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Found 24 results

  1. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Dystopea Wolff

    Dystopea Wolff - Main by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "A bounty huntress from the distant future, tasked with fixing the timeline by the Galactic Order." Been wanting to build this MOC for a very long time, and had a very rough draft of the aesthetics built a few months ago before I left for holiday. Managed to crank the finished version out over the Easter break. A total departure from my regular style, this build was epic fun to make! Let me know what you think!
  2. Now for something completely different: A Spyder from the future - the Turbo Racer's AMC Ultra - and its opponent - the Police Interceptor MM Falcon PS (both based on @rm8's chassis for his AWD prototype) Now you can play Outrun - but for real! UPDATE: This series of RC cars will get updated in the future with new additions. UPDATE2: It was time for a logo and here it is (might be subject to change)
  3. Heavily inspired by @Electricsteam's long-awaited in-the-brick Atomic Streamliner project, (as seen here in this thread) I have designed my own Atomic-Age wonder called "Nucleus". It is, as the inspirational original builder once said "a fission powered turbine loco" with 4-4-2 Atlantic wheel arrangement. The Nexus Force logo piece goes on both sides of the locomotive's tender. Nucleus is owned by the Neo Nexus Force, and is a retro-futuristic stream-liner mix of old-style 2-rail technology, but with hyper-modern safety features designed specifically for use by Nexus Force personnel as a very high-speed, high-security ground transport between the northern-most city of St. Nicklaus and north-pole-hugging outpost of Ice Station Odyssey, around 590 miles away. (this all takes places on the ice-bound planet of Beta Polaris, which orbits what we here call the North Star, far away from Earth.) Thus this makes it a space train! Unlike the slower Earth trains, the Nucleus type of space-train is super-streamlined, and can go up to speeds of up to 160 MPH on it's special track, with super-elevated curves and long straight-away's over hundreds of miles, all while using Positive Train Control (PTC) on the the mostly double-track mainline, where all vehicle crossings are flyovers and switches virtually non-existent once out of St. Nicklaus city limits. This train runs along with seven identical versions of the train on the route with up to five in running order on the route and at least one in the maintenance shed / in emergency backup storage at any one time. They are named / numbered Nucleus 1 through 6. The baggage car, which usually holds anything from sled dogs in crates, to core samples of millennia-old meteorites bound for labs under armed guard. All the doors on this model open up, as shown. (The rest of the passenger cars doors on the the other cars open too, but it's only here you will see it being shown!) The passenger cars come in groups of two, jointed together by a Jacobs bogie in the middle. The observation car at the rear of the train. This train will go nicely with my Nexus Force moon base, plus my other, Classic Space themed train based on the Aerotrain, called the Astrotrain. The Nucleus train probably won't be built for a while, (orange isn't a cheap color!) but it's at least on my radar. Once again, a hearty thanks to @Electricsteam for his wonderful eight-wide model, as it inspired my six-wide one. As usual, comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!
  4. After thinking for some time decided not to enter the Nova car into the competition as it wasn't exactly fitting into the scale of the Car Transporter even though it fit fit within dimension box. Also wanted to make something unique in functionality. the former WIP car will be fitted with RC and finished afterwards. Here's a working prototype of a driven front axle with split drivetrains to maximize engine bay space and ground clearance (whopping 2 studs!!!!). Please note that the chassis structure is temporary! Instead of flexible hose in the suspension I would prefer using springs, but that is "illegal" according to rules of no modification of parts. Cya.
