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Found 8 results

  1. Had to build something for this challenge! It has been far too long since I made a large medieval scene. I got quite a lot of elements in the new flesh colors last year, and have been wanting to make some buildings with them ever since. However, that did lead to the city block looking more Venetian than I initially planned The model is viewable from all sides and features full interiors throughout with businesses on the ground floor and apartments above. There is even a section of sewers underneath street level. Any sections of the buildings that overhang the base size can easily be removed in case I ever choose to add on more modules with buildings that sit flush against these. Lord Karsten was honored to have an invitation to appear in Queen Ylspeth's court as one of the representatives for a Mitgardian embassy, and for the first time was able to bring Lady Karin and the twins with him to the capitol city. Harburg is a good sized town, but the crowded streets of Cedrica were an entirely new experience for Eryl and Elise. Even Valholl couldn't compare to the sheer size and density of Historica's capitol. There was so much to see and explore that Karin had a hard time convincing her children to return to their guest quarters each evening. The canals were especially fascinating for Eryl. More photos: Interiors, starting with a scribe's office and living quarters (where her mischievous son is up to no good): The larger building houses a shop for elegant ceramic and metal goods on the ground floor and apartments above: Sewers: You can see more photos on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated
  2. The LEGO Houses of Amsterdam I'm doing something a bit different this time! =================================================================================== Instructions: Delft Blue Shop Amsterdam Internet Café Flower Shop Prinsengracht 2 Spuistraat 334 Prinsengracht 211 Singel 2 Herengracht 152 =================================================================================== 1. Delft Blue Shop 2. Amsterdam Internet Café 3. Flower Shop 4. Prinsengracht 2 5. Spuistraat 334 6. Prinsengracht 211 7. Singel 2 8. Herengracht 152
  3. Stage One: Fermentation - Ayrlego Stage Two: Drying - Puvel Stage Three: Roasting - SilentWolf Stage Four: Grinding and Pressing - Bregir There is much going on in King's Harbour these days. First it opens its majestic new garden, then the department of time began ringing its perfect bells. Now a cocoa factory is starting up. Today, the Colonial Governor Jonathan Cooke is receiving a tour of the third phase of the factory where all the roasting of the cocoa beans takes place. He is just now meeting the foreman, a Mr. Edward Roberts. "Glad to meet you Captain Cooke! I was looking forward to your visit. This building's sole purpose is to roast the cocoa beans that have already been fermented and dried. I dare say this factory will propel our export of cocoa to great heights and make Cocovia the envy of all the brickworld." "Here you see a wagon that is just recently loaded with roasted beans. It is on its way over to the grinding and pressing plant that I heard you have already toured. This driver is one of the spryest old men you have ever seen. He gets his wagon loaded and unloaded faster than any of our other drivers." "When you came over the bridge, you may have noticed the barge that is delivering a supply of wood for the furnaces. We receive deliveries several times a week just so we can keep our ovens running. A family business is what I hear and they deliver anywhere there barge can reach. I believe in the future we will even ship our beans between factories using the canal." Cooke replied, "I did indeed see the barge. That is a large quantity of wood that is being delivered. Is it all for the factory?" Roberts answered, "Yes, that is indeed all for our operations. This week we should need only one more delivery toward the end of the week, but we are having a slower week with a couple of the ovens . Would you care to come inside and see the process? Our first batch of the day should be coming out of the oven soon." "The stone ovens have the fire in a separate compartment beneath the roasting area. The two compartments are accessed via different doors which allows us to add wood or remove the beans without affecting the heating process. We can thus maintain the proper temperatures between batches of roasted beans lowering the downtime. Cocoa roasting unlike coffee roasting is at a low temperature and maintaining the temperature is key." "The beans are taken out of the barrels that they arrived in from the drying division, and placed on trays preferably in a single layer. They are then placed in a properly heated oven until they are almost done." "They are then removed from the oven and set out to cool during which time they finish roasting as the trays cool. At this time, they have acquired there unique cocoa flavor and aroma that we have come to love. They are then placed in barrels and loaded on wagons like the one you saw to send to the grinding and pressing division" "You may notice that it is warm in here. In order to keep it tolerable for the employees, we built in special vents above the ovens that we can raise and lower with a bar. This enables some of the heat to escape without allowing a strong draft which would cool the ovens and ruin the roast." "You can see the barrels of dried beans waiting to be roasted. We shall complete all of those today which in reality is a slow day. We like to roast all the beans delivered yesterday which enables us to know exactly how much work is going to be needed tomorrow. We also have to keep a supply of empty crates and barrels so that we do not run out. Efficiency is key to a successful business such as this." "My office is up above the door which enables me to oversee the whole process even when I have paperwork to do. It also enables me to get a quick overview of our inventory at any time that I need it. The only downside is it can get hot up there, but that doesn't matter excessively as my work also involves being on the floor checking temperatures and end products." "We take pride in taking care of our employees. We have a nice area set aside for them to enjoy a cooler break or mealtime. Though they have to rotate when the breaks occur as the process must be kept moving. It is the most efficient way. I hope you enjoyed your tour, Captain Cooke, and I am sure you will find the other divisions equally as satisfying and efficient. Feel free to walk around the place before you leave." Edit: The footprint of this build is 58x58 with a little overhang from the shutters. Credit goes to Bregir for the idea of the brick pillars on the façade of the building.
  4. LittleJohn

