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  1. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    If I remember correctly, the croc sold out within a few hours of going on sale, which seems like a good message/sign to send to TLG.
  2. Legownz

    [OcTRAINber MOC] LMS Articulated Railcar (1938)

    Very nice work so far! I loved seeing the evolution and different iterations! You haven't made things easy for yourself with the prototype, but it seems you are plenty up to the task and have plenty of tricks up your sleeve! Looking forward to seeing it completed for sure!
  3. I think it's a great looking model! The grey looks good, but the orange is stunning! I always love seeing posts and models that have personal history with the builder. I can't wait to see it in real bricks!
  4. Legownz

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    I was lucky enough to come to the show on Sunday and see the layout and the Daylight in person. Both are much more impressive when you see them with your own two eyes. Very cool stuff! On a slightly unrelated note, I was pleasantly surprised with the number of trains at this year's BW. There seemed to be many more than in any previous years, as far as I remember.
  5. Legownz

    My last post on Eurobricks

    Thanks for the tip! The search function on this site has been driving me crazy! I do agree with others thought that message does feel a little harsh. We are a niche of a niche and it's hard to grasp sometimes that we really are this small of a community. However, I will say that small as the Lego train community may be, I've seen some amazing work come out of it and the people in it are incredibly hardworking and dedicated. I'm not really sure where else you would post Lego train builds though. Most other platforms don't seem to have a large following for that sort of thing. I guess there had been a bit of traction on YouTube recently, but this still feels like the ideal place to post.
  6. Legownz

    [MOC] Subaru Outback

    I've done 4 wide models of a Subaru Impreza wagon and a Saab 900 before...I'm not saying they were good or that they looked like those cars, but I did "technically" make them
  7. Legownz

    [MOC] Subaru Outback

    I love this! May need to make myself a 4 wide version of my own older Outback...
  8. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    It would, but this has been a standard for Lego passenger trains for a while now, right? Nearly every passenger train set since the 12v era that I can think of either was A. 1 locomotive and 2 passenger cars B. 2 locomotives with passenger compartments and 1 passenger car I do appreciate that they've gone back to the "A" formula though. Makes it easier to buy 2 sets and add more passenger cars.
  9. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I’m very much a fan of long 6w trains so I’m a fan of the proportions!
  10. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Looks like Lego took notes from @Hod Carrier ‘s OcTrainber entry from last year!
  11. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Gotta say, both these trains are certainly different in a few aspects from the norm. I'll honestly take it over the same styles being rehashed every 4 years. The colors are cool, not my favorite, but very neat! I love the fact that we are using the lowered train bases for the passenger cars! Something we haven't seen since the 90s with the Cargo Railway or the Metroliner Club Car? I don't necessarily like the front design, but I do like that it is unique and brick built though. The lights coming with the train though? Wow! Was not expecting that and if it is a new light piece, all the better. Unsure if I'll want to spend the money to pick up either one or just save the money for my own MOCs. I don't think they are for everyone and they are certainly polarizing.
  12. Normally, I'm not much of a fan of Lego Theme trains, but this looks awesome!
  13. Legownz

    [MOC] GE U36B (6-wide)

    Hello! I know it has been a little bit since I posted this originally, but I finally was able to put it into physical bricks. Still unsure of the stickers I want to do on this one, so it doesn't have any yet. After a little more tinkering in, I found a better solution for the rear of the locomotive to hide the PU connections. It involved sideways mounting unprinted square signs (Part 30258), so the entire lower rear of the engine cowl now is truly 4-wide with only a small patch that comes out 1/2 a plate height on each side. Here I've taken off the railings to show the new rear off.
  14. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I actually kind of like this set. Like someone mentioned previously, it's nice that the locomotive doesn't rely on a preformed piece. Also, the colors are pretty different on this one. I like the teal wagon using the Vidiyo pieces and the extra vehicle is cool too. The container car is alright but doesn't stand out to me. The auto carrier is neat as we haven't gotten a 2 level auto car in a while, maybe ever? I might pick this set up if it's on sale at some point and use some of it for parts and keep a few things. Overall, I think it's an ok set. I'm with everyone else in wanting more trains geared towards adults, but I kept my expectations low for these City releases.
  15. Ok thank you both! I tend to do a project in a relatively short amount of time and then call it done. Usually, if there's any aspects I don't like with it, they'll be at the back of my head for the next few months and it will force me to revisit/rethink something. My most recent MOC had a few things I wasn't totally satisfied with and I couldn't just let it be. I think I'll post updated photos soon of my improvements or I may wait a few weeks until I have the parts to make it in real life and just post it all then.