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  1. syclone

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Thanks everyone for C&C Already building something else with those panels, will be getting sometime a Silver Champion to extend the part inventory as well))) @Gray Gear I don't think a realistic model would be expected from me, it takes a lot of patience and talent to build scale cars @johnnym Thx, techno-trance always sounds futuristic in a 00's way to me) That music you recommended would be great for a synthwave supercar, can't wait to get working on that
  2. syclone

    RC Buggy Motor

    Thanks for the detailed comparison, never regretted buying a second buggy motor
  3. syclone

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Oh shoot, now I know why it sounded too familiar Thx for pointing out, now there's some backstory available too
  4. Good Day. Continuing my futuristic series of racers (Ximos , Xonox & Azimus) is this one - popularly called "Bugeye" in Xalax races - Scarab in 1:10 scale Features: BuWizz v1 2x Buggy motors RWD independent suspension m-motor with return to center working steering wheel detailed 1:10 openable canopy light up power core and "dashboard" Overall this was just a filler build with very basic chassis that served as a test platform - bucket seat with actual driver, front suspension with only one shock (part #48912), independent suspension built around buggy motors. This was as well an excuse to use some "new" Bionicle parts on a build and SILVEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!! In the end it turned out OK, but steering was somewhat weak leading to a crash into my pet roomba effectively destroying the car (driver was okay so crash safety test passed?). Incomplete LDD file (the chassis and seat is there, only missing bodywork, power core and steering wheel/dash assembly. download Bonus: Crashed car and fuming driver. Cya later!
  5. syclone

    Rotary Fake Engine

    Great to hear it did work in the end, looks cute
  6. syclone

    [MOC] Experimental Supercar

    A car full of interesting solutions, very refreshing to usual cars) Front reminds me of Alfa Romeo Brera, and looks really mean
  7. syclone

    [MOC] Kverneland FastBale - Non stop Haybaler

    Extraordinary machine, the video walktrough of each function was insane. Bravo.
  8. syclone

    "Golden Age of Lego"

    The Golden Age would vary heavily on interests, age and preferred style of a person. In Technic, most prefer the current sets (use of panels, almost no gaps, recent introduction of smart technology...) yet I prefer older sets as they are more visually appealing to me ( flexaxles, futuristic looks- specially 90s and 00s sets) and my budget is not of 300+ euro to buy a Bugatti or BWE and Powered Up is a no for me. As for other themes, I miss non-licensed stuff a lot. Specially Exo-Force with their unique anime-styled minifigs and badass mechas. Or castle/fantasy themes of which there are none currently (elves was nice but minidolls could use some extra articulation points). And of course the all-time popular favourite - classic space. To define a universal "golden age" in lego is an impossible task imo.
  9. syclone

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Not a GBC fanatic (ehem, yet, ehem) but the tower module seems very nice mechanically speaking and split level stepper is something comletely new for me. Additionally, the use of the often neglected Bionicle parts in the last one is nice
  10. syclone

    42056 Alternate Build - 1971 Datsun 240Z Fairlady

    Looks very nice, as a JDM fan this is a real gem . The fact that it is an alternate build makes it even better. Fantastic model, in fact, IMO even better than the Porsche itself)))
  11. syclone

    Price per Piece - An outdated idea?

    I personally prefer PPP as I don't care how big or heavy parts are - the more parts you get, the better (except black 2L pins ). It is supposed that a person knows that there are special elements that will drive the price up - electronics/wheels/panels/flexaxles/licenses - so that is taken care of mentally. Let's say set #1 has heavy remote control parts&motors, and is built around those, but set #2 doesn't have electrics and instead has frames and other functions, increasing it's part count significantly. Both are the same price and approximate weight, but PPP for set#2 will be smaller than PPP for set #1, yet PPG will be simliar-ish. So a buyer that needs parts and doesn't care much about electronics will see that he will get a better deal off of set#2 because it's PPP is smaller. And the buyer that doesn't care about specific parts will see that one set has a better offer for quantity of parts but other set has specific elements that drive that price up. Conclusion for me: I personally need a value that counts every element in an equivalent manner, without changing it up because of the nature of certain elements. Lego could release a superheavy part that will drive up the PPG unrealistically, yet PPP would count it as a part. Maybe I'm wrong on the mathematical&economical level (not my strong points) but on a personal level PPP is my preference.
  12. syclone

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Ni-Zn are the way to go if using standard PF battery boxes/C+ (unless there's some sort of limit for the new system). They offer 1'6V each - so a 9'6V in total. Here are cheap ones (purchased mine from there) as well as expensive ones
  13. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    +1 App is cool and sensors might be useful for large MOCs, but they completely left out what BuWizz and Sbrick accomplished: Small size factor and powerful outputs. Even CaDa has a better form factor than C+/Pu (4 ports, BL and smaller than a train Battery Box/ PU receiver/battery box). Sorry, but for me power > programmability. Btw, why is everything white now? Sincerely hope the RC car will bring something new to the messy table. Like the amazing RC cars from 2006 Racers line.
  14. syclone

    Mechbuilds Projects

    Based off your feature/wanted list, placing the XL motor after the servo seems the most reasonable option. this gives enough space for 3 stud wide seats with 13 stud wide body or 4 stud (standard 90's technic seat) with 15 stud body. battery box/receiver can live behind the seats. download