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  1. gvo25

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    In my old WIP topic there are some pictures [WIP] Electric Rope Shovel
  2. gvo25

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I see in this excavator, the opportunity to finally enhance the excavator 8043 with the right LAs , the 42009 with the right LAs and the 42082 with the right LAs all at the same time, even to fit or to mod the 42082 with tracks. This is why the Liebherr 42100 is a must buy from the very start. The 42100 can be "easily" modded into this..... I can use the base, the bucket and the new motors with the hubs, it's like it was meant to be a rope shovel excavator
  3. gvo25

    42097 Spider Crane

    I don't know what's happening here..... you're explaining how the spider crane looks like, what's on it and how to MOD it, apparently you have detailed images of it, but I don't see the point of sharing them to us if the rest don't have the images at this point. Wouldn't it be more interesting to discuss this when the model comes in the shop or when the images are official. Now you are the only one talking about the model it's not even a real discussion This is my point of view, you can do whatever you want but for me it's a bit senseless to begin with this 2-3 months before the launch.
  4. gvo25

    42097 Spider Crane

    Sorry to say this, but you have started a topic about a model that nobody has ever seen, how canpeople comment or join a discussion on a build that nobody has seen in detail. I find this a bit odd and frustrating especially when you start with mods. I guess you like to be the first to start the discussion, but I find the whole thing pointless if you don't share the pictures. These topics should start when TLG releases officialy releases the sets or images of the sets, not earlier. It's too bad that TLG doesn't release these images sooner but so be it, we'll have enough time later to start with mods and discussions.
  5. gvo25

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I don't know if it already had been mentioned here, but those LA look like it's a new mold/design, and not just an extension of the current LA's, also the tracks have the new big sprocket wheels, all good things to modify cranes and track bases, just enough to modify the booms of 42009 and 42082 and to modify the tracks of 42042, the last 2 LA's I can use to modify 8043. That liebherr excavator is reallyu a must buy for 2 boxes. I can hardly wait
  6. extremely long awaited video [media] It shows a bit how it works, but with a lack of a good drill it wasn't doing it's job well
  7. Finished Build, Hello all, I finally finished my build of the aerial lift. I'm not really into aesthetics, so the base turret maybe looks a bit unfinished. But the model works and I have already another MOC in mind so I'll leave it with this. For this final episode I reworked the base again and this resulted in a much better weight balance so I could move the battery box to the base in a much better position. The automatic balancing of the plattform works ok-ish. Because it works with air, the compression/extension of the platform cylinder lags behind to that of the pilot cylinders. Probably It can function better with larger pilot cylinders but that would make the model to big. I managed to make a small video, forgive me of the quality video making is not one of my strong points [media]
  8. Hello All, I did again some work on my lift.I installed a preliminary basket and I reworked the base, because it turned out that it was not solid enough, it was flexing a lot and couldn't handle the extra weight of the basket. The basket is auto-levelled by means of pneumatic pumps. I revised the gearing of the upper LA and also the gearing of the rotation motor has been revised. I decided to put the battery box on the arm itself for better weight balance, like this the turret can be kept as small as possible. The only thing is that the lower LA is now struggling to lift the arm the first mm's. Things to do are, routing all the cables and pneumatic hoses, find a place for the Sbrick and IR receivers, and rework the turret (again) for better balance and centre of gravity. Also still to do is better paneling. Here are some fotos The cylinder is compressed automatically by gravity-weight of the basket
  9. That's indeed a very good idea, I was already breaking my head on how to do the levelling mechanism, I hope I can make it work properly
  10. Hello all, This is a new WIP of an 'articulated telescopic aerial platform' ...on tracks. I wanted to build one of those to go together with the rough terrain crane as an add-on. Usually on worksites these work plattforms are a common sight and work well together with cranes. Here's my inspiration foto: My version is on tracks, because I'm not so good in making a wheelbase with steering and propulsion. The track base is derived from the b-model of the 42094 set. My MOC has 6 motors: 2 L-motors for the tracks 1 M-motor for slewing 1 M-motor for extending the boom 1 L-motor for raising the first stage of the boom 1 L-motor for raising the second stage of the boom. The model uses 1 sbrick and 1 IR receiver Still to do is the panelling of the main body, and building the plattform itself. Here are some fotos: That's all for now, comments and suggestions are always welcome
  11. Normally I'm not really a car fanatic but your work makes me want to buy this set and change it into your version
  12. I wasn't talking about engine pistons(which is another story IMO). But, If TLG is going on to build larger creations like the 42082, the linear actuators, or the pneumatic pistons should follow the growth of the model in a natuaral sense. At first the pneumatics did grow with the arocs and volvo models but the LAs didn't follow the same evolution, The linear actuators should increase in size too because the models are getting bigger and heavier and they haven't received a structural revision since they were first introduced, even with the 42009 the LAs were already too small (see mocs with the firelli pistons). extra note: If you would increase the size of the pneumatic actuators, the pump piston should increase in size too or TLG should create extra options to increase air volume and/or pressure.
  13. I've just finished the build and I like the crane a lot, once completed i think it looks good in red and black.It looks better in real life than on pictures. It's something different and fresh in red, compared to the previous cranes in yellow. The functions switch is indeed not so handy but the functions in itself work flawlesly with quite heavy loads. As a first mod I've installed the iron lego hook, which does look better on this crane, one day I do would like to make a three-part boom and maybe a secondary hook. With the advent of the new larger sprocket wheels a track version of this crane is defenitely a possibility and a must-build. I hope one day TLG would make larger pistons, because these look a bit out of scale. All in All, a good buy and a nice crane, I hope TLG would make a lot more cranes in the future
  14. gvo25


    Thank you for your comment, that was indeed a problem, the return to centre
  15. Dear all, I recently started a new project. I'm going to try to build from scratch a tractor. Untill now my mocs were modifications of existing models or Mocs based on parts of existing models. Additionally I personally find it extremely hard to build vehicles with wheels, so any help or advice is always welcome. I'm going to try to build a tractor with PF-functions, a cab, 3-point hitch, Pto and a towball. Later I would like to add a front loader. Here are some fotos of The chassis. I don't have the recent CLAAS wheels so I'm going to use the old style full wheels. The front wheels are pendular. Any comments and help are always welcome