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  1. [MOC] Backhoe Loader- 42054 C model

    I’m more and more inclined to buy the Claas Xerion, just to make the c-models, as i’m a big fan of the traditional styled tractors
  2. [TC12] Road Breaker

    go for red bricks
  3. Incredible and impressive, it looks just like the real thing, very well done
  4. Excavator family

    The 'old uncle' is actually what is missing in this row, I've never had the chance to own this set. Interesting pneumatics
  5. Hello All, As I love excavators, I couldn't resist to post these photos of my 4 excavators together, just for the fun of it. It's the 8294, 42006, 42053 and the 8043 with modified stick and efferman bucket. Hope you enjoy the photos And a last photo of the modified stick (sorry for the color vomit, I don't have those yellow panels) Feel free to comment Greetings
  6. Hello all Recently 2 new long pneumatic cylinders arrived, so I could finally fit the main boom with 2 cylinders and also the bucket has a long cylinder. Also my EC160 has a new stick. With the 2 boom cylinders installed, I should also install a second pump and an L-motor, that will be my next project.
  7. Effe's MOC Corner

    I was wondering if none of the linear actuators or pneumatic cylinders would have the same reach as the gear rack to achieve the same movement of the stick of the excavator?
  8. Hello All, Another small upgrade, I have installed a pneumatic blade. It's operated with the manual blue pump.
  9. @Countdown@Bering Hello, Here are some extra pictures of the wall grab, I hope they're usefull.
  10. Hello All, Here's another small update of my modifications of the 42042 crawler crane. I built the 42042 with an auxiliary boom and a second boom on top of the main boom. the Max height I reached was 1,65m. It was full remote (except for driving) with 1 sbrick and 1 IR receiver. I didn't test the weight it could lift, the ballast it had was a total of 17 AA batteries. Next I decided to downscale everything a little bit, going to the roots again of manual operation (same like in the original TLG 42042). but I added a "slurry wall grab" which is used in construction work to make foundations. The grab is operated by 2 strings, one to operate the buckets and the other one to move the grab up and down. The buckets are from the 42055 BWE. and here are two videos Hope you liked it, feel free to comment
  11. @LegoGabri Could you post a close-up photo of the double cylinders of the main boom? I'm interested to aply this solution as well. Could you fit everything without modifying the position of the cab? Many thanks
  12. hello all, Here are some new modifications to the Volvo EW160. I added tracks, a new stick and a bucket. It's still a work in progres as I'm waiting for the long pneumatic cylinders. I believe it should now be called Volvo EC160 Here are the photos: I personnaly like my new stick (if I say so myself) I also changed the range of motion of the boom, it goes now a bit higher, and not so deep.
  13. hello, Very nice entry, I really like the cab, it's very smooth and well designed. The crane arm is also nicely done. I personally would have chosen another bucket. Good work
  14. Hello Lenard, Thanks for the new beta version of the sbrick app for android, finally (after a long time) I got my sbrick running again. The installation went very good and uptill now the app is working fine. many thanks
  15. Hello All, I thought I finished my mod of the 42055 B-model but here's another small modification. I changed the way how the shaking works, instead of TLC's passive and slow shaking, I introduced 'functionaltechnic's way of active shaking. Because it was a quick mod i added an extra m-motor. I must say I like this way of shaking. The big blocks find their way a lot better to the conveyor belt. Here are the pics