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  1. do you mean we should not say anything against any model/design shared here in this website? cool. have fun. it is against my principles with lego but definitely not with yours.
  2. I dont want to sound so negative but is it considered legal? both shifter and switcher? did lego use those solutions in a set yet?
  3. I thought it was opposite in general community. I mean new parts are welcome as long as they solve problems about stress, stability or they are innovative. this is a distinction on who is building, casual or pro. if you are a casual builder (like me) then I do not lose much and also I do not go into unnecessary faulty designs because I can see it is not working. A pro like you guys would go forward with the idea and spend months perhaps to solve it. I think Sariel mentioned it above already. he would fix his MOC in a day and move over in old days but maybe he would spend weeks for small improvements now. I would not, I am not going that deep into my MOCs about perfection. it is a hobby and not everyone checks details as you might think. functionality without problems or no illegal movement is enough for me and I would not be demotivated because a new piece comes and solves the complex problem nicely. I would be demotivated if new pieces about RC stuff comes or panels comes, or unusable colors for me. it all depends what you are looking for. maybe a pro would like different colors/panels more, I dont know. to be honest at every new piece introduced (not panels) I would again get motivated and try to buy it (bricklink or lego shop) to build something, use that new piece. is it frustrating? yes, but demotivating? not at all, it is opposite for me in general. example: I always wanted to build a large scale borderlands vehicle and I was thinking of 9398 tires. I dumped the idea long ago, I did not like the tires. then the claas tires came out and I started axles immediately after buying those tires from bricklink. same with 3L driving rings, sliding connectors inside it, porsche wheels, black wheel hubs and chiron orange gear switchers. if those new pieces do not come up then you have to repeat yourself at every year and the hobby shall become extremely boring.
  4. worst comment ever. that is what others above talking about the opposite. some people claim and even link to topics that got few or zero attention and you say a good MOC always gets a proper attention here? oh, nice to hear all these guys' and also my MOCs were trash too.
  5. yes, you have to be very specific on searches. but not many people search for that (the slipping torque of the clutch gear), right? how many would search complex lego machinations nowadays since the sets are getting less complex? they search for ferrari MOC, or lambo MOC or car MOC. the trend is cars, not complex or awesome stuff. first thing I built as MOC was a car of course, and I would search for car MOCs for sure. EB has many old and outdated stuff, I would not rely on a few years old stuff I find here; re-asking is always a better idea if you are involved in lego for a long time. TLG introduces new pieces every year and some designs become a lot different, simple and sturdy now, in most cases. that is why seems a better idea than old long-forgotten topics for hard-to-find-elsewhere information. And it is very new, Jim started the topic this January. I do not know which is best for sharing such information though, I believe it is a good direction. search for gearbox of a car now (quite common topic I guess) and old topics found are not very relevant anymore with the switcher mechanisms changing. search for ackerman steering with old hubs (8070, 42000) and todays black hub, even the crawler's hub; the results are very different. search for telestopic arm for crane, pre-42043 solutions are old now and in some cases new solution is better, depends on scale and size. if TLG introduces a new design with new pieces then not many people shall focus on the old design anyway. I left lego after I bought 42056, paddle shift was a big change for me, perhaps everyone. I followed MOCs and almost every new model had those. paddle shift and sequential gearbox. then with chiron the orange switcher came (it was with chiron, right?). majority of people moved over to sequential gearboxes and now people are making 8gear ones (sorry, I forgot designer's name but posted here). if TLG introduces a new brake system for their new 1/8 car then forget all pneumatic brake designs from old topics here. no, I do not rely on old topics I find here. it really depends on what you are looking for of course. topic is about MOCs, yes, we want those shiny good MOCs.
