this. The dark-skinned man looked him over keenly, before finally nodding with something between understanding and approval. “We’ll go for a walk instead. Get some time to talk.” An older female Gungan, dressed in field clothes, walked toward them. “Ko-Yode! Our prophet,” she said as she approached, bowing to the man in black. “Theesa must be da traitor! The mutt from da Hutts!” Ko-Yode gave her a look. “Let’s not shout about that, Din. Our friend prefers his privacy. We’re all entitled to that, eh?” The Gungan grinned at Mato. “Sure, sure!” Except for Yigs—who saved him—and Ko-Yode—who had shown him such kindness—Mato couldn’t help but fall back into his lifelong attitudes of suspicion and defensiveness towards others. Show no weakness. Reveal nothing. Do what you are told. Know danger and avoid attention. So the Weequay, feeling attacked and vulnerable from the mention of his past, snarled back at her. “Was that supposed to be a joke? Wasn’t very funny.” To Ko-Yode, she said, “Not quite free of his old manners, huh?” then she looked to Mato. “Oh, yousa will have time to learn when I’m jokin’. And yes,” she added. “That was a joke. Good one, too! Yousa will figure out when to laugh, weesa got all week!” Mato wasn’t sure he’d last that long. Hard work he would endure, but he wasn’t used to having to endure annoying companions. The annoying ones never lasted long on Nal Hutta. They said farewell to Ko-Yode, and Dinnie led the way to a skimmer idling near the House. By now the sun had disappeared, replaced by an overcast sky. Tall mountains stood in the distance, shrouded by fog. “Might drizzle,” Dinnie muttered. “Hope yousa don’t mind getting wet!” “Whatever falls from the sky, it won’t be the stinking muck I’m used to. I’ll be fine, gungan.” “Meesa got a name! And meesa not the only Gungan here. Unless yousa want to get confused, yousa better get used to using it!” They left the community hub on the skimmer, humming towards the uplands. Mato wrapped himself in Yigs’ cloak and his new hat to shield himself from the rain. “Let meesa tell you about our farmin’! ‘Till last year, this place was controlled by the Empire! Made food for some research place on the planet. The Empire used Agrichems: spray a field, and anything grows! No hard work required! Just plant and harvest!” “Sounds real easy. Are you using Agrichems here, then?” “What! No!” Dinnie sputtered in disgust. “Agrichems may be easy, friend, but they destroy the soil beneath! Poison the land itself! Make it impossible to grow anything there without them. The Empire was makin’ sure no one could use the farmland without Agrichems. Ruin it for anyone that took control!” Pretty selfish. Mato didn’t have much experience with the Empire, but he’d seen plenty of pettiness in his lifetime. Taken part in some too. Mato looked out over the land as their skimmer climbed the hills. A vast swath of flatland sat empty and unplanted. The ground was dark and scorched and had a sickly appearance. Field workers were scattered about. “What’s that place, Gung—“ Mato corrected himself midsentence. “. . . Uh, Dinnie?” Dinnie was pleased he was learning so fast. She looked out over the fields. Her tone turned frustrated. “Weesa call it the Scar. The best, widest farmland! But now it’s the stinkiest farmland! It’s ruined! Weesa can’t use it until we heal the land.” Mato stared. “Karf, what a mess . . . But, fixed? You’re saying it can be fixed?” “Yes, yes, but issa lot of work. We all take shifts in big, clompy protection suits to treat the flatlands, trying to restore the soil to good health. In the meantime, we been farming up in the hills. Empire didn’t use the hills. Now, some of the colonists want to go back to buying and using Agrichems, but one spray and poof! All our work undone! Stuck usin’ ‘em forever! So that’s no good.” “You’ve got to be kidding me! What a bunch of idiots.” “Eh, yousa can’t blame them too much; doing things right is a lot more work. Issa tempting to go back to the easy methods. That’s one thing those robot salesmen—Techno Union—is offerin’. Agrichems. But weesa say no! And Ko-Yode says no,” she said proudly. Mato bared a smile. “He stood his ground. Got to watch him do it, too. Threatened to hit one with his staff, y’know.” “Heesa did? Hah! Wish I coulda seen that! Yes, yes, Ko-Yode has been teaching us all about takin’ care of the land. Heesa Bur Wend’s steward, but heesa just bein’ humble. Heesa prophet! Sent by the force to lead us. And meesa would follow him anywhere. Even somewhere hot and horrible like the Scar!” Once they had reached the top, they climbed off the skimmer with bags of seed. Small pools that dotted the mountainside were being harnessed as paddy fields for growing rice. The pools they’d stopped at were still in the process of being converted, their water levels regulated by a tall, white Irrigation Regulator. “It predicts the weather, too!” said Dinnie, slapping the side of the machine. “Lotsa tricks!” They sloshed into the pools to clear weeds and prepare the soil for planting. While they worked, Dinnie made jokes and poked fun at Mato for his obvious discomfort and clumsiness. “All yousa planting is yousa face into that pool!” she laughed. Mato wasn’t used to being laughed at. He bristled with every comment, which only invited more jokes from the gusty Gungan farmer. Finally, when her jokes had turned towards the topic of the Hutts and his past life, he was reaching his breaking point. “So what’s the bathing like? Do yousa all just stand under a grate and let a Hutt drip down slime on yousa heads?” Mato burned with anger and shame. Without realizing what he was doing, he lashed out with his fist, swinging at Dinnie’s head. She ducked away and swatted him on the back, sending him splashing into the pool. When he rose, still seething, her voice had turned hard, her manner swelled-up and serious. Despite her jokes, she was a formidable person. “Yousa try anything like that again, and yousa gonna regret it. What’s wrong with yousa?” Mato, breathing hard, was flooded with regret. He couldn’t let this kind of thing happen. He was done with that life. It took great effort to allow his anger to pass, but he managed to mutter an apology. “Meesa forgive you. But yousa watch yourself!” They worked together for the rest of the week, cultivating the new Lam Rice pools. Mato quickly learned that Dinnie wasn’t kidding; doing things the right way was hard work. He spent all day up to the calf in cold water. They warmed themselves by the skimmer’s engine in the afternoons if they didn’t have the sun. Mato tried every day to make amends for his outburst. He filled Dinnie’s canteen before she asked, gave her some of his portions, and would offer to do extra work so she could rest. She happily accepted, sitting on the grass and pointing out flaws in his work. Dinnie noticed his shame and appreciated his work ethic. As Mato had made it well and clear that he was sensitive about his time on Nal Hutta, she injected her humor with moments of kindness and went a little easier on him from then on. She didn’t stop poking fun at him, not in the least, but her jokes stopped referencing his past. The Gungan became his teacher. She taught him well, supported him, but never let him get away with laziness. They got to know each other better on the job; Mato learned that Dinnie and her mate had moved to Wayland via a refugee program the CFS had started for displaced Imperial slaves. “Heesa not like heesa used to be,” she said sadly. “Broken by the Empire. Not much more than a shell.” “I’m . . . sorry.” “Treatments in the Core Worlds woulda had us in a gutter. Broke! So meesa figured fresh air was the next best thing. But heesa not much better than heesa was a year ago.” She gave a heavy sigh but hid her emotion by focusing on their work. “Get another bag of seed from the skimmer, yousa lazabout!” The two became strong companions. In the evenings they would gather with the other farmers for supper. Mato must have tensed up when he saw the group of people because he heard Dinnie whisper, “No one wants to hurt you! Relax!” Dinnie was the life of the party at these dinners, entertaining everyone with her jokes and stories. In the beginning, a few of these were always about Mato, but by the end of the week she had started to joke less about him, and more with him, and if anyone gave him a weird look, it was Dinnie who came to his defense. Soon, no one gave him weird looks. He had never had someone in his corner before unless they were betting on him in a fight. Never someone who liked him. Soon he found himself enjoying the suppers despite himself. He sat in the circle with the other workers, laughed at Dinnie’s jokes, listened to stories, and relaxed after the long day. For the first time in his life, he felt a strange sense of safety and rightness, one that he couldn't quite name. He was valued for who he was. Other farmers treated him with respect and affection, and he the same to them, which felt just about as good. No one wanted to kill him. He nearly threw up for thinking this, but maybe he had found a place that he could claim as home. Somewhere he could belong. Nah, that wasn’t it. Nah. It was probably just the stew. ____________________________________________________________________ The Techno Union transport, silent and dark, hovered in orbit over Wayland. Like an insect breaking from an egg, a ship emerged from within. The wide-winged lander flashed its engines, droning towards the planet’s surface.
