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  1. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Awesome list @Exetrius! I'm sure there's many here that appriciate the work you did for that including Megbricks who just ordered more than DHL's entire fleet of Boeing 757-200SFs can carry.
  2. As an update I haven't hit a login request in the past several uses. If they've changed this then I love them because Brickset has always been my favorite parts and set lookup resource.
  3. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That stinks but it sounds like it was still a crappy order.
  4. koalayummies

    LEGO Friends 2020 - Rumours and Discussion

    That catalog looks so different from the ones here. The ones that are sent in the mail here have prices and piece counts for every set, and also somewhat silly each set lists "measures over X inches tall and includes x minifigures!". I find it totally odd they wouldn't have that set in Hungary, why?
  5. koalayummies

    LEGO Friends 2020 - Rumours and Discussion

    I don't think so? I'm sure there are regional differences to the catalogs but that set is in the latest catalog over here and I got the set from the Lego shop site.
  6. koalayummies

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Yes I know that. They're on the shelves, I wasn't the one who said there was only one book. I was addressing the one printed book.
  7. koalayummies

    How big is the LEGO community?

    98,674,251 Edit: someone just stepped on a 2x2 corner brick so the revised number is now: 98,674,250
  8. koalayummies

    LEGO Friends 2020 - Rumours and Discussion

    Andrea's car is already an awesome set but its also got good modification potential.. into a 6-cylinder mid-engine beast!
  9. koalayummies

    Ideas for new City sets

    They should bring back the floor jack piece. And dual mold it; red or blue and one of the metallic colors. And mold the hand tools in metallic colors as well, only impact sockets are black.
  10. koalayummies

    Ideas for new City sets

    I'm solidly for the posting examples of 'wishlist' items that have been done before; its cool to see the history of sets and how far Lego has come.
  11. koalayummies

    Ideas for new City sets

    I wouldn't take showing that something has been done before personally. It is discontinued but its also pointing out that one can get almost exactly what was asked for only $4 more than the original retail price on Bricklink, plus shipping and handling. Not bad for a set that hasn't been on shelves for almost 5 years. A half-decade-since-discontinued modular building would be like $486 used and covered in mucous and hair. It also illustrates how thorough Lego has been in making so much of what fans want and is also inspiration to either find the parts in one's collection, download the instructions for free and build it from parts on hand or MOC one's own.
  12. koalayummies

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Well to be fair it is a really good book. Spoiler alert! Its a story of insanity and revenge centering around a builder named Platehab who's totally obsessed with bricks; particularly with one brick coined 'Moby Brick' whom he stepped on one time and it really messed up his foot and or leg so now he has a prosthetic foot and or leg made out of other bricks of course. Anyway Platehab sends his fellow builders into harms way all to get back at that one brick he stepped on and Brickshmael is like "yo, you going fanatical over this brick, Platehab! Just let it go we've all stepped on bricks!" and Platehab responds in agony saying "arrrrgh the brick got me again!" and Platehab succumbs to his brick-induced foot wounds. That's basically the gist of it. The end. I give it 5 stars.
  13. koalayummies

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Do not upset The Mouse! Just keep The Mouse happy and maybe he won't purchase the entire world thus destroying it with his unmitigated acquisition power. Idea approved.
  14. koalayummies

    Colors of brick separators

    Regarding the color, I think orange is the best as its easy to spot. I do appriciate the other colors but to me they're more of a collector item as I won't use them as a tool because they're rarer and will just get worn down. Here's a another discussion: "A new style of brick separator was introduced by LEGO in late 2011. To the satisfaction of many AFOL's, the new style comes in orange. (Many AFOL's had wished for brick separators to be made in orange for years, so that they could be spotted easily when needed.)" https://bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/7850/why-was-the-original-brick-separator-changed
  15. koalayummies

    Colors of brick separators

    The thin tile end wears down pretty quickly and the plate end holes elongate after enough uses, that's why you want more. If you only build Technic this might not be an issue for you but it is for others. As a kid I used my teeth and the old pieces show it. Good guess that was at least one of the motivating factors for its introduction in 1988. Apparently not the only one: TIL about the brick separator, where was this when I was a kid? They include them in sets where it would be useful if a plate or tile is placed in the wrong spot. TLG does the right thing by not assuming that everyone already has them. Again, what's the argument against them? How does it being included negatively impact you the way it being excluded could certainly impact someone attempting to remove two stuck plates or a tile on a baseplate? Using the "back in my day" 'we separated two stuck pieces uphill in the snow both ways' isn't really an argument for not including them today.