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  1. I hope not, I would prefer other colors. also why do you say 2022? we had 42110 at 2019 and Lambo at 2020 so why not another big licensed set for 2021? maybe Ferrari is a set to align with Land Rover but not 42096? is Land Rover not considered UCS?
  2. looks very disappointing that there is nothing worthy unless you want cars. I also do not think they shall have any special/unique mechanisms or parts. I don't believe the ferrari shall have any gearbox. only suspension, fake engine and HOG, maybe open hood/trunk/doors manually, just a usual lego car (besides Ultimate cars). my reference is 42096, it shall be identical with every aspect. or it shall be source of "single use" panels to make view better. I hope I am wrong on that assumption. I would love to see something "technically" interesting among those cars. If I am allowed to speculate, ferrari shall be "Ferrari 488 GT3", competitor of 42096 car. according to some sites I saw new 488 GT3 EVO 2020 is introduced in late 2019, so it is maybe time to introduce a lego ferrari for that car.
  3. yes and no yes: less parts due to bricklink orders slowing down, also I lowered my spending on lego. no: before pandemic (start of this year) I got used to digital modeling. now I use %90 time on digital modeling, LXF and also since my office is very very close (next room to bed) now I have less worry about getting up early for the daily commute. for example I can stay long after midnight and get up for work in time. basically I have more free time actually. I am not spending entire time for lego of course.
  4. scynox

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    some of them seems to be up and available in Bricks & Pieces. I checked rotor blade and it was out of stock but DBG panels seems to be available, likewise tapered orange 5x11 panel. there are no images available for osprey parts for now. maybe they shall be added later. set search gives no result but parts can be searched individually.
  5. scynox

    [MOC] scynox's workshop

    updated first post with Zaibatsu. I shall call it completed. I still need some parts for decoration but nothing blocking. implementation of this art size in stud: 53 length, 30 width, 14 height (low) tire reference: 8070/42096 IO file at bricksafe features: - RWD - independent suspension - adjustable ride height (low clearance is 1.5stud, high clearance is between 2-2.5 stud) - V8 fake engine - 4speed sequential gearbox, operated with lever - doors open, front hood open - HOG and working steering wheel (from roof, right), second is for adjustable ride height (middle) cheers
  6. @Mylenium @SylvainLS @supertruper1988 thanks for answers. currently I am looking into (mass) image processing tools (pngquant and magick works quite fine for now) to convert the images to jpg. here is a sample page which is over 7MB with Studio 4x but I can compress it to 440 kb in jpg format. I use pdf24 to create PDFs and it generally does not add overhead to PDF size (PDF size is generally less than %2 more compared to total image size). not every page is like that, this is one of the biggest pages in size. most of the pages have multiple smaller steps. still if I have 300 pages total and average is 400kb file size then the total file would be over a 100MB. is that normal? that is my main question in the topic actually.
  7. hello everyone, maybe it is a stupid question but I could not find an answer online. neither search forums helped me about an idea. I am preparing instructions of a technic theme MOC with 2100 pieces total, using actually it is done/complete. problem/question is the file size I get with it is huge. I created the PDF using in 330 pages/530 steps and the output of PDF is around 200MB. I checked various PDFs from other modders and I see sizes around 20-50MB in very good image quality while PDF quality is only good if 2x or higher is selected but file size is 200MB or higher even then. I looked into PNG compression tools briefly. I exported images from, compressed the images myself and made a PDF, still file size is 100MB total. page count is same, image size is 1684x1190, kind of good quality I would say. am I missing sth about a compression? I tried another tool (lpub) and it generated 200mb file like (but open 650 pages of PDF instead). I am not familiar with Lpub so I am not sure if I managed to do it proper way. what is the expected file size of PDF instructions if a fullsize A4 is used like does? is 100MB file size accepted for a 330 page instruction? thanks
  8. scynox

    [MOC] scynox's workshop

    thanks for feedback guys, I am also undecided about the grill (and other side items in white). since lego does not have the mentioned pieces in chrome, we need a substitute. I feel white is better than LBG or yellow in a black car but just my preference. Here is full LBG and yellow build: grill and white items are changed to LBG (got rid of soft axle under doors and made windshield full black). for yellow I only changed grill if you have spotted the grill uses 8 of #32126 and they are used to connect the entire grill to car. four of them can be hidden as they are at bottom but other four are at third row from top. there is no other angle available to connect to car so I had to use the mentioned items in white since it is common. white: engine shaft is not available, also #32250 3x5 thin quarter elipse beam is rare yellow: #32126 is not available LBG: 3x5 thin quarter elipse beam and #32126 is rare. and color is dull I would say this is from ingame view I am not sure what should be a good color next to a full black car. I planned seats as yellow for example and white for chrome based parts but only engine shaft is the issue. maybe I can make them LBG and grill can be white as full just like the first render from above post. that is another topic but cost-cutting is also hampering the design a lot. the car uses 8070 hubs for better suspension but they are expensive as hell too. I replaced them with high new black hubs but now suspension movement is reduced a lot. lots of to think when it comes to build and order from bricklink. cheers
  9. scynox