  16. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Part 1: The Sound in the Streets (Surface Battle) "Aboard the Peace and Quiet", by journalist Gutat Lupak. Pre-Battle Briefing from Data Master Bey’wan Pwua’Tua About the Ship: Meet the Crew! Additional Pictures for Judging Huge thanks to the other CFS players, who are a consistent source of feedback and good company. To be concluded in Part 3.
  17. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Part 1 (Cat A): The Sound in the Streets Part 2 (Cat C): The CFS Peace and Quiet Day 2 of CFS intervention in the Pyerce Affair. The dreadnaught CFS PEACE AND QUIET orbits around the planet FONDOR, where the CFF Tilled Soil has drawn the PYERCE BLOCKADE into battle. BUT FORGET ALL THAT. Three troublesome maintenance workers on the Peace and Quiet are totally unaware of the impending BATTLE. Build Pictures: Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed my middling attempts at editing and this very long (for a Factions post) story. Wouldn't expect anyone to put themselves through that. Appreciate it.
  18. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* Unveil the spoiler, and immerse yourself in the adventures of the newly-courageous Professor Floon! Professor Floon's Next Adventure, in the jungles of Imynusoph!
  19. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Day 1 of CFS Intervention in the Pyerce Affair. When the Empire fell, not everyone was happy to see them go. Was Fondor one of them? Well, when the second Death Star exploded into tiny pieces, and people across the galaxy celebrated, Fondor’s security force put down the demonstrations as “disturbances of the peace.” So what do you think? Alright, I’ll be blunt: there are a lot of people on Fondor giddy at the thought of being ruled by the first Imperial Warlord that shows up on their doorstep. Pyerce fits the bill. While Pyerce’s Insurrection schmoozed the Fondor government, foot soldiers moved into the streets to quell any anti-Imperial sentiment. The slums, the old warzones, ruins and industrial areas. Y’know, places where people live. You can bet it was a shock for the locals to see those gleaming helmets again. Different, but not enough that it didn’t bring back bad memories. A couple of meetings behind closed doors and it’ll be like the last few years never happened. Most people on Fondor weren’t exactly happy about it, and they were keen to let the higher-ups know it. They took to the streets with banners and signs, while Stormtroopers played with their triggers and the pro-Imperial citizens tried to block their way. Things were getting testy. That’s where we come in. What’s the CFS doing on Fondor during a political coup? Well, not all of us have the patience to be farmers, as much as we love the spirit of the colonies. We get antsy if we’re not out doing something a little more direct to spread our beliefs. Core belief being displayed today? Tyranny sucks. Coordinating with local resistance, we launched strikes on government and Pyerce targets. Undermining surveillance, breaking up meetings, destroying outposts. “Why so much violence?” you ask, while I look at you like you’ve sprouted the head of a Gundark. “They’re just holding meetings, right?” I hate that we have to fight anyone. I hate that people believe the lies they hear and make the decisions they do. If only they could get a glimpse of colony life, maybe they’d change their minds. But we’re not in the colonies. We’re on a pro-Imperial world, where an Imperial warlord is goose-stepping into a power vacuum. Have you forgotten what the Empire was like? If we let this go too far, it’s not so easy to stop. Evil like the Empire—the kind that seems polite—thrives because people try to treat it with civility. Talk to me about civility when some crisp uniform is pulling you away from your family on suspicion of “rabblerousing”. Well, ordering some stormtrooper pull you away. They’d never actually do it themselves. I might have fleas, after all. We’ve got a small team, all of us from CFS Battle Group Andor, a tiny intelligence unit stationed aboard the market ship CFS Peace and Quiet. The fish-man is in charge: Captain Kelp, scariest Mon Calamari I’ve ever met. Bit crusty around the gills. He’s furious that there even are Pro-Imperial planets, much less that we have to step foot on one. I think he feels like these places are a lost cause, waste of time. Maybe the noise from the protests in the streets could convince him otherwise. Our tech guy is Rorgarr, a Wookie. I have a hunch his fur might be a lighter color than