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  1. Every so often, Makny would go with his father to check on the stores that had been gathered over the growing season. The old warehouses had been dug into the hillsides along the fields to protect their contents. The earth kept the old burrows cool through the heat of the summer, but made sure they didn't freeze in the depths of the cold northern winters. C&C welcome as always!
  2. Makny's youth saw good times for Førstlys, and the village swelled in size. More people needed more food, and more food required that more fields be cultivated. Since Makny wasn't yet strong enough to handle the plow, he would follow his father and sow the seeds into the fresh furrows. Many days of his early summers were spent pacing the fields. When once he protested that it didn't seem like the work of a nobleman, his father reminded him that it was the duty of the lord to be sure his people ate, and what was the duty of the lord, was the duty of his son, and his son as well. I realized after this was dismantled that I didn't get the green and yellow in there, but I wanted to try the uneven base and banner seemed out of place in a field so...
  3. The Drunken Monkey

    Introducing the smugglers vessel The Drunken Monkey. The crew at the Salty Shipworks had been working round the clock as the Capitan Larvey was hoping to slip into the escorted convoy that he knew was leaving in a few days. Gustaf had called in a few favors for his old friend and this was another. The paint on her still fresh the carved monkey figurehead drove home the Capitan Larveys' outlook on life ... More rum and the pursuit of treasure. She was fitted with minimal cannons as stealth and speed were her main defenses. Capitan Larvey had ordered her with a large hold and had forgone crew quarters and his cabin. Instead he had hammocks fitted just the other side of the small mess The crew were well seasoned one and all. (From L-R) Look out Joe, Handsom Jack, Sneeky Pete, Capitain Larvey, Left Eye, Hop along Bill, Master Gunner Edward aka Matchstick, and finally the quartermaster Jonas. This was Larveys inner circle who would get the ship underway. With such a simple rig she didn't need an large crew and he intended to pick up some bilge rats once in port Now for just the ship: Weather Deck- Looking Fore- Aft detail- Drunken Monkey figurehead- Side profile- I built this rather quick to meet the extended deadline ... Its my interpretation of what the renagade runner should have been. So I borrowed the sails from her and mixed in a top sail from the pearl. It has heavy influence from the set but has several little detail elements Ive been wanting to try. Im actually really impressed with how quick this build came together. You'll notice several little details that pay homage to lego ships of old. I plan to licence this as my class 2 free ship.
  4. Charlatan Bay, Infero Pordejon seemed like the perfect place to lay low and Captain Gustaf knew exactly how to hide in plain sight. After a meeting with the powers that be he took to work carving out some more off one of the old caves to build a workshop. The cave keeps the shop supplies secure and the stone removed was used to build the offices. Gustaf figured he'd pay homage to the old nickname Salty Devil and named it the Salty Shipworks. Gustaf hired an overseer to keep the books and the crew working smoothly that way he can have a more hands on approach with the ships. Most don't even know he owns the place ... Just think he's a hired hand. James Edwards overseer of Salty Shipworks The crew heads out to start the day including Gustaf who just met with Mr. Edwards to discuss the details on the current build.
  5. Eryosmith Band

