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Found 20 results

  1. LegoElvesFanatic


    Hi, my name is Josephine. I am creating Elevendale with all my Elves sets (I own them all) I would love to post images and you give me feedback and advice! Thanks. My family and I are moving house so my Lego is getting packed away . Over the next few weeks I am going to be buying pieces and sketching out designs for Elvendale. If you have any pieces that have helped you let me know what ones they are and I should be posting a base sketch in a few days
  2. Hello Guys, I recently created this vehicle, for my kids to play (but also for me) - 2x L-motors: one for left and one for right track - skid steering - chassis is without suspension - 6 pairs of PF led lights FLICKR photos:
  3. Hello to all, I am new here and wanted to share my very first creation with you. This is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 pick-up. I build it by using bricks from following sets 42000,42030,42042,42043. I took inspiration from RM8 creations but also in the past I was driving this car quite a lot in raw conditions and I have big sentiment related with this Toyota model. Pix and Video are not pro quality as this is my very first approach to build and share LEGO creation so please don't judge me too harshly form this point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at this model. In the near future I have plan to make simple video how to build it. Under the below links you will find pix and video. Below is video instruction for Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 - body (part 2). Unfortunately due to file size restriction in my camera, there is missing small part of the video where is shown how to build roof and back side of the body. However this two missing bits are easy to reproduce based on the pix. For those who would like to built this body it can be also good opportunity to put a bit of own invention.
  4. Hi, Here is my latest creation. When I started, I selected several goals: - middle scale for RC playability - weight distributed to front for better crawling performance - easy removable hard top - motorized winch - realistic body and proportions as close as possible to original. Full article with building process, WIP photos and result is here in my blog(translate by goolge). It is realtively small MOC, but it has more than 1000 parts and it takes 14 monthes of building and rebuilding. Yes, I am slow builder, comparing to other guys. May be I should hire a hamster to help me:) I wasted too much time for it. So now, I am sure the proportions and functions are good enough for me. features: - Scale approx. 1:12 - Fully motorized and remote controlled - Fully removable hard top with 3 versions. 10 seconds for conversion! - Customs stickers - Openable doors, bonnet and back doors. Side doors with locks - Foldable front and rear seats - Dashboard Technic specs: - Suspension with live axles, supported by 3 links - AWD transmission with differentials in the axles and locked central differential (XL motor). Gear 20:28 - Link steering (Servo-motor) - Winch ready with motorized PTO (M motor) + ready for second PTO motor Dimensions: - Weight: 1050 gr. (including LiPo battery and additional PTO M motor) - Length: 296 mm (37 studs) - Width: 120 mm (15 studs) - Height: 160 mm (20 studs) -Wheelbase 173 mm (21,5 studs) more photos here http://www.bricksafe.../pages/rm8/FJ40 WATCH FULL VIDEO PRESENTATION HERE UPDATE: INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE You can download it now in PDF or watch my picasa album Partlist is represented in 5 versions: 1.Just chassis - 413 pcs 2.Light - 749 pcs 3.Cabrio - 883 pcs 4.Base - 1162 pcs 5.Expedition - 1284 pcs
  5. I thought for some bit about getting 42110. As a car enthusiast and MOC builder, I have always loved the Technic manufacturer cars, owning the Arocs, Porsche, Bugatti, and even the Corvette. All those sets wielded me some very useful pieces to make future MOCs with. However, the Land Rover set doesn't seem like a good buy for me... I have a lot of Lego already. It's expensive. I'm not into Land Rover, even though I think the new Defender is cool. The pieces. The lockable differential and the new wheels are the only pieces that I can find use with, and there's not many good ideas I have for green MOCs. I thought about getting the Porsche 911 RSR instead because of its white pieces, but the fenders have prints. So I guess I'll take a pass on both cars, what is your opinion on the new Defender set?
  6. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  7. The Maestro

    A statue forgetten

    Standing lonely in the sea, a sight forgotten sailors once yearned to see. Seeming destined to be lost forever. Until now... A little teaser for a future build. Not sure when it will be built though, either soon or closer to the end of the year And I will do some more builds leading up to it. The Base style was inspired by the talented Jaaxaap. It was a fun little build to through together and I liked experimenting with the texture. C&C wanted and Hope you enjoy.
  8. kahir88

    Task I and Task III.

