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  1. koalayummies

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Definitely! Kept getting a nostalgic feeling off of these pictures recalling vague sets from the past and had to google. Recalled 'time ____'... oh yeah Time Cruisers!
  2. Yeah what were they even doing in the film.
  3. Haven't been able to find but a couple of leftovers in stores so I did what in the past turned out to be foolish and ordered... direct from Lego Shop@Home. Something of an amazement: 24 ordered, got 1 full set and 4 duplicates. My luck is officially over for the year.
  4. koalayummies

    New Ship for 2019

    Oh wow that is gorgeous. I never would have considered that blue but you have made it work so beautifully. The brick yellow works great for the masts too. Such a wonderful smaller ship, can't wait to see it with the sails!
  5. koalayummies

    [MOC] Deep Sea Hardsuit

    Wow that is excellent. I can't even identify some of these parts but the choices and usage combines for a fantastic result. Great build.
  6. koalayummies

    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    Edit, off topic continued in PM.
  7. koalayummies

    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    Edited for off topic.
  8. koalayummies

    [MOC] A Healthy Start

    Beautifully built and photographed! I like the imperfection details in the egg-whites; the bubbles let you know it's almost done. Fantastic MOC and now I'm super hungry.
  9. koalayummies

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    This is one of the most ornate and intricately detailed interiors ever and also true to its real life inspiration. Love your book choices as well. Wonderful MOC!
  10. koalayummies

    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    I think you're onto something here; every set cited by the OP is from a licensed theme. And the respondents point out similar things in non-licensed sets and are ignored.
  11. koalayummies

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Wow thats a tough one, at first glance the versatility of that piece looks a bit lacking but I can't wait to see what people come up with.
  12. koalayummies

    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    As someone who didn't see the movie the imagery of dudes in boats chasing concerned looking fish-women with nets is a bit confusing, what... what are they planning on doing once they capture them? But yeah naked shoulder blades isn't exactly scandalous. Well if one watched the South Park parody then its a different body part, but yeah mostly dragons and body parts comes to mind.
  13. Good article, would love to know which reason it is. And excellent point about the possibility of it involving a larger deal to carry more product between the two since the loss of TRU, ~20% of the toy market in the US before going under so one has to believe they want to recoup that lost distribution as soon as possible.
  14. koalayummies

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    I have to agree with @Robert8's synopsis about Emmet/Rex being an inner conflict regarding the masculinity tropes, loss of innocence, maturity etc. Whether its time travel or not isn't as important as the overall message about growing up but not losing some of the good qualities you had as a kid and that was summarized well. If we're attributing what was built and seen in the minifigure story to the live-action characters then technically the dad built almost all of Bricksburg and most of the rest of the 'worlds' the first movie took place in. However Finn was very good at utilizing what was available in those worlds to build new things and also heavily modifying existing builds to his liking while retaining the original parts and aesthetic; the various vehicles built from the surrounding scenes (pig wagon and glider, alleyway tricycle, cloud cuckoo submarine), bad cop's super secret police builds, the citizen's transformed uprising battle vehicles, construct-o-mech and so on. Definitely agree that based on the Systar system builds that the sister has very refined and advanced building skills, especially considering her age, utilizing a lot of SNOT with a very sleek/smooth, clean, futuristic and cohesive style. It easily rivals Finn's skill and given that she is younger one could argue she might even be better. Sweet Mayhems starship is a beautiful build so much so that even Benny is swooning over it while they still think she's the enemy and the Party Bus makes his spaceshipspaceshipspaceship from the first movie (Finn's build) look like a fragile blocky exposed-stud 1980's hot-mess. And excellent video @Digger of Bricks. The way we're using it makes it an adult thing.
  15. koalayummies

    [MOC] Where is my mail? My post office

    Always gorgeous and impressively large buildings Jalemac34! This is wonderful. Your use of sand green with this architectural style is fantastic. The middle windows variation from floor to floor is great and that roof is beautiful. Amazing MOC! Very inspirational.