    When not on duty, four soldiers from Eryos Castle come together to become Eryosmith! They perform in taverns and inns around Avalonia. (sorry for the white space in this photo) Eryosmith Band by KevinyWu, on Flickr There are early versions of an organ, string bass, saxophone, and drum. Eryosmith Band, Stage by KevinyWu, on Flickr The lower area has a table, rum dispenser, and some decorations. Eryosmith Band, Audience by KevinyWu, on Flickr Here is a closer look at the four band members. Eryosmith Band, Instruments by KevinyWu, on Flickr This was a fun small build, and coming up with the designs for the cello and organ was especially enjoyable. Two more creations and I can enter the 5th anniversary challenge! More pictures are available on my Flickr Album
  6. Though he likely would never rule Førstlys, Makny was a member of the lord's household, and would be expected to fight for him. So his father spent many hours with him, teaching him to swing a sword and hold a shield. They would often practice in dangerous corners of the island, so Makny learned to mind his footing and pay attention to his surroundings. His father never went easy on him, for as all Mitgardians know, the pain of defeat is a warrior's greatest teacher. http://Sparring by the Sea Overview by Ryan Erstad, on Flickr Comment and criticism welcome.
  7. Because he was the second son of the Lord of Forstlys, Makny's father was often responsible for helping expand and improve the lord's holdings. This meant everything from bolstering defenses to tilling new fields, and he always made sure the Makny was around to learn what he could. When he was very young, Makny's father would send him out before a new field was plowed. He would find the rocks and stack them along the side of the field, protecting the plow blades and fencing the field to keep the animals from trampling the crops that would be planted there. The walls he stacked as a child were crooked, with many small rocks; but as he grew, his fences became straighter, and the rocks he stacked unaided were much larger. AoM Farm Ph1 by Ryan Erstad, on Flickr This is my first build for GoH, and I'm looking for critiques. From here I'm thinking that I'll run through as many of the AoM categories as I can by starting with vignettes or small builds, as my Lego time is highly limited these days. But I'm hoping to get out enough freebuilds to crank out something for the fifth anniversary challenge. I've followed this story from the beginning (as a lurker in the shadows, while away from my collection in college), and now I'm really excited to participate!
  8. The small coastal village of Bertelshafn was still half asleep when young Magnus softly closed the door behind him. The early morning fog rising from the water coupled with small flecks of snow falling from the sky gave the village a serene feeling, fit for the time of the year. The closed door was symbolic in a way, as Magnus had chosen to give his life a new direction. The typical Garvian village life was not enough for him. He wanted more. More adventure. See more of the world. Sure, he could become a rum runner, rogue or sail the seas as a smuggler, but at what risk? Where were the heroics in that? The steady pay to support his family? No, young Magnus Erikssen had made a decision: he had gathered his belongings and would now travel to Oleon and volunteer in its legendary Légion étrangère, a military formation open to men of all backgrounds, professions and nationalities. Famed for its courage, battle prowess and iron discipline. His adventure was just beginning, the time had come to leave rugged Garveig behind and serve a new King. For Oléon! --- A rather simple build of mine to introduce Magnus. I never really knew where to take the previous character I had made for Era I of BoBS or how to tie him in to other ideas or storylines I wanted to portray. Therefore I made a new character, way lower on the social ladder which makes it (in my eyes) easier for me to include him in builds. Will I completely ditch Henri? Definitely not. I will try to reference him or cameo him from time to time, but my focus will be on Magnus from now on. Concerning the MOC: at first I only built the house on the left as a backdrop to introduce Magnus, but I quickly expanded upon it and made it a larger scene. There's really nothing much to it, since it's just a simple backdrop, but I do like the white-dark red-darkgreen color combo. I was inspired by a picture from a link in the Garvey description in Jameis Farstrider's Guide. I tried to recreate the peat roof, but perhaps I should've used some more grass stalks to give it more of that grassy feeling. I'd really like to build more in this style, but I already depleted practically all of my dark red for this simple backdrop, so I doubt I'll build anything more complex anytime soon . Again, sorry for the quality of the photo. The lighting was really dark and I had to Photoshop it quite a bit to get it somewhat decent, but I lost a lot of detail. Any tips on decent photography? Like, what lamps I should use to light the scene?
  9. Eryos Castle

