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  1. Legownz


    I do like that there are no exposed studs on the side now. In a perfect world, I'd have it all flush to the side and there would be something filling the gaps in between, but I don't think the parts exist to do that/I didn't want to have to rely on crazy techniques.
  2. Legownz


    Finally got some time to update the model and change some things. I changed the roof to use cheese slopes, which I think I like better. I also changed the nose a bit and messed with the color blocking/livery a little. Lastly, I switched the rear bogie around as @LEGO Train 12 Volts suggested. I considered that I might make this an A-A set someday, but I'll figure out the problems with those bogies if I chose to make a second one, let alone buy the parts for the first! Might do some real world tests to make sure I like the design before ordering parts, but we shall see!
  3. Legownz


    I don't know why I didn't see these comments until just now, but thank you! That's a really good point on the front and side windows. Now that you pointed it out, I can't unsee it! I definitely think that's part of the "off"ness about it. I'm also noticing now that I forgot the round window right near the back. Oops! I might mess around a bit and see if I like the cheese slopes better, but I do like the curved roof a lot. Thanks! And that's a great point I hadn't even considered! I have very limited experience with 3 axle trucks like this and I haven't tested it much. If I do the orientation where the two free axles are behind, would that complicate running the locomotive through switches in reverse? When I get a chance, I think I'm going to need to experiment more! It seems like I have some work to do, and I'll need to go back and revise my design a bit. I'll update the post when I have a new version. Thanks for all the helpful feedback, everyone!
  4. Legownz


    Thank you!! Thanks! I am pretty staunchly a 6w builder. I like all of my models to fit with each other and with official train sets. Plus, it helps save money and that matters a lot to me. However, if you'd like to take a crack at making it 8w or ordering the parts yourself, the file is at the bottom of the original post and you are more than welcome to do what you wish with it. If you do make any modifications to my model, please post it here! I'd genuinely love to see it done in an 8w format. It's just not my style so I can't take full advantage of the extra studs.
  5. Legownz


    Thank you!! Thanks! Glad to hear! I don't tend to do a lot of brick built lining and details like this normally in my MOCs, but it's something I envy in other builders and want to do more of!
  6. Legownz


    Hi all! I am a longtime lover of the ALCO PA diesel locomotives and I've wanted to have a model of one for a while. This model has been in the works for years, though most of that time, the file just contained the bogies and the front nose. Just recently, I decided to finally finish a first pass at a completed model. First, some reference images of the real thing. And now, my model. There were a few challenges and goals I had in mind for this project. For one, this is the first time I've done a 6 axle diesel locomotive. I've wanted to do one for a while but I wasn't sure the best way of tackling it. I went with a fairly common approach of using the motor bogie piece with an extra axle trailing behind on a turntable, so it can still navigate turns. I think this model can navigate R40, but I haven't tested it. The second goal I had was to do all of the livery and detail work with bricks. I love my U36B to death, but that thing used a fair number of stickers and specialized printed parts. I wanted to avoid that as much as possible here, so the train logo, the numbering, and all the striping and detail work of my custom livery are brick built. Also, this is the longest locomotive I have built by far. It dwarfs my U36B and DL-535 by quite a lot with a length of about 50 studs. Looking at it from the side though, I feel like it may be a bit too long, or the proportions aren't quite right. More on my issues with this model later. I was pretty happy with how the nose turned out and it was by far the easiest part to do on the locomotive. I feel like the shapes lend themselves well to being "Lego-ified". A shot from the rear where you can also see more detail including the roof. I'm not 100% satisfied with this model and I feel like some areas could be improved. As mentioned before, I feel like something isn't quite right with the length or proportions of it. Secondly, I feel like the roof curvature and detail lets the model down. I couldn't find a part/technique to get that small curvature to the roof edges like the prototype and as such, the roof curve on my model is way too pronounced. In general, something about this model doesn't sit quite right with me. I think it could use some improvements, but I think those will have to come later as I need this design to sit on the metaphorical shelf for a while before I can attack it again. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of improvements, I would love to hear them! As always, here is a link to the files of all my current MOCs. This one is just labeled as "ALCO PA" in the folder. If you'd like to download it to tinker around with or to build it yourself, please feel free to. Thanks for reading!
  7. Legownz

