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Found 5 results

  1. Among the LEGO models released in 2011,"TECHNIC 8070 Supercar" had full of working features and functions, e.g., gear wheel steering, realistic suspension, moving pistons, opening the scissor doors, extending the rear spoiler and popping the hood, nice and elegant exterior as well. This version of 8070 is a renovated version of TECHNIC 8070 Supercar to have features, for example, remote control and 4-speed gearbox shifting, but also it is re-designed as a roadster car, namely “8070 Spyder”. The major features of “8070 Spyder” are as follows Mounteddrive motors (PF XL-motor 2x) Mounteda steering motor (PF S-motor 1x) Mounteda gear shifting motor (PF M-motor 1x) Mounteda 4-speed sequential gearbox to enhance the durability and the efficiency of power transmission enough to climb a slight up-hill (at the physical limit of LEGO gear parts) Mounteda midship engine-block running 8 cylinders Mounteda rechargeable or AAA battery boxes Mounteda SBRICK for the remote-control capability
  2. HI This is my dream Porsche for the Lego Rebrick Contest a LUG contest  It was built in one month Features - 1:10 Scale - Working steering wheel and HOG steering - Independent suspension - RWD and 3+R gearbox (the same of Lipko's Simple Supercar, though with a different structure) - Openable doors and trunk - Adjustable spoiler with a knob I just wanted to share it with you to know your opinions and what could be improved, because it's not the final version.- let's call it Ver. 1.0 - Initially I wanted to create a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters using shock absorbers. I built it, but it didn't work well. Also, I wanted to build a similar suspension setup as the Carrera GT, but again I failed. So I ran out of time and patience and build a simple mechanism. Anyway, my initial plans are still up and if is possible include RND and AWD though right now (to me) seems very hard to do in such scale. About bodywork.... There are some sections (like the headlights) including color scheme that I could improve but I have to buy the parts first (my inventory is really small compared with many of you hehe). Here are more pics More pics here
  3. Marco qm

    Audi R8 Spyder 2017

    Do you like what you see? There's more (and better) pictures and info at: http://www.moc-pages...moc.php/431893. Hope you liked it! -Marco. qm
  4. Since my brother has started helping me with my supercars, he has wanted to get his own lego an build something original. Not copy anyone, just sit down and build without any guide, support or reference. I helped with the bodywork of this car, but the entire frame was created by my bro. This car features AWD, working steering wheel, custom door lock, working pistons on the V8, large 42000 wheels and independent suspension. Many features were torn completely apart to recreate. I'm posting photos for now because its 3:30am and need to get some sleep Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 pounds) Size: 29 wide x 65 long x 16 high. Video:
  5. Welcome everybody :) Today I’d like to present my new MOC, which was built especially for a contest on LugPol. Porsche 918 Spyder Specifications: Scale 1:10 Length 58s / width 27s / height 13s (46,4/21,6/10,4 cm) Weight: 1800 g Independent suspension 4 steered wheels 4 wheel drive Functions: Driving (RC) Steering (Servo) Tilting spoiler during turning V8 dummy LED headlights Openable mask, bonnet and doors History I started the building of the model 2 weeks ago. In the first week I created the chassis and in the second week the body. The main goal was to build a sports car driven by RC motor with four wheel drive. I was watching different car models, I wanted to build a Lamborghini, but at the Brickshelf there are lots of them. So I decided to build Porsche 918 Spyder, which, similarly as new 911, has 4 wheel steered. The contest assumed that you can use only 2 motors. So to the maximum use of motors I decided to built a spoiler which works like the Pagani Huayra’s one – during turning one side of the spoiler goes up, e.g. the car turn left and the left side of spoiler goes up. Driving Porsche is driven by single RC motor from the slower output with ratio 5,5:1. There are driven four wheels using three diffrentials. Steering To steer I used servo motor. There are two steered axles: the first with ratio 1:1 and second with 2,8:1. To the axle responsible for steering of the rear wheels there is a connection to the spoiler which goes up during turning. Suspension The independent suspension is based on the Lego arms. On each front wheel there is one spring from the yellow absorber 6,5L and a rubber band connected to the arms. In the rear wheels for depreciation there is used one yellow absorber 6,5L for each wheel. Some photos Gallery