    After years of trading, Prince Kevin the Navigator earned enough to buy a small island on the coast of Avalonia. Eryos Castle is his residence as well as his trading post, constructed on the island and surrounding land. The castle includes a lighthouse and a dock for his ship, the "Compass." Eryos Caslte by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos castle is protected by an outer wall, and is connected to the islands on a network of bridges. Eryos Castle, Outer Wall by KevinyWu, on Flickr The castle can also be accessed from the beach. Eryos Castle, Beach Stairs by KevinyWu, on Flickr The castle contains a furnished interior, with three rooms (and hopefully four, after I get the right pieces to change design of the Tudor-style room). Eryos Castle, Library by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle, Throne Room by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle, Dining Hall by KevinyWu, on Flickr The cave has an entrance that leads to the trading storage. Eryos Castle, Cave Storage by KevinyWu, on Flickr This is my first ever large MOC, after making my first orders on Bricklink! It is built on four 48x48 baseplates which can be easily separated into many sections. I built this mostly over the summer and Thanksgiving break, but didn't have time to post it due to high school. Huge thanks to all the castle builders on Eurobricks for making great MOCs that inspired me. There are many things I would change if I were to do this again, so criticism is welcomed! More pictures are available on my Flickr Album
  10. Though not actually a prince nor navigator (yet), Kevin has amassed a decent fortune as a merchant. He is ready to serve Avalonia! Prince Kevin the Navigator by KevinyWu, on Flickr The "Compass" is Prince Kevin the Navigator's trusty trading vessel. The "Compass" by KevinyWu, on Flickr After lurking on Eurobricks for a year, I'm finally posting something! Prince Kevin the Navigator is my Sigfig and I decided to accompany his introduction with a freebuild of his ship.
  11. Long have the lands of Guelph been a domain of the Oleander Crown and the culture of the motherland seeps deep into its sands. Sometimes however, trouble still stirs amongst the natives of Guelph. Stimulated either by nefarious foreign meddling and instigation or by internal disagreement with the current state of affairs several branches of a new cult began popping up in different New Oleander cities and villages. These acolytes follow the teachings of the Scorpion King, Ankor, and call themselves the Cult of the Scorpion. As enlightened as Oleonese society is, acts of religious dissent, demagogy and inciting the populace against the state are severely looked down upon and swiftly dealt with. Spurred on by both the Faith and the Governor, soldiers of the New Oleonese Army crack down upon the known locations of sympathizers of the Cult. Here, a mixed force of Tirailleurs and Dragoons - a typical combination in Guelph military operations - are ready to breach the house of several conspirators and confiscate everything pertaining to the mysterious Scorpion King and his followres and take hold of the illegal weapons rumored to be stockpiled in the house. Of course, any lead to the fabled treasures of this Scorpion King are welcome finds as well... For the Faith, for the Crown! --- I wanted to make a small MOC to showcase some of my men in action and get back into building some more. I wanted to take some more photos, but the weather and lighting's been really bad here, so these were the only decent ones I got . The third one's kind of bad, but you get the general idea. Even though it's a small MOC, C&C is always welome !
  12. From the onset, King's Harbour was established with the very purpose of establishing a base for the Royal Terra Novan Navy. Until now, this purpose has been well served by the natural harbour, a few batteries, and quays where ships can be resupplied from the rich resources of the island. However, with Corlander naval presence increasing and following a number of skirmishes with pirates of different sorts, more organised naval facilities are required, and King's Harbour has started a process to expand its abilities to service larger vessels and more advanced repairs and refits. The first step in the build up is a masting sheer, a crane specifically designed to lift masts into larger ships. The lower masts of larger vessels have to be lowered vertically into the hull, as they cannot be raised by a simple process of pulleys and ropes. While not able to lift great weights, the new masting sheer at the King's Harbour Naval Base can handle the masts of even the largest ships of the Brick Seas, and lifts high enough to be able to handle even topmasts and topgallants for smaller vessels. Quickly after its inauguration, the masting sheer had its first task, shifting the topmasts of the schooner Blazer, just in from Jameston on the Paradise Islands. Captain Norman Monroe is drilling his crew and preparing them for the heavy task of getting the guns back on board. He has been considering the option of mounting 18 pounders, but the original 4 pounders are easier to handle for the merchantman's limited crew. The inside of the masting sheer is empty, and the stone structure is only there to support the crane on the top. It only houses the pulleys and a set of stairs to allow maintenance of the top of the crane. The crane is operated by a large capstan normally manned by 4 sailors. In case of heavy lifting, up to 12 men can be stationed at the bars. ____________________________________________ This build has been ready for some time, but I have simply been too busy posting it. While I am quite happy with the build, the pictures didn't come out as well as I wished for. I think the light settings on my camera has been off, as I did take the pics on a sunny day with plenty of light. As always, C&C is welcome. This is largely inspired by the masting sheer on Holmen Naval Base in Copenhagen, and is the first part of what I expect to, over time, become a royal artisan for King's Harbour. I am not in a rush, though, so we will see how long time it takes! Also, not that I here show the Blazer with all her sails furled - remember I promised that earlier? Well, now I actually did it! ;)
  13. Unwelcome "Adventurers"

    One of the perils of owning a golden minotaur skull, is that you tend to get "adventurers" dropping by. When someone breaks into your house and starts stealing your stuff people usually call that burglary but if you are an "adventurer" its just collecting Loot. Think about it, if a horde of Lizard men come to your village and take your livestock though that's a rampage... Double standards that's what it is..
  14. Who's Laughing Now?

    Gigs in Nocturnus are difficult to come by. The crowds if not hostile are generally just plain weird. It is a universally accepted truth that fart jokes are funny and Olly the jolly jester was counting on it.... He had forgotten the one exception to the rule - which is that you don't make a fart joke at the expense of a Lord... Still on the upside he now had a lot of time to write plenty of new material...
  15. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    So it has been quite a long time since I've been able to poke my head into the world of Historica. But as has always been, the reclusive shrouded Mystic Islands often are oblivious to the outside world. But magic still beats strongly if slowly through the veins of the Fairy Forest. Feel free to check out the video as well! I may be an old retired Avalonian ancestor but Historica will always hold a special place in my lego heart :)
  16. Dangers of smuggling

