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Found 11 results

  1. Lego Tehnincs for me started with 42000 set. First step to own creations was small B-model modification Then I started to create my own creations. At that time I didn't even knew about other "sick" peaople and forums like this. So, as a first post, littlebit about what I have created until now. First creations was only from parts of 42000. First creation was some trike (or something like this) with font wheel drive Then there was (street)quad
  2. If you have not posted in this topic before, please read the instructions carefully before posting. We are trying something new. The purpose of this topic is to allow people to easily keep track of new sets releases and significant sales at S@H. It is not for announcing new sets that will be released in the future, not for discussion of the sets, and not for any other purpose. ANYTHING YOU POST HERE IS FOR SOMETHING JUST RELEASED, OR SOMETHING PUT ON SALE at S@H that YOU THINK LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL CARE ABOUT (for example the recent 50% sale on Arkham and on the "Classic castle' (yeah, right, classic my a$$). If a Bionicle sword or Makuta costume or Belville dress go on sale for 90% off, that's NOT of general interest. Use your judgment people.... Whenever a set has been released on S@H, or is newly available in the stores, and you wish to inform other EB members about it, post it in this topic. Please make sure that the information has not been entered by someone already. Product releases that are more than a week or two old are probably already �old news� � don�t bother entering them. It is probably useful to say where the product is released if you know. For example, many sets are released in Europe or North America first, and in the other region weeks or months later. Saying that a set is released in North America is one entry, and its release in Europe 2 months later would be another entry. The easiest way to know if something is available in a country is to load it into your shopping cart at S@H, and then try to transfer to that country on the main page. If the product is not available in that country you will get a message telling you so. A reasonable way to enter data would be as follows: Date of entry (redundant, but helpful) Set name Link to the set picture if available Where the set can be obtained (S@H, or Lego Stores, TRU, or whatever) Geographic area of release. Use your best judgment as to what you think other people will be interested in. Try not to turn this into a spamfest of useless stuff no one cares about. The idea is that when people do a search for �new posts�, every time they see a new post in this topic, they will jump to it and see info about a new product release. This is an experiment. If it turns out to be a waste of time or a spamfest, it will disappear. I have entered the first one below as an example. If you have any questions, feel free to post them. I assume there will be a few posts to ask questions, I will try to clarify, and hopefully after that nothing other than "for sale" information. Let's try to make it work. June 22 / 07 Creator sets: Ferris Wheel Monster Dino Model Townhouse Available at S@H North America. So far not available in Europe.
  3. Hello to all, I am new here and wanted to share my very first creation with you. This is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 pick-up. I build it by using bricks from following sets 42000,42030,42042,42043. I took inspiration from RM8 creations but also in the past I was driving this car quite a lot in raw conditions and I have big sentiment related with this Toyota model. Pix and Video are not pro quality as this is my very first approach to build and share LEGO creation so please don't judge me too harshly form this point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at this model. In the near future I have plan to make simple video how to build it. Under the below links you will find pix and video. Below is video instruction for Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 - body (part 2). Unfortunately due to file size restriction in my camera, there is missing small part of the video where is shown how to build roof and back side of the body. However this two missing bits are easy to reproduce based on the pix. For those who would like to built this body it can be also good opportunity to put a bit of own invention.
  4. After great success of my 1st moc from 42077 24 Hours Race Car I come with another buildInspired by official lego 42000 trying to make it color pleasing (but shorter and wider)(azure blue - wings, white - main bodywork, black - bottom, gray - back axle, red - details and exposed edges)using 84% of parts from 42077dimensions 50x22x13cm* Independent front and rear suspension* Opening back engine hood* 6-piston engine connected to rear axle* Adjustable rear wing elevation by handle in drivers cockpit* HOG front wheel steering + working steering wheel* possible to built with/without HALO driver protection55 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe more models coming soon
  5. LEGO Purists ... please stop reading now ... the following will make your blood boil ... Hi all, t is the F1 season at the moment and I am getting back into Lego. The last time I "worked" on a Technic set, they still had the LEGO studs on them ... not anymore ! I recently purchased a 42000 set and was quite pleased with the mechanics and looks of it. I was also pleased to know that there is an option to motorize it. To my horror, the motorization is pretty lame (lifting hood and flaps ?!). Was I expecting too much ? Anyway, I digress ... This post is a record of my attempt to properly RC motorize it, while still keeping the aesthetics of the 42000. After a couple of weeks of evening research, I came to the conclusion that the LEGO electronics is not up to the job. They are just too bulky and the electronics is still stuck in the 90s ! Have LEGO not heard of brushless motors or LiPo power ? After seeing all the other attempts to motorize the 42000, I have decided to embark on my own journey. Here are my thoughts ... MAIN AIM : a) I like the engine block, so I'm going to do my best to preserve it. b) Putting a battery box at the back is a definite NO-NO c) Ripping out the exhaust tubings is OK as it is usually hidden under the hood. d) IR control is a bit outdated ... Let's use 2.4GHz ! e) Use LiPo as they have the highest energy density vs weight. We are building an F1 car after all ! STRATEGY : 1) Keep LEGO differential (somehow I am very fond of the diff ...). Use a LEGO PF L Motor to drive the rear wheels. Looking at the unit, there should be some space below the engine block to fit it. Using a LEGO motor means that will be mechanically strong, and the L motor has lots of fixing holes. 2) This is where it starts to deviate ... Use RC parts for the transceiver, battery, servo and ESC. This is because the RC (esp Drone) community has lots to offer here. Let's list the parts ... i) Transceiver : I am leaning towards a Drone stick transceiver using 2.4GHz. These days, they have automatic frequency hopping, so less (maybe none) interference with other RC signals. Also, the drone transceivers have loads of channels (6-10) ... good for upgrade options (adding lights, sounds, more motors, etc ...). The only drawback I can see is that the stick throttle control is not sprung (return-to-centre). So it will be tricky keeping it stationary. (it will be wanting to nudge forward or backward). ii) Battery : LiPo, 11.1V (High V for more RPM). Was looking around and there seems to be a lot of options here in different sizes. Found some that will fit in the F1 sidepods. Will have to remove the exhaust tubes, but that is OK. As I am not using the PF IR receiver, 11.1V or 12.6V from the LiPo should be fine for the LEGO motor ... will need to check how much it heats up when stalled. Maybe add a Zener diode to drop the voltage slightly if needed. iii) Servo : This is beginning to get tricky. I need to find one that will fit under the F1 front nose. There is not a lot going on in there, so I think this should be ok ... How to secure it to the LEGO ? Well, some nylon nuts and bolts of course ... and some custom plastic pieces I guess. This will be a Macgyver (1985) job. iv) ESC : Since the Lego L motor is essentially a brushed motor (380 or 280 motor ? Can someone confirm ?), the standard RC brushed ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers) should work ? I have bought a PF extension wire to be modified so that it can be connected to the ESC. FUTURE WORK : 1) Add a brake light and motorize the flaps and hood as well ? (lowest priority) 2) Add a FPV camera (maybe one that looks like a driver in the driving seat) 3) Add SPEED. Replace wheels+assembly with one that have bearings, metal CV joint, differential, axle ... 4) Add sensors (speedometer, temperature, ...) 5) Add a soundbox ... realistic F1 sounds ?! 6) Maybe add a "brain" ... micro-controller ... make it autonomous ? So that's the plan ... comments and suggestions welcomed !
  6. Comin' in quite late, one year after discontinuing of the original set, but still quite hot - I give you the Bootleg Belle, a monstrous desert hot rod on steroids. Forget the stance, omit the channeling, leave out the chopping. Stacking a classic 1930's coupé on top of a 1940's truck's slanted chassis, adding 9' diameter wheels and a monstrous supercharged mountain V8 created this pinnacle of Kustom Kulture. Bootleg Belle is a moonshine hauler at a size of a small mountain that gives you a nice sense of superiority, even if you are a modest bloke. With two meters of metal framework under your butt you know who is the king of the desert now. Features: ► mountain V8 cammer engine with moving pistons ► blower with rotating pulley + Enderle-style bugcatcher & twin carb ► radiator with reinforced grille ► ribbed hose headers and shotgun exhausts ► working differential and transmission ► working steering connected to steering wheel and a rear facing HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► opening, functional trunk ► rear hinged ("suicide") doors with shaved handles ► individual suspension for each wheel ► reinforced bumpers ► rear view mirrors, desert safety flag 42000 C-model, uses around 92,5% of set's parts (loose assumption). Sorry for the quality of photos, still can't afford a decent camera.
  7. Searching the web I stumbled upon this nice creation. The 42000 proves to be a nice model for C-Models. More picture can be found on Brickshelf. More information can be found on And the LDD File is available! Here's the original from the game:
  8. Hi all, here I would like to share my full PF MOD of 42000. since I don't like put the battery box on the back like the official design. I replease the engien with the 'green' electric power. ^-^. I use 2 L motor for power, 1 servo motor for steering, 2 M motor for 2 actions. please see the movie, some pictures and LDD draft file. Here is the LDD file Video: Some pictrues: Thanks.
  9. Nathanael has completed the instructions for his alternate 42000 model and they are available HERE at MOCPLANS for $10 I was given the pleasure of reviewing these instructions and as always from Nathanael, the quality is excellent!
  10. I'm not really an F1 fan, I'm mostly into classic American cars. But I am a car guy and can appreciate all sorts of vehicles. I recently bought the Technic Grand Prix Racer (set 42000), mostly for the parts, and after building it I thought I'd build a new one from scratch. I didn't model it after any particular car. I noticed when looking at Formula One cars there are many different designs, which gave me a lot of freedom to come up with my own version. I built the chassis first, with studless Technic beams. The suspension is functional and closely based on the original 42000 configuration. The steering is also functional. The car is exactly twice as long as it is wide, 32 by 64 studs, which is slightly shorter than the 42000 model.
  11. Hi, On the 26th of December I got the Lego 42000 from a local store after being informed that it is available in a certain store. I got it for £79.99 which I think is fair as today I finished building it and decided to do A review so without further do: General info: The set box is quite good with the images as it captures the whole car with good detail in a smallish box size, it also demonstrates its features, its ad-dons using PF and other usual information such as dimensions, it has a total of 1135 parts (26 spare from A model) and it is 58cm long by25cm wide by 13.6 cm tall, the B model is not available in the set but maybe online as PDF. The instructions are in three books its features are independent suspension, HOG steering, rear diff and working engine, tilting rear spoiler and engine body cover with a hinge. The engine cover and rear wing can either by adjusted manually or electronically. Mechanisms/construction: The mechanisms feature: linear actuators, gears+differentials, springs, motors, linkages on either beams or ball joints. they are either controlled by motor, by hand, the switch between rear wing and engine cover is done with a clutch that is hooked up to a selector switch, if you have the motor with it it only reveres whatever is selected. like that the linear actuators have build in slip clutches so you cant overdrive it and break it however when it goes off with lifting the engine cover is is quite wobbly and noisy, also when the engine cover lifts up it goes get slightly obstructed by a body panel and the mount of the actuator which does slow it down opening and closing half way though but it isn't a huge problem for me, after all it is still a set of standardized parts, nothing custom designed. The rear diff and engine work very well as usually when you spin the wheels they don't run for very long but these ones do so the parts have little friction, the rear spoiler is also good and I don't have any issues with it, its design is clever and a bit different maybe which is what lego is about. The suspension is smooth but I was hoping for more travel than this even if it is an F1 car, the fact that they can be seen operating is good too. The steering is also a bit of a problem as it has quite a poor turning circle, with these new steering parts which came out in this set first but it is even worse than other lego F1 cars. Since it is quite big and looks good this is a + but I don't think much of the stickers and they generally get damaged anyhow so I left them off but they do match with the shape and colour of the parts. The new parts are good , larger tires which I long for since the tires from the power puller and Williams f1 car are hard to get and expensive these new ones are better for sets about as large as the 42000 , I even think these tires will fit with other rims too. Another nice part is the 5L lift rm thin with cross holes both ends as trying to have a lift arm and support it that is 5l and thin is not easy, I used to use the triangular lift arm (old or new) before this part came out, and that is important because it will help get over problems and limits in future sets. This model is compatible with the power pullers battery box and M motor and you don't need to add or remove any other Technic parts to change it so the PF parts fit but I was expecting the clutch and sleeve to drive the rear wheels when it was in the middle position but it doesn't do anything which is odd, and there is plenty of space in the car too. I would also have liked to have the servo motor in the large space in the cockpit as that only requires the steering wheel to be taken off, I suppose for the price it's OK that you don't get any PF parts Pricing of this set is OK/slightly steep and I say this because of the above points and because it doesn't take that long to build which isn't too good for me as I like spending days building like with the Unimog U800 and that has PF too The design is good, I particularly like how the body contours match on either side of the air intake/grills on either side and the back engine cover is nice too as the back does have to go up on an angle slightly and when reading the instructions it looked like the back end was white tall but its fine. The colours are nice too kind of looks like a Honda/McLaren, the new body panels looks really sleek and will help with other models, my favourite is the 1.4x4 body panel in red The conclusion: My conclusion is that I give this car 7.5/ out of 10, you get three new linear actuators, newish tires (appeared in 1 other set I read),new steering/wheel hubs, body panels but it could be more complicated and have more features and have the 'new price' follow this perhaps, however there is a lot of good body work and some clever features and mechanisms so that's where i put it. For good measures here are some videos and images of the set: :), feel free to ask for any other information or photos of this model. https://www.dropbox....12 20 01