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  1. Well, if you don't mind making your own cables aliexpress has some options like these. There are also some with the cable attached already. Insane build so far, the digital prototype looks good.
  2. syclone

    Generic Contest Discussion

    The set remake sounds very interesting, would make for great fun considering the amount of options from other themes. In regards of no-wheel contest I immediately thought of a walker contest, however a static model contest would also be fun with GBCs included, though it might require a certain category differentiation, so as not to make a huge factory-like entry compete with a small module (either size or part count division for categories).
  3. syclone

    LDD projects and buildings

    You can use Ctrl+K to take screenshots in LDD building mode (the shot will be framed as you see it). What kind of vehicle is that axle for? It is very narrow yet has double wheels with a big diameter, so nothing comes to mind. Also, the 1x4 half liftarms are most likely going to disconnect from top&bottom, so a better structural soluction would be required.
  4. Some sets (42105) used them as sails, and also the Koi Fish kickstarter. And the obvious Ducati windshield.
  5. syclone

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I believe that would be a Mindstorms forum contest. Usually manual models are favorited in contests, with some TCs even prohibitting the use of electrics. Additionally making it C+ exclusive would narrow down the number of participants, to the point of it not being a forum contest, but a show-off of select individuals well-versed in programming or owning the expensive electronics.
  6. Flash offer (-53%) on AliExpress Cada official store: 128'07 € for rc version (95 pcs available) 93'50 € for manual version (99 pcs available) Less than 20 hours left, limited units available as aforementioned. Free shipping. YES, you are reading correctly, for the price of the Top Gear 42109 abomination, you can buy an RC 1:8 Supercar Masterpiece from Bruno Jenson from an official seller. Ordered mine already, first Technic kit in the last 2 or 3 years I think)))
  7. @roeltheworld You might want to use Brickshelf/Bricksave/Flickr to share your pictures, as it is they show up as links. Brickshelf and Bricksave also allow to share .io files without the .zip issue. Or use the BBcode option when sharing your image through your current hosting site. Good luck with the flaps, amazing how much functionality you were able to fit so far.
  8. Well, now that TLG bought BL, I've seen many prototype and unreleased colours being forcibly pulled out, so wonder for how long those could last The flexible panels would definitely need a lot of improvements to make a full body I suppose, though windshields should be quite easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention it not being a permanent fixture, like the current ones in Creator cars, so if someone doesn't like it those could be taken off. For body panelling the connectivity issues and how to make them with a shape as reusable as possible would be a great headache. I suppose the 3rd party parts are a mere drop in the ocean for TLG, they're still making crazy money from Disney (Star Wars for instance) and from shelf models that people buy in spite of the ridiculous price. Though I honestly hope that it DOES hurt TLG so that we could get more cool stuff from both alternative manufacturers and the "original" one. Albeit seeing the weird Nintendo Mario sets, colour consistency issues being "within tolerances" and utter lack of support for PU/C+ (I doubt many people would understand how to use the programming features without RacingBrick's articles and videos) I don't see anything changing any time soon. Hopefully it won't be a KO someday down the road.
  9. In regards of Technic panelling I think the Koi fish panels were an interesting concept, as you weren't limited by the hard surface and they could be adapted onto something else if it weren't for the imho awful way of selling these sets through a kickstarter (seriously?!? this isn't some tech junk from a startup, but a set from a well-established company) which only made these set an object of collectionism and scalping with the parts effectively being unaccessible to the general public. The Ducati explored that technique (or at least something very similar) with the windshield fixed with katana blades. Would love to see this concept explored further, as the current available windshields are quite bad tbh, since they're either some SW canopy or a flat piece, and many cars could benefit from such flexible ones. Expansion of colour range is a double edged sword. We got the Porsche wheelarches in purple from that tracked pickup thing, but TLG abandoned that colour ever since the Go Kart, so basically they're useless. Same with the endless shades of blue lego introduced - in my small (total 19k parts, 40% system) collection I have blue, 90s turquoise, medium blue, and one of the azures, all of which are impossible to combine in between them, making MOCing a hell. So unless a huge supercar is released, we don't ever get a full inventory of parts, which limits your building options a LOT, not to mention the price of certain elements in certain colours can be outrageous (think the #3 red connector until some years ago, or the current price of red flexaxles). And considering TLG doesn't give an F about AFOLS when designing sets, I'd rather see a full inventory of parts available in one colour before a wider colour range. And the current way of handling colour inventory is one of the reasons alternative sources of parts are basically a necessity, since some parts aren't available in such a widespread and basic colour as BLACK!!!
  10. syclone

    General Part Discussion

    Now the question is: which one of the leaves will be the dark green one
  11. syclone

    [MOC] Ferrari F50GT

    Very clean looking car, albeit the resemblance to the original is a bit lacking in some areas for me - the original has the wheelarches stick out instead of curving inwards, with the rear ones seeming almost flat - though I suppose the only solution would be fleaxles, which unfortunately seem to be almost heresy nowadays . Otherwise a lot of work can be seen to have been put into the stripe along the laterals, which looks fantastic. Great to see another 1:10 supercar after the Porsche-geddon)))
  12. I would personally see this very viable with the changes mentioned by Void_S and if the bonnet itself also were split in 3 parts: the two triangles on the sides and central panel with the air intake (so in total there'd be 5 parts, counting the small panels mounted on the body) - this could be much more reusable, and might blend a little bit better with the Technic feel of the rest of the model. Otherwise it is amazing how much work has gone into this, and judging from photos the lime is indistinguishable or extremely close, unlike some of the Lego's own parts hahah.
  13. Thanks so much for the update, personally I still prefer using the website (I have the PC on the same desk as I build and most likely I'd be using your scaler and/or LDD at the same time too ), so cannot tell any feedback on the application unfortunately. The new renders are fantastic, looks excellent all in the same style. For me they load instantly (I do have fibre-optic internet though), so it might be on your end...
  14. syclone

    [MOC][WIP] Smart Fortwo

    Looking really god so far, though maybe instead of the large 2x2 headlights the old transmission extension ring would look better. In regards of CVT, having built it myself too, I found it very dissapointing, since it couldn't handle even the slightest load. You could try using two cones with a rubber belt placed on them (sample below), though not sure how well it'd work if it's only the small 2x2 ones. EDIT: Or, keeping the same CVT as now, use the camshaft pieces instead of the 2L half-liftarms, then there'd be almost no resistance