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Found 47 results

  1. I remade my magic school bus model into a school bus from an older time period (the 1940's) and I think I like this version better. There are some anachronisms (such as the swinging stop sign arm) that didn't exist on school buses in the '40s, but I am using Modular Building / Winter Village logic here: old fashioned vehicles and buildings, with some modern features strewn about when needed. Like many of my vehicle models the roof does not come off to get at the inside details, but then again, there aren't much in the way of details in there anyway. (Yes, the stop sign is printed wonky. There is nothing I can do about it.) Thoughts?
  2. Trouble in Vulture Creek Here is my take on an Old West Town, called Vulture Creek. A few bandits have helped themselves to the contents of the Town Bank's Vault. Local sheriffs and the US Calvary do there best to restore order to this frontier town. Trouble in Vulture Creek by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Trouble in Vulture Creek by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Trouble in Vulture Creek by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Trouble in Vulture Creek by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Trouble in Vulture Creek by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! I designed this 6x6 truck today as I challenge and I didn't think much about it but It turned out to be a success (in my eyes). I hope you guys like it. The design was inspired by a mix of old offroad 6x6 military trucks. I say it just needs to do the job and it doesn't need to look pretty while doing it. Here is a list of its features: 6x6 drivetrain springless suspension Modular design Remote control Powered by 2L motors Steering by 1M motor Removable tray (all sides can be dropped. Openable bonnet Openable doors 2 speed gearbox Hi-Low gear For more photos please go to our Bricksafe Page here Please go easy on the look it was built in one day, I would love some feedback. Happy Mocking CrazyKreations
  4. What is the oldest set you have seen in a shop, relative to the time you saw it (i.e. how long had it been discontinued for at the time)? For me, the only one that comes to mind is the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear ship, which I believe my local W H Smith sold until around 2015. I've probably seen older sets than that in shops at some point though; I think I remember seeing sets with 4-digit codes around 2017/18 but don't remember any further details. Also, I remember my local Toys R Us stocked the 2006 X-wing until around 2011 (before the next one came out), but I'm not sure if that was discontinued or if it just had a longer run (I don't remember any other shops stocking it). Note: if there are already any threads for this topic (I don't think there are any active ones) feel free to link to those as well!
  5. Project Link: Support for free using the LEGO Ideas website to help get this project to 10,000 in hopes that it becomes a LEGO Ideas set! Make LEGO King Kong Happen! Shorter url version: King Kong Two-Legged Lizard + References Dragon Dinosaur + References Trex + References Spider + References Display all figures and creatures at front If you like the set it is also available on LEGO ideas to support for the chance of it becoming an official set! link if interested: The Log Posed The Trex Spider from the Ravine Two-Legged Lizard attacks John Side of Wall The Cave The Natives The Gong Ann on tree Back of Spider Dragon looking Dinosaur (Son of Kong)
  6. Every couple years I come back to see what’s going on these days in the world of Lego, something that I’ve noticed is the lack of decent sets these days. for an example, 2005(6) and 2008 saw two big sets being the Turbo Tank and MTT and Sand Crawler, these many years later were re-released as these tiny compact sets that cost just as much. In fact, it’s not with just larger sets, it’s with the medium sized sets as well like the AAT for example. Maybe I’m just cynical? It feels like back in the 2000s there were some really special things that Lego produced, such as the glow up lightsabers, and I feel bad for the group of kids growing up on this line of productions. There’s something about Lego Star Wars that has gotten worse, maybe it’s the overly compact scale downs of sets, however, it’s just very rare these days that even while looking through videos, do I see anything that compares to the days over a decade ago.
  7. snowvictim