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    To me, this makes the most sense and it's what I'm hoping for. If it is 8w, I will probably still pick it up, but I'll be grumbling the entire time I'm converting it to 6w.
  8. Legownz

    [MOC] Metroliner Switcher

    Thank you! I'm honestly surprised the second version is the crowd favorite! I thought it was the uglier of the two by far. I might go back to this project then in the future and put some more detail on the inside and refine it further. Ooh! That's a good idea! I just stuck with the 9v since it fits the Metroliner theme, and I don't plan on making it in real bricks.
  9. Legownz

    [MOC] Metroliner Switcher

    Hi Everyone! Life has been busy for me recently, so I haven't gotten much time to build. However, I found some free time recently and put a small something together. There's a little bit of a story that goes along with it. Many months ago, I realized I had an odd few train pieces in my collection that I didn't know what to do with. More specifically, it was 2 left doors from the Metroliner (Bricklink Entry) and the angled base piece to the Railway Express locomotive (Bricklink Entry). Out of curiosity, I attempted to use those parts with a spare train motor I had to make a small locomotive in the same color scheme as the Metroliner. I didn't get super far before realizing I didn't have exactly the parts I wanted to make it right. I stepped away from it, but it had been in the back of my mind since then. So, when I had some free time recently, I decided to try making it digitally. This time I was able to get it closer to what I was envisioning: a 90s/9v styled small switching locomotive in the Metroliner livery and would spend its days shunting Club Cars! The interior has 2 small, printed console pieces and a yellow chair that are identical to ones found in the Metroliner set, though it's a little more cramped here. I know the rear railings aren't 9v era, but it was one of the main ideas I had when I first tried it in bricks, so I wanted to keep that one modern element. Also, the rear door doesn't open due to it sitting on that wedge plate and I didn't want to make it any taller than it already was. All the colors did work out for parts, except for the light housing on the front which was never made in light gray. However, I don't think I'll actually make this in real bricks (as it was a "just for fun" thing and I have no plans to start running 9v trains in the future), so it doesn't matter too much. At the very end, I decided to try integrating the large access doors from the Metroliner set into it and create a "high hood" switcher, similar to a BR Class 08. Here was the result: This was definitely not my prettiest model, nor my most complex, but it was a fun little experiment and I think it was worth spending the time on and indulging in the idea. If you have any further ideas on this design, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for looking!
  10. Legownz

    <moc> Union Pacific MT-1 4-8-2 #7002 '49er'

    NPU for the bucket handle as truck detail! Looks great! Are the drive wheels going to be the ones from the new HP Hogwarts Express?
  11. Legownz

    [MOC] Budd Metroliner

    Love the use of the wedge bricks on the ends to get that shaping! Also enjoying the use of the trapezoidal flag parts on the trucks. Very cool build!
  12. Legownz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    If I remember correctly, the croc sold out within a few hours of going on sale, which seems like a good message/sign to send to TLG.
  13. Legownz

    [OcTRAINber MOC] LMS Articulated Railcar (1938)

    Very nice work so far! I loved seeing the evolution and different iterations! You haven't made things easy for yourself with the prototype, but it seems you are plenty up to the task and have plenty of tricks up your sleeve! Looking forward to seeing it completed for sure!
  14. I think it's a great looking model! The grey looks good, but the orange is stunning! I always love seeing posts and models that have personal history with the builder. I can't wait to see it in real bricks!
  15. Legownz

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    I was lucky enough to come to the show on Sunday and see the layout and the Daylight in person. Both are much more impressive when you see them with your own two eyes. Very cool stuff! On a slightly unrelated note, I was pleasantly surprised with the number of trains at this year's BW. There seemed to be many more than in any previous years, as far as I remember.