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Found 8 results

  1. Hi There! 1:45 scale Lego model of the Portuguese Siemens Krauss Maffei Eurosprinter, CP5600 This model has around 2000 parts, custom lights, HA bricks MS wheels, Buwizz 2.0, and two Powerfunctions L motors. Also, I pay homage to the LLMTC guys by using an LLMTC printed brick on that boring huge grey wall. (they gave me these bricks after participating in one of their amazing events last year) This is the most ordinary locomotive in Portugal, currently used in all Intercity Trains (where there is electric wire).
  2. Hi guys. Some new stuff. Locomotive is an EuroSprinter from 2007 (pre-Vectron) the full name is Siemens ES46B1-A It has the Old CP Carga Livery before they change to Medway, I prefer this one. The most challenging part was making the big logo on the sides with bricks. The Lego model is based on Beck's with and TBX Nicolas Enhancements Vectron It has custom M-size wheels, actually, I have two packs, one 3D printed by Brickthebrick with the brake disc and another that is a Mold injection prototype from HA Bricks. I use the 3D printed ones for photos and static exhibitions and the mold injection ones for running, the 3D are OK for running as well, but the HA Bricks wheels are better for running 2 Powerfunctions L motors and a MouldKing Battery Hub (its more compact and versatile than the LEGO PU) but I will change to Buwizz as soon my wallet gives me permission :P Funny easter egg, most of the technical info on the decals are also in Scale as well :) The waggons are Portuguese hoppers TDGS used to transport Cereal/Grain Each waggon has around 800 parts, and they are small but with a lot of details, I made 8 waggons (the red wheels are not from Lego), the real train has 18 waggons, but I don't have more room, money or patience to make another 10 :P The Entire train has 2,20meters long
  3. After a long time, I have finally tried my hand at train building, according to my own design. DSB Litra EB (Siemens Vectron) I want to stick to 6 width models to fit official sets Length: 40 studs Width: 6 studs Powered by 9V motor The first three Vectron locomotives arrived in Denmark on 14/9 2020 Siemens must supply a minimum of 42 new electric locomotives to DSB EB (4) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (3) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (2) by SpinX125, on Flickr EB (1) by SpinX125, on Flickr For reference: 3202 by SpinX125, on Flickr
  4. Presenting another of my Danish State Railways’ (DSB) locomotives - redesigned from 7-wide to 8-wide and digitally rendered but already built and tested DSB Litra MK The Danish State Railways (DSB) first radio control shunter Litra MK was built by Siemens/Vossloh in Germany as type VSFT G322. 25 were built from 1996 to 1998. All but one shunter were transferred to DSB subsidiary Railion in 2001 and DB Schenker Rail in 2007. My model: DSB Gods version. Scale: 1:45 Length: 27 studs Width: 8 studs Bricks: 586 Locomotion: 1 x M-motor (PF) Gear ratio: 1:1 Power: 1 x 9v battery with 1 x PF custom adapter Control: SBrick Designed: 2020 (third attempt at the class) (Very slightly) updated: 2023 Very high setting render from with custom decals added in the PartDesigner tool. Rear with the hidden SBrick inside: Removable hood for easy placement of the 9v battery inside - likely a 800 mAh rechargeable Li-Po one: The mechanical power transmission technique with 1:1 gearing: On a tableau at exhibitions: Link to my NedTrain Vossloh G 400 B and other liveries based on my design My earlier 7-wide version was rather fragile and prone to implosions when handled wrong but this time around the construction is pretty solid and the mechanical power transmission much better with surprising pulling capability. Long live 8-wide
  5. Hello, Nine years ago i try to make a Replica of this Engine: Well since I improved a little bit my "skills" and there is much more Lego Parts then 9 years ago, this is my second try: CP 4700 Lego 1:20 Scale by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  6. pixelpushing

    DB 189 (Siemens ES64F4)

    Hello all! I just wrapped up the brick-build of my latest project... a Deutsche Bahn BR 189! It is a predominantly freight-focused locomotive used on international services (notice the multi-system array of four pantographs). I started the build using, and purchased all of the required bricks using the Bricklink wishlist integration. Very cool and very easy. The prototype... My "final" render (this design was changed a bit during the build process): Papa und kind (Minitrix version): Front lights: Rear lights: Internals: Lokführer Hans:
  7. This model was inspired by the Siemens SD-460 type light rail vehicles used by Metro Link in Saint Louis, Missouri. They are usually two sets used on every train, so just imagine a exact duplicate of the train above connected to the train you see. Basically it's four cars with only two walkways and four cabs, though only the outer two are ever used on the line. Also, the two cars with the inter-car connection are supposed to share a Jacobs bogie underneath the walkway. I didn't use one because it would cause problems storing the train in my boxes IF I decide to get it. the walkway. I didn't use one because it would cause problems storing the train in my boxes IF I decide to get it. The side of the model. The first set of pantographs on the far ends of the cars are used as ice cutters in cold weather (though they can be used in an emergency for power collection) , while the second, inner pair are actually used as the electric pickup points. This is not my map, I got it off Google. It is used by Metro Link on it's trains to show the stations used by the Light-Rail system. The Metro Bus routes are not shown, as their are too many routes to show on this type of map, though the metro buses usually use the routes of the old streetcars. The train is supposed to feature the "M" logo on it's front and rear ends, but their is no printing on the logo, which is a blue square with a red circle inside, which has a capital "M" in white located inside the red circle. (I used a black 1x1 plate because it stood out more.) Anyone wanting to read more about Metro Link and their plans for any future extensions and such should visit their wiki page here: https://en.wikipedia...ink_(St._Louis) EDIT: forgot to add the LDD file:
  8. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Siemens Taurus

    Hi everyone! I chose a very well-known theme for my newest MOC. Almost everyone has a Lego Siemens Taurus at home :D . If you search for it on the net, the number of the matches will be endless. We can find every building method and technique in them. But I guess, I successfully found out new solutions to copy the real one! The engine works with two M-motors. The gear ratio is 1:1,667. Hope you like it! Video: During the scenes with the real Lego track there is a slower version, I changed the gears after making them. The scenes on the yellow brickbuilt track show the faster speed. Pictures: Detailes: The model and the real one have the round and the square hole, too! The overall shape of this section is also similar to the real one, because of the upside-down 1x2 slope. The section of the door has two interesting techniques. Behind the door there is an old 3 brick high panel (without side supports). It prevents the black tiles (the handles) to be at the same plane as the door. Most of the MOCs and official Lego sets use 1x1 plates with vertical clip to fix the bars (handrails). But the distance is too big between the wall and the bar. I used this part. Behind the wall the previously mentioned 1x1 plate holds it. The bars touche the wall, there's no gap between them. Many of the older Taurus models don't have good side-windows. The builders often used stickers. But my windows contains olny Lego pieces. Technical things: The engine contains two M-motors, an AAA battery box, an IR receiver and a short extension wire. The chassis is made of thechnic bricks, and I used 16 studs to fix the body on it. Between the chassis and the bogies there are the smaller versions of technic turntables. The bogies are selfmade, I used more than 160-160 elements for them. I'm not ready with the LDD file, but I think the whole model contains approx 1400. Thanks for watching!