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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Although a bit less spectacular than many (most) of the efforts on here I thought I’d post the first of a couple of recent projects for people to see and comment on. I know they divide opinion but I’m a big fan of the Microfighter range. I like the fun style, the playability, the low(ish) price and the Star Wars-ness of course. As a result I’ve collected 12 of them - all the OT sets and a few from the prequels and the most recent 2 from Episode 7 It was a little disappointing to only get 2 TFA Microfighters but as the theme has sets of opposing pairs and Episode 7 didn’t really give the Resistance a lot of new craft, the designers hands were a bit tied. Anyway, long story short: I designed a couple more in LDD, prototyped them from our box of bricks and BrickOwled the parts - and here is the first one. Briefly, the aim was to keep to the scale and design ethos of the Microfighter theme so they had to: Be no bigger than 12 studs in the longest dimension Be robust enough for swooshing about Have space for a mini-fig Have flick missiles or a stud shooter Have around 100 parts max (hmm..) Here then, is my First Order Troop Transport Microfighter. This one went through a load of iterations and build methods until I settled on an almost all plate-built design. Initially I tried making it big enough to sit a mini-fig inside but it was just too bloated looking so the compromise is that you can at least fit one in lying down and shut the ramp. It also wasn’t possible to fit a pilot in the control tower so I went for a gunner position instead and added a hatch. I tried to add a swivel for the shooter but it was getting too tall and cluttered on the top so settled for a fixed gun. Again, the fig sits a bit high but it’s OK. Buildwise it's really solid and quite heavy, just needs a little mod to the ramp hinge to make it more durable and it'll be done. Details I like - the engines, the ramp and the overall shape which is close enough to be recognisable within the style. Less successful - I completely blew the parts count at 141 although a lot of those are small pieces. It just wasn’t possible to get a pleasing rendition that wasn’t a solid block so from that perspective it was a bit of a failure. It's kind of in the right scale but its a bit chunkier next to other Microfighters - more like Battlepack scale, or Micro + or something. Regardless though, it looks quite funny with a group of troopers spilling out, like a cross between the Tardis and a clown’s car and I'm pleased with it. That’s about it so here’s a few more photos to wrap up. Comments and critiques welcome Cheers Joe

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Hi all, I was inspired by the mini Galaxy Explorer in the DK Great Lego Sets book but felt it was missing its astronaut - that led me to start exploring Microfighter-style sets for classic space - probably the era, alongside Pirates, for which I have the most affection. I'm certainly not the first to do this, but one thing I did want was to include the playability of these sets, so I tried to incorporate, wherever possible, the modular play functions of the originals. The Solar Power Transporter was particularly tricky (wasn't it called Saturn Ranger in UK catalogues?) and I while I did find a way to clip the wheels under the wings as per the original, it wasn't very aesthetically pleasing. I tried to keep to a 1:2 scale of the originals, and not go quite as chibi as the official Microfighters - but it was largely impressionistic. Anyway - I hope you like them! Edited to add a little fun pic at the end inspired by the heyday of Lego Space box art
  3. This is a modified version of 75193, designed to look like the Millennium Falcon as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Featuring its signature blue and white color scheme, this model includes a Lando Calrissian minifigure that can be seated in the cockpit as well as a detachable front pod. Please leave your comments or suggestions below! I'd love to hear what people think of my creations!
  4. xadrian

    [MOC] Home One Microfighter

    Hello everyone. New member. I've been a lurker for a long time but I thought I should start posting stuff. I've been on a Microfighter (MOCrofighter?) kick the last few months. I know I'm late to the party but I started getting them all but realized I missed the first couple, decided to bricklink the sets, and then decided to start designing my own. This is the first one actually built. I have a bunch more I've been designing or collecting designs for if anyone is interested. These are about 2/3 mine, the rest are designs I found online and either tried to reverse engineer or just downloaded the file. (Credit given in the Ship List.txt file, some may have come from folks here.) I'm buying parts for the rest now, only 94 to go! As I get them built, I'll post the ones I designed. And if you have an idea for a Star Wars ship that's not on that list, let me know and I'll add it. Cheers!
  5. The Microfighters are back. After some other projects, I’m glad to came back to the Microfighter-thing ;-) Today I want to present you my first 'The Last Jedi' MOC. I tried to find out a significant scene with the Millennium Falcon. And yes, in one of the countless TV-Spots I found this special scene. It takes place on Crait and the Millennium Falcon flies out of the planetes surface. Crait is covered with a layer of white salt over its red-colored soil. And with the Falcon lots of red soil/dust came out of the surface. Link to the Trailer (0:37): I hope you like it. Regards Boba
  6. Hi I just finished this and thought I'd post it. Not really a MOC as such as it's the same piece for piece (apart from 2) from the Resistance X-Wing 75125 but I liked the idea of a limited edition Microfighter and thought it would make a good base for my first forays into Bricklink/Owling parts. I'm pleased with the result - just as well since I bought enough parts to make 2 more! It makes a nice pair with the original fighter too. As mentioned, it's the same as 75125 except the orange wedge with cutout doesn't come in 4x3 so I subbed it with a 4x4 and fitted a 4x2 wedge behind. Anyway, I've got the bug for this and have a couple more TFA micros on the go in LDD that I plan to build for real shortly. cheers
  7. fungyup

