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Found 103 results

  1. BrickPerfection

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Minerva

    Minerva is a fast frigate whose sole purpose is to keep the Oceans safe from those Pirates, and dare I may say a ship that has been sorely missing in the LEGO World. She comes with 12 Minifigures and one small cat to keep the food supplies safe from rats. Please Vote Now () at if you would like for her to be produced as part of the BrickLink Designer Program: Minerva is a highly efficient design, which is to say that it does a lot with its 4000 pieces. Although the design is ambitious, I have paid close attention to making it as buildable as possible. What I can definitely guarantee is that you’ll come across plenty of interesting techniques as well as those sweet moments where sections come together and fit just perfectly - just have a look at Minerva’s stern. Minerva has several features that make her highly playable and friendly to Minifigures, as demonstrated in this video: Please Vote (): Thanks a lot!
  2. Bonaparte

    INDEX: Armies

    Armies Index What is this index for? The Armies Index is for Eurobricks members' LEGO Pirate/Soldier armies How is this indexed? The Armies Index is very unlike the other indexes in the LEGO Pirates Master Index. This index is indexed by member's own posts about their armies. Anyway you can help? You can help by simply posting your own army. So go ahead, show us what you got! To what extent is this updated? This index is updated through member's own posts. Thus, this index is not maintained by the Eurobricks Pirates forum staff. Bonaparte's French Army: Bonaparte's British Army: Sir Nadroj's Imperial Soldier Army Madoka's Imperial and Pirate Armies Sir Norman Ray's South Essex Fordo's French army Fordo's British army Woody64's Austrian army Tordenskjold's British army: Shinohara's French army Dreamweb's English army Dreamweb's Spanish army Dreamweb's Dutch army Dreamweb's French army MasterKenobi's Imperial Army KrakenBits' Vistula Legion
  3. Hello to community, below a small digital MOD / MOC, a redesign of the classic pirates set 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up from 1991. I'm also a bit in the barracuda bay hype, while waiting for the set I played a bit around with the pirates theme and also photoshop. ;-) Maybe you like the redesign. 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Edit: I also created building instructions for the MOC, you can download them (PDF File, for free, no registration) at the Webpage of my local RLUG under the below URL: If you like the MOC and/or the Instructions I would be really happy if you would vote for my LEGO Ideas Project Queen Elizabeth II at the LEGO Ideas Website: I would really appreciate. :-) Happy Building. :-) Stay safe and healthy, legolux1973
  4. BrickPerfection

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Concordia

    A 20-gun frigate assigned to hunting those pirates! Also carries a treasure chest, for those who dare... Or perhaps the appearance of a ship like this has forced the pirates into hiding? This is an extremely ambitious design with a smoothly curving hull built on a sturdy technic frame and a detailed, Minifigure-friendly, interior. I have built many sailing ships in LEGO before, and this is my best work so far, including all the techniques and features that I always wanted to include. Vote now if you want this design to be officially produced by LEGO as part of the BrickLink Designer Program: The 16 brick-built cannons on the gun deck can individually slide back and forth and all the gun ports can be closed when the cannons are in the back position. The capstan is also attached to a string reel and can be made working. Further details below deck include the galley, storage compartment and captain's cabin. Most of the top deck can be removed to access the gun deck. Minifigures can stand below deck and all gaps in the hull are filled. I also made a video to show the building experience, including the entirely brick-built & smoothly curving hull: More pictures can be found on the BrickLink submission page: VOTE NOW
  5. TomSkippy

    [ENTRY] Saber Island 2023

    As I was thinking through different entries for the contest, I thought, "why not take a break and make a small moc that just clones a modern Lego Co technique?" 6265 Saber Island came to mind. I could just copy one of the tower builds from the new Disney castle. The set is 90% tower, it shouldn't take long. Three weeks later, here we are. Why is it called Saber Island? Maybe it's the sheer number of sabers used in the construction... Maybe it's the shape of the fortress... (shout out to LetsBrick) Or maybe it's something much more sinister... Hope you all enjoyed it! Final classic pic. More pictures here Side note: The set looks even better with physical bricks. It's nice and imposing (didn't want to spend booty on color coordinating everything, but it's solid!(. I have the instructions up on rebrickable Let me know what you think!
  6. TomSkippy

