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  1. I cannot say if my creations would fit match your needs and as self-promotion is allowed, I can put some of my creations here as examples. They are on rebrickable with LXF only, no instructions. They all have independent suspension and 4speed gearbox. Some have other regular functionality like a fake engine or opening doors but as far as I remember only fiat does not have fake engine (others have boxer 4 or boxer 6 or v6).
  2. new addition, small Roadster Small Roadster (same scale with my Sandero) small scale roadster wheels from 42024 for reference 4 speed gearbox wishbone + pushrod suspension rear wheel drive only opening doors and back trunk HOG size in studs: 37 length, 19 width (from tires), 12 height 540g suspension travel: front, a little more than 1stud, rear, almost 1 stud (not over) a few illegal connections but no stress on parts (purists beware) LXF in rebrickable (no instructions will be done)
  3. added the technic supercar I was working on to the first post. I call it Dragking RC with SBrick size (length, width, height in studs): 66 x 29 x 18 (size excludes spoiler, side mirrors, tire reference: 42056 tires) 2380 g (2.3 kg) butterfly-ish doors 4 speed sequential gearbox 4 wheel drive ackerman steering RC functions (sbrick): - drive (2XL) - steer (servo) - doors (medium) - gear switch (medium) Manual functions - front & rear lights (pf switch) - adjustable seats (gear) - opening hood (hand) - opening trunk (hand) - hidden nitro burners (secret :) - adjustable steering wheel (hand) - closing roof (gear) Video (forgot to add suspension but it sure has): Rebrickable: Photos and info: there are many parts I am not satisfied with it but I want to set it to complete to continue with new stuff. cheers
  4. hello guys, I recently finished a small scale MOC and wanted to "add" here but it seems I have not shared my small scale cars here. I will post all of my (old/future) MOCs here in a single thread. Small Roadster (same scale with my Sandero) small scale roadster wheels from 42024 for reference 4 speed gearbox wishbone + pushrod suspension rear wheel drive only opening doors and back trunk HOG size in studs: 37 length, 19 width (from tires), 12 height 540g suspension travel: front, a little more than 1stud, rear, almost 1 stud (not over) LXF in rebrickable (not instructions will be done) Exotic Supercar "Dragking", RC RC with SBrick Video: Rebrickable: Photos and info: Sandero Stepway (a little larger than 42022 in scale) manual transmission with 4speed gearbox RWD HOG steering opening front/back doors, hood and trunk wishbone front and ??? back suspension (I dont know the real name of the rear suspension, pendular suspension??) size (stud): 37 long, 17.5 width, 15 height (tires 15413, from 42024) unfortunately a few illegal connections More Photos: 1970 Fiat 124 (42022 scale) rear wheel drive 4speed gearbox open able doors and trunk front: independent suspension, back: live axle suspension More Photos: Classic (1969) Chevrolet Camaro (42022 scale) small scale (width 15 x length 39 x height 12 stud), excludes side mirrors, front engine etc.. 4speed gearbox opening doors, trunk front: double wishbone, rear: live axle suspension More Photos: Old MOC: Ford Focus (own thread ) More Photos: Old MOC: Lamborghini Gallardo (own thread ) More Photos: Old MOC: Borderlands Game Vehicles (own thread More Photos (Bandit Technical): More Photos (Runner): Next Projects: * Manual version of the Exotic Supercar (I dont like RC lego) * A tow truck for my small scale cars that can actually lift the cars, similar to a truck like this or a flatbed tow truck like 8109 if I cannot manage to lift the cars: cheers
  5. Thanks a lot guys for help. Although I cannot test your suggestions now immediately, I believe the "13L DBG beam bending" theory seems very plausible. Only happens one direction, I can confirm this. In my test runs I did not cause any force to stop the car so perhaps if encounters such a force that tries to stop the XLs, maybe grinding will happen in backwards also. @Didumos69 unfortunately I use these holes in the 5x7 frame, your solution might fix the problem but the design will be changed a lot. I have 2 black (in LXF yellow there and it is necessary in my current design. Still this is a good idea to sandwich the diff. thanks for idea. I added a new test LXF: For a quick dirty fix, I can add the orange 3L beams to make sure the parallel 13L DBG beams are not bending away from each other but on the other side of the diff, perhaps too far away. This is something I can add without breaking down whole model. Do you think it would work enough to prevent gear slipping? thanks
  6. hi everyone, I have a weird problem about old differential the yellow 8t gear grinds with old differential 24t side if the XL motors run at full speed in 4th gear in my gearbox only if forward direction. Weird thing is, on backward no problem on same speed. On other gears (1,2,3) they work fine as the whole setup runs slower. During the build I tested under light load (build %30, only chassis) and it worked fine but with heavy load (build %90, almost complete) now it grinds a lot. Learning about the gearbox problem when the model almost complete is really demotivating. Do you have any idea why it behaves like that? How can I solve this issue? Incomplete LXF but the gearbox is there: Note XLs are geared down on 4/5 and 1/2 ratios to the driver rings (not shown in LXF yet) thanks
  7. from the pictures we can see arocs outriggers are common in different uses. that new special "worm" gear to work with the outriggers will be very useful for smaller designs. I would prefer the ship's crane for submarine to be a really technic crane instead of some other custom part used, even a basic crane works fine there. I hope LEGO puts a real technic crane there in final product (same for the white piece at front under heli pad)
  8. thanks for comments guys. If I remake it I will test with soft spring but it might be too soft. I dont want to disassemble it until I create LXF (1/3 done, in progress). Roof is a little high on front because of the 2 black liftarms to stabilize the roof. You can see to 2 black liftarms going up between the seats (almost like 75 degree angle). They rise the roof to a large angle which makes too high, pivot for movement is the 3x7 curved panel's (#3) black hole you see just behind seat. If I remove liftarms then roof looks very nice but very flimsy and not static, any unintended hit on roof changes the shape of car. I will look into this issue. Another cause is the 8L black axles on windshield, round pin connectors can solve it but I prefer a single 8L axle to match the long 26L flex to back :) I dont have 42056 but bricklinked some items to test a few things. After I liked the panels I decided to buy 42056 and waiting it to show up in my stores. Note about front: according to the scale I used, car front is short actually. Maybe photo angles make it look bad or the 19L flex not connecting the vertical axle connector?
