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Found 69 results

  1. Phred

    Basilica of the Faith

    Bart has created a Basilica of the Faith for the Bluecoats in the Brethren of the Brick Seas. Come check out this big miniature and other great MOCs in the Brethren of the Brick Seas in the Pirate Forum.
  2. Bonaparte

    INDEX: Armies

    Armies Index What is this index for? The Armies Index is for Eurobricks members' LEGO Pirate/Soldier armies How is this indexed? The Armies Index is very unlike the other indexes in the LEGO Pirates Master Index. This index is indexed by member's own posts about their armies. Anyway you can help? You can help by simply posting your own army. So go ahead, show us what you got! To what extent is this updated? This index is updated through member's own posts. Thus, this index is not maintained by the Eurobricks Pirates forum staff. Bonaparte's French Army: Bonaparte's British Army: Sir Nadroj's Imperial Soldier Army Madoka's Imperial and Pirate Armies Sir Norman Ray's South Essex Fordo's French army Fordo's British army Woody64's Austrian army Tordenskjold's British army: Shinohara's French army Dreamweb's English army Dreamweb's Spanish army Dreamweb's Dutch army Dreamweb's French army MasterKenobi's Imperial Army KrakenBits' Vistula Legion
  3. The "Unfolded Tablecloth Productions" presents you their next big hit: Hugo D'Offren embarks once again on a great adventure! This time though it is not an adventure involving vanquishing enemies of the Crown, rather than a mission of scientific (and prestigious) nature. We are to explore the jungles of Celestia and locate the fabled Superb Orchid of Celestia! Hugo has just arrived at Jameston, accompanied by his trusted crew and marines. With him, there is also a young and ambitious dragoon officer, the protege of Hugo (sporting the Dragoon's shako used when on foot and the dreaded scarlet demi-cape of the Oleon Dragoons regiments). He is his sister's son after all. All together, they are to meet a Crown agent (the man in black attires - let's call him Mr B for now) that was stationed in Jameston some months ago in order to facilitate the expedition's first steps among other things. The meeting is to take place in front of "The Captain's Daughter" Inn, at a secondary quay of the settlement. At the following pics, you will watch this meeting taking place (and all those sailors "happily" carrying the expedition's luggage and stuff - mostly blank canvas and empty diaries ready to be filled with the wonders of this island's Jungles). Sadly no time for interior (even a rudimentary one). The "bucket floating around was drifted here from a nearby wreck - worry not, as none was injured. Both buildings (The Captain's Daughter Inn and a nearby merchant house) are a gift from Oleon to the good people of Jameston. They can license them in their name as they see fit. Thanks for watching and good luck to all the contestants!
  4. SheepBlubber

    Caribbean Fort

    Hi, This is a combination of the 1989 Eldorado Fortress and the 1992 Imperial Trading Post. The right half of the MOC is loosely based off the Imperial trading Post with the exemption of the tower which is my own version of the tower from the 2009 Soldier's Fort. The left half of the MOC is a modded Eldorado Fortress. I docked my trading ship on the right side to add a little zing to the MOC. Any feedback is welcome and the are more pictures on my Flickr. IMG_3952 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3955 IMG_3958
  5. Stop Motion Review (presentation) 6274 The Caribbean Clupper I think, all of you know this set ;) Year: 1989 Pieces: 378 Minifigs: 4 Bricklink Brickset Peeron
  6. SheepBlubber

