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Found 60 results

  1. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new series of MOC. To begin - Russian frigates pr.1135 (NATO designation - "Krivak"). Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Frigates pr.1135 - a unique series of warships, held at the Navy of the USSR and then Russia, Ukraine and India since the early 1970's to the present. In total 49 ships were built, and the construction of a serious improvement is still ongoing. "Krivak I" ASW-frigate "Krivak III" coast guard patrol ship more photos and information
  2. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Hello dear ship-builders, I wasn't active for a long time now. Some of you might remember me from building the "HMS Bulwark", a 74 gun third rate ship of the line. It was in March, when she got a new bow. I never really liked the old one, way too angular. Then I came across the quarter saucer base (30201) of the 1998 Stingray Stormer (6198-1). It perfectly fitted the desired shape. But now for my frigate, probably being named "HMS Argonaut". She will become a 38 gun fifth rate frigate. More pictures can be seen, following one of the flickr links. Supposed to be a sister ship to the Bulwark, I think about changing the white stripe back to yellow. What do you think? Also for similarity I will probably keep the windows on her stern. They may look to big, but I already tried smaller ones and have to say, I like the current ones better. I hope to progress faster than last time. It mostly depends on me willing to buy the needed bricks. As for the rig and last details, I already have the ideas. So far so good. I hope you all continue to have great joy reassembling bricks into sightworthy constructions! Wellesley.
  3. Cruisers of Terra Nova Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas. The Royal Navy has decided to outfit several ocean-going cruisers for Terra Nova to counter the build-up of Olean, Eslandian, and Mardierian Forces. These cruisers will be sixth rate frigates, flanked by smaller consorts may be heavy sloops or post-ships. 6th rates and post-ships (bobs class 6) will be bought into service for a net of 100 dbs, while heavy sloops (bobs class 5) will be bought for 75 dbs. All vessels will be licensed by the crown as necessary and be granted the honour of bearing the prefix “HMS”. For each three vessels submitted, the best will be awarded a choice from the list of captured prizes. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet Pledged vessels: HMS Wentham ( @Flavius Gratian), Brig-rigged sloop HMS Royal Oak by sir Dirk Allcock (@Ayrlego), 6th rate HMS... by sir Micah of Wolfhaven (@SilentWolf), 6th rate HMS... by Sir Aidan Coyle (@Mike S) HMS… by Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee) HMS... by the Montoya Estate ( @Bregir), 18 gun ship sloop under construction The crown aims at commissioning these vessels as they are launched to give the Royal Terra Novan Navy the means to protect the interests of Corrington in New Terra. Sign up now to help shore up the Oaken Wall protecting our freedom of thought and action. All vessels will be used for a wide variety of tasks including combat patrols, pirate hunting, escorts and assisting our land forces.
  4. __________________________________________________ EDIT: Ready MOC In Post "Update III" __________________________________________________ Hello guys! Since christmas 2017 I am working on my first LEGO ship MOC. In the first process I will create a 3D model of the ship and after that build it in real life. New albums with new pictures of updates are being addet to my album feed: I'll update the album as soon I make developement. You can give me advices so I can improve my work. End of project is earliest in summer 2018. (Edit: Don't know when it ends :D) _____________________________________________ Specs about the ship: Name: HMS Providence Type: Frigate Rate: 5th Cannons: round about 30 Gun deck: 11 cannons each side Quarter deck: 04 cannons each side 2 carronades Measure hull: Length: ~100cm Height: ~50cm Others: Minifig fit in decks (i hope -.-) Rudder will be operative ____________________________________________ Robin_IV
  5. Hello! Maybe someone remembers that digital Invisible Hand MOC I made a year ago. I still made some digital MOCs in my free time. This time I have made a digital MOC based on the Nebulon-B escort frigate. It was a ship I always wanted to see released as an official set. Sadly, TLG have focused more on unknown Clone Wars vehicles in the last years. But knowing the inaccuracies the hypothetical official set would probably have, I decided to design my own version. I want this model looks closer to a real set than a MOC, so I have included some features for minifigures to make use of the internal space. It contains a small surgery suite, a bacta tank, the cockpit, and there was even space for a small Hoth rebel carrier. I have also made a small Millennium Falcon for size comparison, like some UCS sets. I hope you like it. Otherwise, write your discrepancies in the comments. Brickshelf folder
  6. Class 7 Frigate "Marlin" Imperial Flagship 1 - red version by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Out of the Quinnsville shipyards comes a lightly armed frigate! She features a spacious gun deck and has plenty of room for troops or cargo. (OOC) Only the first picture is done in Corrington colors. The reason for that is because I originally built it for Lego Ideas and was to lazy to render another 10 pictures showing off all the angles and features. Nothing is different except for the colors and sails. Enjoy! Imperial Flagship 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 9 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 10 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 11 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 12 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial Flagship 13 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Like I said above, I built this model for Lego Ideas, which is why the blue color scheme. It was supposed to be the ultimate Imperial Flagship. It's true colors are the Red, White, and Black though! Anyway, thanks for checking it out! C&C are welcome and appreciated! Not quite sure on the class though, she is 9 hulls long which would put her as a class 9 or 10, but she only has the lower gun deck and the top deck. If @Bregir or someone else could clarify I would be most grateful!