    [MOC] St. Alexander's Church

    Greetings! I have recently took upon myself the task of recreating one of my favourite buildings lost to the ravages of war: St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw, Poland. It's quite an ambitious project (over 20,000 bricks) that I intend to finish by October. Background information: The church was completed in 1825 and was built in the neoclassical style. In the 1890s, the Russians, who occupied Poland, decided to remodel the building architecturally and expand it considerably. The temple was practically intact following the German invasion of Poland in 1939, and was almost completely razed to the ground as part of the planned destruction of Warsaw in late 1944 (only one of the bell towers survived). After the war, the church was rebuilt, however in its original form, not the one after the 1890 alteration (probably due to a combination of insufficient funding and the opposition to the Church by the new communist regime). My aim was to rebuild the church as it stood between 1890 and 1944. Notes on the build: Dimensions: the building itself measures 132cm x 76cm x 54cm (the build is situated on a 2x4 grid of 48x48 baseplates) Many people may be annoyed by this, but I decided not to build the interior for two reasons; one is practical, the other is technical. As for practicality, I came up with an idea to insert some LED lighting into the church so that it can be illuminated, which should combine beautifully with the trans-coloured bricks that make up the stained glass windows. Inserting a power source, wiring, lights, controlled, etc. may have been problematic with a completed interior. Regarding technicality, I conducted a lot of photographic research before designing the model in Studio. While pictures of the exterior are not difficult to come by (owing to the fact that the church was one of the architectural crown jewels of pre-war Warsaw), I had only found one of the interior, and the quality of it was insufficient to provide an appropriate representation of the interior. Although written accounts of the interior do exist, I wanted to stay true to the original. Granted, one cannot replicate everything in Lego (especially me, a mediocre builder at best), but I didn't want my imagination to taint the build. Photos of the actual church: (The church after being destroyed. Notice the one surviving bell tower. The bricks you can see in the foreground came from the church and were used to build other buildings for the returning population following their expulsion after the failure of the Warsaw Uprising). Renders: Note: the renders aren't complete, primarily because of technical limitations. I'm running an Intel i7 with a GTX 1080 and even that setup struggles sometimes. Also, the angles of the build make working in Studio annoying at times. Some elements that I wanted to put Studio considers as colliding with others (particularly when it comes to the dome), so I've decided to just do them in real life instead. These include the top of the dome, the roofing adjacent to the dome base, the statues on the roof, and some minor details here and there. The greatest challenge will be the walls of the dome; as you can see they're empty, and I may have to resort to non-Lego means. Building: More to follow! Most of the workpace is dictated by how fast the BrickLink orders arrive at my place.
  8. Long story short. One of my kids is now 4 years old and we have started to build some new Lego sets together. I have all my Lego saved from my own childhood, and I got a sudden urge to try and find and build some of the sets. Unfortunately they are all mixed in plastic bags. I hope to find help identifying some sets, and then use or other resource to piece them together. Link to images below, thanks in advance.
  9. Hello everyone, I have built a model of one of Britains classic race cars, the Bentley 4.5l ‘Blower’, a project that was never actually approved by W.O Bentley (company founder) but nonetheless took part in the 1930 Le Mans 24hr race and French Grand Prix where it finished second behind a much more agile Bugatti type 35. Its claim to fame was not through racing victory but through its racing stories. The model has working ‘worm and wheel’ steering and a removable bonnet to expose the 4.5 litre, 4-cylinder supercharged engine. Accuracy and realism was key right from the chassis frame and the parts were spray painted to give two new green colours. For more info and images please Click here to take a look at the project on Lego Ideas. Many thanks...
  10. Hello everyone, My new MOC inspired by my favourite scene from Cloud Atlas movie. Thanks for watching! ca01 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca04 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca09 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca10 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca12 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr
  11. Where can you still buy Brick Warriors pieces in colors that are no longer made like dark blue and burnt orange? I have searched ebay, amazon, and online. I have emailed toy stores in the USA and in Europe. I even tired emailing Brick Warriors directly.
  12. ColletArrow