    [MOC] scynox's workshop

    @MinusAndy thanks, they are old mocs and can be built better now I guess. here is another MOC almost complete (hood needs rework and seats missing because my planned seats did not fit). I need to build this in physical, just axles and gearbox is there for testing. also I need some parts to order I call it "Zaibatsu", just as a fictional name. the car is from GTA2, and it is called Z-type. it does not look like this since GTA2 was from top view. I found this at Artstation drawn by someone else. I just tried to replicate it in lego. the car is supposed to look like below: he has provided side view and top view so I used them as blueprints. the car (in game) is supposed to have V12 engine and 4speed gearbox. I was only able to fit V8 but I have sequential 4s gearbox. other features: openable doors, and most probably hood RWD lego V8 fake engine 4s sequential gearbox, shifter with lever (nothing fancy, could not fit anything better) HOG and working steering wheel adjustable ride height, at lowest suspension moves car half stud only and clearance is 1.5stud (1stud if pressed, locked before moving beyond this), at highest clearance is around 2.5/3 stud and suspension can move a lot. (unnecessary feature but I like it). renders are at lowest state but I suspect car shall lower a little more due to slack and maybe weight car is 1:10 (8070/42096 wheels) supposed to be 52stud length, 15stud max height, 29stud width, at least in LXF it is like that. it is done according to blueprints (images from the source above), car is supposed to be bulky once I build in physical I shall share photos and LXF/IO files as well: feedback is welcome, cheers
  10. scynox

    [MOC] scynox's workshop

    updated the first post with everything I have and currently working. I shall try to keep this up to date unless I get away from lego again. there are many small bits and pieces lying around but not worth mentioning.
  11. scynox

    Axle Collection Thread

    here is a failed design of small scale front axle (partially virtual pivot steering). my intention was to make it driven, put suspension and also keep it 15stud width total with tire (from Mack anthem). it ended as below, not so good. usable if expectations are low. There is huge slack all over the axle and turning radius is terrible. the Z arms do not turn too much so steering is not so good. main slack comes from the 3L blue thin beam. I could not replace it with a better thing (the end has to go inside the wheel to make it 15stud, otherwise it is impossible with CV and diff) more photos in bricksafe. maybe someone can use the idea and make it better (or already done better)
  12. we have cam already :) and it does not take too much space at all. in fact instead of the T beam I can put two technic cams in opposite direction and rotate it which can extend to 3L and retract to 2L. unfortunately the movement is little, half stud per wheel, not enough to extend the suspension. still a very good idea and can be applied for compact suspensions which I shall try for sure. not at this scale but maybe smaller wheel/tire options and different setups. thanks for reminding this. when you press the suspension it creates an additional force which is applied to LA. at that point LA pops up (due to the additional power applied to suspension). it only happens when you are testing suspension for example.I already said it in first post. LA pops up when I press suspension. it does not pop up when vehicle is stationary. I prefer the machinery to work in every position, not only in up/down situations. just personal preference. that is the challenge and fun. it is nice to watch it running slowly and smoothly and also working on every position. just like the wheel of the plane but not entirely functionality wise. your plane wheel must be on or off, just like a car door but a car height can be adjustable at various positions. when you put a steering wheel or HOG to your car, do you only turn it to max or do you want to steer half perhaps? same principle Do I have to use LA? not really but just for fun.I trusted its internal parts to provide me enough resistance to stabilize the suspension. I was wrong, that is why I created the topic. I looked at 8297 already. I am just testing compactness. I am not saying it is bad but I am testing different ideas. you can use #22961 to make it better. also for your previous example technic cams can be used since they provide 2.5stud beams.
  13. read my posts above, it is already answered why I cannot remove half studs. in the plane there is no suspension so it is on its weight of plane. according to here the press force applied to shock absorber is around 1.2 kilo but not directly to LA so obviously less than 2.4kg yet still something, not just weight of car/plane/whatever. I also have a similar scale and at 2kg-ish the LA retracted forcefully just like in the post linked. it means pressing the suspension really applies 2kg force in my design. here the bushes gone and T beam is moved back to max possible. right position is fully retracted (secure position), left position is HALF retracted (most problem position). How do you plan to protect the LA to be popped up in half retracted position? you guys only think binary like on-off but I want to use at various positions, it is LA, it can stop at any position. forcing to use only low or high mode is very dull and also not fun at all. also depending on car weight maybe the weight itself shall force it pop up, assuming I put heavy stuff like battery etc. by the way my temporary solution is exactly like what you did in the plane. it works quite fine, it is even in pics (between suspensions and differential). I think I shall stick to that design, it is best in this scenario and it allows almost every position safely. cheers guys. thanks for help
  14. @Aerolight thanks for the idea. I have not built in real but here is what I fear (direction also matters, I cannot move towards south in below image because dark brown axles shall hit each other before end): since LA shall pull the red T beam, it ?might? pull the axles as in blue arrow direction and connectors might pop. unfortunately the T beam does not stop at something I can backup behind. It moves around 1.4? stud, with lego it becomes unstable to back it up to prevent movement further (for example LA pulling connectors on the #44809 connection). not sure of course and it depends on the weight of car because car's weight shall push it back. even if the axles move a little then the suspension shall be clogged and disassembling might be required. in original design I might even add a gearbox to raise front or rear of car which would solve out of sync problem if LA pops up but solving left-right sync problem is messy, perhaps impossible. I hope I got your idea correctly. I feel it is not different from the original issue, we only empowered the push/pull power of LA due to different angle by lowering the link length. @MinusAndy does it ever become out of sync? for example when raising car or playing with suspension, like pressing? what if you mistakenly cause worm to skip a gear on big 24Z gear, would not all suspensions become out of sync? how do you prevent that? thanks for the answers.
  15. thanks for the answer but I really did not get what you mean. here is the design with all other things removed. how do I turn the (red) links 90 degrees? I dont get what you mean. this is not steering, either both red links move towards inside or towards outside (pulling or pushing shock absorbers), at the same time, not one by one. it is meaningless then.