  5. Powered by BuWizz V1. Drive: 1x M-motor. Steering: 1x M-motor Video: WIP photos:
  6. badchriss

    Tribute to Syd Mead: The Metrokab

    Small tribute to a great industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist who left this world just two days ago. He was a great influence on many works of science fiction (Blade Runner for example). This cubicle on wheels is based on the Metrocabs that roam the streets in the ever so rainy Los Angeles in Blade Runner. IMG_20191231_205609 IMG_20191231_205516 IMG_20191231_205701 IMG_20191231_205645 IMG_20191231_205632 The MOC itself might be a bit older, but i decided to make a few new pictures of it (still getting familiar with my pop up photo cube) Has Syd Mead, his works or his style ever inspired you? Well, how about a big roundup and show all your cyberpunk and/or near future-eque MOCs
  7. A futuristic Harley Davidson concept motorcycle I built for the "Build An Epic Ride For The Future" contest on LEGO Ideas. I thought I'd post it over here for fellows here to check out (Above): An over the top render of the motorcycle riding on the highway. It's capable of self-driving, hehe To stay somewhat fateful to the classic Harley Davidson designs, I maintained some details like the V-Twin engine (which is now oversized, and transparent), the exhausts (even though it's supposed to be emission free...), and the placement of the front suspension forks. Other than that, I guess it looks closer to a futuristic sports bike I also thought that elements such as the Large PF Linear Actuators and the Mindstorms IR Sensor (which I totally wrecked it's color), without considering their functions, provide plenty of free details in such a small space. I would certainly like to know what you think about this motorcycle Did I do Harley Davidson motorcycles justice? Thanks for viewing!
  8. Good Day. Got inspired to build this after an in-game motorcycle from Honkai impact 3rd Original idea was to use 2x XL motors, but it was boring af. Next obvious step were buggy motors - allowing an approximate speed of 10km/h. It could probably pick up a higher speed with BuWizz 2.0's Ludicrous mode, but fast mode of BW v1.0 is enough to topple the bike over when taking high-speed turns. Unfortunately it does require "training wheels" to ride straight, as it would lean on one side without those after taking a curve without those. The bike does feature rear axle suspension, and small wheels have shocks as well. "01" stickers reused from MPATEV, "police" from 42047. Design-wise it belong to the same "universe" as my spaceship and racers - an Axos Police bike used to patrol within city high-speed tunnels and surface operations. Video&photos, C&C very welcome and appreciated))) Cya later!
  9. Good Day. Continuing my futuristic series of racers (Ximos , Xonox & Azimus) is this one - popularly called "Bugeye" in Xalax races - Scarab in 1:10 scale Features: BuWizz v1 2x Buggy motors RWD independent suspension m-motor with return to center working steering wheel detailed 1:10 openable canopy light up power core and "dashboard" Overall this was just a filler build with very basic chassis that served as a test platform - bucket seat with actual driver, front suspension with only one shock (part #48912), independent suspension built around buggy motors. This was as well an excuse to use some "new" Bionicle parts on a build and SILVEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!! In the end it turned out OK, but steering was somewhat weak leading to a crash into my pet roomba effectively destroying the car (driver was okay so crash safety test passed?). Incomplete LDD file (the chassis and seat is there, only missing bodywork, power core and steering wheel/dash assembly. download Bonus: Crashed car and fuming driver. Cya later!
  10. Good day. This wasn't really supposed to be a retro car, but while playing with different shapes out of flex-axles, the folllowing car was made. Statistics: -power by 3 pull-back motors on rear and 1 on front -max speed of 1'77 m/s (~6'37 km/h) Video & photos: More photos in my Flickr album here
  11. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] R75 "Weevil" High-Performance Racer

    Here's the first MOC I've posted here, a futuristic six-wheeled race car totally not inspired by the cars from Blade Runner, at all. I don't know what makes you think that. Okay, it kind of is. With that canopy piece, I had to do it. It was even going to have a hover feature involving the front wheel assemblies rotating around but I couldn't get it to work that well, hence the little pin/liftarm bits. I did decide to keep some of those parts in, though, because it created some neat angling and a sort of semi-functioning suspension. "Hey guys, it's Garry again with another Kirkslist find! Seller said it was a... uh, Model R75 race car. Never seen this kind before." "Awfully cramped inside... but the upholstery doesn't smell like moldy bacon this time. Score!" "Vroom vroom." "Nice, tail lights! I think that means it's street legal, right?" "Woah, it can handle pretty rough terrain too. Neat." (Here's that suspension I was talking about.) "Really low to the ground though... not so much going on in the undercarriage. I wonder where everything is?" "Ah, here's the engine! Waaaiitaminute, I remember this, the seller said not to look directly into this part, something about the accelerated particl-" Finally, here's an exploded view of the rear assembly, showing how it's offset. No real explanation for this one beyond "jointed moving parts are fun and this is why I put them in every moc" Check out the full gallery for more views and build details!
