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Found 19 results


    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Decided to take inspiration from fellow builders and put all my past & future builds into one thread, so I wouldn't feel bad about having to create new threads everytime I had something new to upload. The first pictures are the builds that got me started back in 2017, and ones at the bottom are the more recent mocs that I've made. Jaguar XJR-12 Completed in January 2021 McLaren Senna Completed in January 2021 Lexus LFA Modification of an earlier version that I built back in 2019 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Completed in February 2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Completed in February 2021
  2. Hi this is the same model as CP1401 but with the classic blue color scheme It has 2 PF train motors Buwizz 2.0 Ludricous (But I don't use the Ludricous mode, this is not a High-speed train :P) DYI Lights It can run alone or synchronize with the CP1401. This is part of my Consist "CP Miradouro Phase 2" which has 2 Locomotives and 5 Coaches Now, some " CP Miradouro" consists The funny thing about the real-life train is the inconsistency of the rolling stock, it's almost impossible to see the same train twice, sometimes it's just two coaches, sometimes it has two locomotives, sometimes are fully colourful with several different coaches, sometimes are the same colors, etc Now the full train has 3,60meters long, but unfortunately I don't have enough room or backdrop to take a nice photo.
  3. Yeah i know,the huge Amount of TLBM themed Moc`s might be a bit overwhelming (why is everyone overwhelmed,how about just whelmed...) but isn`t it just great when a single Movie inspires so many creative Minds. Without further ado,here is my Take on the Police Cruisers from the Lego Batman Movie. I got the Idea when someone posted a Screenshot of an Advertisement from Target for the TLBM Sets.This one,to be precise (Image was cropped to remove unnessesary Stuff) TLBM-Police Car-6 I really liked the Car and i thought "Hey,that doesn`t look too hard to make". So i saved this Image and looked through various Trailers and short Spots to get a Glimpse of how the Car looked from Behind and how the Undercarriage was made.Needless to say there weren`t many high Quality Sources so i started to guess here and there. My first Design with the Digital Designer looked pretty okay... TLBM-Police Car-1 So i made a Partslist and started building after my Bricklink Order arrived. 20170311_184610 20170311_184622 20170311_184630 20170311_184654 20170311_184704 20170311_184722 20170311_184738 20170311_184829 20170311_184840 Of course i changed the Color from Sandblue to Black,since most Parts are much easier to get in that Color.I also had a few Police Stickers from Lego City Sets lying around to add additional Details. So,how do you like my Version of the Police Cruiser? P.S. I won`t add a huge Speaker on the Roof :D
  4. It's finally time to present the MOC of the M10005 “City of Denver”, in all her glory. This MOC has been developed over several years (yes, YEARS) as I started her in October 2018 and very soon ran in to problems finding solutions to build her nose and windscreen. early development While I did not work on her every day, not even every month, I did return to her ever so often to try and see if I could make it work. The biggest problem that I ran in to was that there just isn't enough information about her on the internet. Size, power, etc etc, its nowhere to be found, whatever search pattern I tried. Even pictures of her are difficult to find as the prototypes of this locomotive have all been scrapped ages ago. For a while it seemed this train would remain a WIP for ever. Until September 2021 when, by sheer luck, I found a book called: “UNION PACIFICS M-10000 and the Early Streamliner Era 1934-1941” by Thos. R .Lee. In it was everything I would need; beautiful pictures, a complete history of not only the locomotives but also the consists, and more importantly all the stats and even rough blueprints with measurements. Finally I could design her and in the proper scale as well. From then it was a designing frenzy where I would find solution after solution to design her, it was almost like she wanted to be converted to LEGO and designed herself. Only the windscreen remained at the end. At first I was thinking of using the same method as Anthony Sava in his EMD F7 but I actually didn't like the look it was giving her, it was almost to modern. So after some tampering and test building I found a different way to do it and I'm pretty pleased how that turn out. Now with the design ready I could start getting the needed bricks, all 2250 of them. In between, my render of the A-unit won a price on the LEGO Rail Facebook page that was just running a monthly competition. That month it happened to be the theme “Streamlined” and what could be more streamlined than this City of Denver? After all, they are called “Streamliners” for a reason. The A and B-unit are not connected using the usual magnets but uses a rather nifty spring-loaded system that keeps them together while doing turns. That systems was developed by Teunis Davey and it's with his permission that I adapted it to go for my M10005 MOC. It does mean that this engine will not run on radii smaller then R104. It was all ready late December 2021 when I contacted Andy Mollman of OKBrickWorks to get the decals done and after some going back and forth we settled on a design that would work and he shipped the decals. Those decals are now also on OKBrickWork's site, for a very reasonable price, do check them out: Instructions are now available on Rebrickable, you can find them in two versions. The first version is the full locomotive, so A & B-units together. The second version has the A and the B-unit listed apart: I've chosen to do it this way so that it's possible not having to buy all the bricks at once but still be able to build at least one of the units and see it run. Because, 2250 bricks, that's not cheap. Later on the coaches of the “City of Denver” consist (all 10!!) will also be added. I hope everyone likes this locomotive as much as I do, for me, it's the most mesmerizing and iconic diesel engine ever build and ever to run on UP's rail network. More pictures and renders, as well as some videos of her running R120's can be found here:
  5. Decided to create a new topic about my recent speed champions mocs and alternatives to combine everything in one topic to prevent myself from creating more and more topics. With that every new moc will be posted only in this topic So here are some my last alternatives i made while i was silent here: • Ferrari Testarossa made using 76908: Instructions: • Lancia Stratos out of 76908 Instructions: • Lotus Esprit from pieces of 76908 Instructions: • Porsche 968 made out 76901 (15th alt for this set!) Instructions: • Autobianchi Runabout made out 76908 Instructions: • 70s Chevrolet Camaro out of 76901 Instructions: Thanks for your attention! All the instructions above are also free so you could enjoy your sets in a different way!
  6. Hi all, since I read the very, very interesting thread about Torben Plagborg creations, I've been trying some new designs (some are just sketches, just to understand how things could work). Now, in this nice thread some nice 12v creations can be seen - but one captured my interest more than others. It's a little blue steamer with a black 12v motor. It seems pretty big, so I'd say it was an 8-wide experiment. In general, all the top shelves are very interesting. Starting from that little steamer, I began to think about a 12v locomotive in 8-wide. So I started designing another small steamer (I'd say a well known prototype): the great Deutsche Bundesbahn BR-80. 8-wide is not a common scale for me - I only tried it two times in my whole life, so it was a trial and error process. I tried to use parts that could have been available in the last 80s /first 90s - during the Phase II of the Gray Era and the advent of 9v era. And here it recalls me a "fat" 7727/7730, with a touch of 7810... 8-wide gives some possibility also to work with odd number of studs (boiler is 5 studs wide instead of the classic 4-wide used in standard 12v steamers). I kept the standard cylinders, the ladders, rods, red buffers and magnets, which fit nicely an keep the 12v feeling alive. I used Some SNOT for the doors, using headlight bricks. Everything was already experimented at the time (e.g. the B-model wagon with horizontal sliding doors in 7735 instructions). Right side is quite symmetrical to the left one, apart some details. 12v motor looks nice, now that the body is correctly larger. Weights can sit on top of the motor - but the model could already be sufficiently heavy to have some decent traction and pulling power. I think adding lights won't be a problem nowadays, but for sure at the time (80s/90s) it could have been an additional challenge ! But...there are some issues that must be noted: The buffers overhang is quite...massive - and this SURELY will create problems with 12v switches, since the buffers will collide with the switching electric mechanism. Coupling wagons on R40 curves could be impossible...since this BR80 is longer than any other 12v locomotive or wagon not based on bogies chassis. Weight of a complete train could be excessive for the poor 12v motors. I think it has been a very fun experiment, a real "12v+" MOC...but being realistic - in my opinion it's too limited by the motor, wheels size...and 12v track geometry itself . Maybe, with 3d printed 12v wheels and a PF-based motor it could work on PF flexible track - but it would then loose 90% of its "vintage" appeal. I'd classify it as "Virtual Shelf Queen" ! Ciao! Davide
  7. badchriss

