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  1. I have read above discussion and there are two conclusions in my mind (considering I feel myself as a outside observer - haven't done instruction yet) First one as RM8 said, we are not able to change the world so crowdfunding idea in it's base is very simple and effective. enough money - instruction is made, not enough - no instruction after all it can be copied but then who cares. Second thing, I have been witnessing recently grow of cryptocurrency related with RPG PC game. The society of mentioned game lovers asked producers of the game to create cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. The reason was related with fact that in this game you could buy or sell items like ax or gold or whatever, and society did not wanted to use fiat money. They wanted to have quick way to exchange things. So what I think is that for LEGO society there should be created such a cryptocurrency, now why: Imagine guys that now LEGO bricks are having different value in different places, and also it depends if you buy full set or just one brick. But if you will create independent cryptocurrency based on value of one, the smallest, and the most simple brick, then suddenly briks everywhere will have more or less the same value until different agreement will be done by "business sides". This way also briks will become even more like investment compared to now. The value of the "LEGO coin" will jump in time because there is society behind it and this is main factor. Society will buy "LEGO coins" to use it as universal exchange coin connected directly to the only LEGO briks. Additionally LEGO could be more separated from producers like this Lepin thing etc. Even for poor people it could be way to locate money and not lose it in the future as it is done when LEGO is just a toy. (Bitcoin started it's live among others because people from poor countries could receive money from family working in rich country without extra bank fee, so loss to make the same operation was and is way way smaller). And finally, if you guys will sell instructions for (hypothetical) LEGO coins, assuming that LEGO instruction will have in code algorithm preventing this instruction to be sold for different money than LEGO coin, then at least it will work as a digital signature saying thad this instruction belongs to LEGO world not Lepin etc. To explain it using simple worlds, when you have two paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, one oryginal and one fake, and if you put them on the wall, they look similar. But still oryginal is worth much more - and this is the way to keep this digital creation as valuable things, even to make it more valuable in the future. You are artists in LEGO world and I think this is approach.
  2. Yeh, tried that, wormgear + small gear, but no space with current setup. Thx. for your advise!
  3. Thanks again for your opinions guys, it is really encouraging me to put hands on next idea. I can definitely say you are specialists as you were able to pick week points immediately. ...and in fact depending from how wheels are attached, the steering joints are more or less exposed. Number and kind of bricks I am using is limited by four LEGO Technic sets I own. This is why the wheel hubs I chosen for front drive are probably not the best but somehow made my construction more simple (having in mind this four sets I have). I have not found way to put extra reduction gear for winch, I tried but to many compromises was needed, however I believe this is possible. First version was equipped additionally with reduction gearbox, simple one but under higher load like steep climb or driving on sand, the gear was jumping to the neutral position by itself. It was construction issue but again could not find enough space to fix it :). Buying BuWizz 2.0 helped a bit with changing electric engines speed. Tests on sand caused wheel hubs stuck (approx. after 20min of playing), it was necessary to open them and clean. I would not recommend using this hubs on sand, probably I will not do it again. Yes, on the movie you can see Baltic sea :). I builded this MOC after around 25 years of not building from LEGO :), and after buying and building four sets I mentioned above. I was totally surprised how new LEGO system works and obviously amazed about number and diversity of bricks. Without solutions which I could find by looking on advanced creations like yours, probably I would not be able to build this model.
  4. Thx. Yevhen for your opinion, it's highly appreciated to have some feedback. In fact it took me many hours and modifications to build this MOC :). After all I have already idea for next one :). Kamaz Arktika maybe :).
  5. Hello to all, I am new here and wanted to share my very first creation with you. This is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 pick-up. I build it by using bricks from following sets 42000,42030,42042,42043. I took inspiration from RM8 creations but also in the past I was driving this car quite a lot in raw conditions and I have big sentiment related with this Toyota model. Pix and Video are not pro quality as this is my very first approach to build and share LEGO creation so please don't judge me too harshly form this point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at this model. In the near future I have plan to make simple video how to build it. Under the below links you will find pix and video. Below is video instruction for Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 - body (part 2). Unfortunately due to file size restriction in my camera, there is missing small part of the video where is shown how to build roof and back side of the body. However this two missing bits are easy to reproduce based on the pix. For those who would like to built this body it can be also good opportunity to put a bit of own invention.