  12. I wanted to build something special for the rebrick LEGO Technic BMW motorcycle competition. The first idea I got was to try to make hubless wheels. After trying several wheel sizes approaches and techniques I decided to use the old 8880 soft tyres with a combiantion of 8 135 degree connectors and a nunch of smaller internal wheels: In order to make the bike look low and sleek I decided to ditch the normal handlebar steering system for a multi-link one, which gave the bike its distinctive front shape: Belly photo of the multilink steering system - notice the two 6L steering links which allow for suspension movement: Of course a bike like this also needs suspension which is hidden in the frame: And finally the bike was covered finished in blue trim, with BMW color detail in the front: And of course I just had to include the special 3L beam found in this year's sets: And here's a video to finish it all up: In the end of the day I am very proud of myself for building something out of the box, I learned how to make smoothly rotating hubless wheels and I managed to build something trully futuristic with all the weird angles, shapes and functions. If anyone is interested in rebuilding this beauty, there is also an LXF file of the model without the tyres here: BMW U2-P1A
  13. This is my entry to the Rebrick BMW Motorrad competition. Its goal is to balance both performance and sustainability to show that high-performance vehicles have a future in a world concerned with emissions and fuel consumption. I used double wheels on both the front and rear in order to make this model driveable. The wheels are made from 36 chain links bent "the wrong way" - they are around 16cm (20 studs) in diameter. The whole model is about 55 studs long and 13 wide. The drivetrain consists of a PF Large motor geared 1:1 and a PF XL motor geared 5:3. They are hard coupled - yes, I know this is frowned upon but it provides a compact solution, and the load on the motors is no different to driving a car up a hill. The motors are mounted inside the rear wheels to save space and simplify the drivetrain. The motors are connected to an IR receiver which is mounted inside the main body. The battery pack is positioned at the very bottom to lower the center of gravity and increase stability. There is a shaft connecting a 4-cylinder piston engine to the wheels. This piston engine runs on E85 bioethanol which is derived from plants. This means it is renewable and carbon-neutral - the carbon dioxide released when burning it is compensated for by the plants used to make them photosynthesising. It also has a higher octane rating than gasoline, meaning it can actually provide better performance than the fuel it replaces. E85 biofuel engines already exist - all recent Koenigsegg vehicles are capable of running on both gasoline and E85, and these engines can produce up to 1 megawatt from a 5-litre V8. I believe biofuel is the future for high-performance vehicle manufacturers such as BMW. The front suspension uses a Duolever setup where the front fork is suspended on two parallel wishbones. The front wheel is able to move up and down and steer, while having the shock absorbers mounted on the wishbones rather than as part of the forks. A steering linkage allows a PF Medium motor to control the front wheel. The rear suspension uses a similar system called Paralever. It is essentially one half of a car independent suspension, complete with universal joints. It is sturdy and keeps the rear wheel's motion vertical when the suspension compresses. The front and rear wheel arches use the bucket wheel parts from 42055 as an internal structure. I used pneumatic hoses as part of the structure to give the flared appearance of the rear arch. Every part of the motorbike is designed with the BMW brand in mind (honest, it's nothing to do with the lack of turn signals ). The panelling (especially the side intake) is inspired by the BMW i8, a hybrid supercar by BMW. The suspension matches the types used on current BMW motorbikes, and inline-4 engines are commonly used on both their bikes and passenger cars. Here's a video showing the bike's drifting and burnout capabilities. Music is composed by me. Enjoy!
