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  1. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    Thank you very much. The VW Beetle was a free gift of S@H some months ago; it's an official Lego set. It's a good question about freezing water and i know it's scientifically impossible :D :D Lego makes it possibile !!
  2. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    This is my first Moc after coming out of the Dark Age. I have always loved winter and Christmas and I am very happy to have spent two years building this village; unfortunately the time available is always little and I can put some bricks only a couple of times a month. The photos are a bit old and a new version of this village is already under construction _DSC2659 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2611 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr Link to the complete gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmbqiRwn
  3. RazerTDI

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Here's my haul: One big cup and another one small..New pieces for my winter diorama!
  4. RazerTDI

    [MOC] Warehouse life

    Un altro eccellente lavoro! Congratulazioni! Another excellent work! Congrats!
  5. RazerTDI

    [MOC] Large Forestman

    Wow, looks great! i love giant fig!!
  6. RazerTDI

    [MOC] Magic Shop

    Very good job, congrats!!!
  7. RazerTDI

    MOC Winter Castle and Medieval District

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :thumbup: