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  1. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    Yeah I plan to reinforce the whole assembly, with some thin liftarms and probably will double up the brick tower if not convert the whole thing to technic liftarms and connectors. Thats great feedback that you have had issues with the bricks/plate method, I will almost certainly convert the whole thing to be a technic assembly.
  2. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    I am hoping for speed and strength. My worry with one L motor is that I won't have enough torque to pull a significant consist. The gear ratio should actually be 3:5 to the driven axle (20 tooth gear down to a 12 tooth gear) which is then connected to XXL diameter drivers. I think that one L motor wont provide enough torque to get a significant consist rolling. Ultimately I would like this to have a fast running speed, akin to the real life counterpart.
  3. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    @zephyr1934 I agree, axle connectors are a must in my opinion, otherwise all the strain is being put on the main rod which is brittle and more for show anyway (on Lego models). I used that bevel gear system through the frame on the Mercury with a motor assembly like option 2 above, but option 1 is probably much stronger. I have come up with a third option...both motors will turn in the same direction relative to their orientation here (i.e. one of them will have the polarity reversed on the controller). Gears are in blue so they are easier to see.
  4. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    Thank you very much! Gotta love that two-tone gray paint scheme with Armor Yellow lettering and striping. I plan to issue two versions of this locomotive, one in two-tone gray with yellow accents and one in freight black with white accents as she is seen today. A mid 1940's version and a 1950's to present day version, if you will.
  5. AbleChristopher

    Morehead & North Fork 0-6-0 No. 12

    Gorgeous model, Glenn! I love those hand pieces holding up the railings along the smokebox. And well done on the protruding front plate at the head of the locomotive, very detailed and looks like it was a pain to stabilize. What would you say was the most challenging part of this build?
  6. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    That is great feedback @engineermax, thank you for commenting. Option 1 Option 1 should be a 1:1 gear ratio, it goes up in size to transfer the power vertically but then back down in size where the gear attaches to the driver axle. I think I do have room to fit both motors in line with each other (instead of facing each other) and have one motor power one flanged driver and the other motor power the other flanged driver. Do you think that if one motor is running slightly faster than the other, since the drivers are all connected, that it would stress the motors or the coupling rod too much? Option 2 You're seeing the whole picture, I believe (based on gear size) that it should be 1:1 also and give me the same speed and torque as option 1. In your experience, do you think a 1:1 gear ratio is adequate (i.e. the standard speed and torque of the L motors is enough)? One of the elements here that I have been scratching my head over is exactly what you point out: one motor being stronger/faster than the other. Since I will likely buy used motors I presume this will be the case and I don't want to burn one out. I don't think that I have enough room to put in a differential assembly.
  7. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    Hello all, I am hoping to start a discussion on the types of geared power systems that folks in this forum use to power their steam locomotive MOC's, specifically larger builds with 3 or 4 driving wheels. I am partway through a build of a Union Pacific FEF-3: #844. I want to power this locomotive with two large power function motors (Item No: 99499c01) and I am struggling with choosing the appropriate gear assemblage to transfer the power to the drivers. The pictures below are the two methods I have been experimenting with. Assemblage #1 is the power system used on Brickmania's S160 Locomotive recreated here for demonstration only. Assemblage #2 is just a basic motor to driver setup. Rumor has it that the NYC Mohawk from Brickmania is powered by two sets of the S160 gear/motor assemblies, can anyone verify this? My goal is to make the #844 model true to her real life counterpart - very fast and very powerful. The renders were made quick and dirty, please excuse the clipping of parts, they are just to show the two systems. Any good ideas? Thank you all! Overall locomotive: Gear assemblage #1: Gear assemblage #2
  8. AbleChristopher

    (MOC) Mini Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle

    Thanks @MontyMatte! I am currently selling the build as part of a full kit but since shipping to Germany would be incredibly expensive (I am US based) then feel free to just message me on Etsy and I am sure we can figure something out for the .pdf file.
  9. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, I created a mini version of the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom with a Florida sunset backdrop! The scene is inspired by Jan Woźnica's space series, I highly suggest you check out their work.
  10. Thank you both! That was one of the difficult parts of this build, the diameter of those driver wheels is so small, they leave only about 2 plates worth of clearance below the center of the axle which left little room to be creative.
  11. AbleChristopher

    Boxpok STL files?

    @dr_spock you are a legend. These should work beautifully. Thank you very, very much. I have been searching for a long time for something like this.
  12. AbleChristopher

    Boxpok STL files?

    Thank you for the replies everyone, it was all very helpful. The closest I think we can all get to boxpok driver files at this point is through the link @Matt Dawson provided ( Bulleid-Firth-Brown style will have to work for now, I can resize them to the BBB XXL size that I need for my next project, a Northern. Jeff over at the PNW Steam Shop is the only one I have seen with a render of a boxpok driver and he may have done that in house, his models are top of the line. Boxpok driver files can be found here:
  13. They are small! Those driver wheels are only 44 inches. I have more stats on my Flickr album if you're interested: She handles pretty well, I'll try and get a video of her running. Thanks Asper, sounds like others would enjoy seeing it run too. I'll see what I can put together.
  14. Thanks Feuer! Those are kind words, means a lot.
  15. AbleChristopher

    Boxpok STL files?

    Question for the community: I am looking for model files for either Shupp's or Brick Train Depots boxpok drivers. Does anyone know if there is an STL file floating around out there that I can import into Thank you!