  14. Good Day. I present to you my biggest MOC ever - a futuristic dakar truck. This is a project I have started back in February to make it in time to the arrrival of BuWizz , or that is what I had planned. For propulsion it is using only one buggy motor , what isn't the best idea because the motor ends overheating. But it is possible to install a second buggy motor with a bit of chassis re-design. To fill a bit the huge truck, I installed a X16 engine- courtesy of ZBLJ. The steering uses 1x m-motor , without any return-to-center mechanism thanks to the precise control with the BuWizz brick. The outside design was heavily inspired by 00's sets ( specially 8466) , and I included gull-wing doors with mini linear actuators . m-motors can be installed easily to motorize that function too, but I used two knobs on top of the cabin . The interior was kept simple - two bucket seats and a dashboard. I already shoot some footage , so a video will come soon. For now , here are some photos. 2017-04-30_05-28-06 by Alaxaf, on Flickr
  15. And if they do,how do those Plastic Sheep arrive,maybe with a Taxi? Well,i can`t answer these Questions for sure,but i guess most People got the Reference to the Movie "Blade Runner" that was based on the Book "Do Androids dream of electric Sheep?" Sure,we all admire the cool dark blue hovering Police Spinner or maybe even Deckards infamous Sedan. But what about all the other Cars that showed up randomly in the Movie? One of these Cars is the Metrokab.This Taxi might not be pretty but it gets the Job done and if you insist on arriving at Home dry without getting soaked in the Rain then this should be your Mode of Transportation by Choice. 20161108_210048 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210108 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210120 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_184330 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_184321 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210339 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210320 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210305 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210230 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210211 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210201 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210150 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161108_210145 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr I used various Pictures and Concept Drawings as a Guideline on how to build my own Version. This Car perfectly represents how they imagined futuristic Cars in the early 80s.Covered Wheels,Vents and ribbed Surfaces everywhere and don`t forget those massive Bumpers. I really hope you Guys like my newest MOC and it would be nice to see some Comments.
  16. Lance's Plane & Trike My 3rd alternate model of Lance's Mecha Horse. The plane features a spinning propeller, working missiles, opening cockpit and detachable shield. The trike rolls on the ground and uses Flamethrower's mohawk for aiming the arrow gun. Both the models are surprisingly solid.
  17. I'm looking for 2 particular MOC's, but haven't had any luck finding them; - Both are collaborations of serveral builders with a cyberpunk/futuristic/dystopian city theme. - Google isn't my friend anymore... I keep finding the 2013 Cyberapocalypse build or the 2011 Cybercity build, which aren't it. The 1st one; - Found it; A Bus Stop In Bucharest. The 2nd one; - Isn't so recent as the 1st one, more around 08/09-ish, maybe even older? - Had a train/metro on the foreground with a road above it. - Hoverboarders on the side of the road on some sort of track. - Police vehicles + police figs occupying the road itself. - An overpass/bridge + a gang of 'Akira' styled bikers riding underneath it. - Had vehicles caught in a traffic jam. - Was hosted on an own server, no Flickr/MOCpages. - Was called 'City 17', 'Sector 7' or something similar to that. - Found it; Zero Hour on Highway 44. Please drop a comment if you happen to know what I'm talking about. Mod's you may close this thread/topic, if you feel like it.
  18. Hey Guys,i made a new futuristic Vehicle to fit my Lego City Future Theme. This Time it is a not so ordinary Police Cruiser. The Design was heavily inspired by pretty much every Movie that has flying or hovering Cars. I`m very satisfied with my Build,the Car can be swooshed around easily,is very sturdy and has a nice Weight.All i have to do now is to add a red Hovercar so the Cop inside the Policecar (yes,a Minifig with Police Hat fits easily in there) has something to chase around. As you will see in the Pictures,i also made a good Use of those pesky Super Jumper Thingies.They might be bad for your Minifigures,but they are perfect Stands for a Hovercar.... So,what do you think of my newest Build?
  19. Good day! I hadn't any inspiration for Pentax, so I decided to make a quick project. And here is the result, a mini car powered by RC buggy motor. With most of the bodywork removed: Dragged axle on rear.The RC motor works as a reinforcement for the rear axle. Double wishbone on front with return-to-center ONLY CHASSIS REAR AXLE Some progress photos on Tumblr I hope you like it, the video will come soon.