    HMS Caroline

    Hi, This was my first ever Pirate MOC. She took me about 8 months to build and I still wouldn't consider her finished. She still need her sails and rigging and I am constantly making small changes to her. She is a brig in terms of her sails but her structure is more "galleonesque" in my opinion. She was built not focusing on realism but more on looks and playability. Her interior is not as finely detailed as her exterior and I was sloppy on the colouring (grey floors) but I did throw in things like desks and beds in the Captains cabin and weapon racks in the gun deck. As with my previous MOC i welcome all feedback and will post an update once she has her sails and rigging. IMG_3912 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3907 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3914 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3921 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr Here you can see how the decks separate: IMG_3923 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Captains Cabin: IMG_3924 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3927 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr Where the Captains Cabin Module goes: IMG_3931 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3932 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Second Captains Cabin (below the main cabin): IMG_3930 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Gun Deck: IMG_3928 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Crew: IMG_3934 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr
  7. Some time ago there was a day when I wanted just to build something. Pure spontaneous freestyle building. I had not much available bricks because there were already 2 dioramas waiting for photo session and some WIP models waiting for final touches. I looked into available parts and decided to start building in Pirates theme. Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Bluecoats small fort and... hidden pirate Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  8. This is my entry for Cat C: vehicles of the 2017 "Braaiiinnss" contest: The fighting cart Nobody knew how it started. First the elder succumbed to this plague, then the weak. There wasn't any discrimination. Peasants and nobles suffered the same fate. Even our gracious King fell ill and was transformed into one of these flesh-hungry beasts. With him gone, order crumbled and many lost faith in our fathers' gods. Entire cities started to either fall to this plague or were being evacuated. None should stay behind, as by doing so, his fate was sealed. A seemingly endless life of roaming hungry for human flesh. For succumbing to this plague mean that you get turned into a mindless zombie. We didn't even had time to find out how one could get sick. Most plague doctors believed that it was these creatures' breath. Or their smell. That's why most of the survivors wore masks or handkerchiefs on their face. Or even their oozing while you killed them. And oh, boy, we had our fair share of killing on our way out of the city... Our only hope was that these creatures were slow. Really slow. Unless they smelled human flesh. That drove them mad and could run like horses luckily for us, for a short distance only. I was a young lieutenant when all this happened. Our brave commander found an ox driven cart and we all got aboard. Munition was fortunately not a problem for us. It was time to flee but we didn't even know where to go. Just flee... (Hint: For a better audiovisual experience, hear to this tune while visiting this post) More at Flickr and as always, thanks for watching and good luck everybody!
  9. The Oleon (ahem...) Royal Marines are wishing all of you, merry Xmas (better late than sorry) and above all, a Happy New Year!
  10. malmen

