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  1. Used 1'6 V Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries for the few cases when used an AA batterybox or for quick testing. From Aliexpress. About same price as Panasonic (eneloop) but very happy with them as they're higher voltage.
  2. syclone

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan R32 GTR

    As impressive as your previously posted models, although wheels do seem a tad large for some reason (maybe just the camera angle). Very excited for the finished Godzilla <3
  3. syclone

    [MOC] "Snowball" rc car

    Thanks)) Thanks, part #30324
  4. Small rc car based off a design I came up in LDD 2 years ago (link, now with (in my eyes) slightly improved looks. Not a top-speed record breaker, a powerful tug-of-war winner vs a car, but a fun little thing to drive around. Originally everything came together off the fact that I wanted to drive the space wheels with a motor, everything else just came around. 2x m-motors w/ 1:2.084 final gear ratio and uses tank steering. To archieve small size a PF receiver with a Ni-MH 8'4V 20R8H format battery (the typical square 9v ones), which is quite underpowered (the cell might be dead too as it has been just lying around for a year or so). Probably can be BuWizz-ed with some drivetrain and body mods. I guess could also use one of those train controller blocks from PU/C+ (?) line if you've only got that system. lxf-file: download Video and a few pictures (same as from video slideshow) below. Mandatory belly shot: Cya!
  5. syclone

    Technic General Discussion

    The page you are giving the link to gives a 403 forbidden error.
  6. As of right now, Power Functions and Powered Up are not compatible in any way whatsoever. Power Functions components can be used with "dumb" battery boxes&switches, the Infrared controllers made by Lego and included in sets or by 3rd party bluetooth controllers like BuWizz, Sbrick or even CaDa remotes. These 3rd party controllers offer better performance (BuWizz has a Ludicrous mode offering higher voltage within a safe limit for the motors) and proportional controls with customisable control setups for your needs. As far as I'm aware, Sbrick has a somewhat programmable version link. Overall if programming is not your kick and you want to spend less money, as of right now Power Functions is the way to go, however coming at cost of not being officially supported after this year. It also comes with the advantage of having been out there for 13 years, so there's a plethora of sets and MOCs to choose from and most problems that exist have known fixes. It also is much easier to work with as you don't require a smartphone and can just use the battery boxes and switches for manual models. 8043 is a great parts pack as well, Linear Actuators, geras, tracks, gearbox components, frames... even a bunch of panels to work with.
  7. Welp, my wallet's still screaming no))) Although I'll wait for 2nd hand or discounts, this isn't worth anywhere near 380 euro and the box would go straight into the recycling bin anyway ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ As a shelf model, gr8 to see printed parts but for future MOCs that printed panel with gas door and the 2L beams with axle hole will be a pain to actually use (╯_╰). Definitely agree on the tires, it still baffles me that at such pricetag we get the basic design, really seems cost-cutting more than anything. Overall great lime inventory, awful marketing moves. Top-notch review as always.
  8. Looks amazing in red, and photos fantastic as well, chrome rims shining in the sun is very beautiful!
  9. syclone

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    That is somewhat pleasant, unfortunately these parts never were rare in black or dark colours, I'm talking new parts/moulds not being available (pardon me if it came out not very clear in previous post, should've emphasized more on that), just as allanp said: Gears, gearbox round selector, the new diff gear from the "rally car"... all these are only available in bright colours: red, blue, orange... not even a single one of them is available in at the very least light bley. And the fact that the the previously dark bley and black pins are becoming red... unfortunate. No complaints about extra lime parts, but even promotional mid-build images are full of vibrant colours. Looking forward to the reviews of the set though, as the set as a whole is definitely better than it's predecessors.
  10. syclone

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    As long as you don't flip the model upside-down for the gearbox "feature" Maybe if we got at least 1 medium sized set without colourvomit for "experts" instead of these gigantic colourmess sets, people would be more acceptive. Otherwise without an influx of new parts in old colours, there is no way to build MOCs without colourvomit parts like the new gears. And some parts in black are getting more expensive due to their age ;-; In regards of the set, dissapointed that the doors are lever-actuated instead of being spring loaded, but I guess not much could be done without re-introducing old parts. Probably will either pick it up 2nd hand / at a significant discount. Or if not too ludicrous, just buy the lime softaxles&connectors off BL)))
  11. The aforementioned also has a motor ;-; Interesting box, but honestly it would've been much nicer to be able to unfold it to have a display stand of sorts (a la the foldout Racers boxes, but just a display plate) as this is just wasted money into an "experience" that consists of unboxing building and throwing the box out to recycle or it occupying a place somewhere because it's too beautiful to throw out. Older sets with a plastic tray and window had an unboxing&building experience, this is just marketing experience. As much as I love the design of the exterior of the lego version of the car and return of glorious lime, the fuss and marketing hype around Sian is just Guess we as a community and consumers are the ones mainly at fault... Eagerly awaiting the reviews to hopefully convince me not to buy this set)))
  12. syclone

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I am so sold on this as of right now, time to do some budget management... (╥﹏╥) Amazing job Uwe, I am very glad the final colour choice was lime green, even though metallic green is definitely more beautiful. Very excited for the new flexaxle lenghths in lime as well, these will be amazing to have (≧◡≦) ♡
  13. syclone

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Interestingly enough, glow-in-the-dark (phosphorescent) headlights are not entirely out of question - the box photos show us white headlights and GITD lego elements exist in a greenish milky white colour Cannot wait until full reveal
  14. Problem is, there needs to be a smartphone in-between, not plug'n'play. Which is a major turndown for me and the reason I've not bought a Ble-controller for my Buwizz. CADA seems to have made a controller, but it's just a dumb on-off one which isn't optimal either unless it's for slow working functions.
  15. syclone

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Nitro Menace colour* At least there will be enough parts in lime to build a certain Mitsubishi Eclipse mweheheh.