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  1. koalayummies

    Brick-built Animals VS Molded Animals

    Prefer moldy animals. Wanted: kangaroo, beaver, buffalo, goat.
  2. koalayummies

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think that everything that TLG is doing right now is absolutely perfect. There, most unpopular AFOL opinion. Seriously though I love you Lego Group please let me move to Denmark. Will sweep parking lots for healthcare.
  3. koalayummies

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Because nostalgia sells and a number of adults are consumed by it. They could do a whole series of 'back in my day' contraptions: ye olde bellows 'view' camera (digital is better) phonograph (archival non-degrading media is preferable) rotary dial telephone (touchscreen is superior) telegraph (lol) penny farthing
  4. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hopefully the EB resize still works as I do the despicable and quote an image, but this is one of the best orders I've ever seen. Super jelly.
  5. koalayummies

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    Great so its launching with a defective telescope and we'll need an Endeavour set to fix it three years from now . Brilliant marketing.
  6. koalayummies

    Where is LEGO Going?

    Eighty-nine years ago a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys. That's it, and that's all. Wood. Not plastic. Lego was a lumber-based toy. The plastic bricks of today are causing brain rot; case in point: threads like this. They have strayed too far from what they were. The sky is falling. The end is near. 87 years ago he chose to call it Lego, "derived from the Danish phrase leg godt [lɑjˀ ˈkʌt], which means "play well"." No mention of the medium, material or content. Just play well. Wood, metal, plastic, rubber, video games. Play. Well.
  7. koalayummies

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Good to know (but Modal specifically mentioned the discussing selling with the designers in the question that was replied to). Still some are probably wary of distributing regardless because, as has happened a lot even outside of Ideas, anyone else can take someone else's instructions and in turn sell them themselves which would create a problem for the original designer, their account etc.
  8. koalayummies

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Its in the terms of service. Not a lawyer but from my reading they own the rights to all submissions for three years regardless of whether its approved or not, so no one can distribute instructions during that period. There have been builders that have released instructions to non-approved and non-10K builds but only after their designs were released from that Ideas TOS period.
  9. koalayummies

    Lego vs them...

    Random 6-year necrobump!
  10. Lol, except they're basically non-existent. I mean I've never seen one before.
  11. Virtually indestructible, sharp no matter the orientation, the Lego caltrop.
  12. koalayummies

    [Opinion] Why you should generally avoid building Lego Skyscrapers

    If you don't expand vertically then it'll turn out like Los Angeles. Don't become like Los Angeles.
  13. koalayummies

    How Exactly do Focus Test Groups Work?

    Yeah they're interesting. I participated in some for major beverage companies; decent money for about 30 minutes of tasting stuff. Sometimes they keep the company conducting the test a mystery, other times they'll say a company but whether that's really the case is unknown. Most of the drinks were terrible. So bad. But I don't think they listened to me, all that stuff is on shelves now. I tried to stop it. I really did.
  14. koalayummies

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    What the heck is that?! Is that supposed to be a kangaroo? This is much better tho: (40130)