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  1. I think this colour scheme is also highly doable with current piece inventory
  2. Hello All, My MOC is finished, Here are the last fotos, video is in production. Here you can see the rig in transport mode, inside the door you can see the battery box which drives the winch and the turntable. The controls were modified by my son. as last a size compairison with the 42082, I think the two are more or less the same scale. Hope everybody like it and the video is coming soon
  3. Yes indeed it is, in the previous moc it was also the same cabin
  4. Hello All, Another new MOC using the XLAs, I'm giving the rotary drilling rig another go, My last attempt at it was not really succesfull and remained unfinished. So Here it is: the rotary drilling rig MKII Most parts come from the Liebherr excavator including all but one control+ motors, and it has 2 control+ battery boxes. The trackbase is borrowed from flybum's volvo excavator. Here are some WIP pics, any comments are always welcome Two XL-motors and 1 control+ receiver are situated in the trackbase 1 XL-motor is used for the normal LAs in the base frame 1 L-motor is used for swivel 1 L-motor is used for the winch and 1 L-motor situated in the frame is used to drive the XLAs to move the leader up and down For the paneling I'm recycling panels from the Liebherr excavator. Normally I'm going to install 2 extra motors with a conventional battery box and IR or sbrick receiver. Other pics will follow
  5. gvo25

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Bad quality control Here are some images of the part 6010864 which I had 1 really bad and 3 with defective molding but still usable, seems Lego is dropping the ball big time in quality control.
  6. gvo25

    [WIP] Electric Rope Shovel

    Hello, glad you liked it, but i don't have instructions
  7. Hello everybody, I decided to put the new XL LA's on the 42082 RTC and now I think the crane looks a bit more realistic.I modded the boom with 9L red beams to look a bit 'bulkier'. With the new actuators I could put a support for the boom in drive mode. I also put an extension for the boom for this extra 'reach', I could only do this with the new LA's so the main boom can be more vertical and that the 2nd stage doesn't bend too much. The 2 pins that hold the extension in place can be stored in the base The support can be folded downwards so the upperstructure can rotate 360° The normal boom is extendable with the extension in its storage space The angle of the extension can be adjusted manually I only heve to install the string and the hook (need longer string)
  8. gvo25

    [WIP] Electric Rope Shovel

    So it's finally done... I have finished my electric rope shovel mkII. I must say it looks quite good, the body houses 2 electric motors, one XL which drives the winch and one L which drives the winch for the unloading flap, the third L motor drives the arms or the 'sticks', this one sits in the ladder itself. The excavator uses the 2 control+ hubs and all is controlled with the Buwizz App. In the end the upper structure is still well balanced, and the weight is distributed evenly. I hope you liked the MOC/MOD
  9. gvo25

    [WIP] Electric Rope Shovel

    Dear All, With the advent of the Liebherr excavator, I wanted to give a new go to build a new rope shovel excavator, which I'll name rope shovel MkII. The last crane remained unfinished, I stopped when I had to do the panelling. This time I'll use the trackbase of the Liebherr and the shell of the main body, the rest I'll try to build myself. For now the main boom is in an advanced stage of completion. The goal is to use the new motors later on. For testing I Installed an L-motor but this is not definite. Here are the first pictures The next picture is sort of a MOC-up Comments are always welcome
  10. gvo25

    [MOC] Pipe-layer

    Here's the video
  11. Hello all, Here's a Moc of a generic pipe layer, with the cabin of the 42094. It has a propulsion of 2 L-moters and a subtractor unit. the boom and winch are both operated with an M-motor. The model is fully remote controlled with 2 IR-receivers. The counter-weight moves simultaneously with the boom.
  12. Three stage boom, I also tried to install a three-stage boom, which in my opinion looks better on the model. Proportion wise it's a better solution. The first stage is 7X7, the second 5X5 and the last stage remains the same of the original model. The second stage uses gears to extend and the last stage uses a string, according to the 42009 model. The LA's are able to lift the complete boom without a problem, the extension of the 2nd stage suffers a bit from friction but extends without engaging the clutch. The total length of the boom with extension is 103 cm, I'm also quite pleased with the bending as the stages still have sufficent support whe extended. I tried to use as much of the original parts, and sorry for the color vomit as i dont have that much red parts. The boom could use the new LA's to be a little bit more vertical when fully deployed. The string under the main part is left over string from the last stage as I didn't want to cut away the left overs.
  13. Any change there will be instructions for the undercarriage? Looks really compact and more true to the real machine
  14. gvo25

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    Really fantastic build, great lighting and very nice video with great sound, simply stunning!!!! congrats
  15. gvo25

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    In my old WIP topic there are some pictures [WIP] Electric Rope Shovel