anyone’s ever actually seen—he’s perpetually stained with oil, so we’d never know. The furball and I get along; maybe because we’ve got a common ancestor somewhere. Sometimes he teaches me Shyriiwook (I’m getting there) and we discuss how we’re feeling about things. We see a lot. Feels good to open up, lean on someone you can trust. Makes you feel safer in the field, too. And me? I’m Fenree Kel. I’m not really much more than an extra gun and set of eyes, but leadership knows I’m committed. I’ve spent years throwing my life into the cause, first against the Emperor, now against whatever lowlife tries to repaint his banner. I’d give my life to keep these people free. I know that sounds idealistic—hokey, even—but I’ve stared down enough E-11s that I know it’s true. That used to scare me. Not anymore. Rorgarr helped me process some of that, that lovable sponge. As for the plan, it’s pretty simple: While the protestors clash with the Pro-Imps and Pyerce’s troops, we’re going to take down a listening post that’s tracking protest coordination and receiving communication from the orbital blockade. They won’t see us coming, and once it’s gone, they won’t see anything else coming either. Some wordplay, there. I’ve got a good bite, but my bark is surprisingly sophisticated, too. The tricky part is this: once we’ve loosened Pyerce’s grip planetside, there’s no reason they won’t blast the karf out of Fondor City. That’s where the timing comes in: the CFS Peace and Quiet is supposed to arrive by the end of the day with a few cruisers to engage Pyerce’s ships in orbit. They get here too late and we get bombed. Too early and the ground forces go into high alert, and protestors get shot. It’s a narrow window, but there’s no one I’d rather rely on than Admiral Yima. He’s a weird old guy, but he knows what he’s doing. Alright, focus up. Fighting for freedom here. Blow up the tower. Help the protestors. Fight Pyerce’s guys. Clear the path for the Auxillary fleet. __________________________ Build Pictures and Design Notes Big thanks to Goatman, Pombe, and bigmike for their contributions. Part 2 (Cat C): The CFS Peace and Quiet
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  21. Hello fellow Lego enthusiasts! The time has come to drop my second project! The CR90 Tantive IV and Liberator! I really tried to go for an accurately proportionate model, which was a challenge at this scale. The scale of this model is exactly 1:250 scale, measuring at 75 studs or 60cm/23.62in. The Tantive and Liberator are 3,178 pieces and 3,195 pieces respectively. This model really started to come together when I came up with a cone design for the CR90. I ran across Inthert’s Jellyfish Shiptember MOC last year. I saw how he did his engine cone and wondered to myself if I could half the size and mirror it to make a unique front cockpit cone for the Tantive. I was able to capture a lot of detail with this design that I feel is very difficult to capture at this scale, especially since I refused to use the 8 or 6 stud wide cone halves. Overall I’m super pleased with how this turned out. As it is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to nail in Lego. Another big challenge I set for myself was I did not want to see any studs or plate undersides. I really try to make this a focal point of all my designs. So going more for a brick build rather than plates in some areas was a hurdle to overcome, but I learned so much doing this and I think it really adds to this model at this scale. I used the silver hats in the engines as I’m always trying to go after that studio model look. I really liked how it added more detail to the engines. However, you can easily change them out for the transparent orange dishes, I know some people love seeing that engine glow! Just like my star destroyer, the model is supported all on one removable stand. It really makes more sense to have that feature with this model than the destroyer. Since the CR90 definitely has a “swoosh” factor. On top of it all, I also made the Liberator. I know so many people would want to see a Liberator variant of this model and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to do it. Now I did not build the Liberator physically myself, but you can view both physical models over on BrickVault’s video. I just made a few renders of the model that way you can get the gist of the Liberator variant. I hope you all enjoy it! It was a challenge and one that I’m very pleased with the results. You can build either the Tantive, Liberator, or both by picking up the instructions over at BrickVault.