  6. I agree on first part. second part about awesome MOCs, well most of them are on sale now, and they are also posted here. I see many technic MOCs on other sites. I still feel it is something with what those sites offer. they offer something else than what this site offers here and people want that instead. it is like losing to a competition. more appreciations/recognition could be something but I do not think it is the main reason. remember the time about latest contest? it is something other sites do not offer so we saw many MOCs. was not it a record of contestant numbers? but if you do another contest of building ships/boats would we have that many contestants? I do not think so. I feel the problem is not a single factor. it is combination of many things happening at the same time. different sites for different purpose and gains, technic part limitations (getting closer to roof perhaps?), (reduced) complexity in sets which makes people to produce less complex MOCs, cars cars cars because people like seeing them, pandemic impact on lego which is expensive for some people, chinese stuff and so on... if one of these hits a MOCer then you lose one (in my case). other people might be hit by something else maybe a mod can have a look on if site has a decline on visits/posts nowadays. maybe the problem is elsewhere. I searched for "lego technic MOCs" and I did not see this site on google's first page. this should be treated as a hint perhaps.
  7. so true. you can see many MOCs posted there, but not here. paid MOCs at rebrickable or chinese pirated stuff seems the future, unfortunately. if you see your instructions for that model exceeding 3000 piece which you spent hours to build, sold elsewhere you might think otherwise. I also had three WIP MOCs but when I saw my MOCs sold elsewhere I gave up Lego for now. it is my personal demotivation, maybe others might have other issues like pandemic, loss of jobs and change of life.
  8. I hope not, I would prefer other colors. also why do you say 2022? we had 42110 at 2019 and Lambo at 2020 so why not another big licensed set for 2021? maybe Ferrari is a set to align with Land Rover but not 42096? is Land Rover not considered UCS?
  9. looks very disappointing that there is nothing worthy unless you want cars. I also do not think they shall have any special/unique mechanisms or parts. I don't believe the ferrari shall have any gearbox. only suspension, fake engine and HOG, maybe open hood/trunk/doors manually, just a usual lego car (besides Ultimate cars). my reference is 42096, it shall be identical with every aspect. or it shall be source of "single use" panels to make view better. I hope I am wrong on that assumption. I would love to see something "technically" interesting among those cars. If I am allowed to speculate, ferrari shall be "Ferrari 488 GT3", competitor of 42096 car. according to some sites I saw new 488 GT3 EVO 2020 is introduced in late 2019, so it is maybe time to introduce a lego ferrari for that car.
  10. yes and no yes: less parts due to bricklink orders slowing down, also I lowered my spending on lego. no: before pandemic (start of this year) I got used to digital modeling. now I use %90 time on digital modeling, LXF and also since my office is very very close (next room to bed) now I have less worry about getting up early for the daily commute. for example I can stay long after midnight and get up for work in time. basically I have more free time actually. I am not spending entire time for lego of course.
  11. some of them seems to be up and available in Bricks & Pieces. I checked rotor blade and it was out of stock but DBG panels seems to be available, likewise tapered orange 5x11 panel. there are no images available for osprey parts for now. maybe they shall be added later. set search gives no result but parts can be searched individually.
  12. @Mylenium @SylvainLS @supertruper1988 thanks for answers. currently I am looking into (mass) image processing tools (pngquant and magick works quite fine for now) to convert the images to jpg. here is a sample page which is over 7MB with Studio 4x but I can compress it to 440 kb in jpg format. I use pdf24 to create PDFs and it generally does not add overhead to PDF size (PDF size is generally less than %2 more compared to total image size). not every page is like that, this is one of the biggest pages in size. most of the pages have multiple smaller steps. still if I have 300 pages total and average is 400kb file size then the total file would be over a 100MB. is that normal? that is my main question in the topic actually.
  13. hello everyone, maybe it is a stupid question but I could not find an answer online. neither search forums helped me about an idea. I am preparing instructions of a technic theme MOC with 2100 pieces total, using actually it is done/complete. problem/question is the file size I get with it is huge. I created the PDF using in 330 pages/530 steps and the output of PDF is around 200MB. I checked various PDFs from other modders and I see sizes around 20-50MB in very good image quality while PDF quality is only good if 2x or higher is selected but file size is 200MB or higher even then. I looked into PNG compression tools briefly. I exported images from, compressed the images myself and made a PDF, still file size is 100MB total. page count is same, image size is 1684x1190, kind of good quality I would say. am I missing sth about a compression? I tried another tool (lpub) and it generated 200mb file like (but open 650 pages of PDF instead). I am not familiar with Lpub so I am not sure if I managed to do it proper way. what is the expected file size of PDF instructions if a fullsize A4 is used like does? is 100MB file size accepted for a 330 page instruction? thanks