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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I'm making a topic to consolidate my work in progress photos, questions and worries while building stuff. The C-model bug has bitten me around my 6th year as I was playing with ATCO bricks, as in Bulgaria LEGO was prohibitively expensive. Then some dark ages hit for about 20 years, then 42046 was given to me as a gift and here we are... Some of you may have already seen some of my work posted on the forum here /42106 Big Rig/. I've produced other C models - a truck trailer from 42103, revised 42039's B model and a whole bunch of stuff from 42101 and 42102. Click the spoiler below to see some photos of all of them up to date. In the following posts I'll show more on my current WIP - 42106 VW Camper. ================================ GTS is my old forum name and my nickname in Bulgarian is Kostq /pronounced Kost-ya/.
  2. I've just finished another Alternate Build of set 42056 and this time it's a Japanese Classic from the seventies. The 1971 Nissan/Datsun 240Z Fairlady was much lusted after in my youth and they have held their appeal ever since. Features are: Full suspension Steering connected to adjustable height driver's wheel with 2.7 turns lock to lock Right hand drive like the original HOG steering 5 speed and reverse "H" pattern shift gearbox Detailed inline 6 cyinder engine connected to the back wheels via the gearbox Opening bonnet and doors with working door latches Cabin features full leg room, window winders (but no windows) and driver's pedals 50 cm long x 22 cm wide x 16 cm high 1.85 kg 2,071 pieces all sourced from set 42056 but you will need one additional piece to enable reverse gear, the MOC still works without it. For more images, details and instructions head over to my MOC page at Rebrickable.
  3. Hey everyone, My last build of the year features a pneumatic reach stacker built only with parts from 42043. The model contains around 1400 parts, and it is rather small given that part count (only about 40cm long). It contains no PF fro the pump but the space inside is really filled by pneumatic tubes. One thing I wanted to try was to not have the tubes showing all along the boom, so I put them inside the boom. This took up a lot of space. Anyways, I'm happy with the result as everything works well and there are lots of functions: HoG steering with Ackermann geometry Drivetrain connected to a piston engine Pendular rear axle Sliding cabin forward and backward ~ 20 studs rotate grabber (by hand) Extend boom, with safety ratchet to prevent fallback Raise boom (pneumatic) Manipulate wrist (pneumatic) Open/close grabber (pneumatic) And now for the video: And now for some pictures: And that's all. I wish everyone a happy new year! I'm honored to be part of this amazing community and hope that it continues to flourish in the years to come. Thanks for reading! C&C are always appreciated. BbBT
  4. Hi everyone! I would like to show you my C model of 42069. It's a helicopter with many features. I'll make more photos as soon as possible and put them on Flickr. - On this link is a video showing how features work. Hope you enjoy it! I will try to mke instructions soon EDIT: Video of functions here:
  5. Here's my latest MOC, a C model for the 4x4 Crawler (9398) set. Features: 4x4 drive achieved by 2 hard coupled L motors, with an overall 1:1 gear ratio 1 Servo motor for steering Pendular rear suspension* Easily remove the battery box by pulling the red pushpin on either white curved panel, pulling the smokestacks out, lifting the roof, pulling the two axle/lift assemblies keeping the BB from sliding around, and pull the BB out. Openable hood LDraw, and Stud.i files available here Notes: I have assembled this physically, didn't take any pictures though. The LDraw file is wonky in spots, such as the rear from the motors, back, and how I couldn't get the back axle tilted to connect the top rods, you should be able to fgure it out though. *not sprung, couldn't fit them on nicely, this this is made to go fast, not rock climb anyways
  6. Hey everyone, Presenting my last 42054 C model for a long time. This is a 2-stage tractor, a very interesting model (at least in my opinion) because of its steering system which features articulated steering and front wheel steering to create 4 steering modes. I also added a lawn mower attachment which has 2 motorized functions. Additionally, the whole model is very detailed. How about some pictures? Well, that's it. I hope you enjoy this MOC. I sure had a ton of fun building it! Please leave a comment! BbBT
  7. Another 42054 C model. It'll have 3 power functions, and at least 4 manual functions. The front will have a grabber like in @M_longer's C model, though without any function: -Front stage 1 (powered) -rotation rear excavator (powered) -rear excavator stage 1 (powered) -front stage 2 (manual) -rear excavator stage 2 (manual) -HoG steering (manual) -opening doors CURRENT STATE: Here are some pictures: Leave a comment! More progress soon. BrickbyBrickTechnic