  20. Hey Guys,i need some Advice on this one. I`m planning this futuristic Garbage Truck for my imaginative Lego City-Future Theme. The Bodywork is pretty much done and i think it is recognizeale as a Garbage Truck.The two large orange Pieces are already in my Parts Bin and all the little Bits might be in there too.Maybe some Bricks need to be bricklinked or i need to buy them in the little Lego Shop in my Hometown. I`m still not sure how to make this Big Boy hover above the Ground.I would love to use something that fits in the Wheel Wells and only sticks out a little bit, you know,classic sci fi Hovercar Stuff. Maybe some shiftable Dishes or Pods. Feel free to share any Ideas.I also added the lxf File so you can poke around a little bit.Maybe you might have some Ideas to improve the whole Thing.I like it very much,but i still think something is missing.Something a Push Bar or Guard Rails.... Any Idea would be much apprechiated. The rounded Rearend calls for a Nickname...Hunchback maybe?Still not happy with the lower rear End (behind the rear Fenders) Scifi-Garbage Hauler.lxf
  21. badchriss

    LDD MOC: Sci Fi Bread Truck

    This futuristic scifi-esque Bread Truck was inspired by a 1950s Drawing of an "Instant-Bake" Bread Truck: I tried to get the overall Shape of the Baking Compartment into a slightly futuristic Silouette by using Slope Pieces, Grills and Plates. This was more or less my first Experience with the LDD or MOCing...maybe i will even make a Real Life Version of it.This will need quite a good Combination of weird Parts in interesting Colors.... The Front Half was inspired by the Lego Separatist Shuttle but with different Frontlights and sloped Sides.And yes,those are Laserguns...just in case someone doesn`t want to pay for his Insta-Bread" : The Undercarriage is pretty unspectacular,just some Plates to hold everything together: The Rearview looks bulky and tough with Taillights peeking through the Rear Bumper: For aestetic Reasons i tried to avoid visible Studs on the Roof: Always keep an Eye on the Pressure,no one wants a Flour Explosion. The Grill Flaps can be folded up while on Tour:
  22. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Medical Ship "White Whale"

    When Tony Stark decides to leave the arm-dealing field, he sets up Stark Resilient, which aims to put his technology to the city to benefit the needed people. This time, he puts his arc reactor on the medical ship, and that helps reduce the transport time for patients to the hospitals and makes in-the-air surgery possible. The arc reactor engines are small and powerful, so that the ship can have more space for other uses. Tony meets the team of medical staff at the launch of new medical ship. Overview of the ship, which is quite bulky. Probably that gives people a more "caring and steady" feel for transporting the injured. Side view, and front view below. The cockpit has two seats, and the higher back one can be closed sideways so as to give access to the front seat. And yes, it is a little futuristic era to see the blue transparent panel. Maybe the front should have the same, now I realize! The top is the core of the energy source. The new repulsor engine in action. Normal; flipping out shields and turning backwards for rear thrust.... The back, which has two doors to ensure that the inside is sealed off from the outside, since this ship allows in-the-air surgery. The inside is a well equipped surgery room, with all the necessary medical supplies and tools. "Relax, and we will soon arrive at the hospital for a more thorough check." Thanks for checking!
  23. Here's a locomotive that I built for this year's LUG display in my hometown: I wasn't sure what this would be categorized as until after the show was over, but I think I know now. It's a fusion-powered locomotive in retro style, but at the same time it looks too clean to my eyes to really be considered truly retro... thus the label "retro-futuristic". I'm ecstatic over how well the teal and dark green work together; overall, I believe the whole thing contains six colors [not including the various shades of trans parts] - dark and light gray, white, dark green, teal, and some black. The whole thing was kicked off by noticing how the 60025 Grand Prix Truck set used a train base plate as the base for its trailer. Up until I got that set, I had no way of utilizing the white parts I had to build something like this. The back end is very clean and smooth, which I like. The only dis-symmetry is the 1x1 round tile on the nose. It would have looked a little boring otherwise! Whee! Looks all nice and greebly, and yet not cluttered. Pointy noses make everything better. Even better news awaits; I've gone and made an LDD file for this locomotive. Download it from Dropbox here: https://dl.dropboxus... locomotive.lxf
  24. The Triclotron is a 3-wheeled vehicle that demonstrates some building ideas. In particular, check out the front wheel mounts and the rear wheel! Click any image for a larger version. < The front wheels are able to tilt left and right independently. < Here's how I built the rear wheel. Unfortunately, LDD does not recognize this as a valid connection. I used a similarly-sized hub in the tire in order to position it properly. LXF File - Brickshelf Gallery -Toa Of Justice