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Found 29 results

  1. Hello EB members Here is my improved Toyota Hilux SR5 with new Body version, like in "Back to the future" movie. Previous version I've posted here chassis remain the same, as in 4 door version. Now 4 door and 2 door version use the same chassis. My model is a copy of Marty McFly's Toyota Of course you can build stock SR5 Toyota Truck mixing design of my previous 4-door Hilux and this 2 door version. Some things were improved after 4-door model: - new bonnet - new front doors (lower section) - new 1-piece arches inside cargo bed - detailed dashboard with higher placed steering wheel, updated seats. - improvements done to cab fixing points: now I have 2 extra points in the front, and there is no need to fix long pins with bushes under the hood. - control: Smart Brick (Sbrick) - drive: XL motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials - steering: Servo motor - solid axles - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate - 5-seater saloon - LED front lights - removable pickup bed and cab - wheels: 62-68 mm Video review with ENGLISH SUBTITLES (turn on manually) Instruction is availbale as complete chassis+body and only body versions at Rebrickable

    [MOC] Toyota GT-One TS020

    Pleased to have completed this, but it's a little bittersweet as even with the smaller wheels the nose is not quite low enough. But I can't change that as I had to put emphasis on the smoothness of the slope from tip of the nose to the top of the mudguard. Thanks for viewing :) KMP
  3. Hello to all, I am new here and wanted to share my very first creation with you. This is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 pick-up. I build it by using bricks from following sets 42000,42030,42042,42043. I took inspiration from RM8 creations but also in the past I was driving this car quite a lot in raw conditions and I have big sentiment related with this Toyota model. Pix and Video are not pro quality as this is my very first approach to build and share LEGO creation so please don't judge me too harshly form this point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at this model. In the near future I have plan to make simple video how to build it. Under the below links you will find pix and video. Below is video instruction for Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 - body (part 2). Unfortunately due to file size restriction in my camera, there is missing small part of the video where is shown how to build roof and back side of the body. However this two missing bits are easy to reproduce based on the pix. For those who would like to built this body it can be also good opportunity to put a bit of own invention.
  4. Hi, Here is my latest creation. When I started, I selected several goals: - middle scale for RC playability - weight distributed to front for better crawling performance - easy removable hard top - motorized winch - realistic body and proportions as close as possible to original. Full article with building process, WIP photos and result is here in my blog(translate by goolge). It is realtively small MOC, but it has more than 1000 parts and it takes 14 monthes of building and rebuilding. Yes, I am slow builder, comparing to other guys. May be I should hire a hamster to help me:) I wasted too much time for it. So now, I am sure the proportions and functions are good enough for me. features: - Scale approx. 1:12 - Fully motorized and remote controlled - Fully removable hard top with 3 versions. 10 seconds for conversion! - Customs stickers - Openable doors, bonnet and back doors. Side doors with locks - Foldable front and rear seats - Dashboard Technic specs: - Suspension with live axles, supported by 3 links - AWD transmission with differentials in the axles and locked central differential (XL motor). Gear 20:28 - Link steering (Servo-motor) - Winch ready with motorized PTO (M motor) + ready for second PTO motor Dimensions: - Weight: 1050 gr. (including LiPo battery and additional PTO M motor) - Length: 296 mm (37 studs) - Width: 120 mm (15 studs) - Height: 160 mm (20 studs) -Wheelbase 173 mm (21,5 studs) more photos here http://www.bricksafe.../pages/rm8/FJ40 WATCH FULL VIDEO PRESENTATION HERE UPDATE: INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE You can download it now in PDF or watch my picasa album Partlist is represented in 5 versions: 1.Just chassis - 413 pcs 2.Light - 749 pcs 3.Cabrio - 883 pcs 4.Base - 1162 pcs 5.Expedition - 1284 pcs