    An army on the march

    I felt bad for my little Imperial Soldiers just lying around in a box, even sharing space with hideous red coats , so I thought I'd build them a display. Sadly I was not missing a lot of bricks to build a bigger display as I first had in mind, so I had to scale down and could only fit one third of the soldiers. But hey! It's at least something I know the photos are not the best, my skills are below average and I had to use the available lights. I've edited them a bit and it actually looked decent at first, but then Flickr compressed them even harder so it's a bit of graining now. Oh well, here are some pictures. All kind of feedback is appriciated An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr
  11. The ships had been off on the horizon, keeping their distance for the past few days. It was an odd force, including what appeared to be an armored turtle ship, but they were clearly flying Oleon colors. Eventually the flagship came into signalling range, and an agreement was reached. Or so the Elsandolan commander, Capitan Alonzo, hoped. The company of bluecoats came ashore, and Capitan Alonzo and a handful of his men were there to greet them. Finally, the bluecoat commander and his entourage were out of their boat. "Monsieur Phred? I am Capitan Alonzo of Eslandola and Fuerte Unido. Welcome to Isla de Victoria." "Thank you, Capitan. My congratulations to you on your speedy occupation of the bay." "The operation went smoothly, until we discovered the Mardierian settlement. And my scouts tell me there are two more on the northern part of the island." "That is my information as well, and it is why I am here. My company had been encamped on Isle de Romantica. We had been fighting with Duke Prio against Mardier, but that campaign has ground to a halt, and all the mercenaries have departed. With news of your discovery, I have decided to continue the fight against Mardier here." The bluecoats pulled their boats onto the shore and moved off the beach, forming a loose column as the Eslandolans led them to Fuerte Unido. "We welcome your commitment to the cause, Monsieur Phred. I must admit I was initially uncertain of your intentions when you took up position off the coast, given the current state of affairs between our nations. Although I can assure you, our king does not speak for us." "And certainly I am taking a chance here as well, but regardless of what happens back on the continent, we in the colonies must often act without official guidance ... or is it without official encumbrance?" "Either way, sir, your assistance here is most welcome, and I assure you your men will be treated no different than my own." "Thank you Capitan. I have faith you are a man of your word." "While you are here, you may have my quarters, sir." "That won't be necessary. I must set sail for Eltina. I have business interests I must see to. I doubt anything has happened with my mining interests in my absence." "I understand. If you stop at An Holli on the way, please be so kind as to report our condition to Governor Guilder." "It is not in my plans, but if the opportunity arises, I will pass the word. In the meantime, put my men to good use against Mardier!" "I will, sir. Fair winds on your trip." And with that the bluecoat commander returned to his ship and set sail for Eltina. Fuerte Unido now had a company of 30 bluecoats as part of its defense. Alonzo's mind was already going over the potential issues with such an international force, but it was good to know they weren't alone in this fight. Now he needed to figure out just how to swing the Corries to his side... * * * * * One more pic of the build, from above: And Fuerte Unido officially has 30 Bluecoats as part of its force.
  12. "Fleet ahoy" Suddenly, pirate captain Baboo stormed out of his cabin. Would it be the Eslandolan Treasure Fleet??? Would he become the richest pirate of them all?? Such an excitement.... "How many ships?!" "6... But..." "What?" "They seem to be blue..." "Megablocks, an Oleon fleet... Change our course!!!!" Well, that was disappointing for captain Naboo Baboo... This is one of the ships he saw, the blueish ship "La Mystique" One of my favourite parts below: Captain Giancarlo Fishandsth ^ Wait a minute, is that green and white??? Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Lord Maximilian Damaximus bought some old Oleon ships and uses them to transport his part of the Treasure Fleet The ship is filled with Eslandolan soldiers, just like all other ships of this small fleet... And due this little trick, this part of the Eslandolan Treasure Fleet arrived safely at its destination. ----------------------------------------------------------- C&C Welcome! As I would not have my hull pieces in time, I decided to revise the (ugly) Carribean Clipper set of Lego. It was fun modifying it and the result is (IMO) satisfying.
  13. Darbyohara

    18th century star fort

    Greetings all, I am currently constructing my first MOC, an 18th century fort constructed in the Vauban star fort style. I will upload the work I have thus far. I have about 40% of the fort competed, just taking my time accumulating parts needed to finish it. I'm curious to hear any feedback or constructive criticism. I'm trying to make the fort as realistic as I can and any techniques or ideas on the bastions or merlons would be helpful. I've mostly been going off of pictures of forts from that era. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks, Images of progress.
  14. Hello everyone, I hope you've enjoyed my previous entry: Death At First Sight. As the Adventures of Purpearljellyblob continues, the Redcoats encounter another problem PIRATES! or is it? Enjoy! Special guests: Dr_Spock, Duck, Admiral Croissant, Mazin, Esurient, Frank Brick Wright C&C always appreciated and welcomed! :) EDIT: Full version of the comic uploaded for those who did not see the last panel (11th panel).
  15. Imperial Shipyards

    32 gun frigate Concorde (French, ca.1760-1780)

