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  1. My mechanical clocks

    All my previous designs were too sensitive to changes in driving force to make pullback practical. I'll definitely give it a shot with grasshopper.
  2. [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    I like the sleekness of number 2. BTW great project
  3. Great idea! Choosing the right size for third wheel is interesting problem - as far as I remember, excessive ground pressure on it was one of the major problems of this "tank".
  4. My mechanical clocks

    Another update. This time, a grasshopper escapement has been used to set (probably) a new record of lego clock efficiency.
  5. Mark V Tank

    /\ This. Not sure what is more awesome: the build or the video. "He wanted to be a painter...." . How it compares with real one in terms of offroad performance, for example max slope? I presume the model has much better power/weight ratio?
  6. [TC12] The Unrollable

    Nice idea! Kind of reminds me the playstation game Rollcage.
  7. Working electric guitar

    I have arleady tried 3 but failed. Technically, its possible, although the tuning keys took pretty considerable space. The problem is that due to insufficient rigidity of the guitar the tone wanders a lot. With one string that is not an issue - the whole song just sort of "flows". With multiple strings, they quickly become detuned from each other and the sound is quite awful. Anyways, I'm definitely planning to try 2 strings in the future... and learning to play it :D
  8. There is something hypnotizing in all the little sounds it makes after stopping
  9. Working electric guitar

    Thanks, that worked quite well! After some stiffening (and running out of black pins :D), I could actually tune it better and try something more difficult. This is the result:
  10. Awesome! Such a creative idea :D Good thing the string is quite thick - at 6m/s, a thin one might be a serious hazard to the fingers
  11. The big crossbow has got a little brother :D
  12. Now THAT is powerfull! It would be interesting to calculate the efficiency - the water mass per second (in kilograms) * 9.81 m/s^2 * pump height (metres) should give approx. mechanical power in watts, neglecting the kinetic energy of water. Then, one can compare it with electric imput power. In this case (25cm, 10 litres/minute), it would be about 0.4 Watts. This site confirms this value (I had to multiply the flow rate by 1000 because result cannot go below kilowatts) http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/pumps-power-d_505.html
  13. That works suprisingly well I always thought that the casing must be round and very tightly fitted to the impeller to get any sort of efficiency.
  14. Working electric guitar

    Thanks guys!! BTW are there any tehniques to make a stiffer guitar neck, or generally strong technic beam? I have 4x8 plates near the body and then 2x8 plates and 1x8 plates sandwiched between technic bricks, with ocasional 2x3 plate to connect them, making some sort of a H-beam (see image). What could I do, apart from using longer plates and bricks?