  8. Hello. My first Technic set was the 9390 Tow Truck. It was 2012 and I star building alternate models for this set. I found it to be a very useful set of pieces. I managed to build 3 different models, all functional and (I think) good looking models. I released "instructions" in Rebrickable. What I did back then was to upload the LDD file. A week ago I decided to make instructions according to my new parameters. The models appear in a single PDF. You can fin the instructions in What I want is to ask you guys is if you have any different alternate model that you want to share. I will give proper credit to the author and I will eliminate the watermark. Each model will have a cover page and information about its designer (name, nickname or web site). If you want your model to be included in this compilation, please share the LDD or LDraw file, I'll do the rest. Color scheme and render options will remain the same for all models. The idea is that anyone can publish the PDF with all the alternate models, including mine and yours. Also, I'd like to add custom instructions to the original A and B models, but I think It's not possible because of Copyright. It's all about making a tribute to a set the engaged me into the Technic System Models so far:
  9. as my first moc on this site i would like to introduce my 42039 f1 c model moc it reatures: hog steering, fake engine, suspension , and drs activator pros: very durable, and light (850 grams) cons: bump steer, and ugly drs activator Aventador2004 Updated pics coming soon full gallery at bricksafe (first version, not the updated one)
  10. Hi, this is my C Model for the 42043 - MB Arocs, It's an articulated tractor with a tipping trailer! Tech specs: 1x L Motor 3x Pneumatic cylinders, 2x 11x2 to lift & lower the trailer bed, and a 1x5 cylinder to open & close the trailer flap. 10x Wheels, 8 on the tractor in a dually configuration, & 4 on the trailer. Well, now on to pictures! All pictures & more are available at my BrickLink
  11. Hi Guys here is my first MOC in a little while. It is an alternative model for set 42024. Unfortunately It has way too many parts to be able to enter it in the current competition but since alternate models are the flavour of the month I thought a few of you might appreciate it it anyway. I found this was a complicated set to moc from due to all the different colours and lack of a good quantity of parts in any one colour. It uses about 95% of the parts from the set. I will post a couple of pics here and you can check out the whole thing at my moc pages.
  12. I have been shamelessly plugging the Lego Technic 42042 Crawler Crane over in the "What should I buy" thread here at Eurobricks but I just came across a new reason to buy it that I thought was relevant to a more general audience. A company in Europe called PV Productions has created a C-Model that is a GBC contraption. (No relation, ownership nor knowledge of who they are.) calls it a D Model because he has two GBC C models created from the set, but only the D Model is available for purchase now... and purchase it, I did! My seven year old son is into small Lego Techic models as he doesn't have enough patience to build the 1,000+ piece models, but after showing him the video, he wants to build it with me this weekend. Only problem... I don't own any of the Lego soccer or basketballs that are used for GBC models and I have no desire to pay the crazy $2.50+ costs per ball!! I've attached a video below (I assume that's okay) to the Youtube video he created of the D model. I'll be picking up the C-Model as soon as it's available for purchase. He also has pending future GBC models for sales that are all C Models of 42043, 42054 and another that is a 2 set C Model but I cannot recall which... Watch the video and you want to buy the set and want to figure out how to buy some Lego balls or alternatives. If soeone has a good recommendation for an alternate source, I would love to know it. Update: just checked my Paypal receipt and the PV stands for Phillip Verbeek, I think.
  13. Hi Here is another alternative model of 42038 set. It was created in February but I forgot to post it. It has around 600 pieces Features. * Rising and lowering arms with miniLAs operated by the knob on the roof * Bucket operated by a lever system * Seat with suspension I have made a LDD file, so I will post it soon in Rebrickable. Anyway if you want to take a look, you can go to my bricksafe page using one of the pictures links More pictures Hope you like it
  14. Comin' in quite late, one year after discontinuing of the original set, but still quite hot - I give you the Bootleg Belle, a monstrous desert hot rod on steroids. Forget the stance, omit the channeling, leave out the chopping. Stacking a classic 1930's coupé on top of a 1940's truck's slanted chassis, adding 9' diameter wheels and a monstrous supercharged mountain V8 created this pinnacle of Kustom Kulture. Bootleg Belle is a moonshine hauler at a size of a small mountain that gives you a nice sense of superiority, even if you are a modest bloke. With two meters of metal framework under your butt you know who is the king of the desert now. Features: ► mountain V8 cammer engine with moving pistons ► blower with rotating pulley + Enderle-style bugcatcher & twin carb ► radiator with reinforced grille ► ribbed hose headers and shotgun exhausts ► working differential and transmission ► working steering connected to steering wheel and a rear facing HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► opening, functional trunk ► rear hinged ("suicide") doors with shaved handles ► individual suspension for each wheel ► reinforced bumpers ► rear view mirrors, desert safety flag 42000 C-model, uses around 92,5% of set's parts (loose assumption). Sorry for the quality of photos, still can't afford a decent camera.
  15. What is the difference between what is referred to as a C-Model and a D-Model? Technic sets often have an A & B model and I thought a C-model was a fan created alternate option, which leaves me wondering what D-model is. For instance, I'm pretty sure the Duck model I found online that is built using only parts from 42040 is considered a C-model. (Fun model to build, though one of the 12 tooth gears doesn't like to stay put for long)
  16. rumpletump