  7. Hello AFOL's, i want to show you my new Moc of the Pelta-Class Frigate from Star Wars Rebels. It has Parts: 5722 Lenght: 122cm Width: 86cm Height: 27cm Building Time: 2 Days I would be happy for feedback.
  8. Sebeus I

    A simple matter of math

    The tales all tell about captains brave enough to challenge larger and more heavily armed opponents. And succesfully defeat those opponents by witty tactics and superior maneuvering ... However, those are the tales. When you face reality, reality in the shape of an English frigate facing a French 64 gun battle ship that is, all kinds of heroics are reduced and everything becomes a simple equation taking into account the relevant numbers. A bold move of the English captain but a stupid one, one full broadside of the French 64 was enough to blast him back to reality. A cooperation with Captain Greenhair.
  9. Legostone

    Cardinal's Shadow

    Another one of my long forgotten vessels finally presentable. (started ~May 2017, forgotten since 1st September 2017) Having lost the Cardinal in the Battle of the Five fleets, replacement was needed. With the funds available, it was quickly decided that another frigate, maybe a bit faster and lighter, would be needed to replace it. Farrucio Paraja quickly came up with a design; due to various delays a sistership of the Cardinal itself had been finished much faster then the new vessel. Now, half a year later, the delays have been resolved and the vessel been finished. Now that its done, it is time to head out to hunt pirates... To load more cargo, the ships boats had to be dropped off. Lots of various pieces of cargo were being loaded aboard the vessel. Quick overview over the whole vessel: Fishing issues, already noted a couple days ago, popped up once again. With most cargo loaded, it was time to load the small boats - 5 of them, if we ever need to get to any island with the whole crew it would certainly be possible. Waving goodbye:
  10. The busy Eltina shipyards has yet delivered another vessel to the colonial squadron of la Royale. Such speed is only possible with the affluence of new settlers, indeed, the recent event at a former Mardier island has forced many of the "Royalists" to flee to more hospitable lands. This extra of manpower allowed our shipyards to run 24h on 24 to satisfy the thirst of la Royale for mooaarrr ships. Meanwhile, to exploit further the labourers, the owner of the shipyards, Knight Lagaufre, has decided to launch a new frigate, a heavy one. She's built with 5 midsections, length-wise is comparable to a class 7 two-decker, but since she only has one full deck, I plan to license her as a class 6. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  11. Class 6 Heavy Frigate "Lightning" Coppered hull Ship by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr My most recent ship build is this copper hulled heavy frigate which I have dubbed the "Lightning". It's got 40 guns in total. It has 20 24-pounders on the bottom deck and 14 9-pounders on the top deck. There are 2 24-pounders and 4 9-pounders facing backward. It has a copper hull for speed and maneuverability as well as 3 square-rigged masts. Crew size would be around 15ish. It has a small cargo hold/powder mag and has a weapon storage to arm the crew in case of ship boarding. Coppered hull Ship 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Coppered hull Ship 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Thanks for checking it out, C&C are welcome and appreciated!