    [MOC] Venture Into Venice

    My first entry for the ABS season 1 Finale. This build initially started with the terracotta roof, and then while I was playing around with them some more I thought they made a nice bridge. The scene was inspired by Legopard and Brickvader’s excellent Venice creation. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. snaillad

    MOC: The Brick and Stud Tavern

    Hi everyone, here is my latest MOC The Brick and Stud Tavern which I've been working on for the last couple of months, a couple of bricklink orders slowed things down a little. I've wanted to do a pub for a while now and wanted to include more scene's with water so it seemed a good idea to combine the two. I had to scale it down from the quayside/fishing port I had in mind originally (Perhaps that will wait for another day), so a small river or canal seemed the obvious choice. This is inspired by canals seen in the UK, maybe I'll do a dutch canal someday I took ideas from - The Riverbank cottage - a previous MOC of mine which I made last year. I spent quite a bit of time perfecting the windows trying to get the right proportions on the lintels and framing without leaving unsightly gaps. The canal boat/narrowboat was something I had in mind to make the water look a little more interesting and went through several revisions before settling with this one. I found it difficult to get a sharp point on the front of the boat and eventually settled for a simpler rounded shape, perhaps not as realistic but nevermind! Sadly no interior this time round as I was mainly focused on landscaping. Anyway on with the pics, there are only 4 on this occasion; If you'd rather view them on flickr the link is here Here's hoping for a new camera for my birthday this year! Any thoughts or comments welcomed! Cheers
  6. kevin8

