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  1. syclone

    [MOC ]90's Honda NSX

    These wheels sure will make a fantastic addition to an already meshmerizing car. Too bad "70x28 futuristic wheels" aren't big enough, otherwise they could've simulated Advan 3-spokes:
  2. Another astonishing design of yours! The amount of detail and clean design of the interior is minblowing
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback) @T Lego The front bodywork is my weakpoint usually Will be spending more time on it next time @johnnym It does get quite expensive for the electrics, but they are definitely worth it, specially the BuWizz. And yep, it is indeed the hockey spring, more compact than the servo) EDIT: can we get an F in the chat for the rear tires
  4. syclone

    [TC16] Scarab

    The cabin turned out so great, the seats look fantastic as well. The lightbar on top breaks the boxy appearance very well and adds to the realistic functions. The stickers are just
  5. Having finally set free the buggy motors from TC16, it was time for something speedy again. Having seen the new 2019 transporter, that scale got me again, so making a car "compatible" with that set was very interesting. And having 8649 box on display made it clear which one I wanted 2 make. After a day of non-stop building this abomination somewhat resembling the original was born: The build was based off this year's Corvette wheelbase - 20x15 studs. 8649 has oversized wheels, giving it a cartoony apperance, but that wouldn't work for this one as space in the rear was required for a double buggy motor setup. Low profile tires in combination with old rims were a perfect tuner combo and gave resemblance to the 68.8 six spoke wheels. This also allowed to place the rear wheels much closer to the buggy motors using a non-standard 36z - 16z gears combo (1:2.25) with half-stud on-axis offset [see picture below] powered through the slower, outermost motor output to an approximate 2000rpm to the rear wheels. This gear combination resulted quite reliable when braced properly and withstanded all crashes, slides and racing that was thrown at it. In contrast, the front axle is a real mess. Having to place the m-motor right after the BuWizz made it really weak, and the flex axles make it hinge forwards. It does stay in place though due to all the bracing, so good enough? Also low-pros are amazing for drifting, which makes this vehicle very enjoyable to play with . Bodywork-wise it is NOT a "modern beauty" but carries the approximate lines of the original model. All the interior details are present - double NOS bottles in the rear, Red bucket seats and a tuner steering wheel (RHD version for some JDM powah ). Supercharger was a no for me - it looked terrible on the original. Big a$$ exhausts were kept to annoy the neighbours In the end it is not fully compatible as it probably wouldn't be able to drive up the ramps, but does drive cool. Welp, here's the video and LDD file Best Regards, Dan. Cya later!!!
  6. syclone

    Dan's scrapyard

    Idk why, but it seems like I never posted this one... Terra 4x4x4 from 2017 Rebrickable - Brickshelf - 4x m-motors - each for one wheel as well as independent suspension - each arm moves independently.
  7. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @allanp Chrome not happening 1000000000% Just look at the Harley Davidson. LBG only Technically speaking such a set would be exciting, but looking where UCS sets are aimed - shelves - and the latest itineration of an offroad vehicle - 42099 - that Dodge RAM isn't likely at all. Same as me asking for a JDM car like a 180sx or r34. Who doesn't love a 2jz flamethrowing Mk IV Supra? Sure enough it would sell, but a supercar can sell just by name - no matter the model.
  8. syclone

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    As long as the car doesn't bring yet another new color and has flexaxles it'd be good. As far as I'm concerned a supercar will always sell better than a duty vehicle as a shelf model. Pickup trucks aren't very special and supercars have a huge wow effect - unusual designs, doors usually open in non-standard ways (butterfly, gullwing or even dihedrical). Judging by Speed Champions lineup it might most certainly be a Mclaren - these are on the more affordable range. I'd love a Ferrari though - would be a level up after Racers-Technic sets. As long as the RC car isn't too expensive due to the license (why?) it will finally be something new, not another HUGE set.
  9. 3. MPATEV 01 - Multi-purpose All-Terrain Exploration Vehicle Drive: 2x Buggy motors Steering: M-motor Power: BuWizz v1 Additional functions: -Openable canopy -Access hatch via the "turkey horn" -swappable attachments -> Exo suit transporter crane and Towing rescue hook Discussion topic:
  10. syclone

    [TC16] MPATEV-01

    Finished the video and LDD file DOWNLOAD The attachments and other photos:
  11. syclone

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    Very unique propulsion system, did the PP tires suffer any damage from it? Great rendition of the original, love the use of pneumatics and yellow tubes to recreate the original.
  12. syclone

    Dan's scrapyard

    Failures: Not the wheels but the steering itself - collided with the 9l links Suspension - terrible, collided with steering; axles were floating side to side. Propulsion - too slow - tried lots of different gear ratios but couldn't use Buggy motors due to the contest and I don't have the money for a second XL motor - hadn't bought any parts/sets in almost a year and I'm saving up for red parts to finish the Saber. Basically I ran out of interest&ideas after 2 months of building it inbetween other stuff and just threw it here for it not to go to waste. I'll eventually pick it up and try some new ideas (did the same with the crane from this thread) but most likely won't regain the interest in it. I do want to try independent suspension on it to justify it being a SUV though
  13. syclone

    Dan's scrapyard

    Failed SUV/ offroader/ whatever this could've been classified as in 2019. Near center of the wheel steering thanks to deep futuristic wheels, pneumatically lockable differentials, 4WD, 4WS. Suspension using 9l links, steering through worm gear. Steering and suspension were . Also pathetically slow. LDD FILE DOWNLOAD video of the drive+diffs:
  14. 32077c01 Wheel 70 x 28 mm Futuristic with Black Tire 70 x 28 mm Futuristic (32077 / 32078) DOWNLOAD
  15. Good Day everyone! After completing MPATEV-01 (video&LDD file coming soon) and not able to progress on Saber, decided to build something from my bucket list. And there was 8258 B. After a somewhat boring build process the final result was not very satisfying, so my first idea was to motorise it. However keeping the model as it is would be extremely boring, so the whole chassis and rear part were dismantled, leaving only the front, bonnet and hoods . Next a 4X4 (AWD probably but you've been clickbaited mwahahah ) with open diffs was made. No reduction from the XL motor but the one in-between driveshaft and diffs. On front there are two gray (old gray - undetermined type) springs and on the rear a leaf axle out of 9l links (idea by ZBLJ). Of course that horrendously enormous fake motor was kicked out and substituted with a cute mini V8. Interior is as crude as the original but now with even less foot space and a switch under the dashboard. Steering through M motor and hockey spring combo, M motor-powered winch controlled with the LBG connector on dashboard. For power I opted for a "classic" PF receiver and custom wired 9V battery neatly fixed with a net in the bed. Overall not the best performance but it's quick yet (relatively) powerful. Front winch is detacheable to improve climbing angle (approximately 50 degrees maximum). I haven't named it a MOD because most of it was made from zero, and the N2 is because this is a successor to one of my early RC MOCs - pickup N1 (my imitation of 9398 as I couldn't afford one and still can't) LDD file DOWNLOAD Video: (sorry it's 30° outside, batteries died and I ain't frying myself 2 times for some offroading outside ) Have a nice weekend, Cya later!