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  1. KlaasK

    IDEAS - Forest Base

    I don't think it will be selected. It is far too massive a building for a forestmen's shelter. There you expect something that is actually among the trees, but not a big block. Forestmen are always fun, of course, and that will draw, but should it become a set and not be very much more refined, I'm not going to spend my money on it.
  2. Oops, that bridge was just a little bit too narrow... While building the bridge, I found out that these medieval wheels on a 1x4 wheel holder are just a bit wider than 6 studs. That gave inspiration for this accident.
  3. KlaasK

    [MOC] Forestmen Horse Theft Gang

    LOL! Well done
  4. KlaasK

    [MOC] Rivendell

    This is great! You'd wish you could walk around there for a while :)
  5. KlaasK

    [MOC] The Wall

    It is a beautiful day. The shepherd just sat quietly by the flock. The sentinels on the wall peer across the fields, nothing to be seen. In the city, life goes on quietly. What a lovely, peaceful day. Inside the walls, life also goes its course. The worst thing that happens is that the little boy trips when he wants to run to his father who is working in the garden. The guards can enjoy it, but fortunately, his mother arrives just then. The other cottage belongs to a somewhat eccentric figure. Not unfriendly, but withdrawn, mysterious. Its signboard is also a mystery; there is nothing on it. But, oh, what a lovely, peaceful day it is! Or...
  6. What determines whether a topic gets an asterisk, describing it as "featured"?
  7. KlaasK

    Classic vs. modern (set 6055 vs. 10305)

    I think the red shorts look better on the old peasant than on the new ones. Maybe a dark red looks better now?
  8. KlaasK

    [MOC] Monastry

    Feel free to steal! ;) Thanks a lot!
  9. I love the goat and the torsos. But the buildings are not very detailed, which is a pity. Also, the roofs... Lots of claws... A new technique would have been nice!
  10. KlaasK

    [Moc] The Robbery

    One night, the falcon princess is startled awake. What is happening? "No movement!" hisses a voice. Through her eyelashes, the princess sees two green shadows. One is in the broken window, the other is prowling through her room. With the broken peg of the window, the treasure chest is broken open. In a large green chest, she sees all her gold disappearing ... Will she? Or is it wiser to stay put anyway?
  11. KlaasK

    [MOC] Salvador Dali - The Elephants

    That's great! Very recognisable!
  12. KlaasK

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    Yellow, that's Lego. But if someone else prefers fleshies, well, no problem. But, and I think this is actually more important, I hope there won't start some kind of struggle to see yellowheads as wrong because they might stand for white supremacy. Because then wonderful toys become playthings of activism, and that would just be a shame.
  13. KlaasK

    Creator 3in1 kinetic peacock

    That's funny, well done!