    Salute! As a leader of a mercenary group, it is my duty to introduce them, to the Relm. (TASK I. -Avalonia) Conrad the Sly and his two second in command: Zan the Black Arrow, and Lok, the Wild-one. Lok commands the infantry of the Brigade. Zan commands the small group of crossbowman. Master sapper, and his cannoneers. Assasins, the unseen part of the army. Marauders, the heavy troops. Scouts, and poachers of the gang. Siege engineer, with two siege assistants, who helps the engineer with the siege weapon. Cavalry. Altho, the rest of the army using guerilla tactics. They still need to pursuit the escaping enemies. Boris, the Houndmaster. Members, of the Brigade, who not count, as the army, but they play important roles. From left: Winifred, the courtesan, Some smugglers, the gangs torturer, and the young lad: Pell, who is the banner bearer. TASK III. -Avalonia We take a lot of pleasure in the beauty of the landscape. Although the area's lords are not frowned upon if an army of mercenaries in their fields pass through , somewhere even had to settle down . Then we found Deep Gardens. Along the coast tiny fishing villages, farther inland forests, plenty of apple trees. The locals do not belong to any lord , freedom, but the cost, to no one defend them. They need our help , as we are to them . One village chief told us, about a ruined castle , it might be a good start. (I hope, that region is still available )
  9. After few month i finished my largest Model Team creation so far. As i am not very good with technic bricks, this is one of a kind, special edition, only rear wheel drive Land Rover :) Its motorized, working steering and lights, but cause of the weight i didnt connect IR receiver and cables, but its ready to do that. Weight with batteries is over 5000g so it hardly stands on wheels, for that reason there are 16 shocks absorbers, 8 didnt hold the vehicle up. Weight: 5000g Lenght: 553 mm, 70 studs Wide: 264 mm, 34 studs (including mirrors) Height: 260 mm, 33 studs Stickers are temporary, must find better font. More photos and details. A small vignette with the car:
  10. Here we see the first section of the Rebuilt Cloud Cuckoo Land. It was constructed by Princess Unikitty herself, with help from fellow master builders Benny the 1980-something space guy, Abraham Lincoln, and Joey the Snail. Abraham helped with the plans, which were subsequently thrown out the window (literally) in favor of building out of imagination. Needless to say, Lincoln was pretty upset, and decided to go the Theater to calm down... Anyway, Benny then brought in his friend the Doctor to help with the matter of turning Unikitty's M.C. Escher - style design into something more reasonable. Needless to say, reason lost out to bright colors and swirly disc-things. In summary, Unikitty and Joey built what you see here in about an hour-and-a-half of frantic building, finding cool parts and placing them in odd ways, plus adding force-shields so that the Fall of Cuckoo Land should never happen again. Here we see the ground floor.... wait a minute: Joey the Snail hopped into the frame at the last minute! Oh well, it's too late to change it now! Here we see a birds-eye view of the tower's top floor, the second floor, and the ground. Joey usually sits on the two jumpers on the ground floor, while Unikitty attaches to the jumper on the top floor. Here is a look behind the front wall... there really isn't much to look at! MY NOTES: Okay, so I bought set 70803 (Cloud Cuckoo palace) and modified it a bit. I don't have an LDD file, and couldn't tell you what remains from the original set and what I modified. Also, I wanted to wait until Buster the jalopy was finished, but that won't be for a couple weeks, so I posted it as-is. Oh, and the reason why Unikitty isn't in any photos is because she isn't finished... yet. Also: If you are wondering who buster the Jalopy is, please see this thread: http://www.eurobrick...owtopic=117454\ Comments and questions welcome!
  11. Vedauwoo

    [M - C10] Helping out Leeroy J.

    Location: C10 - Marden Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle Finally, more work! We were picked up by the Oruvus and transported to the frozen world of Marden.... Our mission: search for evidence of Biomass near a formation called "The Icy Mountain..." Any samples we can collect are to be loaded onto a MANTIS PE-56 "Portable Elevator" that has landed nearby. Our new crewman (crewplant?) "Verdi" and I were to meet a "Captain Leeroy Jenkins" not far from our landing site... An RS-5 and a FC-2g Speeder were perfect for the environment...though Verdi's FC-2g had a slight engine problem... I couldn't wait to use my new "Icebreaker 4000" chainsaw... But, before I could get cutting, Captain Jenkins Yelled, "You don't need that...Looky here what I have!" It was a MANTIS Auto Blocker.....a device that can cut, extract and transport perfect blocks of pretty much any substance... Verdi and the Portable Elevator's crewman got busy loading up the PE return module. Captain Jenkins secured the cargo door and initiated the launch sequence... We headed back to our speeders as Capt. Jenkins secured the lander platform.... That's when I heard it...a voice yelling, "LEEROY JENKINS!!" It was an Octan Corp. Sniper! Before I could turn around, Jenkins was in his sights... I was too late....and in the confusion, the Sniper got away.... Then Verdi pointed out (in his [her?] vegtabley voice), "Hey, at least you got a new space suit.." He (She?) was right.....It was a good day after all! ============================================================================================ Extra Images.....I dunno how to do that "Spoiler" thing here they are... Extra shots of Ved's RS-5 Speeder: Verdi's speeder developed a bit of a misfire...: The Oruvus over the Icy Mountain: The Ice Cave: And...of course...Leeroy's Tool, the Auto-Blocker:
  12. Vedauwoo

    [M - E03] Fifth day at work...

