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  1. Legownz

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I looked into it a little bit and it seems that the photos originated from an interview with a train designer and was posted on Lego's website some time ago. There is a bit more information provided in a reply by @Freddie in this Eurobricks thread: As a side note, I think these prototypes are very cool and I might try recreating some of them in the future. Though it seems someone has already recreated the UP loco and posted it on EB:
  2. Legownz

    [MOC] Diesel Switcher

    Ah. I think I get it now. Thank you both for explaining it to me/giving the heads up.
  3. Legownz

    [MOC] Diesel Switcher

    Thank you! I agree the cab should be longer, but I love those window pieces a lot. I might change it down the line, though. For some reason while I was designing, I thought it had to be an odd number of studs long. After revisiting it, I found that was not the case at all and was able to shorten it by one stud. I am much happier with the result and I do not miss those weird little gaps. I see what you're saying about flipping the colors to hide the battery box, but I don't totally follow you with the wires. PF had the wires connect to the top of the box, but PUP connects to the end, doesn't it? I have yet to get my hands on PUP components, so I could be easily mistaken/confused. There is space inside to connect the wires to the box and for excess to be (tightly) tucked away along with a hole in the chassis for the wire to reach the motor. There is also access to the top of the box with the cab off. I hope these photos help? Oh wow! Those are similar! While designing my own model, I felt like I had subconsciously based it off of something I've seen before in real life, but the closest I could find was a GE 44 ton switcher or a DB Class V 90. Very cool though!
  4. Legownz

    [MOC] Diesel Switcher

    One of the biggest issues I find with building in 6 wide is hiding PF/PUP elements, especially when I want to have walkways down the side of the locomotive. A few years back, I started on a locomotive design to put the battery pack partially below the base, between the two sets of wheels. I never finished this design, so when I wanted to create a switcher a few days back, I thought of this old design (as I didn't want the loco to end up being huge to conceal the battery box and end up looking bloated). This is what I came up with. The engine is essentially symmetrical front to back, so it is meant for going in and out of sidings all day in a yard. The cab comes off in one assembly below the 1x1 cheese slopes. Inside, there is a seat that is directly on top of the PUP box, so easy access for power/linking. Unlike some of my other models, I did not make space for a PF receiver so it can only be powered by PUP or 9V. I felt this was ok though, as I really wanted the electrical components to not dictate the shape of the engine too much. I have never tried putting the battery box in this location and since it is not above the powered wheels, traction may be a problem? There should be enough open space to put a ballast brick in above the wheels, should there be any issues. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this MOC. I feel the cab looks off in the side view, but other than that, I think it turned out nicely. As usual, there is a download for the Studio file. From now on though, I will just be putting all of my files into one folder so any links on my posts will grant you access to all my models. Thanks for reading! File Download:
  5. Legownz

    [MOC] Cheap Freight Cars

    As I'm sure many of you are aware, model railroading can be an expensive hobby and Lego is no different. So I set out to create a fleet of small, inexpensive, and sturdy freight cars that still had good detail. I mostly based these designs off of a certain television show I watched growing up. I'm sure you can guess which one by the first model. You could take the layer of grey plates to make it take less parts, but I liked the rigidity it gave the sides. Overall, I was pretty happy with this one. This next one, I wasn't that crazy about. I ended up making a few variations of this style of car with different techniques, which you'll see later. Here, I tried to miniaturize an American style hopper to fit on the freight car base I had established. It's not the most realistic thing, but I think it's kinda cute. The obligatory tank car. Of course, I used the technique with the giant 6x8x2 hull top and bottoms. The center strip of bricks can also be colored to represent a fuel company or something. I had to make a flat car, but as with most flat cars, it's pretty boring. Not much to say about it. Another attempt at miniaturizing an American hopper, this time, a covered one. This one might be my least favorite of the bunch. I feel it's pretty ugly and isn't a great use of parts. I was decently happy with this one and I liked how the profile bricks gave good wood (Or maybe corrugated steel) texture. The only thing I don't like is the mismatched doors. I wanted to make it in light grey initially, but those doors are expensive as they only came in the Maersk train. I then tried white, but the profile bricks were never made in white. I guess I could use the 1x2 grill brick as I did in the "Not a Troublesome Truck", but I really liked the look these bricks gave. This is the final model I made. Tried to mimic the "Ventilated Vans" used by the GWR with the cheese slopes on the ends. Also tried an overhanging 7-wide roof (Which is pretty unlike me). I was confident putting it together, but looking at it from afar, it looks like a big grey blob. I might end up revisiting this one later. Anyway, that's all of them! As always, here is a link to the studio file (Note, they're all in the same file and each car is made into a submodel):
  6. Legownz

