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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about LDD? If so, for that you need to enable developer mode, refer to the following topic for instructions:
  2. Reverse-engineered mmyself a copy, mad little nugget
  3. Looks like a lotta fun! I know how hard it's to cram RC at that scale, but yours managed to do it beautifully Looking forward to the video
  4. That's gotta be the best deal ever possible in the history of Technic deals Congrats!!!
  5. Now that you mention it, sounds very likely, considering the recolored re-release of the cherry picker set...
  6. Nice little fella with great playability
  7. Ecologically friendly car, with a Volkswagen badge slapped on top
  8. syclone

    42141 - Formula 1 car

    Well, most likely Mercedes or Ferrari (maybe McLaren or Aston Martini?), since they're the "big guys" and had licences in Speed Champions. But I'd rather see an AlphaTauri, their 2021 livery is the most simple one with only 2 colours, so the Lego model would look good even without the stickers: Wonder what they'll use for the tyres - Tumbler ones?
  9. Assuming the info is correct in regards of scale, here's more or less how it will look like side-by side with Sian:
  10. What a monster this will be size-wise A bit dissapointing it's not in-scale with neither the UCS supercars nor the Ducatti though, but if this means it'll have a more complex mechanics, would be great. Maybe functional brakes? Plenty of space for it, albeit they'd need something similar to the flex cables.... 200/55 ZR 17 on rear -> 653mm diameter -> 1/5scale -> 130mm 120/70 ZR 17 on front -> 599mm diameter -> 1/5 scale 120mm Edit: seems I was a tad slow to answer
  11. So, something that could've been a system set was needlessly brought into Technic and looks... well bad. At least a bigger black inventory I suppose hahah.
  12. If I recall correctly: The encoder has two parts. The PCB with the pads indicating position and the rotating dial thingy that connects the pads, which tells the servo what position it is in. The pads are made from a softer metal (copper?) and the rotating thingy is made from harder material (steel?). Due ro that, during use the copper pads can get damaged and sometimes you can fix it by cleaning them, but other times the servo won't come back. Aaaand, they're known to break often (hence the ludicrous prices for genuine Lego ones). Had they made both parts from same type of metal (with the same hardness) it perhaps would've failes less. But we don't and won't know, since TLG never bothered to try and fix the issues, simply replaced the broken motors.
  13. Pretty sure the replacements for consumers because of servo's incredibly poor reliability due to a design defect had cleared them of any extras they had
  14. I certainly hope we won't get yet another new panel - perhaps they'll use the triangular one from Sian, or use flexaxles? The MK panel could fit, but honestly it'd be a tad overbearing due to the big size and intricate curvature. Edit: 50$ pricetag.... #21/22 panels? honestly no idea what they would do on such a weirdly shaped car.... Besides, I'd rather see more colour variety (not like I care personally, but all things considered would rather have my MOCs buildable for others) Overall a dissapointing, but not surprising list.
  15. It looks like you have missed the second paragraph m8... "USB-C will be the common port. This will allow consumers to charge their devices with the same USB-C charger, regardless of the device brand." Brand and device type are different things. The only devices affected are the smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld videogame consoles. Any brand making these devices will, in fact, need to obide by the new EU law. However if said brand is making something different, they're free to use whatever you want, even a serial port on those vibrating sticks if it fancies you so You can also download the factsheet, where on the second page it lists the devices affected))))) Otherwise we'd also need a USB-C port on microwaves, toasters, washing machines... you get the gist))) Regards, syclone♡