    [ MOC] - "Spider Buggy"

    Inspired by a vehicle in the "Old Man Logan" comic which itself seem to have inspired the set design behind an upcoming Spiderman set (the one with a spider buggy and a Venom dinosaur), i designed that rugged beefy Spider Buggy from the comic: Spider Buggy-b Spider Buggy-a My version is closely based on the vehicle in the comic. I only changed the color on the hood around a bit to be sticker friendly when the Lego set comes out. Spider Buggy Spider Buggy_4 The blue 1x4 tiles in the back can be removed to reveal the storage comparment (those 3x4 crates) Spider Buggy_3 Spider Buggy_2 How do you guys like my version?
  8. Coal Fired Bricks

    Boston and Albany RR Tender

    I built this tender for a B&A F2 Class 4-6-0 which I finished because of running issues I ended up scrapping the project. I wish I took photos. The F2 group consisted of twenty locomotives built by Schenectady in 1907 with 22x26 inch cylinders, 69-inch drivers, and 200 lbs. of boiler pressure. Some had the cylinder bore increased by one inch and were designated F-12 Class. I built this after Christmas because my B&A D1a 4-6-6t had running issues(cough caugh**vertical drive motor). Overall I am pretty happy with this model and I turned out well. Instead of using a flex tube, I used black coffee stirrers which are nearly the exact same size as flex tube and they are $2 for 300. This is a good runner and **Bonus** can run on R40. Boston and Albany Tender by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr Boston and Albany Tender by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr Boston and Albany Tender by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr For more pics head to my Flickr page -Coal Fired PS stay tuned for my next build and I may post some pics of older builds here and my Christmas layout.
  9. Hello, Annother Portuguese replica, 8 Wide, more than 50 studs long, can transport 6wide cars (Max 4bricks high) The waggon is a bunch of brackets, plates and tiles, not tested yet in real life. LDD file:
  10. Sérgio

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Hi, I don't know much about this one, A person request me to design a 8 wide version of a Belgic Class 77, so this was the result:
  11. Hello! *SPOILERS* Resident Evil 2 Final Remake Scene The references were basically to play and take screenshots in the console, so there are no big pictures on the net for comparison, there is a video (SPOILERS and Stong language) with the final scene of this game. This is the escape in a laboratory train, with an odd and industrial look where we face the last monster, the "G5" LEGO - Resident Evil 2 Lab Escape train by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO Resident Evil 2 (remake) G5 Boss Fight by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO Resident Evil2 escape train by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  12. This is a Swedish T44 diesel locomotive, in two color schemes, and both equipped with the "new" Powered Up system. The PuP battery box withg it's slimmer height is better for locomotives with limited space heightwise like the T44. Also it means battery change is quite easy.
  13. Selander

    MOC: Green small locomotive

    Here's a new small green locomotive. I had a stock of parts in green suitable for building a locomotive, such as 13760, 2928, 60592, 60594 and 60414. It is not based on a real prototype, but more on my previous builds. Roof light as recently seen by Holger Matthes. Not powered, bur has fake "motors" behind the green doors.
  14. Just over a month ago I revealed my latest creation to the world, a scale model of the light rail vehicles that are located in my home city of Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Just over 3 years old the light rail system here is currently being extended to comprise a total of 19 stations over a 21km single line, using 18 Bombardier Flexity 2 LRVs (light rail vehicles). My Lego version of the G: (gee, the local name for the trams) is a roughly 1:40 scale, 8 wide, 136 studs long (8.5x normal straight track lengths), 7 carriages in yellow, dark gray & blue. I worked on the design for months getting the proportions right. In a twist of fate that i was on the right track a technical drawing i found when printed at the build scale, a 9V motor unit has the same wheel base as the printed drawing. Like the Flexity 2, the overall unit is made up of three different carriage types. A wheeled drivers unit, a suspended passenger unit (with doors) and another wheeled passenger unit that sits between the suspended units. So a LRV is made up of an odd number of carriages with the odd numbered units having wheeled contact & even carriages suspended between. It is powered by two 9V train motors that are positioned in the first & last carriages. And due to its design performs nicely on standard track geometry including a full 4x (90deg) curve. The carriages are joined together using old school ball hinge parts (two) placed at the top and bottom of each carriage. This keeps them straight and in line with each other., and allows for a bit of vertical movement due to tables never being level at shows. The side panels are built with a snot technique of tiles on plates. A friend owns Print on Bricks and did the small tiles while the large G: were done at a sign writers. I also created a light rail station in the same style at is located in my city. Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr The local paper did a small article on my creation and I will be displaying the model with GoldLinq (the operators) and Bombardier (manufactures) at two seperate shows these coming months. Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr More photos here: I have to thank Ashi Valkoinen and his CAF Urbos 3 tram, Budapest [REAL MOC] post that gave me inspiration.
  15. Stefaneris