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration ...{{){})})(>......[begin log transmission]:: Day 5....After days of bland unchanging grey sand desert, finally came across something interesting....a mineral deposit of some sort.... SATCAM image from Ertauq: The metallic minerals seem to be aligned to the planet's magnetic field.....the resulting stress points allow eruptions of gas and liquid that deposit a crystalline mineral....nearly clear to blue in colour: There is also a curious life form...a semi-sentient plant of some sort....I will call them "frond friends" for they are quite pleasant, and make good company... Overall, the YV-745 that M.A.N.T.I.S. provided has worked rather well....for a simple transport mission... Other than being a bit ugly, it was a fun ride.....I look forward to my next assignement.....
  13. Mark of Falworth

    [M - C04] Assault on Aeristus.

    Activity - Exploration. Location- Aeristus - C04. After an uneventful time on Myderis, Mark of Orion and his prototype vehicle were tasked with surveying the currently contested planet of Aeristus, just one sector from Torresta, the home planet of the MANTIS™ corp. After a few hours of testing ground speed on the open grasslands, Mark's radio emitted a distress call! Arriving at the scene, Mark discovered that his former crewmates were attacking a loathsome Kawashita stronghold and were in dire need of assistance! Mark fired up the Awesomnium-powered boosters and revved up the particle-disruptor rays on his Strider. "THIS ENDS NOW!" (Begin Commentary) Not happy with this build at all, I was extremely rushed for time - which also explains the very short story! But I wanted to get something in for MANTIS, so Enjoy!
  14. Lord Sam Sinister is in a evil partnership with Lord Ogel, dictator of the industrial country of Vladeck. They are currently (as of January 1925) scouring the world for an artifact named Poseidon's Trident, with the latest lead having them head for the southern tip of South America. Sam is accompanied by his personal battleship named "Sinister Purpose", two diesel-powered submarines, a new series of stealth aircraft and a small battalion of troops and land vehicles. He also has all his underworld contacts, including but not limited to: Senor Palomar, Alexis Sinister, Barron Von Baron, Max Villano, and more, ready to help him with his quest. Lord Sam's mission is to find the Trident and with it, help Ogel conquer the seas (and the world). His only real opposition is Johnny Thunder and his friends Major Quentin Steele, Jake Raines, & Pippin Reed, plus their small fleet of vehicles. This is Sam Sinister's personal battleship, the "Sinister Purpose". It features two anchors, three smokestacks, and four turrets. I have given the turrets the ability to move the triple-gun barrels up and down and swivel side to side. (In the real world, this battleship was originally designed for my brother, Austin, who later discarded the project.) Here is one of the two identical submarines used by Lord Sinister and his forces. This one is named the "Red Fox", while the other is named the "Black Wolf". (In reality, this submarine was gotten from Brickshelf back around 2011. I don't remember who did it, but it is Studs Not On Top, also known as SNOT, for 90% of the build.) Here is the LDD file for both submarine and battleship: This prototype stealth aircraft is nicknamed "The Stalker" for it's ability to creep up on a target and follow without being noticed, before it blows the enemy craft into oblivion. (When Indiana Jones set 7683's (Fight on the Flying Wing) pictures was first leaked in dark grays, I was impressed... but then they went and changed it to dark green in the final, released version. Well, now I changed it back! I removed the unavailable parts, turned the regular green and dark green to light and Dark bluish gray. The cockpit is no longer hinged, making it much stronger, plus the rear guns no longer swivel, eliminating that weak point. The cockpit is supposed to be the Star Wars Jedi star fighter dark-bluish gray-print-on -transparent-black part) The fleet of vehicles at Sam Sinister's disposal includes two dozen fighter aircraft. These fighters are not as advanced as the flying wing above, but still can hold their own against almost anything thrown at them. (This model was originally set 6745. (Propeller power) I turned into that micro scale model into a plane that a mini-figure can sit in. it was turned from red, white, and yellow into a slew of military-looking grayish hues.) LDD file for the aircraft here: This fearsome piece of machinery is used to cut down trees in the path of the land forces. It is currently being heavily used in South America as the search for the Poseidon's Trident grinds on in the Amazon Jungle. (I bought the original set 7626 (Jungle Cutter) in Summer 2008. I wanted to make it it in dark gray to match my two trucks but gave up after trying to order the parts from Lego. (I didn't