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  1. polarstein

    [MOC] A Modern Living Room

    Fascinating! Has an cool 60s modern feel. Looks like a perfect home for a spooky guy.
  2. polarstein

    Jewelry store / artist's studio building

    Very different to most modulars, packed interior and interesting design overall. I like it.
  3. polarstein

    Modular Cheese Shop and Museum

    Very cool building with a great color balance and nice interior! Now I'm curious how your Amsterdam project develops over time.
  4. polarstein

    [MOC] Small Architecture creations

    Looks really great Askan, I like your selections and building style a lot. True to the original but still with some individual character. Good idea using renders. I should probably try that as well.
  5. polarstein

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Awesome! What an incredible project.
  6. polarstein

    [MOC] Darksight

    Pretty cool! It has a well balanced design with black and greenish/yellowish colors. This could be some sort of space police patrol intercepting approaching spaceships.
  7. polarstein

    [MOC] "The Blacktip"

    Your car epoche is over Ron, you should now continue to build spaceships. Very unique design. Your experience with interesting small scale solutions is now paying out. The only minor thing which could be changed is the cockpit window, i.e. making it transparent. However, overall a great MOC.
  8. Here's my final building for now. With this MOC I feel that my appetite for small scale modern office buildings is saturated, at least for the time being. Hence the name "Last Glass Office". The building started with the top floor which I wanted to do on a column on one end but then struggled to achieve a balanced design for the whole building. Last Glass Office - Micro by Polar Stein, on Flickr
  9. polarstein

    [MOCs] Space station scenes - emotions of Commander Dave

    Thanks and LOL on the 2001 reference, you're right. His fellow astronaut Frank stopped the rotation of the section and is fixing the aircon in zero gravity to stop those hallucinations: Space - Zero Gravity - White Corridor by Polar Stein, on Flickr
  10. polarstein

    MOC: Death and Love

    I haven't seen anything like that before. Very clever idea and well executed! I like the tree and the contrast/mirror scene with the lady at the fointain of youth (or so) and the ghost at the tombstone on the other side. The whole MOC made me smile.
  11. Thanks Askan! I had a look through your Photobucket pages. A very impressive collection of architecture MOCs with awesome lighting and an endless number of clean designs! Wow. Some of your MOCs are jaw dropping. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to carry on and for demonstrating how much more is possible. Ohhh, I need to do more complicated builds next as the most recent ones were simple quick builds. Glass Office The Needle - Micro by Polar Stein, on Flickr Glass Office The Wave - Micro by Polar Stein, on Flickr
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying both as sometimes I like the clean no studs more and sometimes think that visible studs improve the look. Thanks! I'm definitely enjoying those clean small builds and will try to experiment more with techniques over time. Thanks! Unfortunately, they only go together in the digital world as I had to use the bricks sequentially, but agree it would be nice to display ten or more of these. Thanks! Thanks! I was quite surprised how quickly those designs emerge from the bricks.
  13. polarstein

    [MOCs] Space station scenes - emotions of Commander Dave

    Thanks! He he, thanks. I found that one trans yellow pipe in my legos from the 80s and had to use it somehow. Thanks! I was also surprised how well the trans bricks shine on the photo. Thanks! Had some fun build those over a couple of weeks. Yep! LOL. Thanks! I did smile few times when I had a thought and again when the picture was done. Thanks! Here's a quick bonus, hope it doesn't violate any rules Commander Dave may be too long on board of the ship as he starts to develop hallucinations. Or is there a malfunction with the aircon and too much carbon dioxide in the air? Space - hallucinations when too long on board ... by Polar Stein, on Flickr
  14. polarstein

    Classic Space Research Complex

    Oh, very cool, I like the details, bio dome and the airlocks in particular. I can see that you put a lot of thought into the logic of the building.