    Hogwarts Express 75955 moc. With Pictures

    The first one I can't see, but the next 3 I can see perfectly.
  7. Legownz

    [MOC] Shark? Nose Diesel

    Thanks for the advice. I might mess with the height later on, but for now, I feel pretty ok about the proportions. What I do agree with you on, though, is that hideous wedge plate. I put it there originally to cover up some ugly stuff holding the windows up and to help give the angle of the front when viewing from the side. Also, I appreciate the long explanation of models and fantasy. It's interesting to hear where everyone falls on the spectrum and how they view the topic. Anyway, this comment gave me a bit of a boost to go back and revisit the Skunknose. In addition to those wedge plates, I also wasn't entirely satisfied with the rear of the loco and especially the roof above the grills. So after some work, here is a revised model. You can download the new file in the original link if you want to play around with it. There is also the old LDD file in that link too. And a picture of the new model with the black livery. EDIT: I am still super new to and I don't know everything about the program. After reading @ColletArrow's initial reply again (Right after posting my update above), I realized you can render in I apologize for the fact that I have been giving you guys bad screenshots. Hopefully this will be nicer to look at. An A-A set with the black livery.
  8. Legownz

    Cereal Docks

    Congrats on getting featured on EB!!! Beautiful structure with lots of great detail! I like your Lego cat as well as your real one!
  9. Glad I could help! It is nice to see that one of those LDD files I uploaded helped someone out. Your model looks fantastic, by the way! Love the slanted walls. Very cool!
  10. Legownz

    2020 Airport Shuttle

    Very cool! I like the addition of the center car! I think the modernization is cool with the new glass canopies and motor cover, but it still has a bit of the old model it it with the roof hinges and old train windows. I think it's a cool idea, but I feel like the old and new clash a little bit. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, great job!
  11. Hello all. It's been about a month since I made this model and I've gone back to do some more work on it. After my Skunk Diesel MOC, I realized that I can no longer work on LDD, so I made the switch over to I've been super happy with the results and I'm sure I'm years behind other people at this point for making the switch, but I'm glad I did. Anyway, I put the Alco into and made some structural changes and minimized excess pieces. I also took a chance to try out the instruction maker feature for the first time. I've uploaded a studio file of the model to my bricksafe page, along with a PDF of the instructions for the model. I'd love to hear what you think of the model or the instructions. Bricksafe Link:
  12. Legownz

    [MOC] Shark? Nose Diesel

    Yeah, it is a bit of a cop-out... Ah that makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain. Thank you!
  13. Legownz

    Help me: What train model is this?

    Looks cool! I like that you added that curved bit on the nose. Gives a distinct look and gives the front windows a nice shape. Did they ever make the horn piece in black? Either way, great job!
  14. Legownz

    [MOC] Shark? Nose Diesel

    Thank you! I like the black livery a lot more too, but if I were to buy parts for it, it would not match the other locos in my fleet. Ah well. Maybe it's a special livery for my railway or something. After looking at it again, you're totally right about the nose. It has begun to grow on me though, and I tend to try and make my models based real life trains, rather than replicas/scale models. That way, if I don't like a certain aspect design-wise, I can change it to whatever I like (My railway is fictional, so why not the loco models too). I might keep it as it is, but later on create a copy of the file and try and get it closer to the source material and see what I like better. Out of curiosity though, why would you not want to use a model as reference material? (Sorry if that's a dumb question) Thank you for the feedback! That's a good thought. I'm a little hesitant to go back to those windows as trying to get them to play nice and be in the correct position in all axis's was a head scratcher. Thank you for the advice though!
  15. Legownz

    [MOC] Shark? Nose Diesel

    In my continuing quest to procrastinate on things I should be doing and instead building on LDD, I have created a new diesel MOC! Originally, I wanted to build something heavily inspired by a Baldwin RF-16 "Sharknose" diesel. I remember seeing an A-A NYC Set for sale in a Lionel catalog a while back and for some reason it stuck with me. I had a lot of trouble with shaping and found myself going through multiple versions of the nose. Here are a few of my attempts, along with a windscreen attempt that ended up looking a little wonky. After getting past the windscreen though, the rest of the design went by pretty fast. However, after I finished and took a look at the completed model, I realized something. With the NYC inspired livery I was working with, along with how the shaping ended up working out with the nose, my sharknose ended up looking more like a skunk. It can be powered by PF and I used the same mock-up battery box and receiver as my Alco diesel. There is also a seat for a driver, but it is quite cramped. You can see a bit of how the windows are attached, though. I tried changing the livery over to my fictitious railway's blue and white, but it was no use. It still looked like a skunk. So that's basically it. I think I'm going to put this project on the metaphorical shelf and see if the skunk grows on me or if I end up redesigning it. It also was meant to pull a passenger train, so maybe I'll do some passenger cars at a later date. Here is the LDD file as well if anyone wants it: