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  1. Such a great entry, truly wonderful how many different functions are present in such a small model! The small design changes are a good improvement
  2. Wow, really great entry! Seriously feels as if someone enlarged the original set, the stickers look fantastic as well. The cars look close enough to the original even without taking into consideration the mentioned colour availability. I believe Eric Trax said it best, a winner right here!
  3. syclone

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Wow, that's an honest review stating cold facts from top to bottom. Even more impressive is the amount of negative comments made towards the set - most want C+ gone or simply find it boring lol. For a partspack - no way it's worth it. Even if you manage to sell off the electronics (good luck) the Tow Truck is much better value, both as a set and parts alone. Nonetheless I have found a positive side to this set - I now started to like 42070 .
  4. syclone

    General Part Discussion

    I wonder if that's the case. Still, they do weird stuff - Creator Expert models are just an eyesore, even completely different parts need to be different colour just because they're close... Just highlight the part in the instructions, not make a trillion weird colour parts. I suppose so, still quite a weird system with the blue/tan colour exception you mentioned. Even more weird is the 2L axle+pin in black - isn't it too similar to a 2L black pin by their logic?? Though apparently it was the DBG 2Lpin+axle that needed to be recoloured into red... No idea what they're smoking up there in Billund. In regards of getting new pins - perhaps a good point, but they need to calm down with the colours, the circus wants them back As far as deciphering goes, can see it being useful, although didn't rely on it too much when reverse-engineering MOCs a few years ago since there's still a few using same colours. Have to agree with Howitzer with the bush pin - I believe it's the only "correct" pin as it gets coloured as the design needs it rather than having a specific colour, though it's certain Technic sets have a tendency to use a same colour one, being red some time ago, now orange...
  5. syclone

    General Part Discussion

    All frictionless pins used to be light grey, then light bley. Only exception was the dark grey/dark bley 3/4 pin. IMHO that was the best - has friction then it's black, frictionless - grey. Both tan and blue stand out way too much (and now even red ). But oh well, glad I left the brainwashing system. Then first came down the axle-pins, becoming tan, being followed by 3L pins and 3/4 ones. Still beats me why they do this even though they add 1x part per page and most people don't dump all the pins in a single box. And now since they make this pin LBG, we're basically back to square one, what was the point of making all frictionless pins different from 2L tan, if now we have a 2L and a 3L LBG pin?! Same with possibility of bar insertion - this pin seems to accept one, all the while they are removing that ability from all other pins... wtf.
  6. syclone

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I'm not sure whether a "like button" proposal is a good thing or not. For once, I know a few forums that have this implemented (and seem to be using same platform as EB, one example is LinusTechTips). But they usually have a few reaction types, i.e. hilarious, thumbs up... Not sure what kind of reactions would be suitable for a MOC presentation. As mentioned by others this sort of "fake interaction" is plentiful on other platforms. I myself am guilty of such behaviour, just scrolling through Twitter/Instagram feed and pressing like without much thought if I like the post/content - in a few days won't even remember anything I saw there. Perhaps some will find such system reassuring, but a comment means so much more - even if it's pointing a fault. A comment means that the person took their time to read through the post and look at the details, perhaps looked up/compared what the real thing looks like and took their time to write a meaningful answer (of course there can be an obvious question or a simple reply too). On the other side it'd be a good thing, since it's true one can find themselves short of words for a MOC - perhaps you recognise the quality of the build, the likeliness to the original or the complexity, but would end up repeating a trillionth "awesome!!" or "love this supercar!". Perhaps you'd like the author to know that you like the build, but it's not in your general area of interest, therefore you can't pinpoint a detail you find excellently done - I for one have no idea about construction or farming equipment, so wouldn't want to appear an ignorant person making a comment with an obvious remark or question. Sure the lack of interaction can feel discouraging, but at least this forum is alive, comparing to another local one, where posts barely have any audience at all, on the first page one can find stuff from 2016 or earlier, sometimes with 0 replies and barely any views, or an empty hearted/robotic response like "you did well.".
  7. syclone

    [TC20] 6752 "Fire Rescue"

    It's a Fire Engine Big Red Brick! Didn't want to finish it, but it'd be a shame to have yet another unfinished TC entry The front doors&seats both on the original and this are in a weird configuration, waaaaay in the back. But it came in handy since there was plenty of space to make the steering wheel work. Need to steal a few white pieces from my Daihatsu for the roof and rear. It can sort of be seen through the windows, but emits a pleasant sound when rolling it around.
  8. syclone