    ColletArrow's old MOC thread

    Introduction I've finally decided I need to do something with my enormous folder of pictures of old MOCs. That means uploading them to Bricksafe, and sharing them here! There's a few things I'd like to note before I start. Firstly, there's a fair amount of history amongst for me here; some photos are of my earliest train MOCs (although that was only 5 years ago). Therefore, as I post these, I should be able to show progression in my skills with building. Secondly, all of the models have been long since dismantled, frequently in order to build the next one! I worked with a very limited parts selection, and didn't often buy more bricks just for one model. Finally, sorry for the poor photography; my 'studio' was a north-facing living room with a white-ish carpet, which worked fine, but sometimes the background is cluttered or the lighting is odd. These weren't taken with uploading them in mind, so many I've had to hastily clean up in MS Paint! Hopefully they look OK. Anyway, on with the show. In this post, I'll present the 4 standard-gauge steam locomotives I've built over the years, in chronological order. 1. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 Tender locomotive (August 2015) For my first steam locomotive (but not my first train, I'll show that later...), I thought I'd keep it simple; this is mainly based on the 79111 Constitution Train Chase, but suitably anglified. I think I used @zephyr1934's instructions for the cylinder/connecting rods mod, but with standard technic liftarms. I decided this boiler shape would look alright after seeing @Murdoch17's many variants! EB truly inspired this one, before I was even registered here. The numbers were based on a real locomotive in preservation, 46447, although with the BR logo replaced by "LRTS", as seen on the side of the Emerald Night. They were written on MS Word, printed out onto sticky labels and placed on the side! A really inelegant solution, and one that I regret to this day as the bricks still have them on or a sticky residue were I tried to take them off. At least they weren't over multiple parts. All the power functions elements were rammed into the tender, with only the LEDs on the loco itself. The battery box was controlled via the large dish representing the water cap, through which the green on/off LED could be seen. The headlamps were also movable, to represent some of the positions used in the British headlamp codes used to identify train types, hence the nest of wires under the smokebox. The bufferbeam itself got a little detail, complete with a non-LEGO part that slipped into my collection many years ago and I've never taken out. Finally, the cab even featured a full boiler backhead, not bad for my first attempt! Again, sorry for the awful pictures. Overall, not bad for a first attempt I don't think, even if it was essentially a 79111 extreme-mod. It got tested on a friend's small circle of track, and didn't perform badly if I remember correctly. If I were to build it again, I'd want to redesign the PF tender completely, maybe with the battery box on its side to get a lower profile. It was far too big for the tenders the real locomotives carry. The folder, and a few more pictures, can be found here: And now, onto: 2. BR (ex-GWR) 56xx Prairie 0-6-2 tank (September 2015) This model immediately followed the previous, and even used the same "stickers" (completely inappropriately, the GWR or later BR (WR) never used 5 digits on their locos!) but is clearly different in many ways. Mainly, I couldn't hide the PF in a tender, so the battery box was concealed behind the side tanks, the motor is just visible at the front, and the IR receiver took up the space in the coal bunker. I have no idea how well it performed as I only had about 6 pieces of track at this stage, but I get the feeling it wasn't good! I have obviously realised I needed the rubber bands by this point, it's a shame they were yellow. I think I was quite proud of how neatly the battery box access worked! I even crammed an opening hatch into the roof, not sure why: It had exactly the same cab interior, just slightly cramped by the IR receiver, so I won't show the picture. I believe this model also featured attachment points in all 4 positions for head/tail lamps, as before. Again, not bad overall, but I reckon I could do better if I built another one now. Especially the drivetrain, an M-motor connected directly to the wheels via 2 12-tooth bevel gears can't have worked well. I also recall I had difficulty with excess friction/resistance from the connecting rods and cylinders, that I never figured out before I dismantled it. Again, the folder is here: 3. BR (ex-GWR) Pannier 0-6-0 tank (July 2016) It was only time before I had a go at one of these machines, they are probably my favourite steam locomotive! It also seems there was a break of about a year before this came about, but I think it was worth it. This build was created in LDD (and as such, I still have the .lxf file), I worked out what parts I already had, and then ordered the few I didn't already own. Mainly the many, many 1x2x1.3 curved-top bricks! This was my first train build in 6+ wide (with 7 for the cab). The tanks were fun on this one, the lower half being built upside-down, and entirely hollow to leave room for the battery box. Explore the .lxf file if you want to; I've uploaded it to the bricksafe folder. Again, the headlamps were moveable, although could only be illuminated by the LEDs when at the front. They could be placed in