    [MOC] Scania V8 Truck and B-Train

    Hello all I'd like to show you the recent addition to the logistics in Lego City: A 60ton Truck, in a B-train configuration. A B-Train is a tractor with a trailer, and the trailer also has a fith wheel (the thing where the trailer is connectec) to connect another trailer. The advantage of this type of truck is, that you can take out the middle part to get a regular truck with tractor and trailer which can be used anywhere in Europe, while the B-trains and other long combinations of trucks (called EuroCombi) only are allowed in Scandinavia, or mainly Sweden. They have a lenght up to 25.5m (86,6ft) and a weight up to 60t (132000pounds). The tractor is a Scania V8, no I didn't build a motor but there is the V8 logo on the backside in the cabin. On the inside there are two beds, one of them can be folded away and two seats (obviously ). The driver also wants to take breaks so there is a small fridge and a coffee machine over the windscreen. On the front there are a lot of lights and also a bar to prevent damages when crashing with a wild animal, what unfortunatly isn't uncommun in the northern parts of Scandinavia. Let's take a look on the pictures: Scnaia B-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania 40t by StefanEris, auf Flickr And last but not least a picture of a real B-Train on the Finnish-Swedish border: B-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr To my American friends: I think that there are a lot of B-trains on your roads which can't be separated, since they transport loads of sand, gravel and such things. If you have some information or see any mistakes feel free to share it. Have fun Stefan
  16. Stefaneris

    [MOC] Neoplan Skyliner FlixBus

    Hello all In Germany and in most of Europe, these green buses connect Cities on international lines. For me the most interesting thing was the colour, since normally long distance buses tend to be white or a not so eye-catching colour. The prototype is a Neoplan Skyliner, because I like the shape of those buses. There are only a handfull of this type operating for FlixBus since Neoplan buses are generally more comfortable than other buses and used for charter service. To build my model I used blueprints to macht the shape, especially of the dark stripe with the windows. You also may spot some bricks which I coverd with coloured paper since some bricks don't exist (yet) in lime. My bus also has a passive steering, so that you could play with it. But now for the pictures, can you spot the driver and the red mug? Side3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Front by StefanEris, auf Flickr Side1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Side2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Feel free to comment. Stefan
  17. Hello everybody, here are my latest creations, two (almost similar) Swedish T44 Diesel locomotives. Base measures 8wide x L32studs, and body contains: -A medium PF motor in the rear compartment, that powers a decoupling system in rear boggie. -IR receiver in drivers cab. -Std PF battery box in the front compartment. -A std PF train motor takes care of propulsion. One channel on PF controller is used for decoupling, and the other channel is used for running the PF train motor. Coulor scheme is the former standard of SJ (Swedish state railways) as: Orange / White stripe / DkBlue top. T44 is (still) the most common freight diesel locomotive in Sweden and was originally built in 123 units. I made two units with same mechanics but slightly different detailing. I made several different designs for remote decoupling, but this one is more or less borrowed from Baard, which in turn was inspired by my previous attempts. The mini LA (linear actuator) moves the magnet in and out, thus separating the loco magnet from wagon magnet for a remote controlled shunting. Any comments are welcome as usual.
  18. Stefaneris

    Neoplan Cityliner

    Hello all I would like to share a coach (this time one from the street, not from the rails). The prototype was a Neoplan Cityliner in the newest version. I picked this coach because of its special look of the windscreen. I built the long version with three axles as a 8wide model with the LDD. The most difficult part was of course the curved windscreen but also the rear was a bit tricky and there is a lot of SNOT work on both ends. Now enjoy the pictures: Neoplan Cityliner 1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Neoplan Cityliner 2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Neoplan Cityliner 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Neoplan Cityliner 4 by StefanEris, auf Flickr If you want to see pictures of the prototype, take a look at this (German) site: Stefan
  19. Selander

    MOC: DkGreen 8w locomotive

    Hi everyone, This is a MOC I recently built which is inspired by a mix of Swedish electric locomotives but with typical German or Swiss color scheme. It is not motorized on pictures. Some new elements from Mini Cooper have been used in front&rear end which allows a smooth transission from 8w to 7w in the top front section. Feel free to comment.