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  1. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    The Instruction is still available, with the LEGO BATMAN MOVIE around the corner:
  2. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    No progress, taking a bit of a break from LEGO... but might get motivated again by the new movie, there seems to be some cool stuff to build :)
  3. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Are you excited for the LEGO BATMAN movie... ? Free instruction to get you in the mood is here: ;)
  4. Brickmasta

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    Please share some pictures of LDD it would be really awesome to see what you have done there :)
  5. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    I wanna push it as I have the instructions still available and would be happy if anyone else want to grab them :)
  6. Brickmasta

    2015 The LEGO Movie rumors and discussion

    Seriously? You payed more for a 2015 set just to get it now? Dude, it is not running out anytime soon... just because it is out of stock does not mean it is not coming up again... I think back about the panic everyone had because of the Lego Ideas Exo Suit when it was sold out ;) And now nearly a year later in our Lego stores they had it 50% discounted for summer sale and a huge load of it... Lego sets are not out for only a few months or half a year... they are produced for a longer timeframe, anything else would be waste of resources and money. AndI think everyone should already be aware of that fact ;) If stuff is sold out, just order it in the Lego Shop online and keep calm and wait a bit ;)
  7. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Yes of course, still available
  8. Brickmasta

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Thx guys :) Well I just did it for fun not for the fame but I appreciate all your comments and am really happy that so many people enjoy the BATWING :)
  9. Brickmasta

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    I am preparing to give this a try as i was bothering Dunkleosteus for weeks to share a tutorial about this technique usually it should work as LDD is checking for collisions / conflicts so I am not worrying about the angle of the hull when combining all the hinges with the brick ... and what I have seen, it is not supporting itself from bottom up to deck, but the other way around. You build the core deck structure, and the hull is then placed from top on the deck, the hull walls just "hanging" down. That is the theory... can't explain it any better, kinda lack the vocabular for that in english But I will try it as soon as I have all the parts and will provide all details and progress here
  10. Brickmasta

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    This is something that is also coming to my mind... but I will try it out also as soon as I have my bricks :D
  11. Brickmasta

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    Going to work on that then... need to buy thousands of them :D but really unfortunate that there are not many colors, black is good to get, maybe also grey and tan.. rest is low :(
  12. Brickmasta

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I am hoping something of an exclusive set like the Imperial Flagship would come out again... big ship, lots of minifigs, cool sails and many details. That would be so awesome!
  13. Brickmasta

    WIP : pirate thingy

    Couldn't agree more
  14. Brickmasta

    [LDD MOC] Vagabond - 16 gun merchant barque

    It is so awesome, you are a true inspiration!
  15. Brickmasta

    [LDD MOC] Crimson Widow - 30 gun frigate

    I am so impressed and already following you on FlickR :) Any chance for more tutorials and examples of how you built it would be very much appreciated!