any of the usual positions. I didn't put much effort into the rest of the bufferbeam though, clearly! The challenge with this was definitely getting the motor in place. In the end, this mess is what I ended up with, the orange tiles meaning it couldn't quite get over level crossings. The blind drivers are held in place by 2736 technic axle towball with the ball cut off, a technique I saw @LEGO Train 12 Volts use I believe. Not purist, but I was willing to do that to 2 parts, 2 parts that have been used in many other things since. Again, it's a shame one of the rubber bands is blue. I don't think this setup gave poor performance, but I doubt it was particularly good either. Finally for this loco, here's a shot of the rear bunker, with "meshed" windows, hand rails and lamp attachment points. Once again, the folder with more images is here: I've since revisited this one in LDD, attempting to rectify the motor problem. I don't think I've got a better solution yet, I might try to get an L-motor in the cab or something. 4. BR "USA" 0-6-0 tank (June 2017) I've saved the best (and most recent) until last. This one is actually still together! Once again, a new building style was tried; I found the blueprints online, overlaid it with a LEGO plates grid (in MS Powerpoint of all softwares, it's surprisingly useful!), and scaled it to the size of the wheels. I found it lined up almost perfectly, and started to build from there. You can quite clearly see the BB here, again hidden as low as possible behind the water tanks. The IR receiver is what's blocking the cab windows, and the m-motor is under the cab floor, connected to the 16-tooth gear just visible above the rear axle. The front boiler section also used the 79111 method: Again using one of the "stickers" from the first model, and with all 4 headlamp positions available. No LEDs this time though! You may also note there's only one steam pipe from the smokebox to the cylinders; evidently I never got around to finding the parts for the second! The water tanks chamfer is also somewhat representative, not having any longer slope bricks in my collection. This is by far my proudest part of the model, the cab windows. A fair amount of SNOT and LEGO maths was employed here to get it to line up, but it works! Shame there's nothing to see through them. The enormous hole in the roof was for the IR receiver. Finally, here's the rear of the loco. This was the worst part to build as I came to it last and was running out of parts, as emphasised by the lack of actual buffers! It does feature a "live" coal load though, the usual headlamp "brackets" and that non-LEGO part used for a brake hose connector. The full folder of pictures is available here: This model is still assembled, although stripped of it's PF components and with a proper boiler backhead instead. The drivetrain wasn't nearly as successful as I was hoping it would be, given the amount of reinforcement I added to it. Is it possible to build a good one with an M-motor, or should I get an L-motor instead for future models? Perhaps I should lower my expectations of LEGO models? I'm not really sure. Conclusion So, there they all are. I think a clear progression is visible between each model, but what do you think? If I were to build any of these again, how could I improve them? Also, did you enjoy this post? Should I post more like this? How could I improve my posting style? I've got a few more "themes" planned, such as diesel locomotives, narrow gauge trains, road-rail/hirail/whatever you call them vehicles...
  13. The E-Wing is one of my favourite Legends EU ships. I made this one by building the cockpit and nose from the Resistance X-Wing, a custom body and nose, and the basic wing structure from Jek 14's Stealth Starfighter. The only major problems I'm having with the build so far are that is currently lacking the new windscreen, which I think is necessary for the shape, and I can't tell if certain hinge connections would work in reality. Below is the wing connection I'm unsure about. It looks like the larger hinges should be able to join up to the small one at the top, while the clip hinges below hold the wing. But I'm not sure if the third stud down on the wing is actually obstructing the yellow section of the hinge. I'll be grateful if anyone can give me some tips. :) UPDATE: It lives! For the most part, I'm happy with how it turned out, but there are some modifications I'll have to make, specifically to how the engines are held together inside, and the landing gear. The axles inside the engines seem to be at the wrong length ratio, so the front can easily be knocked off. The landing gear is just badly designed, and I might have to completely rework it. As you can see, I'm missing a 3L bar on the front skid, I got a 4L bar by accident. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Otherwise, the front would be ok. The back skids need a less flexible framework, and one of the clips collides with the skid underneath. The cannons aren't quite as long as intended, it turns out the pin hole on the end of the 3L technic pins with an axle holder end aren't the right shape for connecting bars, so that's another thing that I might alter, but it doesn't detract from the look of it. Apart from those the only thing I'd like to change is that the only thing holding the nose is a pair of technic pin bricks, but it's not too wobbly. The lid for the astromech compartment comes off easily enough, though the 1x4 bricks sometimes need pressing back on. :) Booty shot:
  14. de-marco