    The sewers under Albion, is a dirty place, There can be anything, what a man can think of. Except patrols, the guards not really often visits the network under the capital. So,it's a great palce, to avoide the toll, and smuggle in some good ale. If you got the stomach for that. And... if you ready to face the unnamed horrors, that lurks in the sewers...
  17. Poaching

    The soldiers not only fighting againts their enemies, but againts fatigue,thirst, and hunger. While most of the guilds fighting againts Raavage and his minions, the brotherhood decided, to suport their comrades at the front. And some times there is a dark secret, in every bite of the boar-steak... A picture from the two poachers from the brotherhood, and from the wild boar.
  18. Location: Mesabi Landing Tags: Buying Levels Purchasing Levels by North White, on Flickr "What do you mean we're broke!" Yelled Count Mesabi "Well, um... Since Ships take a while to get to port, we're currently almost out of money." Said Darby Tyler Purchasing Levels by North White, on Flickr "Heh, zould have been born a Ezlaner." Said Dmitri, not looking up from his book "Shut it, so what do we do?" Asked Count Mesabi "Take more loans out I guess" Said Darby Sadly. "Maybe the bank of Corrington can help us. It's not like anyone's going to donate to us after all the chaos you caused." Purchasing Levels by North White, on Flickr "Well, pen a letter to the bank of Corrington." Said the Count Purchasing Levels by North White, on Flickr Dear Bank of Corrington, While we are already in massive debt to you, we'd like to be more so. We need moneys. We need moneys fast. What must we do for moneys? Sincerely, Count Mesabi CEO of the WTC FIN Thanks for viewing this build for purchasing more ship levels. Assuming I ever get the money to do so. Anyone is free to donate! The build was originally my design for Oktoberfest, but I decided it didn't fit Weelond enough. It fits well in Mesabi Landing, however.
  19. The brotherhood accepst any outlaw, and mischief makers, in their ranks. It's not cleane, but easy money, if you got friends,who will help you.
  20. Scavenging

    It is war. Death is everywhere. In this desperate times, people do unusual things to survive, or to gain more money. Bandits, outlaws wanders the battlefields, looting everything they can from the corpses left behind.
  21. The dead don't need those shining things. Neither the living, but he can buy food for himself, so he wouldn't starve to death. Or, they still need their shining things?
  22. Goatm An 4-61 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr After some reprograming, AWOL ISB Agent Goatm An 46-1 take a new assignment as Royal Guard pilot Goatm An 4-61 aboard the second Death Star. Please judge. Location is Endor/DS2.
  23. Solitary Existence

    This secluded shrine is one of many in a large monastery complex nestled into the Heavenly Mountains of Mitgardia. Also, if you didn't already see my post in the New Member Guide, this model is part of a giveaway. You can see the full details and more pictures of the model here. Comments and criticism welcome
  24. Since the beginning of the colonial era, Arlinsport has been the seat of command for the Royal Navy operations in Terra Nova. Located in an elegant palazzo near the port, this is where the famous Corlander convoys and pirate purges have been planned. About a year ago, rear-admiral Samuel Fletcher was appointed commander of the Terra Novan operations, and has since then been in charge of all Royal Army and Royal Navy resources in the colonies. With the great success of Corlander explorers and diplomats, his responsibilities have increased with the increasing territory, and it is starting to take its toll on the rear-admiral. Thus, he has been granted leave to appoint a Royal Army counterpart to take over command of the land forces, and news have just reached him that such a man has been found. Now only the paperwork needed to be finished. That wasn't the only paperwork to get done, though. Her Royal Majesty had just issued a decree establishing a new noble order: "The Order of the Compass Rose", including stipulations that two prominent Corlander's were to be knighted for services rendered to the Crown. Certainly, such an honour would be welcomed by any Corlander, and drive others further in pursuit of similar greatness. Fletcher gave a rare, inward smile - These would be pleasant news to present. _______________________________________________________________ Just a little build (small culture) for Arlinsport to introduce rear-admiral Samual Fletcher, my leadership character, who has ever only been seen as a signature so far. Also, stay tuned on the Corrington faction thread to see who is to be knighted!
  25. While the Department of Time generally ensures close watch of time for all citizens, some prefer having personal access to the hour of the day. Such access can be ensured by the use of a clock, but as a clock is a piece of fine machinery, it needs an expert hand to keep it running accurately. Recently, such an expert hand has arrived in King's Harbour and has set up a respectable establishment in the centre of the commercial district. On the ground floor, his wife handles the customers, both those who are looking to buy, and those who needs a mechanism serviced. And on the top floor, he services the clocks in peace and quiet in the well-lit room with his special tools and worktable. A small artisan for King's Harbour. It was fun building those clocks. C&C welcome:)