    [ENTRY] Caribbean Clipper

    With the release of The Pirates of Barracuda Bay, TLC produced an incredible remake of the original Black Seas Barracuda. I'd always wanted a 'good guys' ship to go along with the new Barracuda, with TLC delivering a new and improved Eldorado Fortress and a contest, I felt it was time to try for a Clipper. The goal was to make a ship which was proportional to the original Clipper AND to the untrained eye looked like it was designed by the same people as the New Barracuda. I had to resort to using a bunch of parts off the barracuda, as a result I don't have a comparison shot. That said, part count is around 1300, dimensions/stud count have it only a few studs (4-6 I think) longer than the original clipper, and every vertical dimension is shorter than the new Barracuda. It looks great and should look just as good next to the new Barracuda as the original Clipper did next to the original Black Seas Barracuda. Shoutout to okbrickworks for the fresh clipper sails. Forgive the minifigures, I don't have Eldorado yet, so I had to use the 'old' new bluecoats. Sadly the admiral has a Dark Bluecoat and an old bicorne. I also don't have enough Black Tricornes with ponytail to have more soldiers (shakos don't go with the Clipper). As a result, the officer uses a modified tricorne with white wig combo and one of the sailors has no ponytail at all(gasp). This will be rectified in the future. My favorite ship angle a la Endurance. The anchor works same as the new Barracuda. All the exterior pics are with real bricks. I found a great lego yellow paint, so Owl with Spread Wings 67632 gloriously replaces the original yellow bird. Stern shot with fleur de lis design. Another side shot: the non gun side has 2 1x6 black tiles to keep the lines smooth. Gun/Anchor side has 1x2 holes so the gun ports can open down like the original Clipper. Notice the bell. Bluecoat ships need one to call hands when pirates are near. I originally wanted to simply copy the one from the Silent Mary. But with the discovery of TLC yellow paint, I used a 3172 Pith Helmet with a bar with ball joint inside. May not see it, but there's a bucket next to the angry soldier, he's swapping the deck. While I have built this using real bricks, I did most of the design in The interior shots are rendered with Three reasons: 1) Camera angles for interiors are tough sometimes. 2) Lighting. 3) When it came time to order parts, I didn't want to spend so much on blue cannon carriages, my build uses brown. I may break down in the future for some blue ones. Captains cabin. Another angle. Bed on the other side. The lantern is nice, but I could be talked into a violin. Under the main deck. Easy to remove and access. Remove the cannons for bunks. Not sure HOW they would remove them or where, but soldiers gotta sleep somewhere. Beds flip up to reveal a spot for personal items. Other side. You can switch out the tricornes for shakos and backpacks if on shore leave. Aft has storage. The little gray piece is a mouse. Reference to a regular bane of sailors' existence, also Sea Rats represent! I didn't render the interior of the bow, I just kept the toilet from the original PoBB One last note. when I embarked, I promised to stick to designs that TLC would use. I did make one major exception: The helm does control the rudder. Getting the old ships wheel to actually turn a rudder was ridiculous and some of the methods/connections are wonky (though still legal). TLC would never. This is why the box the wheel attaches to is so large; this is why the rear mast is a couple studs too far forward; and this is why the captain's cabin is so cramped/only accessible through the sides. I think it's hidden well enough to excuse. Flickr album here, I don't think there are any additional pictures or notes. I plan on putting up rebrickable instructions and probably a helm post at some point. But those will be awhile. Hope you like it!
  7. after cavalry, i present you french infantry. This is french ligne infantry regimental HQ. Once again, lego minifigs and custom accessories made by myself. Napoleonic french ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr I'm proud of the sword and marching scabbard. French ligne infantry junior officier. by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry junior officer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr then the eagle. too bad that lego didn't make these. French ligne infantry flag bearer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr And the best of the best, the drummer boy French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Have a nice day.
  8. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Eldorado Bastion

    Hi again, here is my second take on the 90s bluecoats, as entry for the pirate contest. In my opinion the Eldorado Fortress lacks in defence so I thought they should add a bastion on a close Island to defend the Fortress to Pirates and even the Redcoat Fleet or the Imperial Fleet. So present to you the Eldorado Bastion: The bastion is heavily armed withe 3 static and 2 rotating cannons on towers. I used the famous baseplate but I wanted to break the rectangular shape wit the pier and the towers. The Bastion can hold amunition in its center and has some supplies, ready to load on the Caribbean Brig on the ramp and dock. The admiral and frech soldiers are waiting for the arrival of Governor Broadside. A small crane is ready load the cargo. Here I added some shots with both sets combined (Eldorado Bastion + Caribbean Brig): There are some more pictures in the Flickr-Album. Everybody shoud think twice if he sails close to the Bastion and the Caribbean Brig! I hope you like my very classic take on these two contest entrys, here you can find Caribbean Brig. There should be only old parts, available in the classic pirates eras. Good luck everyone, I hope I find some time to stumble through all the new creations and contest entrys!
  9. Quotenotto