    [MOC] Vintage ambulance

    Vintage ambulance building instructions Parts list
  15. de-marco

    [MOC] Black vintage car M20

    Black vintage car M20 building instructions Parts list
  16. de-marco

    [MOC] Dark red vintage car

    Dark red vintage car building instructions Parts list
  17. de-marco

    [MOC] Vintage car

    Vintage car building instruction Parts list
  18. (NOTE to the mods: This model could go in the adventure forum, but since it's origin is a CITY-like set, I placed it here in the town forum. I hope that's okay!) Heading out for parts unknown, searching for lost treasure, discovering ancient civilizations, fighting the mysterious forces of evil and finding helpful allies, all in far-way lands not on any map! Check your compass, secure your gear and plot your course: It's all in a days work for the ADVENTURERS! (and yes, that was supposed to sound like a early TV / radio drama intro. ) I took the "Old Fishing Store" Ideas set number 21310 and turned back the clock on it from a rundown fishing shop in the modern era to a modular 1920's supply depot for Johnny Thunder and his friends, also known as the Adventurers. I added a set 7596-style freight Crane that's a part of "Trash Compacter Escape" (a Toy Story 3 set from 2010). I revised the color scheme of the mainly yellow building instead of the original sand green, and removed a ton of the mixed bunch of colors that were used a "patch jobs" on the dock and building proper. I removed the roof and redid it completely to be brick-built with slopes instead of plates and tiles at an certain angle. I also stripped the many windows styles off and replaced them with a single type. I added a warehouse section to the lower floor by sending one of the walls about 16 studs back, allowing for storage space for various equipment not yet designed. The back wall of the building shows off the new wall art placed on the roof section of the building: a giant propeller from a ship of some kind. I also am going to use the "Great" and "West" printed parts for the sign out on the front of the building where the "Anton's bait shop" 4 x 2 tile originally was. The back wall still opens in two sections, but the inside is a rough estimate. Some parts I already have from my previous depot model from almost 1 1/2 years ago, such as the safe, radio and various maps. Also, the two freight loading doors actually open and shut quite nicely. The model comes apart into four sections, with the main roof, tower, tower roof, and main building + dock all separating from each other. The crane was totally copied from my previous depot model, which itself was duplicated and color-changed from the dark green / white one in the Toys Story 3 set I mentioned earlier. That's all I've got so far with the building (which is coming soon in real bricks)... any thoughts or ideas for this model? As usual, Comments, Questions, & Complaints are always welcome. Stay tuned for real life pictures that might be coming in October. If you want the LDD file, it is here.
  19. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Hi everyone, just a few days before 2017 arrives and I managed to get this building done! As the economy of V City (my LEGO world) is going strong, the old Grand Emporium needs an upgrade too. Unlike many people who would buy more of the set and stack the stories up, I took a different approach from an architect's point of view. I got the inspiration from the book shelf of mine, and thought what if I added more books to the shelf? I would push the books aside and insert the new ones. And I got the idea for the new annex of the department store. The new building is just like new blocks inserted into the old one, and the expansion is not merely an increase of volume or floor area, but also a re-establishment of the icon. The new shop becomes a new landmark in the city (again). The design is clearly an insertion, but not invasion of the old. The new wing has a larger entrance, while the old revolving door is still kept. Let's start with the G/F. This floor is the supermarket, with one side having a double-volume space. You can also see that I kept some iconic features from the old emporium, namely the gift deco and escalators. All these link to the old memories... There is also a little information counter, if you are lost or if you have lost something. Going up to 1/F is the kitchenware section, and you can find the fashion section next to it. Wait, is that...Scarlet Witch? Further up is the 2/F kid section, with a fully stocked LEGO shelf! You can also find other toys here. The other side of the kid section is a book section. Mums can play with their kids too there. Snack corner is near the escalator, while you can find the restroom too. The roof originally was not used for anything (or a rest area for the window cleaners?), but after the renovation, you can enjoy a drink at the sky bar. Sometimes you can find the Avengers too. The model is also "slice-able", as you can open it up to reveal all the different sections inside. So the new Grand Mall is in business, and you can start getting some new things for the new year. Enjoy!
  20. Hello all! I am the General Moe, and i create stop motion films. My first taste of Lego Brickfilms came in 2007, when the Lego page featured some stop motions in the star wars section. I was hooked! An Average Death Star Day was my favourite by far, and i have a love for the Brickfilms of the past. So i decided to create a series that harkens back to the classic age of lego stop motions! I deliberately recreated the style of the old films. This involved lowering the frame rate and camera quality. A plain and consistent lighting was used, with the occasional flicker and set mistake. The parts and figures used were all kept pre-2007, and the sets were built in the simple, straight forward style of the early brick films. Most importantly, the practical effects! People were very limited back them, so i imposed those limitations on myself as well. I hope you enjoy theses films and bring back the memories of the time spent on the Lego Star Wars homepage!
  21. PeroTheLegoman