  22. TheCreatorr

    Duel on Cloud City Diorama MOC

    This is my very own Bespin Duel on Cloud City Diorama MOC built of LEGO bricks: And yes, Instructions are available --> link in my signature :D As I already stated in my latest thread, where I introduced you my new LEGO display build "Bespin Cloud City Arrival and Betrayal Diorama MOC", I was highly disappointed with LEGO's latest 75222 "Betrayal on Cloud City" set, because of it's lack of accurate design, childish little rooms, amount of sticker sheets, pricing, etc.So I designed 2x giant display builds of Cloud City. Important to notice is the fact that I made both MOCs in honor of the 40th anniversary of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK this Year.This one here is the 2nd and final build and is called "Bespin Duel on Cloud City Diorama MOC" (The outside is designed to represent an accurate slice of the giant Gas-Processing Vane where the Carbonite Freezing Chamber and the Sensor Balcony are located in): The Diorama depicts 2 different locations inside/outside the Gas-Processing Vane: Main Control Room and the Sensor Balcony."Description": Main Control Room that is directly connected to the Side Corridor, Curved Hallway and Viewport that leads to the outer railing Control Room features 3x Control Panel Consoles with cabling, a Control Holotable, Piping throughout the walls and 2x metal shelves with crates placed inside easy access to the Curved Hallway from the front- and backside outer railing with handrail, lights and staircase on both sides that leads to the doorway and Sensor Balcony doorway includes a short part of the iconic triangular shaped hallway design as well Sensor Balcony platform features highly accurate antennas and piping and is built in a way to handle the front-heavy structure I am especially proud of the fact that you can recreate the entire duel sequence between Vader and Luke, once they exit the Carbonite Freezing Chamber.Additionally, the entire model can be divided into 2 stand-alone modular sections as shown in the pictures, not only for easy transport, but each section can be displayed on it’s own.You can recreate the iconic duel between Luke and Vader and follow them while fighting, starting with the Main Control Room where Luke gets sucked out of the Viewport, his sneak around on the railing, and the final fight on the Sensor Balcony followed by the most epic revelation in cinema history …!What do you guys think ? Does this Diorama MOC justice to the Giant Gas-Processing Vane shown in TESB and Vader/Luke's iconic duel on Cloud City ?
  23. *Your entry has earned 4 XP* Mato's Tale: Chapter V They left the farmlands and forests behind and crossed into what Yigs called “Bur Wend”, the main settlement of this colony. At its head, overlooking a lake, stood an elaborate building. It was practically a palace, though nothing at all like the palaces built by the Hutts. This was much fancier and more elegant, but It had obviously been part of the fighting when this place was taken from the Imperials; the building was held up in multiple places with scaffolding, and walls had been partially patched with off-color stone. Mato raised an eyebrow. “Swanky place.” “Isn’t it?” Yigs agreed. “It used to be an Imperial Governor’s Palace. The guy in charge of rebuilding says it’s an example of ‘neo-Naboo classical’, whatever that means. He's real handy, but I'm not sure if he's ever actually studied. Now it’s part town-hall, part community center, part market. We all just call it the House. Let’s go, Ko-Yode is inside.” They entered its gates, crossed through a marketplace cluttered with stalls and merchants, and entered a section of the building being used for administration. They reached a lakeside galley and a gazebo where an older man stood guard, and after he exchanged a happy reunion with Yigs, they were told to wait. Someone was already meeting with Ko-Yode. The guard gave Yigs a significant, weary look, to which she sighed and rolled her eyes. Mato caught on quickly. “Techno Union?” he muttered. They both nodded. Careful and subtle, the guard cocked his head towards the gazebo. “Listen for yourself.” Yigs and Mato leaned around a parapet to catch snippets of the conversation. One voice was computerized and deep. This was the green-skinned, blue-robed Skakoan representative of the Techno Union. “If you would only consider our assistance, Steward, we would make a powerful economic ally. You are an intelligent man, you know this is true.” Another voice, calm and rich. Ko-Yode. The Steward and leader of Bur Wend, Dressed in all black robes and a golden-red cape. His hair was bushy, black and white under his jaw. He held a staff with horns tied to it, probably ceremonial. He