    [WIP] Bluecoat sloop WIP

    Hello, I'd like to show you my latest WIP. As a vessel for my bluecoat faction and being of comparable size (two masts, single deck) I consider it to be an hommage to the Caribbean Clipper. It is a snow (because of the third mast directly behind the main mast for the spanker) and in military classification it would be considered as a sloop. The hull is custom build and I tried to incorporate al the typical curvatures in all three dimensions of a ship. As usual, i haven't found the time yet to create custom sails (definitely not a task I am comfortable with): I am also not sure, if the spars are wide enough for the square sails, also I am considering to add studding sails to the main- and the topsail. The interior, accesable through a hatch to lift up the rear part of the continous single deck, is still WIP as well. For armorment I'm considering carronades, I already tried to come up with a small fitting build. I used the HMS Onterio as a historical reference. IMG_1702 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709
  10. We had a Biblical level infestation of flies some years ago, they are apparently attracted to things that are tall or high up, landed all over my Pirate and Imperial Navy ships. I've soaked and cleaned most of the sails with Oxiclean, except the Imperial Flagship, because I don't know if it is safe for that thinner, scrappier, stiffer material. I'm not sure what either version of the sails (and capes and flags) are made of, but I've soaked all the older style material with no issues, but I can't find anything about cleaning the later cloth material. I also didn't know sails could yellow until I read about it and saw the video posted here. The lower front sail on the Skull's Eye Schooner was slightly yellowed, and it was back to normal after an Oxiclean bath. For some fraying and unthreading sails on my childhood copy of the original Imperial Flagship, and some extra Armada Flagship and Black Seas Barracuda sails, I cut right at where the thread emerged from the sail, and carefully cut off some threadbare unraveled sections that are prime for more fraying. Hopefully cutting those off will stop that. The childhood Imperial Flagship sails are going to get soaked too. They were in a shed at my grandma's old house that had holes in it and got very dirty! I'm just glad those sails and the other two hull sections were there! I thought I had lost them! How would you lose such giant parts haha. I hope to be more active here again from now on! And don't worry, no second dark age here. I have a good ten years worth of MOCs and grown collection of sets and bulk parts to share. I have so many parts from childhood and adult sets, bulk collections, eBay, Pick-a-Brick, Bricks & Pieces, and Bricklink orders, I can sit down and pretty much build whatever I want to my heart's content, and I've got a dedicated hobby room and big work table with a bunch of bins now. There's also model trains, slot cars, die-cast, and retro games in that same room. :) Happy to be back and thanks ahead of time for any help and advice on getting my Imperial Flagship back on the open sea again!
  11. the Inventor

    [MOC] Fort "de Monchy"

    A bluecoat fort named "de Monchy": Fort de Monchy by Ids, on Flickr Fort de Monchy - front by Ids, on Flickr Fort de Monchy - boat by Ids, on Flickr The tale of the missing bananas is finally solved, now how to get the culprit: Fort de Monchy - banana heist by Ids, on Flickr And some interior shots and pirates. Fort de Monchy - interior by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for looking and let me know what you think.
  12. SleeplessNight