  12. Here's something familiar from The Clone Wars to share with you - the Munificent-class star frigate. This one is seen throughout The Clone Wars series and in Revenge of the Sith so it was on my Must-MOC list for a long time. I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat suitable in scale when displayed with the Venator 8039. There's likely no hope of TLG ever doing this ship. There's not much to it but a shell of a hull with some guns around it - I was hoping to place an interior somewhere but there's barely any space. I recycled a bit of familiar parts - that sticker from the front slope pieces are from the Mandalorian speeder. The black strut in the front is there only to keep the ship upright. I had a version without the ventral fin but it looked wrong. I also got some inspiration from stark mark 5's sweet build here: Comments welcome. I can see now that I have to fix those engines. Next build.
  13. These shipyards never take a break. Over the past couple of weeks, we've been busy working on a new frigate to reply to the constant pressure applied by Mardier. Unlike most of the previous ships built here, we've decided to paint this ship in untypical colours - this ship will be the first of many in my very own fleet of warships. For the time being, it'll very likely start it's career by hunting down Marderians, but I'm hoping that eventually there will be no need for that anymore and it can return to escorting other ships. The dark hull should hopefully allow us to remain hidden if there is a need for it. Even the mizzen is equipped with a topgallant mast and sail, which should allow this ship to catch up to any ship weaker than her, and escape those who are any stronger. _____________________ For the time being, this one will be licensed as a class 5HA for myself, but I'm hoping on upgrading it to a 5th rate (I'm guessing that would mean class 7?), as it carries 36 guns (with 5th rates being 32+ guns). If anyone doesn't believe me - 22 guns on the gundeck, 2 bowchasers, 2 sternchasers, 2 guns on the forecastle, 8 guns on the Quarterdeck (you might check here, the most rear guns have been moved further back and rotated). Thanks to @Capt Wolf, @Elostirion and @gedren_y for suggesting names ;) It also has a small brother, the Tribute, a 4A.
  14. The colonial squadron of la Royale is ready to welcome a new member, a smaller one this time, designed for reconnaissance and escort missions. Here she is, the class 6 Licorne (unicorn),flying proudly the ensign of Oleander navy: Class Cost Stats Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum 6 560 24 5 4 6 4 0 5 24 The above is the proposed stats repartition, with emphasis put on range and maneuvrability, as we can expect from a frigate. The origin of this ship is unclear, the official story says she is a renovated warship, without further details, but some say there was a secret meeting and there's even an amateur artist who has drawn a sketch of a ship who ressembles vaguely to our Licorne. The photos are a bit dark, hope you can see the small guns from the hole. All the parts above the gun deck have been redone. Figurehead, the brown thingy is supposed to represent an unicorn. Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  15. We're finally finished? This is the final page for my beautiful moc of the rebel Nebulon- b Escort Frigate I've had many versions that you may have seen, and this will be it... for now now for some pictures: Original Topic (Earlier version):
  16. AWproductions

    [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate V4

    this is the update page for my beautiful moc of the rebel Nebulon- b Escort Frigate Go here for a parts list: I added the red details, fixed the stand, and changed the back to make it look more like the real deal, as you can see here: Version 3: Version 2 Version 1 The original topic is here:
  17. CommanderGrimm

    [MOC] Clone Wars Pelta-Class Frigate

    Inspired by my recent attempts at building using only pieces from the Turbo Tank, I decided to see if I had the pieces to put together Lego's Rebel Combat Frigate. Halfway through I realized I didn't have the right pieces, but instead of giving up I made some adjustments. Soon rather than being a copy of the set it was my own creation, my own design. Just like the set when the engine rotates the flaps open up, revealing additional engines. Also like the set the front can be opened to revel a rather small command bridge. The ship can be held by the handle provided and is very swooshable. I wish I could fit more in the ship, but with such limited space I did what I could. Next I'll add the colors for what most of the frigates had and also see what else I can do with it. Enjoy the pictures!
