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  1. Seeing the video, it does look like a very good set. As a mod I would like to put crawler tracks underneath. Also the hook I would like to change, and maybe a slightly bigger cab. But anyway this set is a must buy for me
  2. gvo25

    [MOC] Heavy Drill Rig- 42055 C model

    @Mechbuilds I think BrickbyBrickTechnic was going more for this option/model of a heavy drilling rig:
  3. I think a three-stage boom on this crane would have been better. This boom, when lowered in travel position, will be way too long for a rough terrain crane.
  4. After seeing those pictures it's a definite must buy, It does look good in general, especially the undercarriage. I would only mod the cabin and the hook, which looks too bulky and is not so nice. I hope the functionality is good. The pictures are on brickset and taken on the european trade show
  5. Hello everybody, After many, many tryouts and failures I've finally found a solution to open the door of the bucket. It requires a little bit of skill on the controls to have everything working together smoothly but at least it's functional. It's operated by a m-motor and a clutch gear. Also I was trying out the colour scheme for the body. I came to the conclusion that constructing a nice body will be the most difficult thing to do. The shovel has now a total of 7 motors. That's all for now Any suggestions are always welcome
  6. UPDATE I added the bucket itself, the valve on the bottom side is not yet functional, all is working more or less ok, still a lot of finetuning to do that's all for now
  7. Dear all, It's a long time ago that I ventured myself into a new moc. So here it is.... A Rope Shovel used in the open mining industry, i'm using an example from P&H Here's what i came up with so far, I reused the tracks and the quadrant gear racks from the 42055 BWE and also a large part of the body is reused. It has until now 5 motors, I'll use standard IR receivers As always comments are always welcome, I would like to have the operator cabin built in system bricks in minifig scale, But I would be grateful if someone could make an LDD drawing of that cabin with system bricks or technic bricks. I'm planning to make a video when the bucket is attached and everything is more or less operational
  8. gvo25

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader- 42054 C model

    I’m more and more inclined to buy the Claas Xerion, just to make the c-models, as i’m a big fan of the traditional styled tractors
  9. gvo25

    [TC12] Road Breaker

    go for red bricks
  10. Incredible and impressive, it looks just like the real thing, very well done
  11. gvo25

    Excavator family

    The 'old uncle' is actually what is missing in this row, I've never had the chance to own this set. Interesting pneumatics
  12. Hello All, As I love excavators, I couldn't resist to post these photos of my 4 excavators together, just for the fun of it. It's the 8294, 42006, 42053 and the 8043 with modified stick and efferman bucket. Hope you enjoy the photos And a last photo of the modified stick (sorry for the color vomit, I don't have those yellow panels) Feel free to comment Greetings
  13. Hello all Recently 2 new long pneumatic cylinders arrived, so I could finally fit the main boom with 2 cylinders and also the bucket has a long cylinder. Also my EC160 has a new stick. With the 2 boom cylinders installed, I should also install a second pump and an L-motor, that will be my next project.
  14. gvo25

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I was wondering if none of the linear actuators or pneumatic cylinders would have the same reach as the gear rack to achieve the same movement of the stick of the excavator?
  15. Hello All, Another small upgrade, I have installed a pneumatic blade. It's operated with the manual blue pump.