    Snow Groomer

    Well I have not built a model for a while. This is the fist one all year. I have had plans to do a c model to the 42038 snow vehicle since it came out but since there have been at least a couple of other c models made to this set, One very good one by Buster Haus, I put my plans on hold a while. The model has the following features. Doors open close. Front blade raise and lower via twin in cab lever. spring loaded to hold in up or down position. Front blade adjustable to 5 positions left to right...with locking pin. Front blade tilt via linear actuator running off PTO. Central gearbox behind cab to switch between front and rear PTO. Rear groomer raise and lower via twin lever next to rear tray . spring loaded to hold in up or down position. Rear groomer tilt via linear actuator running off PTO. can adjust between rake only, rake and scrape, and scrape only. Small crane behind cab can turn lift and winch. Enjoy :) See all the pics at my bricksafe Cheers Henry
  17. Good day! Today I present you my alternate for 42032 - A bulldozer with snowplow! It has: removeable front and rear snowplows lifting front attachment rotating a gear detailed brickbuilt engine added grey seat Complete gallery on Bricksafe : Rear Without attachments The little but powerfull engine The grey seat Thanks for reading!
  18. Hi everybody! Today i present to you my new MOC - Supermoto bike (alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle). I hope you will like it!
  19. Tamas Juhasz

    [TC5] Road Roller

    Hi all! Nowadays I have very limited time for making mocs (this is also the reason for less activity here, but maybe you didn't forget me : ), but finally I made and uploaded my entry for TC5 contest. It's a road roller from 8264: ROAD ROLLER - 505 of 575 parts used - motorized - automatic forward-backward movement between two walls - manual steering with linear actuator - openable rear cover plate - can do some "real" road rolling work I listed my sets, which can be used for the contest, and I relaized, I have mostly small sets with 100-150 parts. Then I found 8264, with optimal part count, 575. So this is my only set which is good for making an entry. Interesting things: it has nerly no gears (only a turntable and one 8t gear), but contains one PF M motor with battery box. I didn't want to switch the model on-off with touching the BB's switch inside (it's hard to make precisely, and uncomfortable), so I began to think with some external control mechanism. This ended up with a long rod, if you push it, the road roller goes towards. This also stops the vehicle when it reaches a wall, it's some kind of protection for the motor. Steering positions: The really small drivetrain: Leftover parts: I made it in LDD --> instructions: VIDEO: Here you can see the behaviour of the mechanism --> not always predictable Hope you like it. Comments are always welcomed.
  20. MrTekneex

    [TC5] Beach Buggy

    Hi everybody! For this great contest I've think to create a C-Model from set 8081 8081 Extreme Cruiser: a beach buggy. Pics coming soon.