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  1. - Fresh out of the oven, pre-3D model - my take on the 42072-42073 combo model. It's got more pullbacks than the combo of 42010-42011 and less functions than the OG 42072-42073 combo...
  2. Steering feels a bit sloppy - and cannot be locked /as seen in the video/. Why does this irritate me? Steering can be locked by a 3L high construction including the steering rack. /I've made one with 4L height while unlocked in my 42106 models/ It may be possible even at 2L. Two pullbacks in a circle would be fun to watch for sure, but can't compete with the Porsche 42137 in a drag race.
  3. I've consulted @wojwachbricks as he got hold of a physical set and added the bits I couldn't see from the official photos of the set. The revised IO file is here. Once I get a hold of a physical set I'll finally confirm all the parts are there.
  4. Kostq

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    My request is a change from GTS to "Kostq" due to all the other handles being related to it. Is it possible?
  5. Recently - 42164 turned into a truck dolly to tow stuff around. Road trains are always fun to see. In Bulgaria you can't see any :D
  6. Full res of the photo above - here These are all my 60 published alt-builds so far. 54 if you don't count the bundles and 52 if the 42039B and 42117x2 modification don't count as real MOCs.
  7. The LEGO website had a 7sec video and some promo shots and I've kinda recreated the F1 car... 239/240 parts are on display. There are some invisible parts from the press materials are still making me wonder what should be there - all are colored in LIME. Full res file from the bottom is here. The RED pin-axle connector is barely visible in the front - the upper panel 3L AXLE holder has to be connected somewhere. I've hidden the wing below. The upper wing remains. I still wonder WHY the RED one? You can see the limitations of the space there.
  8. @maaboo - As a background - 42046 was my first set ever - the combo model made me get into Technic as a whole. The tank then made me buy the two sets as parts packs. Standalone - the sets are kinda meh. However - the back of the tank is REALLY crude and unfinished. Something I tried but couldn't fix with the leftover pieces. So I tried making some other models instead. Finally - here's the family. I've bundled up their videos in one showcase video. <itsdone.gif> Next up - digging another idea from the graveyard. New Technic sets don't make me feel very creative so far.
  9. The YT video about the 42090 and 42091 Police SUV is out. The 5in1 bundle video is in the works too.
  10. The price for the Mclaren E-something Dakar truck is up too. The piece count wasn't higher than the MJ sets. Also remember that 42090 and 42091 had the same price as all of them whilst being 120-130pcs :D
  11. I've Sold the 42090+42091 sets I had but kept this scratch build around as a video. It always bugged me to finish it. 42090-42091 Police SUV combo model. Yesterday I've digitized the dissassembly video I shot before selling them. 10hrs later and the concept is finished and almost ready for publishing. Almost didn't sleep. And another news - 42090 bundle is coming in the next days - finally managed to collect all my files - which inspired this finally getting finished 3yrs later. I'm welcoming any ideas for better and not that sterile rendering of this model - anything will be of use :)
  12. The Youtube video is out. You can finally see the dragster it its full glory. Also - in the video you can't see the Christmas tree.
  13. The OG 42103 seems way more preposterous than my guy on the right - it's the direct inspiration for the C-model. Sprinkle that with the 42050's B model and A features... Luckily - I've managed to make a weird Christmas tree from the spares and a detachable wheelie stand to pose the dragster it just like the 42050. The V4 is tiny and kinda lame for a dragster, but I'm happy the 42164 set has pistons at all! I have no clue if the wheelie bars in real dragsters have springs, but this just felt right to include as a feature. Dunno. I'll disassemble it soon, otherwise the improvements will continue for sure.
  14. - 42164 dragster physical model is almost done. Happy new year...
  15. Tell us how did you shoot the photos, I'm amazed at the shots, the edits and the overall production. The model itself is outstanding!