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    Dear All, This is my first post in Eurobricks. May I introduce this MOC in my amusement park, The Space Octpous I picture worth thousand words and a video worth hundred pictures. Please check this out! More pictures You may notice that the style is quite allied with the Mixer (10244), no matter the colour and the ticketing kiosk. Yes I designed to pair up with Mixer and place in front of the Ferris Wheel (10247). Unlucky(or Lucky?) that I don't have the Merry Go Round (10196). Yes you may guess and you are right... It is on Lego Idea now. I am not coming for vote my project (Thanks if you like too). Because of some regulation from Lego Idea, I cannot give more detail on their page. I come here to share further about the mechanic inside, not that complicated but some points to note! More important, I just realize from last week It could be play with Starwar Microfighters!!!! I am working on this to support those heavy fighters! I will keep update it here! Finally thanks for watching!!!
  8. Hello I've been gradually working through a backlog of unofficial Microfighter builds and after a few attempts, finally got a result with the Resistance Transport from Episode 7. I will admit some inspiration to have a go at this from the version in the Lego TFA game but I didn't really study it in detail. Anyway here it is - nice to build something for the good guys after a string of Imperial and First Order builds. Its 13 studs wide and about 10 long including the cannons. 133 pieces which is a little high but many of those are small plates and studs. I was pretty pleased to be get an opening hatch in the front... ...though its probably a bit cramped in there. Colour scheme matches the Resistance X-Wing quite nicely and its a solid and swooshable little ship. Lots of engines. That's about it - you'd think the pilot would be a bit happier with it. Thanks for taking a look!
  9. theJOEMA

    Star Wars LEGO Unboxing

    Hello Friends, I am joema. I am new to the forum and happy to be among other Star Wars Lego enthusiasts. I recently started opening up some star wars sets and playing with them on youtube. The videos also feature me drinking and playing with my cats... If this sounds like something you would enjoy check it out and let me know what you think :] Thank You Friends, A JOEMA
  10. I designed this microfighter plus-scale Lambda T-4A class Imperial Shuttle for an upcoming Star Wars event and I thought I would share it with the Lego Star Wars community. You can download the Lego Digital Designer file via my site link here: Features hinged wings, fully retractable landing gears and an open cockpit seat for one pilot (as a customary microfighter feature). Microfighter Imperial Shuttle by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Microfighter Imperial Shuttle by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Update: If you prefer a non-microfighter, but more of a Midi-scale version. You can download that LDD file via the link listed above, and below is what it looks like (a render image for now). Midi Imperial Shuttle by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Midi Imperial Shuttle by Miro Dudas, on Flickr May the Fourth Be With You!
  11. Boba1980

    [MOC] Jedha

    Hello! Today I want to present you my newest MICROFIGHTER MOC. It is my entry for round 2 of the MOC-Olympics-Contest at my German LUG. A base of 32x32 was the limit. For this MOC I also created two new Microfighters, an AT-ST and a hovertank. What do you think about this? I hope you like the city of Jedha as much as I do. Boba IDSMO - R2 - Jedha by Boba-1980, auf Flickr IDSMO - R2 - Jedha by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Imperial Assault Hovertank - Microfighter by Boba-1980, auf Flickr AT-ST - Microfighter by Boba-1980, auf Flickr
  12. Joemmo

    [MOC] Microfighter AT-ST

    Hello I recently bought the Rogue One imperial Battlepack - mainly for the Death Troopers - but was a bit disappointed with the generic non-canon walker that was included so I decided to see if I could re-use the parts to make something a bit more pleasing. That was the plan but in the end I went off-course and ended up using only a few of the parts from the battle pack - and plenty more from Bricklink. The result was this Microfighter scale AT-ST complete with driver borrowed for a larger set. Vital statistics are: 84 pieces, 6 studs wide, about 10 high - depending on how the legs are posed - and about 8 long. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, it stands up OK and can be posed with the legs 'walking' though it's a little front heavy. The head is mounted on a mixels ball joint so it's got a little range of motion and the stud shooter cannons can be raised and lowered too. The legs and lower assembly are quite straightforward but the head section has a lot of SNOT going on with 6 brackets holding the thing together. It was definitely the hardest part to do. It's nearly all LBGrey and DBGrey but I got a bored of that and put some sand yellow bits in to break it up - tonally they are between the two greys so you can get a bit of subtlety in the shading but it may not be to everyone's taste, I may change them to regular grey. The driver also has a couple trans green plates in front to mimic the cockpit displays, just for another bit of colour. Scale-wise, it's a bit taller than most Microfighters but within the bounds and it doesn't look too out of place in the range - I don't have the AT-DP to compare it to but I do have AT-AT... Yes, I know it's all kinds of wrong but it sort of works.. That's all, comments welcome. I'll post the .LXF once I've brought it up to date with how the actual model turned out. cheers J
  13. Hi all After only getting four kits in the Microfighters series 4 I decided to have a go at adding to the range myself, starting with 'Rogue One' itself. So here's my micro MOC of the Imperial Cargo Shuttle. It's 12 studs long, 6 wide with the wings up and about 16 wide with them down, 105 pieces at last count. I experimented with a few different builds and the trickiest parts were making the wings strong without too many plates and the orange cargo 'pod'. I had a nicer looking cargo pod using some curved corner bricks but it was hard to make the rest of the build strong so I had to go for slopes and brackets instead. I kept the colours mostly dark grey with some light grey for the wing markings and also a few touches of dark tan, just to add a bit of dirt and break up the shape a little. The pilot is from the Battlefront battlepack but he's close enough to one of the Rogue One soldiers for the moment. That's it - hope you like it, all comments welcome. If you're interested you can see some of my Other Microfighter Builds here :) and I can post a link to the lxf file too Joe
  14. Just having some fun with the Microfighter AT-ATs. I decided to update them to AT-ACTs and since they are so posable, I couldn't resist having the younglings play in the Tropical waters of Scarif. I like to think AT-ACT in this case could stand for All Tropical - Aquatic Coral Transport. Miro
  15. Hi everyone! I created this little landspeeder for the first round of the MOC-Olympics over at Imperium der Steine. There isn't really that much to it as it is so small. Using the yellow skinned Luke wasn't my first choice but I am actually glad that I couldn't find the newer version. The landspeeder reminds me of the original 1999 set much more with the yellow figure. (I wouldn't mind finding the other minifig now though.. "You can come out now, Luke! The pictures are taken, you're safe!" ) Anyway, while I go and look for that minifig you can have a look at the landspeeder and please feel free to leave a comment! :)
  16. Hello here's the 3rd of my TFA inspired Microfighter builds - Kylo Ren's Shuttle. H 10.5 x W 10 x D 10 studs in dimension and 111 pieces, though that could be brought down to 100 with a little less greebliness. It has pivoting wings, a tiny ramp and a couple of stealthy flickfires underneath - plus room for a pilot of course. Kylo or maybe a FO crew member would be more appropriate. It's a tricky ship to do in Microfighter style because the wings are so huge in comparison to the hull, there's really no option other than to scale them right down if you want to keep inside the 12 stud limit. When the wings are folded out it's obviously a lot wider and generally it looks just a little larger than most official MFs, though not completely out of scale. I did most of the design in LDD and then bricklinked the parts. As usual, real bricks meant for a couple of design changes but actually for the better. It's pretty sturdy and playable as long as you don't force the wings past the stops. I didn't even attempt to make the wings slide down in the landed position it would have made them either flimsy or very bulky so just kept them in one piece. That's about all. Comments and critiques welcome! "Race you, Dad!"
  17. Here's the second of my Force Awakens Microfighter MOCs, a Special Forces TIE Fighter. 88 pieces so well within the Microfighter piece count range plus it's a sturdy, playable little model. So far, Lego have produced 2 TIE Microfighters - An Interceptor from ROTJ and the Advanced Prototype from Rebels - but no 'classic' version - why?. I reckoned it was partly to do with capturing the wing design and making it strong enough so, to cut a long story short, I spent some time mocking up the structure with real bricks then, once I had something I was confident with, took it into LDD. It was pretty clear early on that fitting the 6 struts onto the wings was not going to result in anything strong or attractive so I decided just to go for the shape instead and leave the rest to imagination / artistic licence. The key construction element is a 9M cross axle that runs through the middle and the wings and 'beams' that contain 2x2 round plates to sandwich the whole thing together. It's really sturdy, much more so than plenty of the other MFs. The mini-blaster doubles as the antenna when it's clipped in and there are 2 flick missiles underneath. That's about all, the design would easily translate to an Original Trilogy TIE fighter with a simple re-colour so maybe I'll put one of those together too. Finally, here it is with my 'Black Leader' X-Wing micro :) Thanks for taking a look, comments & questions welcome.
  18. I don't really collect the microfighter line, but I couldn't resist snapping up one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, the Millennium Falcon (75030). I just loved the concept of having this iconic vessel in something like chibi form! And then I started to tinker. And tinker some more. About a dozen iterations later, here is the final result: For reference, here's the before... And the after... I am calling this a MOD, since the official set was clearly the starting point. But much of the structure and many of the details have been entirely changed. Notably: * Minifig seat replaced by scale cockpit. (Tricky SNOT work, as I wanted it to be angled top AND bottom.) * Flick-fire missiles replaced by scale "gun turret" (dish and binoculars). * Starboard hatch added, same position and scale as port hatch. * Radar dish moved forward to more closely resemble original proportions. * Entirely new SNOT engine array. * New underside with actual landing gear. * Many dark bley parts replaced with light bley. Minor tan accents added. * Reworked area between mandibles, sloping symmetrically on both dorsal and ventral sides. * Custom-built stand. And Chewbacca, because it's just not the Falcon without Chewbacca! Here are some additional angles. Needless to say, this thing is highly swooshable! Here's a better look at the new SNOT engines. Incredibly basic, but it works beautifully! And one final angle on the whole package together: EDIT - For anyone (like LEGODrongo01 below) who would like some assistance making a similar MOD, here is a LDR file that I made using LDCad. Just click the image: EDIT 2 - Model updated with the NEW 2016 "Light Bluish Gray Plate, Round Half 3 x 6 with 1 x 2 Cutout" from 75136 Droid Escape Pod. This replaces the two 3x3 plates with curve for a rounder contour. (I also replaced most of the dark bluish gray plates with light bluish gray.)
  19. Hello, here's my Microfighter version of Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle. The wings fold out like the real thing. They also collapse for landing mode but not quite like the real one. It also sports studshooters like TLG's latest microfighters.
  20. Fuppylodders

