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  1. RazerTDI

    Winter Cup Cafè

    Wow thank you so much for that comment! Fingers cross for no trains incidents :P :P Yes, during photoshoot i've noticed the missing 1x2 dark green.. Now it is fixed! Thanks all for the comments!
  2. RazerTDI

    Winter Cup Cafè

    Hi everyone, This year my Christmas village will be super late or, perhaps, it will not even be presented because I do not consider it complete yet; so I show you a small MOC made on a 32 x 32 baseplate. I took inspiration from an image on the internet and I wanted to try to put it in my winter village. Hope you like it Merry Christmast to all Alessio Other images on Flickr Album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmSMmiY2
  3. RazerTDI

    Help with my Sky chairs

    Hi all, here's another update. I've changed the number of the wheels in the base station like this: And it works better then the previous one but very often, after the ski chair has passed, the cable falls outwards but there's no reason because the two stations are perfectly aligned ( 2nd photo) Any suggestions? I solved the traction problem putting some rubber band around the wheel with the motor: It's not looking good but it works.. Maybe in the future i build a roof so i can hide it
  4. RazerTDI

    Help with my Sky chairs

    Hi all, here's a little update. I solved the traction problem and the ski chairs attack to the cable. Now it's work but it's not so smooth. For example sometimes the chairs are blocked by the wheel (first image) instead of passed below (second image). I release a little bit the cable but the situation doesn't change. i also tried a bigger wheel but it's worst
  5. Hi all, i'm working on a motorized technic sky chairs and it's my first project with Technic. I've build most of it but i have some troubles that stopped my work. Here's some photos of my setup: https://ibb.co/TmXXbR3 https://ibb.co/VCmVLhH https://ibb.co/BzhRZQd Problems: 1. Cable slipping and cable's attach to sky chair. The best solution i've found is in the photos but sometimes the cable exit from the wheels or when the chair turn back, it drops down. The chair is not very stable with this solution. 2. Traction: even if i used a rubber band around the big wheel, the cable continues to slip sometimes. For the cable i use this: Dark Bluish Gray String, Cord Medium Thickness 300cm Part No: x77cc300 and for the big wheels i use these: Dark Bluish Gray Wheel 75mm D. x 17mm Motorcycle Part No: 88517 I also check this topic for any advices but whithout results: Can you help me? Thank you very much Regards, Alessio
  6. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2019

    A dedicated video to my winter village. I hope you enjoy it.
  7. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2019

    Thanks, Gabriele! Thank you so much..i'm very proud you like it
  8. RazerTDI

    [MOC] Bubble Building

    Wow, impressive! I like so much Bubble Bobble mural :D :D Love it!
  9. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2019

    Thank you very much, all!
  10. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2019

    Hi all, after two years from my first version of Winter Village (here's the old photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbqiRwn ) , i'm very happy to show you its evolution . In these photos, i've had to cancel a part of it because i've already started building the 2020 version :D i hope you like it: _DSC2922 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2924 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2925 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr Link to the complete gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbqiRwn
  11. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    Thank you very much. The VW Beetle was a free gift of S@H some months ago; it's an official Lego set. It's a good question about freezing water and i know it's scientifically impossible :D :D Lego makes it possibile !!
  12. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    This is my first Moc after coming out of the Dark Age. I have always loved winter and Christmas and I am very happy to have spent two years building this village; unfortunately the time available is always little and I can put some bricks only a couple of times a month. The photos are a bit old and a new version of this village is already under construction _DSC2659 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2611 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr Link to the complete gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbqiRwn
  13. RazerTDI

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Here's my haul: One big cup and another one small..New pieces for my winter diorama!