  5. Finnaly, it's time to upload this MOC. Proudly presenting you my new Trueno. It's powered by BuWizz, and therefore it can drift on some surfaces. I also did a render of it : As I made some instructions using, I don't give them for free, so you can buy them on Rebrickable. Of course, a video : Hope you like it, feel free to ask any question about this moc, I will try to answer to them.
  6. Hello, and welcome back to Toyota Technic showroom. I did this model for a long time, almost 3 years of sketches, prototypes, different version. And now I am ready to stop and say: "enough" After FJ series with a bulky chassis and wobbly steering I want something lighter and more accurate at steering. So I started with a new chassis with Servo motor mounted on front axle. This is not realistic, but steering backlash is almost zero. Remembering the FJ, and its "high" frame with aux M motors inside (winch), i decided to remove any extra fucntions except driving. Hilux's chassis is thin and light comparing to FJ. And one more important thing is that the body is removable now. I can remove one body and use another one. I do not need personal chassis with all that expensive motors for every modification of Hilux (at one of the moments I have 7x FJ's assembled with full electrics at each). This is Toyota Hilux 4 door double cab version, 4-th generation that was produced from 1983 to 1988. Model of this Gen was presented both with solid front axle and independent front suspension. My is early version (83-85) with solid axle. You can see this genertaion Hilux at Top Gear "Kill a Toyota" episode, and Back to the Future movie with single cab and extra cab version. INSTRUCTUON AVAILABLE LEGO Garage - BrickGarage/toyota-hilux-double-cab-n50-1983-1988/ - control: Smart Brick (Sbrick) - drive: XL motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials - steering: Servo motor - solid axles - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate - 5-seater saloon - LED front lights - removable pickup bed and cab - wheels: 62-68 mm weight:1020 gr (without power source and RC receiver) Black wheels are painted with spray-paint. Saloon is for 5, but rear bench is foldable, and this is the only place to hide battery block. Transmission is all-time 4x4 with axle differentials - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link (including pan-hard rod) - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate Removable pickup bed and cab, I can also remove front bumper, doors and front fenders for larger wheels, for example. And the last, the best presentation for 4x4 Toyota is real adventure. Video was filmed mostly at Crimea, while my Vacation this year. This is kind of LEGO Techic anniversary run INSTRUCTION LEGO Garage - BrickGarage/toyota-hilux-double-cab-n50-1983-1988/ much more fotos here FLICKR Thanks for watching. Comments, questions, I am ready)
  7. If you still remember the Mitsubishi Pajero that I posted about 6 months ago, you will know that there is another 4x4 MOC with similar drivetrain which I haven’t published yet. Well, the model was actually finished long ago, but the video was long overdue for some reasons. Now, finally, presenting my latest MOC: Dual-Driveshaft Pickup. Dimensions: 350 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 165 mm (H) Weight: 1237 g Parts count: 1660 pcs Outdoor test video (4K): The main feature of this MOC is obviously the driveshaft, so how does it work? Instead of presenting photos and explaining with lines of words, this time I made a short video to tell you all about it. This is my first time doing voiceover, as we don’t speak English in China at all, please bear with me for my accent and grammar: I’m not sure if I made myself clear enough in this video, so feel free to leave a comment. more photos: Lastly, I’ve already created building instructions, it will be available very soon. Hope you like it and stay tuned!
  8. bamsham363

    [MOC] Monster Toyota FJ Cruiser

    My latest build, thoughts welcome.
  9. bricksboy

    [MOC] Toyota 6th Gen. HiAce Van

    Toyota 6th Generation HiAce Van My other MOC models: [MOC] Classic Cadillac Convertible [MOC] Toyota 6th Gen. HiAce Van [MOC] James Bond Aston Martin DB5 [MOC] Toytoa HiAce van [MOC] Toyota GT86 [MOC] Office Desk [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  10. The Toytoa HiAce van is popular in Asia . You can see it all over on streets. The front doors, slide doors and the back door can be opened. I have created different version of HiAce van, and submit them to Lego Ideas. Please support it if you like them. Thanks! Lego Ideas Link : The slide doors can be opened. The back door can be opened. My other MOC models: [MOC] Lada VAZ-2105 [MOC] Subaru WRX [MOC] Classic Cadillac Convertible [MOC] Toyota 6th Gen. HiAce Van [MOC] James Bond Aston Martin DB5 [MOC] Toytoa HiAce van [MOC] Toyota GT86 [MOC] Office Desk [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  11. bricksboy

    [MOC] Toyota GT86

    My friend J C would like to have his Toyota GT86 in LEGO version. So I make it happen :D My other MOC models: [MOC] Toytoa HiAce van [MOC] Toyota GT86 [MOC] Office Desk [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  12. I built the first version of AE86 in 2012. Since that time, many new parts have been made. It is the time to improve my first version. I hope you will like it. My other MOC models: [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  13. Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted on this forum. In November I tripped to Russia again for participating LEGO event held in Moscow. This year, my friend Rm8 gave me the opportunity to make video review of my models together at his studio. You might have seen the review of Jeep Wranglers. And this is the other model that I first had a presentation to Russian builders in the event. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Weight: 1520g -XL motor for propulsion -Servo motor for steering -M motor for front winch -M motor for two speed gearbox and center/rear differential lock -LEDs for front and rear lights Everything started from the issue of center differential in the drivetrain of my previous Pickup. After driving on serious off-road I found that bevel gears in center differential got damaged and often slipped. So I tried to find the way to reinforce gear meshing in 4L differential. In conclusion, I still have not succeeded. Every attempt was not strong enough for transmitting the torque of geared down (3:1) XL motor. In extreme situation floating fourth bevel gear was pushed out by the force of twisting differential housing. I was even hoping new red 4L differential could hold four bevel gears tightly in it, but it does not. So I used the second one in the picture above. (just insert 1L technic brick for holding both side of axles tighter) While attempting several ideas of transmission, I was building another 4x4 model using three differentials. Eventually it became the most advanced version of my SUV models yet being over complex and less reliable. The main feature is sequentially working gearbox and diff lock system. I used Didumos69's Compact 90 degree stepper idea for switching four modes. (0→1→2→3→0 ...) 0: high gear 1: low gear 2: low gear with center diff lock 3: low gear with center/rear diff lock You can see it working in the second half of this video filmed by Rm8. I used M motor instead of Servo motor for switching modes because there was no space for it under the driver's seat. It is necessary to stop motor rotation when stepper axle comes to the right position. Actually this model is too heavy for real off road driving. Center differential often suffered the load, and it was a little bit tricky to operate sequential mechanism precisely from a distance. So I built a lighter and simplified version only using XL and Servo motor. It has softer rear suspension, manual gearbox and center/rear limited slip differential. (Weight: 1260g) Ironically it worked better than fully equipped version even lacking diff lock system. Thanks to soft suspension it has better axle articulation. All four tires well kept contact with the ground. I put it on rocky surface just for taking pictures. Actually it could not climb over those rocks, though. I am making building instructions for both versions. I hope you will like it!
  14. Hello, May be only youngest readers don't know this car from middle of 80's. Some sources tell that Toyota Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin AE86 is the first drifting car, thanks to Keiichi Tsuchiya. And Initial D is world known japanese animation film about drifters (I have never watch it). That's a small model with small 37 mm wheels from 42048 cart racer was built for indoor fun. Because Buggy motors are too fast for small indoor cars, i decided to build this one with L motor - optimal for small models torque/speed. I also added LED just for the video. Car is so simple, so I decided to be more creative in video presenation, than in model itself. Scale is small, so it does not look realistic in terms of proportions and forms - too squared. As I said, it is driven by one L motor with gearing: 36-12 and then 14-14 with old style differential. Steering motor is Servo. Control thru Smart Brick. And Fuel by small LiPo block. Car can also work with IR receiver with the same performance. Model is decorated by self made stickers. There is also modification of Sbrick. I joined black down and white top + added Trueno and Initial D stickers. just for fun with little a hope of small boost in performance. But that was useless. There is a place only for one seat. And LEGO Belville male doll take driver's position. To say the truth, model was built for my son, because he can't handle Buggy motor powered models. And I planned this model fast from the start. I also have 2 beta versions of this car. One is with one RC buggy motor. You can see how it performs in my Buwizz Prototype 2 video year ago. And one more body using large 43 mm wheels instead 37 to reach faster speed with....2x RC buggy motors. But this is just a sketch. Larger wheels need rework of body for larger arches and complex steering system to save front arches from hypersizing. More photos p.s. Interesting fact. My first car in 2005 was Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno. Unfortuntely this was a modern AE111 version (2000) with front wheel drive. In fact 1.6L engined corolla chassis under the 2-door "sport" exterior. Most of all I loved it's doors without frames, like in "big" premium coupe cars:)

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 of Initial D

    Hi, this is my moc of Toyota AE86 of Initial D anime :) Hope you guys like it ! Thanks & Regards, KMP
  16. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    Hello everybody! First of all I'm new to this forum so Hi everybody :) For past 2, or 3 years I was playing with making best rc car from lego. I have made a lot of projects of random cars. It starts when I realize that I can plug PF small motor to my receiver from remote controlled helicopter. Yeah this project will not include traditional PF IR control or something along those lines. And also I'll probably customize some parts so if anyone is offended by stuff like this, just don't be too harass for me :) So, plan is to make lego drift car. Yup actual RWD drift car that slides like every other rc cars (okay maybe a bit sloppyer). My inspiration here is Toyota AE86. I started making chassis: It was actually hard to figure out. I needed to make pretty big steering angle, and good way to control it. Also I modified pf small motor, by replacing dc motor in it for much stronger, and faster one. This motor needs gear reduction (I find 1:9 works the best), so I made small simple "gearbox" behind that seat. In the back, we have live axle with "welded" diff :) I also swap springs with Technic hoses for stiffness. It's only for tests, if I like it I'll probably do the same in front. Everything will came out after tests, but I'm currently waiting for tires. This is the steering angle that i end up with. It's not ideal(yeah I would like even more angle), but It will work for this build. That's all of my progress so far. Everything still is a prototype, I'll probably end up changing a lot. I also hope that I have enough parts to finish this build. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I'd love to hear some feedback from you. Take care everybody!
  17. Like I said in my last topic, I’m a big fan of Japanese cars. Today I’m bringing you a new MOC based on a popular off-roader. Inspiration & Goals This MOC was inspired by the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado series. I didn’t want to make an exact copy of the original car, but focused on the chassis and drivetrain. Also it should have a full-length body with five openable doors. Specs / Features / Functions Dimensions: 420mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 190mm(H) Weight: 2.1Kg Parts count: 2700 pcs Propulsion: PF XL motor x 2 2-speed gearbox Working steering wheel / headlights / taillights Rear alxe: live axle with diff lock Front axle has independent suspensions with positive caster angle. More Details Compromises & Inperfections 1. The model has about 2700 parts. Given the functions that I achieved, that’s a huge number. I was expecting it to be around 2000. 2. It is WIDE. Even with those beveled window frames it looks wide. (It is wide. The body covers the whole tyres from top view) 3. Gear ratios are 5:1 at 1st gear and 5:3 at 2nd gear(differentials not included). Safety fuse kicks in quite often when steering at full speed on 2nd gear(As shown at the end of the video). I have to use 9V AA battery pack instead of Li-Po and stick to 1st gear most of the time. 4. A real Land Cruiser Prado has central differential & central diff lock. They were on my prototype. Rear diff lock and central diff lock work simultaneously. But they are quite unreliable. 12-teeth half bevel gears inside the central diff got damaged after only a very short period of test drive. I have no choice but to remove them from the drivetrain. A short video showing the prototype: Anyway, I’m basically satisfied with the overall performance and looking. Building instructions will be ready in a while. Hope you enjoy!
  18. So after a year of on and off MODing, i figured i should MOC something, and with le-mans again upon us, i felt inspired to build a le-mans car. For those not in the know, Toyota lost the race in the last five minutes, up to that point their #5 TS050 was leading the race, with a comfortable gap to the following Porsche. Then the engine went... So i've equiped mine with a pull-back motor instead, simple, sure to work, and it dictates a relatively small scale to keep my MOC clean and simple.
  19. Hello everyone, This is my new moc: fully rc Toyota Hiace, it has four difference lego motor for driving, steering and auto door. thanks for watching, video will coming soon.
  20. After months of construction, it's finally done. The Toyota Hilux (N40 generation) is one of the best pickup trucks ever. Often thought of as tough (that's and understatement), Top Gear failed at killing it by drowning it, setting fire to it, and putting it on top of a building that was then blown up. It took me around 6 months of on and off building to perfect this truck. It originally intended to have a two speed automatic gearbox, but it proved to be too inefficient. Then I got the 42043 and thought of creating a manual high-low range gearbox instead. This gearbox came out much more efficient than the previous one, so I stuck with it. Specs: - Power - AAA Battery Box - Propulsion - 1 XL Motor - Steering - 1 Servo - Control - V1 Reciever - High Range Gear Ratio - 1:2.334 - Low Range Gear Ratio - 1:3.89 And of course the mandatory shot from below Thanks
  21. Hello all! I want to show my modification of Toyota FJ40 (designed by RM8). We needed a tow truck for Moscow competition and I had only one weekend to create this model. The result is promising but it needs some improvements because the rear cardan shaft is very unreliable. The model is controlled with SBrick. To be continued :) So let's watch the movie: Thanks for watching!
  22. filsawgood

    [MOC] Drift Van

    Hi everyone! Today we will focus on the most prominent Japanese automobile subcultures united in a single project - is primarily Drift and Bosozoku and combined them nimble Drift Van style Lego Technic running SBrick. But first things first. So, as the drift, then it is clear, I think most people are familiar with this type of racing, which originated in Japan in the 60s of the last century, but in recent decades gained momentum and sickly popularity around the world. But on bosozoku perhaps focus more. drifting Bosozoku: rebellious tuning "You will be outraged or surprised laugh. This unusual style will not leave you indifferent." bosozoku Bosozoku now - this is the fancy, colorful and absurd style tuning. Multimeter exhaust pipes of different colors and shapes made by the front bumper, radiator, distinguished by the meter skirts - it's all about him. Especially important for bosozoku have tailpipes. They may take the form of lightning, stars, or simply face up - the main thing as high as possible above the roof of the machine. Colors are often inspired by the sports cars 80s. Also on these cars can often be seen learned from under the hood oil radiators. The third of the "pillars" of the style - the extended wheel arches and very wide wheels with narrow tires. However, for me the primary cause of construction Drift Van served no information about the style of tuning bosozoku, but primarily drift since I once came across a video where the usual family minivan Toyota Hiace with installed engine 2JZ-GTE burned rubber and drift better than what some Silvia, or AE86, mark/chaser and other JDM cars. Toyota Hiace Externally, the model is a minivan-style bosozoku, he served as the prototype of the fifth-generation Toyota Hiace with extended arches of the body, and a huge roof spoiler and wheels with wide tires in the ala Stance superstretch - all to match the style. In front is a huge intercooler, installed in the cockpit roll cage and only one pilot's seat. The project is based on a new chassis with direct drive motor buggies. The highlight of the project was SBrick. I have no hesitation to say that it is a revolution in the world of Lego, and highly recommend Lego Group to launch this device in the series. In comparison with the IR receiver - is the earth and sky. From the experience of using a buggy engines running IR receivers say that management is very unstable, even in an apartment, with a minimum of sunlight (which is a strong hindrance to the infrared receivers). When the model is carried at high speed and it is necessary to turn or stop - very important quick response to steering, which the original Lego Receivers can not provide. As a result - a pair of torn pieces from the collision with an obstacle, at best. With SBrick things are much different. First, it has the ability to soft start the motor connected - whether servo motor, motor buggy, M, L or XL - it does not matter. Buggy engine can now drive slowly! It is important. Secondly, one SBrick replaces two conventional receiver because 4 ports - in models with 3-4 motorized functions - is a huge plus in terms of saving space. Thirdly, SBrick works in another wavelength range, which means that now there is no need to lift up the receiver as high as possible, or in a car, for example, to do for him a special hole in the roof, so that the model could then go to the control. Thus, SBrick can drown somewhere in the bowels of the model so that no one will notice. But there SBrick one clear, in my view, the lack of - software. Namely, the lack of support for, let's say, not yet old, but not new operating systems. With Apple - no problem, On Windows - not tried, but with Android has school in the form that the program supports the version of Android 4.3 or higher. At the same time on Android, not all devices are able to upgrade to 4.3, some decided to stay at 4.2.2 and no more. So when you buy, make sure that your device meets this parameter. General Specifications Drift Van: Weight - 820 gram Length / width / height - 47/19/17 (370/151/135) Stud (mm) Number of pieces - 790 pieces. Drive - rear-wheel Electrics: Buggy motor - movement; Servo motor - steering SBrick or IR V2 receiver - remote control. Small battery box
  23. Hi there! Cant stop with building yotas. Here is my next one. Based on red FJ40 posted earlier, but chassis was modified. The most visible change is increased wheelbase. Beside that: another rear suspension with 4 links+ panhard, 2 speed gearbox. Wider axles installed now with bigger ground clearance under front axle. Roof is convertible as in FJ40. Place for aux motors is free and waiting. And now the most interesting part of process started: Brainstorming extra functions... And I've also made 1 step forward to construction machines: This MOC have yellow pieces.... lets see what I can do with that:) your comments can help me;) UPDATED AFTER FINISHING MOC BUILD: Here is Toyota FJ45 pickup with snow plow attachment. Truck is based on early FJ40 model. Difference is in wheelbase, rear axle and gearbox. Features: • All time 4x4 transmission • 2-speed manual gearbox (high/low ratio) • Live axles suspension with 2 link + panhard rod at each • Openable doors with locks, bonnet, bed door • Convertible roof • Detailed saloon • Customs stickers • FJ45 custome Sbrick control profile was designed at • John Deere color scheme Motorized functions: • Propulsion: XL-motor • Steering: Servo-motor • Winch/Plow elevation: M-motor • Snow plow tilt left/right: M-motor Powered by LiPo battery block thru Smart Brick final release unit ( + Additional plow PF LED-lights Plow is elevated by winch. This scheme is popular in cheap and simple snow plows. Tilt in such model usually manually customized or use hydraulics. I used lever-push mechanism to tilt left/right. Plow can be dropped easily and you can use winch as regular. more pictures http://www.bricksafe...m8/FJ45snowplow Video EPISODE 1: Test drive
  24. Hi, I have good news. My YouTube channel reached 3000 subscribers. And here is my latest MOC Teaser.