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Ahoy! The Barracuda has set sail and Redbeard is threatening the shipping routes once again! So the Bluecoats had to up their game to protect Imperial trade. For the start they have hastily restored the tower on the Sabre Island. What do You think about their effort? I designed this MOC as a tribute to my second Pirates set, that I think I got in 1990 and loved like hell. But I also wanted it to closely match the style of the new Barracuda. I also didn't want to use too many fancy and exotic elemens but efficiently use the stuff that most of us already have in our inventories. It's not too big with 1443 elements (excluding minifigs). The build is rather sturdy (maybe except for the furniture) but it still empoys some techniques and tricks that you might find interesting. I have published the instructions on Rebrickable: There are also a few more pictures on flickr: Stay safe and fair winds!
  13. THIS IS NOT MY WORK Hamster Productions has created an absolutely amazing brickfilm with a great story, lovely animation, and perfect sound editing. It's about 15 minutes long and worth every second!
  14. LBSF Demeter: CL V Trade Ship Goddess of grain, agriculture, harvest, growth, and nourishment. Launched today, the latest from the Beauchamp Shipyard, the Demeter is the first ship of the new LBSF merchant fleet. A large well armed merchant, The ship is a balance of strength and capacity, a good utility ship for any occasion. A pair of bow chasers... And some ornate decor... Means you wouldn't want to catch a broadside... But can also appreciate the craftsmanship. All in all, maybe not the best in any 1 category.... But, Captain Lamont, will not be short of work for him and Demeter's new crew.
  15. A small ship to transport some cargo. I'm going to be honest, I h ate building small ships, just because I don't know what to do/how to design them.
  16. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    I don't build boats often for the Governors, or Blue Coats if you prefer, but I do on occasion. I actually built this last year, but only just got around to taking photos. Midway Midway Midway Midway It may be one of my best builds yet, it certainly feels like it to me. I am annoyed at that fact, because it is a governor ship. They are easily the third, maybe the fourth favorite faction of mine. Imperials and Pirates being the top two (Not necessarily in that order) and the Governors and Armada vie for third place. Tell me what you think! EKnight
  17. The Olean fleet has been blockading the Terraversa since months, despite their best efforts, several Corrie and Eslandian ships have managed to pass through the blockade and landed hundreds of troops on that island, complicating the already complex situation. In response to this show of force, the ministry of the colonnies has ordered a couple of new ships to the Eltina Shipyards, where men were working at full capacity since the start of hostility. Here's one example of the newly commissioned by la Royale. Built for speed and firepower, this class of new frigates, along with other heavy hitters, will help Oleon to maintain its naval superiority. Duc de Boussac on the poop deck, apparently happy with the sailing performance of his new ship. To be licensed as a class 6 ship.
  18. The two soldiers were out for a patrol from Fort Arltrees. As they entered a small stand of trees, they came across a cute baby bear. They tossed it some cheese and then came close to pet its head. Then the mama bear appeared. As they fled for their lives, the soldier in front remembered something his cousin had told him as a child: "You don't need to run faster than the bear to get away, you just need to run faster than the guy behind you". With this in mind, he tossed his musket aside and ran a little faster.
  19. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] El Puerto de Cartagena (Anno 1585)

    Ay seamates! I got some new fotos but had problems with the background due to size, hope you will enjoy anyway: Bienvenidos a Cartagena! Lower your anchor, take a bottle of rum and relax from your adventurous voyage through the caribbean sea! Puerto de Cartagena by Captain Störtebricker The harbour should reasamble the harbour of Cartagena de Indias which intense impression has burned into my mindn after a visit there. The city was one of the first foundations made by the spanish and became one of the connection point for the gold and silver routes. The fortifications of the city have been raided several times until they have been build as strong that no one could conquer them again. In 1585 the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake did so and conquered and looted the city. In the same year the main cathedral was finished, too. So I hope you can see what brought me to this idea. The harbour consists of 3 parts (by now...): El castillo: The fort on the hill could welcome you with a big volley so be sure that you are coming in on a frienndly mission. It is situated on a rock with a cave underneath to hide some stuff you dont want to bring into the harbour. For pirates a skeleton shows then how they will be threated. The main tower is already been demolished and now converted to a small barrack. In front of the dorr there is a trap door throwing you into the cave. The fortress should be way bigger but for me it works as representing the first corner of the main fort. The doors lead you into the city... The colonial warehouse: With the warhouse I tried to reassamble the famous colonia architecture. I features a fishing gear shop and a warehouse whti a big balcony. From there you can have a nice view on the main square in front of the cathedral... The cathedral: The main cathedral looks like a fortification but due to the rich inhabitants it has nice stained glass windows. But these inhabitants do not belive very much in god but more in gold so the altar is filled up with all the treasures stolen from the surrounding natives all around the caribbean. So come in and take a closer look! The cathedrals has detachable roofs and can be accessed by minfigs on all levels. Besides the cathedral there is right now the tavern from POTC but it can easily be removed to continue the pier to expand the harbour... (which I hope I can do!) All in all I hope you enjoyed your stay and be ready to set sail for your next adventour! - Captain Störtebricker (More fotos: Flickr Album Puerto de Cartagena )
  20. "Well she's not very fast, but she also isn't very maneuverable." Captain Tewton stated flatly. "Wait what?" Said, Master Shipwrite Jean Benoit "Not really much to look at either, though the new paint job has helped... I guess" Tewton continued "This design was used for 100s of years. And these are classic color schemes!" Benoit, between bewilderment and annoyance. "This was a major investment of resources and yard space." Benoit stewed. "I'm just teasing you, Sir. Well I mean, she is sturdy! Thats for darn sure. And man, can she haul some freight! I guess, I get why they used this design for 100s of years, you know, but also why they kept working on it." Captain Tewton was not the most polished Captain in the merchant fleet, but supposedly could sail a sea turtle with his undershirt and had an impeccable record. Perhaps his honesty was appropriate, in fact this was just the feedback Benoit had expected to get, more or less. The new ship would serve its purpose as a merchant well enough. Still though, Benoit had invested a lot in the design of this large Class V Merchant Vessel. "I think she looks pretty good from behind? Those thick lines and short design look good from the back?" Tewton was giggling at something, Benoit wasn't sure what, Benoit looked on concerned that he was laughing at the ship's stern, Tewton caught his misplaced anxiety and put him at ease, "Hey to each their own, my momma always said. Dont worry Sir, its a fine ship, a great crew, and an outstanding Captain... in my unbiased opinion." Tewton couldn't resist though... "And as you say, she has plenty of room in the old cargo hold..." Benoit again couldn't understand what Tewton was giggling about. Of course it had a tremendous cargo capacity. That was the whole intent of using this old design, what on earth was so funny?
  21. PirateRoberts

