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  1. Normally I'm not really a car fanatic but your work makes me want to buy this set and change it into your version
  2. I wasn't talking about engine pistons(which is another story IMO). But, If TLG is going on to build larger creations like the 42082, the linear actuators, or the pneumatic pistons should follow the growth of the model in a natuaral sense. At first the pneumatics did grow with the arocs and volvo models but the LAs didn't follow the same evolution, The linear actuators should increase in size too because the models are getting bigger and heavier and they haven't received a structural revision since they were first introduced, even with the 42009 the LAs were already too small (see mocs with the firelli pistons). extra note: If you would increase the size of the pneumatic actuators, the pump piston should increase in size too or TLG should create extra options to increase air volume and/or pressure.
  3. I've just finished the build and I like the crane a lot, once completed i think it looks good in red and black.It looks better in real life than on pictures. It's something different and fresh in red, compared to the previous cranes in yellow. The functions switch is indeed not so handy but the functions in itself work flawlesly with quite heavy loads. As a first mod I've installed the iron lego hook, which does look better on this crane, one day I do would like to make a three-part boom and maybe a secondary hook. With the advent of the new larger sprocket wheels a track version of this crane is defenitely a possibility and a must-build. I hope one day TLG would make larger pistons, because these look a bit out of scale. All in All, a good buy and a nice crane, I hope TLG would make a lot more cranes in the future
  4. gvo25


    Thank you for your comment, that was indeed a problem, the return to centre
  5. Dear all, I recently started a new project. I'm going to try to build from scratch a tractor. Untill now my mocs were modifications of existing models or Mocs based on parts of existing models. Additionally I personally find it extremely hard to build vehicles with wheels, so any help or advice is always welcome. I'm going to try to build a tractor with PF-functions, a cab, 3-point hitch, Pto and a towball. Later I would like to add a front loader. Here are some fotos of The chassis. I don't have the recent CLAAS wheels so I'm going to use the old style full wheels. The front wheels are pendular. Any comments and help are always welcome
  6. Hello all, I think I more or less finished my rotary drilling rig, here are the last fotos And a 'night' foto The only thing I don't like is the drillbit itself. It's not the best option to make it out of axels and pulleys. Therefore it's not doing perfectly what its supposed to do. I know how to make one but I don't have the means to order 50 pieces of it. Always welcome to hear comments or advice I hope tomorrow I can post a small video
  7. @HogwartusIt's definitely an option which i can implement, i've already looked into it, and I normally have the place to add an m-motor and a mini actuator. The m-motor would go at the bottom backside of the tower. It can serve as counterbalance when i make the tower 15 studs higher (also on my to do list) It can go almost 40 studs
  8. Hello all, A new update for today, I'll let the fotos speak... I reworked the carrier (or drilling unit). The m-motor is now in the middle and the unit is more stable and looks better just like the real thing. The rotating unit is also removable thanks to the red pins. The drillrod is held fixed on the bottom of the turntable with two manual 'clamps' and rubber bands to be able to be rotated. It's not ideal due to the drillrod which is not perfect.(to be reworked in due course) I started on trying some bodywork options. Still WIP This is the drilling rig in transport mode. Obviously the rotating unit and the drill rod should be dissassambled before transport. The drilling rig is able to lower itself under own power, but to lift the rig it needs a little help (from a crane...) to hoist it past the dead point of the LA's. When the rig is past that it can be lifted under own power. That's all for now
  9. Hello all, A small WIP update, I completed the tower and the winches. I made sort of a turntable and the drill itself. The motor on the turntable is on the side and leaves the sliding part unbalanced , I still have to figure out a good solution. I also need to make a locking mechanism to connect the drill with the turntable. All suggestions are always welcome.
  10. Hello all, I would like to present a new project. It's a rotary drilling rig based on the Liebherr LB44 and based on the chassis of the lego technic crawler crane 42042 Here are some WIP pictures, I used the carriage (with some mods) and part of the superstructure (mainly the gearbox) of the 42042 because it's quite a good design and starting point. I already have put a reduction gear on the upper LA's (not visible in the pictures) because with the direct link the motor was not able to lift the boom. On the real machine the winches are located on the boom, but on my machine I will use the existing winches of the 42042. Also the driveshaft of the upper LA's will be modified to make it a bit stronger. Next picture is the boom in a more or less rest-transport position As always comments are always welcome.
  11. @efferman Is it possible that I cannot download your LXF file? The site gives an error message when i click on the link.
  12. gvo25

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Seeing the video, it does look like a very good set. As a mod I would like to put crawler tracks underneath. Also the hook I would like to change, and maybe a slightly bigger cab. But anyway this set is a must buy for me
  13. @Mechbuilds I think BrickbyBrickTechnic was going more for this option/model of a heavy drilling rig:
  14. gvo25

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I think a three-stage boom on this crane would have been better. This boom, when lowered in travel position, will be way too long for a rough terrain crane.