  18. The Raging Fire is finished, now under full sail . The Raging fire! Built for speed, she started her life as a merchant ship but it was later fitted with more cannon ports, giving the ship a capacity of 22 guns. The Dancing Ember is a ship of the same series, there's one more coming in this line. Below are pictures prio to rigging and sails. Just like the Dancing Ember I started this ship at Maxim's, using his collection. But eventually I was seduced into buying the WIP from him so I could continue to build at my home. I didn't bother to do sails yet, I will add those later. I'm a bit short on parts to really finish the ship and since it might take a while before I do I decided to put it online already. I can't wait because this ship is needed for a special operation (in BOBS). Overall I'm quite happy with the ship, it shows a lot of similarities with the Beatrix. Although it does not share some of the functional features (working capstan, light in cabin, ) It does have some improvements on the esthetical part. I think I can say that this must be one of my finest so far. Built on white prefab hull pieces with partially brick-built stern to get a better shape on the aft. She carries 22 cannon, classified as a light frigate or corvette. Color scheme consists out of a tan gun line with dark and olive green for the upper walls and pearl gold for ornaments and decoration. The stern is enhanced with stickers from some Chima legend beast set. There's an interior but due to the rigging it's not very practical to access so forgive me for not having pictures of that. Apart from the sails and rigging this is 100% LEGO. Any more questions? feel free to ask ;)
  19. ejred

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    [/url] Hi all, this is my first sailing ship in at least 30 years. But I went all-in. This is also the first adult MOC for which I have bought "my own" bricks, rather than relying on whatever (admittedly copious) odds and ends my sons had lying around at a given moment. Anyway, my creation is a fully-rigged minifig-scale (1:38.4) historical LEGO model of the 6th-rate frigate HMS Enterprize (also spelled as Enterprise), launched in 1774. I know that class is a bit "over-exposed," but the size was right (the end result is 5 feet long bowsprit to boom, just possible for me to lift), the plans were readily available on the web, and it's a lovely ship. My intent with it was to meld model and toy--it has a lot of working features and internal play spaces. In this post I'm basically just going to focus on some of my favorite pictures, rather than bogging down in a lot of text. But if you are interested there is more to see: - I have a ton of pictures on Flickr with info in many of the descriptions: - I have a MOCPages page with more info: Also, I'm happy to answer any questions here. And if there are picture angles or subjects that I neglected, let me know and I will snap them while I still have my photo setup in place. I hope you will like my product, it's been about 8 months of work. Throughout that process, seeing what is being done on the Pirates board here has been a big source of encouragement! HMS Enterprize - Gunports Open (Bow Quarter) HMS Enterprize - Waterline Stern HMS Enterprize - Stern HMS Enterprize - Waterline Bow Closeup HMS Enterprize - Forecastle HMS Enterprize Meets The Brick Bounty HMS Enterprize - Crew HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters (removed from hull) HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters - Great Cabin Interior HMS Enterprize - Racing Neck and Neck on the Foremast HMS Enterprize - Launching a Cutting-Out Expedition! HMS Enterprize - Well Met, Fellow Traveller! HMS Enterprize - Into the Sunset Thanks for your interest, input and inspiration!
  20. After I heard that there was an offer going on with over 100 DBs for giving a warship to the Eslandolan crown, I knew I couldn't pass that offer. So I ordered this Xebec Frigate, something that is rarely seen in these waters and should be able to deal with these darn pirates that have been pestering our convoys! It has a total of 20 guns on the broadside, a giant crew to man them all, as well as another pair of bowchasers. The big latin sails allow it to keep up with pretty much any ship, and allow it to hunt down basically any pirate ship that gets close to it. Here you can see one entire broadside armed; you see how many men I need to fire these guns! Have I already mentioned that I love how her back looks? To really appreciate the lines of this ship, you better be a bird. _______________ Well, this one was a somewhat rushed build. I started building it two weeks ago and just finished it earlier today. While the rigging may not look to special, it is fully modular (a mast can be removed/placed in under a minute), which was really helpful after taking the first few pictures as I fell over it and knocked down its main mast. Once the new shiptypes are out I might revisit this one, I think there would be enough space to fit 1 or 2 pairs of carronades onto the poopdeck... This ship will go straight to Eslandola.