  9. Hi Everyone, I wanted to build a Gallardo to put it on my desk but I could not find something to my liking on web so decided to have some try on it. Sorry another boring supercar topic... Here is a real one first: My Scale length has some issue but other than that seems to be in scale, height from ground is one stud higher but car clearance is 1 stud higher as well which offsets when suspension is compressed. Best if you open it in big screen/size from bricksafe My Car A quick comparison with an orange 42022 Functions: * 4 wheel drive (unswitchable, has central differential but became useless as switch is never disabled) * independent suspension, 1 hard spring (yellow) on each wheel * scissors doors openable by a small gear under the car * 4 speed sequential gearbox: operated by gear lever at 4 positions (front: 1, back: 4) ratios (1 to 4): 27/45 , 15/45 , 9/45 , 5/45 before differentials. input is wheels, output is fake engine * Hand Of God steering at cockpit with working steering wheel * Ackermann steering geometry * V10 fake engine Features: * Orange * size in studs: 58 L, 27 W, 17 H * size in cm: 45.5 L, 22.5 W, 14 H * Spoiler * Fake disk brakes (in red, hardly visible from outside) Credits: * Sariel's Scaler * Pvdb's Koenigsegg One:1 90degree axle stopper for gearbox sequential shifter. * 42056's Sequential Gearbox :) Rest is pictures: Front: Back: Side: The double black thin 4L and the LBG towball pin is the gear lever. At front position it is gear 1, at back position it is gear 4, at different positions in the between are gears 2 and 3. Way simple than what the car deserves :( 1st gear: 4th gear: Scissors doors, here you can see some nice looking seats as well :) it uses small turntable Operating gear for doors and its mechanism, the black 20T gear opens and closes the door with the worm so door stays closed or opened: Ground clearance is more than the car have to in scale so even a big finger can operate it from under car Ground clearance, more than I expected I admit. That is why car is 1 stud higher, about 2.5 studs unfortunately: Gearbox from bottom, very similar to 42056 Gearbox switch mechanism, Pvdb's stopper here, twin yellow 2L with rubber: V10 fake engine, didnot close its surrounding on purpose Axles, back is a 42029 style, front is a custom one I made but nothing complex. my req was to make it low height and allow Ackermann steering. Red things are fake brake discs:) Bottom view: Top view with a non-lego flex axle (26.5 stud length) and a regular black (19+7) one. sorry for different photo direction (the one from back of car to front windshield connector on roof) Things I dont like: Color choices: new 13x3 panel limits almost every color but still orange can be used with black or white car perhaps. * Black, works like a charm, every piece I used in orange could be found black in new sets. * White, similar to black but there are a few pieces not in white or non common (axle connector and 135 degree connector, and the 13x3 panel) * Red,if you have the #3 connector then again almost every piece can be swapped. * Blue, yellow, green, I hardly think they are available, maybe from old sets. Additional photos are at: Bricksafe folder Cheers
  10. truck looks very nice. do you have tumbler tires ? would they be too small or out of scale?
  11. it become a very nice truck and matches Volvo great. I have to mention, design of crane arm is very good. instead of making contests like latest Porsche, Lego should make contests like this, "a vehicle to match a (specific) set". you would win immediately.
  12. Everyone wants some vehicle or truck for a anniversary of a big company's product line. Dont you think it would be weird for such a company to create some vehicle for such an event? I personally think it has to be many function packed "thing" that would represent the product line but not a vehicle to associate with it. What I think as best set would be something similar to a clock works perfectly in time or a "mechanic hand" that can make humanly moves perfectly (I once tried a "pen flipping hand" but failed of course) or a brick building machinery etc. In industry fairs companies show their best products with their new or well known abilities so why should Lego make a truck or vehicle as an anniversary when their potential is much more. Lego Technic's best ability is the different functions it can provide with interesting builds that come up close to real machinery in terms of functionality. If there is any anniversary set that will be released next year (or future), I would expect it to be some innovative, out-of-box thinking, not seen before thing. That is just me though, I would not complain if it turns out a big truck full of functions with the 9398 suspension
  13. truck looks very nice, full of functions :) I can suggest "orange + dark bluish gray" as a suggestion for crane arm. In my opinion they fit each other but it might not fit "yellow+black" truck. about cabin of truck, I think the door is a bit low? another liftarm would make it better perhaps? cabin roof has a sticker?
  14. General Part Discussion

    Thanks JJ2. I tested with white one and it requires some force so I will wait for red driver to be included into other sets hopefully
  15. General Part Discussion

    hi everyone, I have a question about these two driving ring connectors and I made a similar gearbox (almost same design actually but gear ratio different and narrower, I do not own Porsche set though) like Porsche but I do not have 26287 so I used 18948. switching gear requires some force, actually expected it but I am curious if new driving ring is very smooth compared to white one. Is 26287 really necessary for smooth gear switch or 18948 is enough or very similar actually? I also thought about the old one but new one is easy to implement in gearbox. thanks