know about Bricklink at that time) Well, now the shoe is on other other foot and here it is, in full grayish glory!) Here is a fuel supply truck of the convoy currently running back and forth from the battleship Sinister Purpose to the head of the group pushing further inland. These trucks are the weak point of Sinister's forces. Destroy them, you halt the progress towards the Trident. (This model is almost a stock part of 7683. (Fight on the Flying Wing) I simply redid the rear tank to keep it from spinning.) These trucks may be empty now, but usually they are filled with troops protecting the convoy searching for the Trident. (These are made from 7622. (Race for the Stolen Treasure) Since the fabric part is so VERY expensive, I found a solution in the Eurobricks Official sets LDD topic. I took the cover from the trucks built by user ADHO15 and redid some portions to be cheaper (I.E. thinner tires) and better coordinated color-wise.) This vehicle is one of many used by the forces of Evil to search for Poseidon's Trident. This particular car usually holds an officer of the Vladeck Armed forces, Special Recovery Division, which looks to capture objects of power through less-than-legal means. (The car seen here was originally part of set 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure, as the machine gun hauling support vehicle. I have put a roof on it and turned it into a officer's car.) Here is the LDD file for the land vehicles: Johnny Thunder will need to bring his A-game to stop Sam Sinister this time. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  15. Hi everyone! This is my new MOC, a small scale version of my past Land Rover Defender 90, with which I got really frustrated. ( ) It's approximetely technic figures scale. It has hand of god steering and suspended rear axle. Also you can open doors, hood, and back. Hope you liked it! See ya soon!
  16. !!PROJECT IS ABANDONED AND DISCONTINUED!! Hi everyone! I'd like to present to you my WIP Land Rover Defender 90. First, some explanations. The goal was to make pretty accurate car with two live axles, 2 gears (slow and fast) and 2 differential locks (middle and rear). I started from scrolling throug Unimog instruction to get some inspiration. The first try at building chassis was successful, but the steering tended to break and gears slipped (PF Servo in the middle of chassis, PF XL on front). Both differential locks, based on Sariels minimalistic differential lock, worked correctly (sorry, no photos). So I rebuilded everything with Servo on front axle on two PF L in the middle. Still I wasn't satisfied with front and gears slipped . Then came the third version with PF XL on the back, good gears design and front independent suspension (differential locks were ditched in the process). But... The basic TLG double whishbone suspension (3 and 5 studs high) tend to be wobbly if assembled poorly (read: assembled by me ), especially with big wheels. I got pissed of and in result dug the internet in search for something good. Finally I ended up with nicjasnos' McPherson suspension. It works perfectly btw . To summarize this a bit long introduction, Land Rover now has front independend McPherson suspension, live axle on back, 2 gears and 4WD with PF XL motor, no differential locks. Without the locks it's pretty unusable in terrain, but runs smoothly on flat. And now the meat part, photos! The plan is to make the bodywork detachable in case I want to improve both cassis and body separately. Also it'd be great to make front live axle with portal axle and correct kingpin inclination and positive caster angle, and both differential locks switched with PF M motors. Please write any suggestions and comments!
  17. Hi, I have good news. My YouTube channel reached 3000 subscribers. And here is my latest MOC Teaser.
  18. Not sure if anyone is interested, but apparently there's going to be a Lego Duplo animated short film featuring Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Sunday. I like how it has that semi-brickfilm style that The Lego Movie had. Is this the first Duplo TV special?
  19. Off roaders in their "natural" habitat :) More photos: Car with more details: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=100721
  20. Hello I finished current project recently. It is a 3D map in micro scale of the northland. Now aim up to make pictures of it for a well presentation. But it isn´t that easy to get in a view i want it to. So let me show you some pictures for a preview. You see Wehrhavn, home of the fleet and one of the realms largest towns. To the right, you can see the entrance to the "Reichs-Minen". You see the "Rosenblatt Sea", the northern border with castle "Falkengrund" and Wehrhavn to the left. The Loka Mountains, home of the barbarians, are located behind the northern border. --- I hope to get the pictures of the entire map ready at the weekend. Till this: Learn more about up THE BRICK TIME and our Flickr Gallery. Bye bye BoB