  21. Captain, are you really sure that the third last ship is the unarmed New Terraman that we can easily plunder for all their gold? Arr, off course I am! That's exactly what we've read on those plans in that wrecked postship we found 2 weeks back! Captain! There is a cutter flying the Jolly Roger! They are trying to attack us! Up the Topgallants, Up the Courses! Drop the boat! Prepare a broadside to welcome them! Captain, I don't think that's an unarmed Terraman. Its over now! FIRE! Goodbye, dear fellow. Jack, good hit on their mast. I bet just shaking their boat will break it any minute now! FIRE! *Cannon noises as some guns fire again* Also, aren't we forgetting someone? He could come in useful... We have gotten them good this time! They are done! Pull them in so we can board them! On it Captain! Our other sniper on the fighting tops wasn't forgotten about... *SPLASH* At least his friend got revenge for him... Clear their deck with the carronades! We can forget this cutter anyways! *BOOM* *censored screams* *terrible noise from bones breaking* Board them now! There are only two of them left, maybe we can find out how they found us! *Jump* You found a map and a letter in an lost postship? And you were looking for an unarmed Terraman instead of for us? Well, we knew about that postship, so we changed our positions in the convoy! Tell the devil I won't be there visiting any time soon! A good captain goes down with his ship! SET THE COURSES! SET THE TOPGALLANTS! WE SUNK THEM! I'll post more about these ships later, the frigate(28 guns, 5HA+) will go to Eslandola, the gunboat(10 guns, at least 2A) is owned by Kai NRG. The Frigate is named La Raya Venenosa, The Stingray, and the Cutter is named Dark Spirit. Edit: the bowsprit overhangs only slightly if both ships are placed diagonally. I was actually considering placing my Xebec in the battle as well and saying the 48x80 box is width x height, but I felt like that would've been cheating:P
  22. An unnatural calm has fallen over the Brick Seas. Sailing ships lie in harbour, pitch dripping from their rigging under the pitiless sun. Trade has ground to a virtual halt, with only galleys plying their way along the coasts, their rowers spurred by the incessant beating of the drum. Richard Walton, smuggler, has been trapped in Bastion by the lack of wind. He sits on the dock... and fishes. Robert: Hello Brother. How are they biting? I've brought you something to drink. Richard: Ahh, Robert. How very kind. How's business? Robert: For now, it's wonderful. The denizens of Bastion have little to do but eat and drink. But I fear they will soon run out of money, and there's precious few in this town to whom I'd extend credit. I can't help but notice the frigate moored across from you. Has the Corrington Navy come to haul us all off to jail? Richard: No such luck. I hear Corrington is cool and windy this time of year. No - I forget you're new here - she's the Nemesis.​ She's been under construction in the yard here for the last few months. She was delayed when Hurricane Stepho hit - the whole yard was washed out - but she's complete now. They just warped her over from the sheer hulk this morning. Now she's being provisioned. They must know something about this weather that I don't. Robert: So you're telling me that the Sea Rats have built a frigate? Don't you think that will cause some... shall we say... consternation among the other powers? The occasional smuggling and high seas robbery is one thing, but with a ship like that, no merchant will be safe. The Sea Rats will never be able to pass her off as commerce protection or whatever the latest excuse is. Richard: I don't know what they think. It can't come as any surprise to them. Everyone in Bastion knows - they've been building her openly with no real attempt at secrecy. If the intelligence services of the great powers are worth anything, they already know about her. What nobody knows is who has commissioned her. It seems like whoever is bankrolling her doesn't want anyone to know who they are. Probably so they won't risk arrest once she starts snapping up ships left and right. Even Phineas Studdington, the designer, doesn't know who is paying him. Robert: Phineas Studdington? The disgraced Corrington shipwright? Richard: ​The very same. He couldn't get a job in any reputable town after that incident with that Lord's daughter, but now he's here and he'll build for anyone who can pay. Robert: Well. All I can say - it's going to be a very interesting trade season. Assuming we ever get some wind, that is. Here are the real pictures with no set dressing. I have to admit I have a lot of trouble taking pictures of her. She's just too big for my crappy setup. One mini figure is included for scale (the elusive Phineas Studdington?)