seemed laid-back, but conviction edged his voice. “We can’t be allies, Forman. Your way of looking at our planet is incompatible with ours. You’re thinking that the world exists to serve us. That’s not it. This isn’t some prize, this is a particular place, a place I know well enough that I can honestly call it a friend. It is beloved to the people here. And we’re not here to take whatever we can carry, no. We exist here to cherish what we’ve been given, to foster its health and its flourishing. And we’re not hurting, believe me. We reap the benefits from a world well cared for every single day. That’s priceless for me and mine. Might be for you too, Foreman, if you took a minute to see what it was like.” ““If you know the planet as well as you claim, Steward, you must know that you extract below forty percent of its possible resources! How will you survive, prosper, if you do not take full advantage of the planet? Please, be reasonable. I’m sure we can come to an understanding. Our technology, as I’ve told you before, could increase your people’s profits by multiplications of hundreds!” “And wreck the ecosystem. We want to live with the planet, not in spite of it.” “Pah. That is exactly what makes this planet profitable! For the both of us, of course.” Ko-Yode’s distaste was obvious. “Not for long, with that attitude. You have anything else to say, or were you about to leave, Foreman?” There was a filtered, electronic huff. The Techno Union Foreman wasn’t pleased with being blown off so quickly. “If you will not support us—to your detriment—the Techno Union simply asks that you rescind your prior statement.” “Which one?” asked Ko-Yode with a hint of humor. “The one where I said you were vile, gutless robots who had signed away your morality to that pile of money you call a corporation?” A distorted, angry tuning. “—Yes. And—“ “—And that if anyone wants to serve Wayland, the easiest way was to reject the idea of so-called ‘civilization’ that you’ve brought to poison our planet?” “That is the statement I refer to, yes. It hurts our business, you see.” “You want to hurt my planet,” replied the black-robed man calmly. “So this seems fair to me.” The Foreman was not yet deterred. “You have much influence with the colonists here. But our methods could bring them riches a tiny settlement such as this could not imagine.” Frustrated by the Steward’s response, the electronic voice became threatening, malicious. “Many of your people are beginning to consider our superior ways. If you are not careful, you may find that they turn on you. And that will only be the beginning of the erosion of your power. But this does not have to be. If you support us, then when your people inevitably come to their senses, you will lose nothing. Do you understand what I say, Steward?” There was silence for a moment. A storm brewed inside the Steward, and it threatened to overtake the Foreman, who did not seem aware of what he’d done. There was a scoff from Ko-Yode. “Get out of my settlement, or I’ll pop you with my staff.” A buzz, and a grunt of confusion. “. . . What?” “Did you not hear me?” The black-robed man turned on the Skakoan, horned staff held lightly in his hand. “I’m not usually a violent man, but to protect my people, I’ll make a concession.” His tone hardened, from clay to stone. “Leave,” he growled. “Every moment you’re here, you desecrate my planet. Go on. Get back into orbit, Foreman.” The threat couldn’t be ignored. The conversation was over. With a final, curt bow, the Foreman retreated from the terrace, electronic mutterings following him the whole way. He brushed past Mato and Yigs in the hall, and double-taked at Mato’s appearance. The foreman examined the uncomfortable Weequay with an odd gaze. He started to speak, apparently thought better of it, and hurried away. The cold, glassy stare from behind those goggles made Mato feel uneasy, of course. The Techno Union weren’t exactly cuddly. The flowing robes are nice, but they ruin it with the sharp, metal edges. “Alright, feel free to go on in,” said the guard, once the Skakoan had gone. “Wait here,” Yigs said. “I’ll talk to him first.” Agreeing, Mato stood awkwardly in the hall, avoiding eye contact with the guard. A few minutes later, Yigs returned, looking joyful and pleased. She gestured for him to go ahead. “I’ll see you around later, I’ve got some things to look into. Take care, Mato.” Mato, surprised by their sudden parting, bowed. “Same to you. It's, ah--been an honor.” He stepped out towards the rotunda, nervousness bubbling inside him. Would he be allowed to stay? Or thrown out? He steeled himself to face what was ahead. The longer he was on this planet, the more it was true: he so badly wanted to stay.