    [MOC] Sabre Island 21

    Sabre Island MOC Enjoy!
  22. Captain Surlecoup, as an Olean privateer, made his first appearance in the Westface, while the RNTC was carrying out a mission in Terraversa. OL's mission in Westface had to solicit the captain's help after having detained by the local authority, despite their prior efforts in rescueing shipwrecked TVsans. The whole thing turned out to be a trap set by the lawless TV militia, and without the intervention of a more reasonable mind, war between OL and TV could have taken place years before. Then, our relentless captain has proved his competence and savoir-faire during the Lotus incident, delivering precious information about the motivation behind that sudden incursion of Lotii in El Oleonda, and in the subsequent sea battle, he, with his samourai friends, captured a Lotii warjunk. It's in recognition of his devotion to the Crown that this frigate was specially designed and built for him. In line with the latest advancement in OL's naval architecture, this ship has the particularity of offering more room for the crew, allowing them to better adapt to a prolonged journey on sea. To be licensed as a class 6 ship. OOC: I beat my record on shipbuilding with these two ships, as my family and I endured another turn of knock down due to the virus where I live, which gave me a lot of building time, but the down side is the delivery service was down too, so I had to work with the existing bricks. This frigate was built after a model of French frigate that I found on the net, it's labeled as "a privateer frigate" and has the particularity of having an enclosed weather deck, or some sort of extended poop deck, not commonly seen on other frigates I think.
  23. evancelt

    [MOC] Sweet Beard

    "Sweet Beard" After the knighthood ceremony finished and the festivities began, the newly minted Sirs Geoffrey and Willhelm snuck away for a few minutes. "Have you tried the pheasant?", asked Sir Geoffrey. "Sweet beard", said Sir Willhelm --------------- Made some custom Duplo bluecoat figures with my 4YO and 6YO sons
  24. Kolonialbeamter

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Royal Flagship

    Ahoy, mateys! I'd like to present to you a Lego Ideas project - The Royal Flagship - a classic style, modular, set-like looking ship-of-the-line with lots of play features. SUPPORT NOW Stats and overview: Features: ---------- About: I started this project with a specific intention - to design a multi deck vessel that can be both - a Lego set-like looking ship that's fun to play with, and a decently realistic shelf model of a true ship-of-the-line. And all of this had to fit in the Lego Ideas framework, specifically it had to contain 3000 parts or less. No easy undertaking, and I've failed to come up with something that I liked a couple of times over the past years. This design now, however, I think it quite does it. Sure, it might not be playful enough to some, and not realistic enough looking to others, and then there's the fact there are only stud-shooters instead of ye olde Lego cannons... () But I hope the compromise I found is appealing to at least some of you; and that it proves that ships-of-the-line can be done as sets by Lego. Some decisions I took along the way: Use stud shooters instead of spring powered cannons (*boo-ing noises in the background* ) But hear me out - let's face it, no single set will ever contain that many classic cannons. So the Royal Flagship features easy to remove stud shooter based custom cannons that can be fired from outside the ship, but that can also as easily be replaced by your good old spring powered cannons - if you got enough of them, the space is there! Almost no interior, except for the captain's cabin. This decision was simply based on Lego Ideas' 3000 parts maximum. Feel free to fill the decks with whatever you would like to see though - there's enough headroom for minifigs to be placed on all decks! Relatively simple hull shape, little tumble home, no string rigging. Due to the modular approach, I just couldn't come up with anything more ornate/fancy/complicated - if you have some suggestions, however, feel free to elaborate! The Royal Flagship was very well received during last year's Bricks @nd Friends exhibition in Cologne; kids especially seemed to like the firing mechanism pretty well - we literally had a blast Let's see if I can take the ship to a few more exhibitions this year - if Corona permits. ---------- If you have questions, please ask! And if you got ideas for improvements, I'm all ears! If I convinced you - please support on Lego Ideas! And feel free to share with friends and other pirates enthusiasts - every vote counts! Thank you for watching SUPPORT NOW