    MOC Microfighter AT-AT

    Hi people! Long time since I have uploaded anything... But seeing as I got my wish that TLG were making a microfighter AT-AT, I couldn't wait to see it. When I did, I was slightly disappointed with it. It jsut didn't seem quite so... detailed... as I'd have imagined it to be. (Yes, I know it's a microfighter!) So anyways, I finally got round to trying to design my own yesterday, and finished it just a few moments ago. Sorry it is only on LDD but I dont have all the parts, and won't have the money to place an order until October :( It is designed to be built in real life with gravity and stuff considered :P So, here he is! C&C welcomed With pilot Moc Microfighter AT-AT with pilot by Daft Vader1, on Flickr Without pilot Moc Microfighter AT-AT without pilot by Daft Vader1, on Flickr Underbelly with the leg motors! Moc Microfighter AT-AT underside by Daft Vader1, on Flickr Showing the rear Moc Microfighter AT-AT rear by Daft Vader1, on Flickr
  21. BHs

    T-47 Snowspeeder

    Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder Since I have built the AT-AT in Microfighters scale (gallery), I have decided to build it’s film counter partner – the T-47 Airspeeder in winter edition, better known as the Snowspeeder. The model sports movable flaps, two firing darts and retractable tow cable with an anchor. The model can be flown by a single pilot, but it was designed – as the original – to be a two-seater, with rear gunner. Depending on that configuration, either the gunner or the pilot fires (throws :)) the tow cable anchor. Finally, the cut scene from the Empire strikes back: Approach to targer… …successful attack on the walker, the tow cable attached to the AT-AT’s leg… …one AT-AT down!!! and… …well, who forgot to detach tow cable, also bites the dust (snow)… Full gallery on Flickr.