    Hey folks, This creation was finished in 2012, among with the rest of my fleet of 8 vessels. 6 of these ships have been built in parallel using some exciting new techniques that I boldly labelled "nextgen" as it took build quality to a whole new level. Essential features are a innovative hull technique (that essentially show I could have done it without prefabs, retaining only the lower parts), complete accessible interior, and drastically improved sails and rigging. For some reasons I never posted any of these ships, so tonight I just took my smartphone and made a start. Concorde is a 32-gun Frigate which was modelled after French ships from roughly 1760-1780. The colour scheme, sail plan and size and gun count are roughly historically accurate. However, she still offers herself to all kinds of play and postures, because I believe a Lego creation should be good for more than just first looks. Enjoy!
  16. After the agents of the Crown and the much esteemed Oleander cartographers pinpointed the "almost exact" location of the Fountain of Youth according to the rumors already in circulation, an expedition from the already bustling city of Belson took off in order for the Fountain of Youth to be found for the glory of our mighty nation! Preparations were assigned to Hugo D' Offren, an officer of the Crown that had proved its value more than once on these rough lands across this hostile ocean that had already claimed many ships and sailors. Sadly for Hugo, the leadership of this expedition was assigned to an Oleander noble (obviously due to his closer family ties with the King), freshly arrived from the mainland. Ooh, how infuriating that was for Hugo, especially now that he had already established his name and capabilities at New Terra Islands... And so the expedition reached this underwater grotto that their big ships couldn't navigate in. Three rowboats were downed at the sea with their crew hand picked. One rowboat full of marines was to guard the entrance of this grotto from the cliff above, just in case... But obviously they had their fair share of action as well... ...while the rest were about to proceed inside. Hearty, muscular sailors started to row and navigate around shallow reefs with underwater eyes always fixed on them... And when the light was about to abandon them, they gasped in amazement... The cave they reached was glittering with something like gold dust in the air (later on, due to an Eslandolan invention called magnifying glass, they found out they were really small fireflies), it smelled strangely pleasing and above all... it was teeming with plants and vines! How could that be??? What we used to learn at our academies back home, was that plants couldn't survive without sunlight. Yet this underwater cave was full of glorious plants and vines! That must sure be the work of this small but deep pond in the middle of the cave... We had just discovered... The Fountain of Youth!!! What is not told at this story is that many years later, scientists found out that the water in the pond was not miraculous at all. It contained some forms of bacteria along with some sulfur that nourished the skin and made it look younger. But until then, we will let our protagonists be happy that they achieved immortality C&C always welcome! As always, a big thank you to Mpyromaxos for his lovely photographing and photo-editing capabilities! Also inspiration came from the always great Sid Meier (photo below), from Disney's PoTC and from the countless documentaries, books and stories i have read about the fascinating Age of Sails.
  17. ...And so the search party has begun entering the deep jungle of Ile de Tyche in search of the Pirate Lord's hidden gold mine... This MOC was created to advance the campaign of Oleon at Ile de Tyche (formerly known as "The Trap"), in search of the Pirate Lord's hidden gold mine. CC welcomed as always! Stumbling and falling our men press forward with the help of a scout and the adamant resolve of Hugo D' Offren. Always guarding Hugo, Tom "Juggernaught" Jones with his dual "cannons". Font free photo (i havent decided if the blue baseplate helps as font or not) As always, thanks for watching!
  18. After the failed attack at Eltina, Oleander colonial leaders decided it was to their best interest if Eltina had some enhanced fortifications. Alas, with Eltina built on rather flat grounds with not much wood around (since most of the nearest small forests were cut down in order to establish sugar plantations), earthen fortifications were the most suitable solution. Below, our Oleon finest, enjoy themselves building them. And of course, given the significance of the fortifications in our proud military history, nothing less than a Field General was needed to supervise the whole task.
  19. Situated at the mouth of River of True Faith, just outside Astrapi settlement at Zeus' island and built on a bare rock, this fishing post provides most of the fish sold at the island and the waters around it. Hugo d'Offren spent a day there to evaluate the fish drying process and buy food for the fleet. (I wanted to try a build on a barren rock without greenery and i have yet to find a solid way of making flat builds that aren't somewhat boring. Any feedback given is appreciated) Thanks for watching!