    (WIP)-City Canal

    Today I would like to present you a project that I've pursued since I was a child, when I dreamed of building a diorama to represent a small town on many levels, full of canals and waterways, waterfalls and more. At that time in my naivety I imagined a diorama on 2x2 meters developing mostly in height, which is not now feasible to consider what I have in mind now. This idea came after a trip to Normandy last summer. While I was in those beautiful old towns characterized by canals, weirs and little falls, I burned with the desire to reproduce them and start working on this project. At the end of 2013 I had already made LDD plans for the most part of the modules. First of all I created the canal. I decided to limit the dimensions of this diorama because my project is to put it inside a showcase in my new house, so it cannot be enormous. I'm not going to disassembly everything and I don't want to spend my life cleaning the diorama. I used the 8x8 transparent light blu plates to simulate water and let to see the bottom. The idea was that you could see algae, fish and stones on the depth. Around the canal I made a parapet and a floor made of crushed stone as in many old towns. In order to connect the canal to the zero level of the baseplate, I decided to place two weirs. In this way I could make a basin that would give more emphasis to a more complex and alive depth. After the basin I placed another weir in order to have the canal at zero level then disappearing underground. Next to the canal I created raised modules to support standard modular buildings placed on baseplates. The raised part is then completed with a staircase flanked by a tanks fountain and a park with a Snack bar. On one side of the hill I placed a ruined tower. The park ends with a gate opened to the street. Here I built a Bus Stop and a telephon boot. This setting would have been part of the collective diorama for an event in Reggio Emilia. At the end some things have been completed a bit 'in a hurry (for example the tower). Unfortunately the event of Reggio Emilia was canceled a little before its inauguration. Later I had to expose it at the end of February in another event in Ferrara. Sadly, that same week my mother passed away and I was not able to expose it. Currently, all parts are in some boxes in the garage. My desire to attend events has completely disappeared and unfortunately apart from the city mansion which participates in the EB contest months ago I'm really locked with my projects. The idea is to continue creating more modules for the old town, a medieval gate and other accessories for street furniture. Let's see how to proceed. For now I am attaching pictures of the projects, in the next few days I'll try to describe the various modules and add more photos of what have been built until now. Today I will show you the first module. It was not one of the images saved as LDD png, because I decided to add it at last. My idea was to have modulars building all surrounded the canal, but it was too much overwhelming, it finally didn't have enough space. So I started with a little square and being 6-bricks tall, why don't use it to dig a hole? I placed some workmen who are soldering a pipe in the ground. Obviously the square is a little of a mess. Being an old town with some attractive for tourists, I put also some street musicians, I don't know how much their show is being washed-up by the workers... And at last the square is completed with a couple of public benches with planters (I've seen them in many old towns I liked the idea) and 4 lamp posts. I would like to change something like the black inside the compass rose with a lighter color, but that's it. The first module I have designed and realized is the one that represents the area in which the channel exits from the underground and becomes an element of urban design. I keep repeating how I am attracted by the old towns in northern Europe. I find them an example to be imitated for cleaning and the care they put into each details. In particular flowers and points of interest throughout the centre. Thus, in this first module I built a couple of flower pots hooked to a railing and plants. The plants give me some concern. Initially I built to do very quickly, because in a short time I would have to expose this diorama. But I do not deny that I would pick them up and change them a bit, particularly the foot of the tree. For the lamps in this case, I decided to keep the line of modular buildings bordering the canal. As you can see, the trans-clear blue plates, raised from the bed of the canal, gives the effect of transparency I was looking for ... a city canal like this, has a rippled surface that can be well represented by the studs on the plates and in this way fishes and algae can be glimpsed in a not too defined way. Along the walls I added a bit of creepings (which never hurts). For this diorama I made a kind of basket with round lid that I often see in towns. It is not difficult to realize, anyway google can help when you need some references... I also placed one of the benches with backrest wrought iron ... I like the result very much. Finally, being a tourist place, I thought of placing a mime dressed as the Statue of Liberty and a couple of tourists ... This is the third module. Here the canal reaches the weir with the first jump. It is positioned at a bridge on which I placed the minifig representing me, looking to the work done so far. The weir tries to reproduce the real mechanism but of course, it doesn't work. On one side of the canal I placed a bike rack bike. The bicycle in light blue with the red tile comes from a "rent a bike" shop I'm going to create (beware from stealing my idea!!! ). A pair of street sweepers are cleaning (one has just changed the bag in a bin). Even in this module I made pots filled with flowers hanging on the edge of the parapet. There's another couple of tourists in this module. They are an involuntary tribute to an Afol friend of mine who uses the same minifig face to represent himself... The next module is the water basin. In my original intention there was to be a watermill with the wheel inside the water. Having to make everything to the standard modular buildings, I had to discard this idea. I do not deny that in the very near future I would like to change it to add the mill. The depth of the basin is greater in order to fill it with various staff. In addition to algae and fishes I added other details like a bin, a skeleton... I made a stair that goes down to access a platform on which a fisherman is pulling on a nice fish. This stair is protected with a lock. Here, too, I have made several pots of flowers and flowered creepings. On the water there are a couple of ducks and a swan. The river goes through another weir bringing the canal to the zero level of the baseplate. This point is the link between the rest of the diorama. As you can see the effect of the transparency of the water is very pleasant in this form. The next part I'm describing is the staircase that runs along the canal. This staircase is one of the points of union between the hill and the zero level of the baseplates. The canal continues until it disappears under a small wooden bridge in the park surrounding the old town. To the left of the stairs there is a fountain made with tanks. Inside the water of the canal another fisherman is struggling with his hobby. A girl using one of the Bike from the Bike Sharing. On the right of the basin I built another module with a second staircase, to access the park, and the ruins of an ancient tower. There are some tourists in the ruins, while at the base of the hill a little boy is starting a graffiti with a can of spray color. The ruins of the tower are shrouded in some vines. In the near future I would like to complete the tower. The current one has been constructed so to be able to speed up the completion of the work. The last part is the park surrounding the old city. The entrance has walkways similar to standard modular buildings. In this way it is possible to attach it to the rest of the city. I've put some people on it and some urban furnitures. You can see a bus stop a phone boot and a mailbox. I'm moderately proud of the phone boot, because simply moving to a 5 studs wide I found the ideal proportion between dimensions and usability. The bus stop even is a good result being very similar to the real ones. After the entrance I placed a fountain. Around the fountain some kids are attending to the show of the clowns who are making some baloon-animals and some music. An artist is making a painting of the old town... Behind the fence you can see a couple of gardeners who are picking up some leaves and near the entrance a place where sweepers placed the garbage cans... It is hidden by some flowers pots to be more appropriate to the rest of the park. Some people are relaxing in the park. Somewhere in the park I've placed a Snack Bar. It is made of wood and similar to a little cottage. As you can see it is really narrow, but there's almost everything. A fridge, a sink... inside there's just the place for a minifig. Outside there's a lot of people waiting for their drinks or snacks. That's all for now. Here's the complete Flickr gallery.
  7. Legonardo

    Canals of llyria

    Llyria, the capital city of Varlyrio. Hrogg, Nyfar and Boufar have successively navigated the Kaliphlinian pirate ship they hijacked to Vaylrio. they are now enjoying what llyria has to offer until they are found by their contact, at witch point the mission will commence... Hrogg apears to have got himself into an awkward situation by a gondola dock, which are found every few hundred meters in the canals. A wealthy merchant is about to embark elsewhere in the city, traveling via gonola, whilst a city guard is on patrol duty in the background. two friends are enjoying a drink on veranda of a well known tavern. behind them the contact is approaching... Build Pics: ADDITIONAL PICS: NOT FOR THE COMP ~------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~ Hey all! here is my latest freebuild, also my entry to the Varlyrio challenge. it was a one day build, probably my favorite so far though, IMO the angles and curve make this quite cool. enjoy! C&C welcome ~Legonardo
  8. soccerkid6

    Life in Illryia

    Here's my entry to the Varlyrio challenge. Inspired by de Gothia, MikeyB, and everyone else who has built in Varlyrio. This was a ton of fun to build and I hope you like it All C&C welcome