    [MOC] Modular Grocery

    Hi everybody, First a word of warning; haven't made alot of these type of builds and no real planing was done as probably more expirienced builders will notice and to add to all of that no specialy ordered parts for this build were used, just the parts I had around. Started this build from the roof to the bottom :D (was experimenting with different roof layouts) and then decided to do the whole thing. It's an old house with an apartment on the First floor (the attic hasn't got anything inside) and a refurbished ground floor with a grocery. Enjoy! Front Back (don't Know if I managed to do it right, but that light grey thing on the left part of the backside is the drainage) First floor apartment The grocery at the refurbished ground floor
  22. PrisonBrick

    Tram of Opicina

    Hi! I'm a new train LEGO fan, my new passion started last spring... But I think that a LEGO tram is missing, so I created in LEGO the tram of my little city. This is my MOC: Tram of Opicina #DSC_1058 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2473 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2496 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #DSC_1061 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Now I submit it on LEGO Ideas: Please, support & share if you like it! Thanks! Every comment helps me to improve!
  23. I'm having some trouble with the Technic forum lately. Old reviews appear to be cutoff, this one for example: Also the 8110 Unimog, and 8436 crane truck, and probably others too. I did read the 8436 review a few months ago (read before the forum upgrade), not the others though as far I remember. I think it might have to do with the forum upgrade, but I don't know, anyone else having the same issue?
  24. Hi, this time II'd like to show some old mini figures from different series. And then I'll wait for you opinion and pictures. I hope you like the idea. I think they are:the 1) LEGO king, a princess, ablack falken knight (Knights series). 2) captain with brown epaulets, a girl-pirate, abluecoat admiral, a redcoat admiral (Pirates) 3) Kahuka,an islander girl, Achu-the jungle ruler (islanders) 4)shogun, ninja-master, green ninja princess (ninja) 5)all the ninja and sensei Wu as DXsuit , general Pythor (ninjago) 6) queen Amidala in her best clothes and those whome you see below. And what is your vertion of a list? bad guys
  25. lagrenouille7

    Aged Legos

    Hello Everyone, I have a Problem that I hope someone can help me. First let me say that I live in Indonesia and have collected legos since I was 3 - 5 years old, now I'm 23 and still enjoying to play with them but I have encountered a few problems. 1. oily , Greasy tires, I don't know if anyone else has this problem but my small lego tires have harden and are sticky as if they have been rolled in sugar then let to dry . I have tried to wash them in hot water with soap and I let them sit in the water over night. if anyone can recommend a different solution , great . 2. yellowed white bricks, I'm sure many of you know this, yellowed white bricks I have heard to use peroxide but my problem is I live in Indonesia and peroxide is only available in 100% not 3% or .99%. so I dont know the mixing levels with water and peroxide . if some can tell me how much peroxide for 1 liter or 2 , cause I've got thousands of white pieces all affected . 3. also with the white pieces can I do colors like light grey and blue ? thx I hope someone can help me