  23. Staslegomaster

    Grey Skull Frigate

    Hi, LEGO pirates fans. This is my next creation. To build it I combined 7416, 6286, 70413 It seems, there are no stairs in any pirate sets in 2015. LEGO designers were more attentive to such details before. I know it because I've been collecting LEGO sets for more than 25 years now. Every time I create something, I wonder how other LEGO fans like it. If you like my creations you can support them in LEGO ideas. C & C are welcome You can find it in LEGO ideas. I updated the ship in LEGO Galleries. Hope you like it. Waiting for your comments. https://lh3.googleus...gCCo/s576/1.jpg I updated it in LEGO ideas. Waiting for your opinions I made it longer and it has 12 guns now. C&C are welcome
  24. This text is mostly credit, previous ideas and rambling, you may just look through the links and at the pictures. Recently I've been thinking about how one could build a ship with smoother lines than usual - CGHs building technique might be great, but there are always some steps in between the different modules. Then there is Sebeus I's prefab technique, which requires one to basically build one broadside of a ship and clip it onto it. This might be smoother, but still - it misses some of the curves most of the ships in the Age of Sail had. Part I: In a Lego store I stumbled over a bunch of Harry Potter Wands in black; I picked up a few hundred of them, hoping to do something with them. So, there we have the very first part of my journey - a mini-scale first rate, that I still consider a WIP, even though it is currently disassembled: Now, this technique may work for that specific situation, but I just couldn't see how to apply the technique I used for that one for a minifigure-scale (or illusion scale as it is often called) ship. So put it aside. A few weeks later, Kurigan reminded me of the organic ship from Sebeus (I'm totally stealing that name for this, sorry;)), which brought my interest in this back, but I didn't really want to use that technique - while it might be a great technique, I just can't see it being stable enough, nor cheap. Part II: A few weeks ago a small conversation about a different interior than exterior colour on ships happened - this somehow ended with me going through the ship index (the one for BOBS) and finding the Matterhorn by Mr Townsend - coincidentally build with tiles on the outside and the option to have differently coloured plates on the inside. It still has the steps on the outside - I want to go without that. Part III: Sunday, last week. I had an idea which involved bending a snotted broadside (the idea about bending a broadside I also heard from Kabel), which I quickly turned into a mockup build - and I think this is the idea I'll continue with. So, here is the mockup: Excuse the mess. Part IV: Heard from kurigan about another ship built using a very similar technique, the Revenge by MayDayArtist; the technique behind it seems to be way more advanced, and "more of a one time thing" (not so accurate quote from kurigan). ________________ So, that's basically the story behind this concept. To show it versatility a bit more, I've quickly done a mockup for the tumblehome of a first Rate, and, for comparision, a small, 14 gun, brig: The first rate I'm not going to do more with - it was just to show that you can build basically any ships center hull using this technique. The brig - I'm not sure, I think I'll first build the project I'm starting now, and then maybe look at that brig again. So, let's get started on the WIP, which will be a 42 gun fifth rate frigate - 2x14 guns on the gundeck + 14 guns on the upper deck. The upper decks armament may still change. The stern will be on the right of these pictures, just for perspective. I started by building the length of the central hull; I did this in 3 parts, as I want to keep a ship this size somewhat modular and the broadside can't be easily split using this technique. You can see the tan tiles showing the future positions of the gunports. How it looks connected - there are only 5 technic pins connecting these parts, to allow disassembly later on. Next, I'm using a bunch of 1x4 tiles and 1x6 plates to build another simulated broadside - this is just a part to help me "draw" the lines of the ship. Using some more plates of different length I mount these - note that the last and first gunport still line up; this means that the long line gets streched a little bit, which may not be great, but so far I haven't seen any damage done to the bricks. I think here it makes some sense to show the parts I'm using - some technic pins, technic bricks, old style (!) hinges and some inverted 2x2 brackets. I use these to follow the technic bricks to remake the curve (very roughly) I laid out earlier. I place the brackets with the hinges in positions where the hinges won't obstruct a gunport (I leave 1 stud on either side of the hinges up the gunports). Next, I place these broadside mounts instead of the temporary plates and tiles; I made sure to place them in a way that allows the entire thing to stay modular. Now, I reinforce the lower parts using a bunch of plates (you won't see these later, I just had a bunch of dkb gray around) Here I prepare a bunch of black tiles for simulating the lower part of the hull. Sadly I own very few 1x6 tiles in black, so I had to use 1x8 and 1x4 tiles - 1x6 tiles would be just perfect. These stripes are