  20. "20th of Anthesterion, The year of 616AE of our holy gods Dear Magdalene, I miss you so much but I can't imagine wishing you were here, with me, in this harsh environment. The blistering sun alone would have made your pale skin look terrible. Here in the New World time passes by quickly, as we constantly have to organize not only our King's men, military and civil servants, but also all those ignorant but pompous private merchants that seek to make a fortune out of these islands. Especially difficult is the task of communication between our colonies that are under constant threat from our neighboring nations, those red vultures in particular. Last week I had to stay away from my usual seat at Breshaun and was stationed at one of our lesser colonies, Eltina, in Le Bellan island. Eltina is mainly an agricultural "support" colony as we call it these days, with ample of sugar plantations that produce the much needed sugar canes for our rum, the so called spice of the eastern hemisphere. Due to the nature of this colony, we don't have many men stationed there as more and more men are needed to our ever growing Breshaun both to maintain order and safeguard those self righteous nobles that seems to flock the New World islands these days. Peace maintenance and guard duties in Eltina fall only to a handful of men, a company of (mostly) elder soldiers that are close to their end of military service. This company is based on a newly erected building that acts as barracks (as totally opposed to the barracks building I described you back in Breshaun) and as a semaphore station. What is semaphore you might ask? Well this is a fairly new invention from our genius scientist, Depillon that made our lives easier. No more messenger pigeons for us. They couldn't work here as there is too much heat and there are way too many vultures flying over our heads. So, semaphore is basically a very high mast with two moving planks on its sides that can be turned around. That way we can signal messages back to Breshaun in a matter of minutes. Two operators are enough for this towering masterpiece to work efficiently. And what an invaluable asset it proved! Three days ago, our vile neighbors, those Corrish scum, that roam the sea east of Le Bellan and secretly smuggle sugar canes from Eltina, had some plan. They knew that Eltina was poorly guarded and decided to raid the colony! Why pay for sugar canes when you can get them for free is what they obviously thought and they had right. I would have done the same to them any time! Anyway, just in the nick of time, one of our troops stationed at the semaphore station's upper floor, saw four sails bearing Corrish military flags, coming at great speed towards Eltina. Thankfully, the experienced operators of the semaphore relayed the message fast to Breshaun and the governor immediately sent a battalion horse riding as fast as they could to help us. Upon reaching Eltina, fortunately in time, they were deployed on the shore bearing our flags and ready to fight. When those coward Corrish saw that we were ready for them and that they had lost the element of surprise, they turned their ships and fled. And that's exactly how Eltina was saved... Faithfully yours, Hugo D' Offren" The short version? Corries came to Eltina, saw, never conquered This building is a true army-in-being! Semaphore station Semaphore station Semaphore station - barracks Diner is ready guys Cavalry to the rescue
  21. Expedition into the Mangrove This is my Challenge I category B entry. Gideon de Bothnia is leading an Oleander expedition to a newly discovered island, with a small detachment of marines sent by his brother Alexandre who is a high ranking officer in the Oleander fleet. In the great push for exploration, most people don't seem to mind if the national resources of the navy are "borrowed" by entrepreneurs who are trying to make personal gains from the exploration. After all, it's all for the glory of Oleon! Much of the shores of the new island is covered with thick mangrove, but finally they have found a gap in the mangrove where during the low tide they are able to land with one of the smaller ship’s boats. Now they can make their first footsteps on this virgin soil, but now the members of the expedition anxiously wonder if they are the first to land on this island or if someone has come here before them? More pictures: For those of you interested in how I shot this, here is another "behind the scenes" shot. This time I tried to play a bit with off camera lighting with my old Olympus FL-50R and a cheap umbrella setup I bought a while ago.
