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  1. After my decision to join the Rebellion, I was waiting for a mission, something I can do for the good of the Alliance and universe itself. I was given a small but important mission to find out, who's involved in the sabotage of some droids. Many other rebels were given the same task. I decided to go to the planet Hapes, because there were some rumors about the traitor hiding there. Hapes is a very special planet, where people still love and respect nature. So I had to get myself a vehicle that won't pollute the clean air of planet Hapes. I decided to use the ultra-light speeder, which gets the energy from sun, through the triangular solar plates. This also makes it very silent and perfect for missions like this. ... Thanks for watching
  2. Pertyn Sawk

    [SoNE Ep. XII] Alliance Intelligence

    I really like many different characters and the story itself is quite amusing. And different color of helmet for each room is a nice idea. Well done!
  3. My name is Pertyn Sawk, Pertie for friends. I got this name from my great-great-grandfather. He established a small speeder workshop on Bothawui and my family has been living there since then. We still produce small vehicles and I'm very proud of this. One day a group of men came in the workshop and asked for some small transport speeders. And this seemed very suspicious, since they didn't look like workers, but more like soldiers. But not imperial soldiers. They asked me some questions and I told them, that I'm not very fond of the current system, altough my life's not bad. I saw some stormtroopers intimidating my Bothan friend. And I knew why. My customers soon identified themselves as rebel soldiers and invited me to join them. It was a hard decision, but I said yes. I left the family business to my younger brother and went away. But I took my first speeder with me and I'm still using it. ---------- I've recently joined this RPG and I wanted to build a small, simple build to introduce my character. Thank you very much for stoping by. I would be very happy if I could get this freebuild judged. Thank you in advance. ----------
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    Thanks guys! My favourite subtheme is probably Dino Island, because of 5975, which is one of my first sets.
  5. Pertyn Sawk

    [SoNE XI] Big Trouble in Little Kuat

    Each building is great in it's own way and small details like those lamps make this entry even better. Great!
  6. Pertyn Sawk

    Karlsruhe Park Railway

    A fantastic display!
  7. Pertyn Sawk

    Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone's Cabin

    Awesome build!
  8. Pertyn Sawk

    [MOC] Micro vehicles

    Simple, but those colors make them very appealing.
  9. Pertyn Sawk

    [MOC's] Nexo Knights Bestiary: Magma Monsters

    That tail really caught my eye. Nice work!
  10. Pertyn Sawk

    [WIP] MOC of the AT-ST Walker in LDD

    Very nice so far ...
  11. Pertyn Sawk

    REVIEW: 71012 LEGO Minifigures - Disney Series 1

    A wonderful review!