the full length of the broadside - 6 studs longer than the outer hinges are apart. I'm placing them a little offset from eachother to simulate planking. if one would want to make this even more realistic he could try to angle this part a bit downward too - that was a bit to much for my first model using this technique. Quick view from ontop to show the current state - I think I may have to make this ship a little bit thinner, maybe 2 or 4 bricks? I would be glad about some feedback about that. In the last part for today I'm preparing the lowest part of the angled tumblehome - a long line of 1x6 tiles supported by 1x4 plates. I'll need a lot of these! For now these are just mounted on the further outwards hinges using some plates behind some tiles. All my black 1x6 tiles are currently in the 1st rate broadside that I need to tear down. _________________ So, that is what I have so far. Now I need some feedback and some help - should I make the entire thing a little bit thinner (note that bow and stern are still missing), or maybe change the curve a little bit? So, now to the part where I need help. I'm not quite sure how I'll build the bow, I have a few ideas using hinges and / or flex tubes, but thats all I have. I would be very glad if some of you would try to give me some ideas for that part or just follow along the build. I would also be honored to see someone building along with me - this would also help develop this technique. Thanks for reading! ;) Edit: List of ships/building techniques mentioned in this topic: CGH's technique Sebeus I technique (example) Organic ship by Sebeus I Matterhorn by Mr Townsend Broadside bending by Kabel (visible towards the stern) Revenge by MayDayArtist Bumblebee by Kurigan El Gran Grin's by CGH Dunkleosteus technique
  25. Mods please note, this is a space model using Star Wars sets and ideas... please do not move it to the Star Wars section! This is an Imperial Navy Special News Bulletin : In a press release today, naval officials have confirmed the existence of two new ships to add on to the already constructed Star Cruiser. They are named in the post below: This is the Imperial Home Fleet with the support craft and fighters excluded from view. From right to left, we have the Combat Frigate "Huckleberry", then the Star Cruiser "Sawyer", and finally the Assault Carrier "Thatcher". These three ships form the backbone of the Imperial Home Fleet, and have been used as a threesome on many war-time missions and peaceful encounters. SAWYER - star cruiser (set 9515 MOD) Name: Sawyer Owner: Lego Empire Model: TOM Class Star Cruiser Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 16 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 2,850 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 62% speed of light The ship has 16 regular engines, specifically Twin Ion Engines. The command bridge of the ship features Admiral Oswald Lyons seat (on the right) with Lt. Commander Eliza Burnside (top seat) and Doctor Andrew Sinister (bottom seat) Right: Admiral Oswald Lyons Middle: Dr. Andrew Sinister Left: Lt Commander Eliza Burnside HUCKLEBERRY - combat frigate (set 75158 MOD) Name: Huckleberry Owner: Lego Empire Model: FNN Class Combat Frigate Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 9 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 2,670 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 57% speed of light The rear of the ship features two movable arms to increase the amount of engines from five to nine, bringing the vessel up to it's full speed and maneuverability parameters. THATCHER - assault carrier (set 75106 MOD) Name: Thatcher Owner: Lego Empire Model: BKY Class Assault Carrier Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 3 Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines (BO-TIE) Max Speed: 2,770 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 63% speed of light The rear of the ship features three supercharge BO-TIE engines (Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines) that are cutting edge when it comes to light speed percentage. However, they are temperamental and have never been tested to their full power of 63% of the speed of light... usually they cap it at about 56% to keep the fleet moving at the same speed as it's slowest member. Thank you, that is all! (This message brought to you by OCTAN's new Octa-Milk - it's 8 new flavors of fun!* *Fun not included, any fun you may receive from Octa-Milk is wholly the liability of the drinker of said product and is not the responsibility of the OCTAN Corporation. All Octa-Milk contains 20% crushed hopes, 31% destroyed dreams, 15% unicorn tears, 12% squandered time, 20% abandoned sadness and 2% Cow milk.) NOTES on the fleet In reality, these ships were originally Lego sets remade in LDD on Eurobricks that I modified either a lot (set 9515 The Malevolence) a little (75106 Assault Carrier), or somewhere in between. (75158 Combat Frigate) They were originally recreated by these Eurobricks users: ADHO15, (for the Malevolence in the middle) ArmstrongYong (for the assault carrier on the right), and TheNerdyOne (Combat Frigate on left) before being modified by me. No LDD file will be made available for now, but the real life pictures (and the file) will be put up as soon as I build them, around the start of November. That's all for now, and if you have any thoughts, complaints or questions, feel free to ask!