  22. After much pain and hurry, here is my answer to the Duel: Feast at "The Spin of Fate". Now a free-build by itself! Hugo wasn't eager to fight with Elysabeth Drondil as, due to his character, took it lightly as every other thing in his life. Or was arrogant enough and was sure he would win? So one day before the duel, he called his friends from the fleet for a drink, at "The Spin of Fate", where the drinks are cold and the girls are hot! The establishment took its name after the wheel (of fortune) that you can see right above the door that leads to the kitchen. That wheel belonged to the first owner of this place that came to the Sea of Storms with all his belongings on a cart. I had tons of fun making this build, which reminded me once more that i am a huge minifig and acessories lover and have the fig-fever. If you see some color deviations, it is because with this MOC, my brick stash is officially depleted with all this building the past month and all i have left is black and gray bricks Enjoy and sorry if you have an eye-sore after watching due to dim yellow lighting but couldn't wait till morning (job is killing me! hehehe) Thanks again! feast at The Spin of Fate by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate foldout by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate closeup by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  23. Contrary to the lies Eslandolans are spreading to the Old world (probably to hinder our advance and occupation of these new lands), Oleanders aren't "savages". Well not the kind of savages that murder native population... After the initial unrest caused by the landing of our benevolent troops, which forced the natives into hiding, things calmed down. Hugo even took an (armored, you never know) bodyguard and visited a local village. Careful at first, the natives quickly opened up and they even offered a tour around the village showing the various aspects of their living. Hugo's mind filled with new stuff he never imagined possible. The thing that impressed him the most, was the way locals foraged some huge banana growing palm trees. They used trained monkeys tied with a rope that did all the hard work for them by climbing up the trees and bringing banana fruits to their handlers. Life had never been easier! Voila some natives in action. Once again forgive my photographing environment (my old trusted glass table on the balcony), since i haven't created a photo-booth with a white background yet. But these straw kind-of-fence, does the trick by transporting us to more exotic places, doesn't it? Close up
  24. As a kid, drooling over the early 90's Lego catalogues, I imagined the Eldorado Fortress as having a vast complex of dungeons and storage rooms inside that large raised baseplate. Before heading off to the Dark Ages of college, I had been thinking about building a huge imperial fortress. To allow access to the interior, it would have to fold open. So, when I started building again a couple of years ago, this project was first on my list. The fort, situated on a hollowed out rock (because bluecoats apparently are incredibly crafy engineers). The rear provides access to the interior. Most openings are large enough for a humand hand. The sides of the fort come off... provide total access to the interior. I really enjoyed the challenge of building this largest building I had ever built, thanks to excess time and my discovery of bricklink. But during the build I discovered I had little inspiration to create a nice and detailed interior. And, looking back, my skills were really basic. Oh well, at least it has some cool play features.... A large set of doors is built into the rocks at the front of the cliffside... ...allowing access for small boats to the little docking area inside. Once offloaded, supplies can be hoisted through several floors to the storage room, using a crane. On the other side of the fortress, the small windows of the dungeons can be seen. But it would be hard to place a minifig in them through the prison doors on the inside... the dungeon outer wall just comes off, revealing the interior. Most of the interior is just... empy rooms and hallways... but you can spot the bunk beds, dungeons and governor's office. The dining room The armory The rotatable 48-pounder. The fine men of the classic bluecoat army. This has been an excellent study in large scale building, and it has taught me that I really need to pay more attention to interior detail. Since then, I have built some classic castle things, but for now, I'll stick to sci-fi, there's a lot more freedom when it comes to detailing. More pictures in the brickshelf folder here http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535371 Thanks for viewing, and victory to the bluecoats! (..since I don't have any redcoats)
  25. blackdeathgr

    PTV 2015 Large: Judgement Day

    Hi guys, Here is my entry at PTV 2015 Large division. Judgement Day. Because after all, all this pillaging and stealing has a sure end! Historically only 5% got away with pirate life. So that leaves us with 95% hanged pirates. Even small children working at pirates sloops didn't make it. There is also one record with a hanged pirate that was caught after serving only a couple of days in a pirate ship. Talking about bad luck! I tried to include every pirate drama in this MOC. Anger (angry mob), Satisfaction (governor), Love (lieutenant with governor's daughter), Fear (pirates ready to be hanged), Hope or Revenge (pirates ready to storm the execution). Thanks for watching and wish you all luck. UPDATE! (gory version) It turned out that the bluecoats had it coming! The rioters were nothing but a bunch of fellow pirates! And of course they couldn't stand still while fellow pirates were about to be hanged... judgement day riot C by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot B by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot D by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot A by Spy Tha, on Flickr judgement day riot E by Spy Tha, on Flickr As always, good luck to all the participants!