  24. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Mato's Tale: Chapter IV Their ship coasted through the atmosphere, breaking through the clouds into the world below. Farmland and rolling hills, covered in trees, stretched out below them. Shimmering blue lakes dotted the landscape. Mato, swelling with delight, launched himself from his chair and jabbed a finger at the view screen. He couldn’t hold it in. “Blue water! Finally!” he shouted. Yigs laughed. After requesting clearance, Yigs brought the freighter down to a landing pad near the seashore. She lowered the ramp and Mato steeled himself to go out. Yigs came up along side him and couldn't help but notice the Weequay's jitters. “You ready to see your new home?” Mato nodded, unconvincingly. What if the people of Wayland rejected him? He wasn't like them. He came from an evil life, and had done evil things. He wouldn’t blame them for running him off the planet as soon as he’d arrived. Yigs' face suddenly came into view, smiling kindly. She held out her cloak. “Here, wearing this has always made me feel better. Put that thing on.” Frowning, he took the earth-toned garment from her and tied it around his neck. He had to admit, the weight and drape of the thing did boost his confidence just the slightest. He took a deep breath and they departed the ship. A breeze blew across the landing pad, carrying the salt-scent of the ocean and the fragrances of flowers. Mato was so stunned by the smell that he stopped in his tracks and didn’t think to leave the ramp until Yigs urged him on. They passed droids and humans and non-humans working the small pad and then passed onto an unpaved road into a wooded vale. A Trandoshan and a Wookie spearfished in a nearby river. They cheered and waved when they caught sight of Yigs, while Mato stood a little ways back and watched. “Inseparable, those two,” she told him. “I’ve never seen a place where people genuinely like each other as much as on Wayland. Our leader, Ko-Yode (you’ll meet him soon) says that people in the Core Worlds despair because they’ve lost each other. They’re suspicious of their neighbors, estranged from their families, trying to get something from their friends. They try to dull the pain of not really having anyone. Out here, everyone found each other. Everyone lives for everyone else. There’s trust, and trustworthiness.” Mato understood. “It’s so . . . peaceful. Not like my homeworld at all. Is it all this . . . clean air?” “Well,” Yigs tilted her head. “It’s a lot of work, too.” They passed under wooded canopies accompanied by birdsong, crossed stone bridges, and walked besides patchwork fields and farmland where they were greeted by more colonists. There was nothing they saw at which Mato didn’t marvel. Except for when he was spooked by a butterfly, which Yigs thought was very funny. He could not have imagined a place like this existed from his pit on Nal Hutta. It was as different as could be. Wonderful, new, frightening. It made his life up until now seem like a distant, dark dream.
  25. Mato's Tale: Note: This post has minimal build involved. I hope that doesn't stretch the limits too much of what Factions is. The subject of this post is a conversation, but it's an important and meaningful one for the character, so I wanted to give it its own post. There will be more builds in future posts, promise. Thanks for sticking with me so far. Chapter VI Night was falling. Mato emerged from the galley onto the lakeside rotunda. A gnarled tree, purple blossoms dotting its branches, waved over the water. Ko-Yode, the Steward and Leader of the settlement of Bur Wend, stood on what was left of an old pier. Maybe damaged years ago in the fight against the Empire. Mato swallowed hard. This man was the key to his future. He had no idea what to expect. His face, hidden as it was by beard and eyepatch and hair, was relaxed. He was older, but Mato couldn’t tell how old. His eyes held wisdom, but revealed nothing else. Mato could only meet them for a moment before he dropped his gaze to the stones at his feet. Neither of them spoke for several moments. Mato was terrified of what the Steward might say; would he charge him with murder? Throw him out for working for the Hutt Lords? He had killed people just like the farmers he had passed coming here. Good people, helpless victims of the Hutts. He had been their tool. On their orders he had done terrible things. Sometimes he had enjoyed it. This wasn’t something he wanted to admit, but deep down he knew it was true. All of these things mounted on his soul. The weight forced his head low and his mouth closed. Finally, Ko-Yode spoke. “Yigs is something, isn’t she?” That hadn’t been the first thing he was expecting, but he welcomed any topic that wasn’t his past. Mato nodded quickly. “Yes. Full of…fire. She’s quick. Speaks well.” “I heard you two saved each other’s lives. She might as well be my sister. Thanks for that.” “Well,” Mato scratched his head. “She helped me. I am…free, now.” Ko-Yode watched him keenly, his dark eye glinting in the waning light of evening. His tone was calm, friendly. “I’m glad. Welcome to Wayland. Do you have anywhere to sleep?” Mato glanced up at him. He shook his head. Ko-Yode nodded. “I’ll have something set up near my quarters then. I imagine you’re afraid? Some of the people here have suffered because of the Hutts. You’re my guest until we decide there’s no danger. Then we can get you settled. That alright with you?” Mato