    [MOC] RC Daihatsu Hijet S110P

    Thanks! Indeed love that channel, lots of fun cars. Also quite a fan of the tuned "sexspec" ones they show, reminds me of "Pimp my Ride" episodes. Their episode on their 10th gen turbocharged Hijet was a fun watch))) Also have a WIP of another generally "unconventional"/rare vehicle they featured... Thanks! A japanese builder on instagram said they're very popular in rural areas, so 4x4 seems to come in handy. Although on the real machine it's only partial, the usual configuration is FWD. Thanks for the realism points, also made sure to indicate the "480" since it's a small freight vehicle))) Would need a lot of luck in the lottery to get a 33-33 though! Unfortunately screwed up the size, since real plates are 330x165mm, which is a 1:2 aspect ratio - at 1/11 scale a tad smaller than a 2x4 tile... but for some reason 2x3 looked better Managed to sneak in two anime references in the kanji and hiragana as well (might be a bit far fetched though) Looked into printing them too, but it cost 2-3€ per piece +S&H, ended up printing a laser copy and making a tape transfer, not that good looking up close, but much cheaper for certain.
  9. Good Day! Today I present to you a small-ish 1/11 scale MOC: Daihatsu Hijet S110P Introduction about the real thing: This truck belong to a japanese "kei" car category, and the 8th generation (which this model represents) was made between 1994 to 1999. It features a 660cc inline 3, 31kW EF-NS engine. LEGO model: -Scale: 1/11 -Power: CaDA conroller -Drive: L-motor, 4x4 -Steering: Servo motor, working steering wheel -Working headlamps -Openable doors with locks -Front strut suspension -Rear "leaf spring" suspension (flexaxles) -Openable glovebox -Openable rear hatch and bed side walls Wanted to build one of these for quite some time, but the wheel choice was tight - either too wide or just too big. Having made the custom 49.5x14 tyres back in April, they seemed a perfect choice, and now that they're official parts, even better. The finished build is quite front heavy, as it is to expect, but as a result of this, the suspension is an abolute delight to play with, and is quite responsive. The front axle is a reworked version of the one I made in "Desert Rally car" several years ago. Unfortuntaly, LEGO CV joints are prone to popping out, and the new ones are useless due to how big they are. This means that every now and then the truck becomes wither 3x4 or RWD, but the truck pulls through without much issue. For control, I ended up using CaDA block, as it has a physical remote and it's much more fun that way. Nonetheless, it is mounted using the anti-studs on the bottom, so BuWizz is a drop-in replacement. PF AAA battery box can also be used with minor mods. Front bumper posed major challenge to me, as I'm not very well-versed in bricking. Technic solutions looked ugly, and using a brickbuilt grille didn't look good either. Had to use the 1x2 grille tile as a solution, which ended up frowing on me in the end. There's a little SNOT to get everything to allign, but mostly it's just plates&tiles. Video and more photos below, PDF instructions available on Rebrickable: Brickshelf gallery: Thanks for reading!
  10. syclone

    Jeep Willys

    Great model as always. Considering your limitations in regards of inventory, it is amazing what you were able to pull off. Great performance too, with all that weight in back -------- As far as "IP" and whatever, there are thousands of MOCs of cars, trucks and other stuff that is model of "XYZ" company. No one gives a megablock about it.
  11. syclone

    [MOC][WIP] Nissan 180SX Type X

    Well, somehow prefer the beams, as they look much cleaner Hood vent fits great, specially in combination with that rear spoiler
  12. Afaik, Bricklink's has the ability to do mosaics from an image, and then it is possible to make instructions. Also, this tool seems to be able to make mosaics and generate PDF instructions:
  13. As my tag suggests, LDD is my preference. Tried - a pain in the a$$ to work in, overcomplicated and barely has any advantages now that new parts can be added into LDD in a matter of few minutes (check digital forum) and developer options can be enabled. Recently also started using LDCad+LDpub, but ONLY for instructions, and it is A LOT better than for part positioning and flexaxles, although the tutorials don't explain very well what to do and assume some stuff for known, but once you get over it, stuff makes sense and the program becomes easier to use with hotkeys. My parts inventory has always been limited, so LDD allowed me to build a lot of stuff I didn't have parts for. So far ~95% of my builds started in LDD, then I test the model and progress forwards either physically or digitally. It's very user-friendly, so it feels natural to build unlike the professional CAD nature of LDRAW-based tools. seems to have tried to combine LDD and these LDRAW tools, but in my eyes it has a horrible UI (feels like usng an Apple computer) and general building procedure (aforementioned problems by others), so it never caught me in. Having short patience, not having to dismantle tens of parts just to change something small also is very helpful. Another bonus of digital building is the ease of backup - I still have .lxf files from when I started using LDD in 2012, but a lot of photos/videos got deleted over time to save space. Now, is it something essential? depends on the person. It has been discussed countless times before, and some absolutely despise any sort of digital building, others only use digital tools... whatever fits you better.
  14. I'd love to see this. C+ motors (and the PF servo) are quite bulky, perhaps something similar to a RC servo but with PF connectivity would be perfect for smaller-scale MOCs. I know you guys need to keep up with TLG's system, but all third-party electronics are PF-based, so some progress in that area too would be much appreciated!
  15. syclone

    [MOC] Kettenkrad

    Guess I got a handle on the situation.