was bewildered. No one had offered him anything like this before. He had just been told he could stay, right off the bat, with no question, no form, no proving. It didn’t feel right. How could he accept that? What about what he had done? Who he had been? “Mato?” the Steward was smiling. Mato realized he hadn’t responded. “Oh, yes—yes.” “That’s settled, then. Here, come over by the water. These fish come in every color you could imagine over here. They’re crazy.” Mato stumbled over to the pier, standing stiff beside the tall, black-robed man. He watched the water, and the shapes moving under it. After a few minutes of quiet fish-watching, Ko-Yode spoke again. “Why did you want to leave Nal Hutta, Mato?” Mato’s heart dropped. This was a test, he knew it was. He felt his knees shake. He had faced horrors and dangers no one should have to. Stared down foes taken by bloodlust, been taken by it himself. He had been afraid many times. None of those times had been the same as this. This could not be survived with strength or will. All he knew to do was tell the truth. “I—I, well—I did not like the Hutts,” he mumbled. “They treated me like trash. Living as their servant was hell. They stink, and my bed was always filthy, and I had to obey every order, or I’d be killed like the others, and…I was…afraid. I was afraid all the time. I had gotten used to it. Yigs was the first person I met who wasn’t afraid. I guess I wanted the life that—that she had.” He cursed himself. He sounded like a child. The two men stood side-by-side, looking into the watery world below. Ko-Yode nodded, and asked another question. “Do you still think about the things you did?” The memories and the images flooded his mind. The faces of those he was about to kill, the desperation, the pleading. They wanted to live. He wanted to live too. He remembered the horror in their faces when they saw him smile, saw he would not show mercy. He felt powerful in that moment. For once, he felt powerful. All he felt now was fear. A dam broke inside him. He felt his wrinkled face contort. “Stop!” he shouted, turning on the Steward. Ko-Yode was calm. “Stop?” Mato felt tears leak from his eyes and roll down his weathered face. The fear and the anger inside him snapped against the meek silence he had maintained since he left. The conflict between the person he had been and who he had been pretending to be. He started to rant, raising his voice. “Days ago, I was a killer. An evil person. I am not some charity case, you idiot! Some poor, sad hound looking for a home! I am not allowed in! I have murdered people, do you understand?” He heard venom in his voice. Bitterness that drained and cracked. He frothed with rage, towards himself, towards this one-eyed man, towards Nal Hutta and towards Wayland. “The kinds of people that live here! Parents! Peaceful people! The Hutts made me this, but make no mistake, I did not stop them! I chose to kill! I chose to enjoy it! I chose to survive!” He thrust a finger in the Steward’s face. The man did not blink. Mato’s voice was hoarse. He snarled his words through weeping. “I do not BELONG here! You should NOT accept me!” he snarled. “The person I was, the things I have done have exiled me. EXILE ME! Send me away! Do not give me—do not give me a bed, you FOOL! Put me in jail! Kill me! THAT would be just, not your—your—insanity!” Like an animal, he slobbered and shook. “KILL ME!” With his last scream Mato fell to the floor, a shivering, sobbing, angry heap. Ko-Yode didn’t speak. He just waved away the guard, and sat down beside the Weequay on the pier, looking quietly between the water and his fetal form. It took time, but slowly Mato went from furious to frustrated, weeping to ashamed. He held his knees, wiping his face constantly. It was twenty minutes before he spoke. His voice was a croak. “What have I done?” “Nothing that I’ll hold against you, friend,” answered Ko-Yode quietly. He smiled at the Weequay. “You’re still that person, you know. We don’t ever lose our past.” Mato looked at him like a child, through bleary eyes. “Can I ever be free? Can I ever make it right?” Ko-Yode considered it. “That’s a difficult question, isn’t it? I think, for your sake and others’, you’ll have to reckon with what you’ve done. But how you do it is something you find for yourself. You’ve been given questions to which you can’t be given answers. You’ll have to live them out—maybe a little at a time.” “How long will that take?” “I don’t know,” Ko-Yode admitted. “As long as you live, maybe.” “That might be a long time.” “I hope so.” The Steward turned to him, and put a firm hand on his shoulder. “You’re still the person you were, but you’ve made new choices. That’s all we can do. But you know what, Mato? That guy? You? Even at his worst? I would’ve given that guy a place here too.” Mato wasn’t used to hugging people—he had probably never done it in his life, except in a fight—but he embraced Ko-Yode without thinking. It was awkward, but earnest. Ko-Yode took it in stride. “I will work hard,” the Weequay said. “I will earn my place.” Ko-Yode smiled seriously. “You don’t have to earn anything, but I’m sure you will. You belong here now, understand? Tomorrow I’ll take you around, show you how we do things. But for now, you best get some rest, don’t you think?” Mato agreed. He was exhausted. He was accepted. And one day, he thought, he would really be free. He didn’t quite understand yet that in the most important way, he already was.