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Found 22 results

  1. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars!  Dodge Charger 1970 Drift Project This is an updated Dodge risen from the ashes, returned in a new guise and a powerful filling! Description: -Godzimotor Drive -Steering Geekservo -RCBrick Management -Independent front suspension, rear axle -Working V8 -The steering wheel turns with wheels -Doors open, trunk -Detailing in the cabin -Manual mechanism for opening the headlights from the interior -Weight 1.7 kg, Length 49 cm. Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Enjoy your viewing! Rate, comment! Thanks!)
  2. Finally, the pterodactylus from the Creator Set 31058 has been brought to life. With a few extra parts for the joints, the bird was mobile enough to be moved by seven different eccentric disks/ Cams. I got the idea for this sculpture/ Automaton from artist Reuben Margolin who built a bird with this mechanism.
  3. Hi all! My new model - is realisation in Lego - off-road custom based on the legendary american SUV - Jeep Cherokee (XJ). Everything according to the canons - axles, a rear differential lock, winch, snorkel, fenders, footrests, thick-walled pipe bumpers, an expeditionary trunk, chandelier and big wheels.
  4. further development of my endless ball track to a gbc loop
  5. mechanical legosculpture with stone in a glass dome Sculpture holds on to itself Idea from Artist @dangrayber Cavity Mechanism
  6. As I have more time for building these days, I decided to replicate the new Scania R650 on 1/22 scale (Mack Anthem #42078 set scale). The goal was very simple: have a recognizable shape and manual functions. It is in a very basic 4x2 configuration. It has a V8 and a HOG steering. For this one, I decided to abandon the working steering wheel because it gave poor results on my Volvo FH16. The cab can be tilted and the rear axle can be raised to give a nice rake (inspired by @mpj). This tractor unit can be used with any trailer compatible with the Mack Anthem. I plan to make a 3D model for this. I'd like to build something more complex with it (crane truck, timber truck, etc.) but I have no idea what. Ideas are more than welcome!
  7. Hello to all, I am new here and wanted to share my very first creation with you. This is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 pick-up. I build it by using bricks from following sets 42000,42030,42042,42043. I took inspiration from RM8 creations but also in the past I was driving this car quite a lot in raw conditions and I have big sentiment related with this Toyota model. Pix and Video are not pro quality as this is my very first approach to build and share LEGO creation so please don't judge me too harshly form this point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at this model. In the near future I have plan to make simple video how to build it. Under the below links you will find pix and video. Below is video instruction for Lego Technic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 - body (part 2). Unfortunately due to file size restriction in my camera, there is missing small part of the video where is shown how to build roof and back side of the body. However this two missing bits are easy to reproduce based on the pix. For those who would like to built this body it can be also good opportunity to put a bit of own invention.
  8. Hello everyone, After one month of designing, building and creating instructions, I will present you my custom LEGO Technic sports cars for the car transporter! Red car: 686 Parts, V6 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the red one can you found here on bricksafe. Green car: 755 Parts, V8 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the green one can you found here on bricksafe. Yellow car: 723 Parts, V10 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the yellow one can you found here on bricksafe. The general objective was to make three cars with different colors and appearance, in addition to the existing two cars (corvette and blue car). In this way, the car transporter can be fully loaded. I also have made instructions for the cars, so it's easy to rebuild them. Many more images, more information, the instructions and part lists can you found here on my rebrickable profile. I hope you like the cars and the heavy loaded Car Transporter!
  9. L1anChu

    Hello from Austria!

    Hello everyone, my name is Andreas and I came from Austria! I would like to introduce myself briefly here. I was a big Lego fan in my childhood, in particular of Lego Technic. I came back to Lego two years ago, first because of the large Technic Sets Volvo wheel loader and Mercedes Arocs. With the new Harry Potter sets I became an AFOL. Last year I started to build MOCs. My first was the Backhoe V3 in yellow from Jürgens Technic Corner. Is an incredibly model with all the engines and gears inside. I'm incredibly excited about the MOC, it was fun to find all the parts together and finally build it. After that I started building my own MOCs. I would like to be able to dismantle and build these MOCs in 5 years, so I started to create instructions for it with At first only for me and since December these instructions can be found on That's how it all started You can find all of my MOCs on And the images on I'm also on Instagram, where I keep posting pictures of my MOCs. I'm happy about every follower! I will also present my MOC in my own topics, as I would like to get feedback about it! Best regards, L1anChu
  10. Hi everybody! Half a year ago, the Suzuki company released a new generation of their famous mini SUVs - Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki Jimni Sierra(Wide edition). I, as a caring lover of this particular model, tried to repeat the same thing in Lego. That's what came out of it Specifications: 1:10 Scale All wheel drive 1.55 DC Chequired flag all terrain A/T tires (copy of BF Goodrich A/T KO2) Solid Axles Constant rear diff lock The modular design (body and chassis are separate elements connected by 6 points. The body and chassis, in turn, consist of smaller modules - doors, hood, axles etc) Electrics: BuWizz brick (or AAA Lego battery box/LiPo unit + IR V2 Reciever/Sbrick) – battery and receiver 2L motors - movement Servo motor – steering 2 LED lights iOS/Android smartphone/pad with BuWizz app – Remote control Life’s too short to stay stock! Therefore, in this model I use tires DC CHEQUERED FLAG All-Terrain T/A (87x26x1.55), that are an exact copy of BF Goodrich T/A KO2. This gives the model more realism and improves off-road performance compared to original tires. For the same reason, I recommend to using alternative power sources, in this case BuWizz, which significantly expand the functionality of the model, reduce its weight and increase the power of the motors. At the same time, the design of the model allows the use of original Lego batteries (AAA or LiPo unit) together with the V2 receiver of Lego Power Functions More photos and building instruction you can find on my personal blog page Video review:
  11. My model of Al-Jazari's Elephant Clock. Hope you like it. Wikipedia article on the original clock. Featured on the 1001Inventions website. Pics 01threequarterfront by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr 06sideview by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr 07threequarterrear by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr Video and Building instructions
  12. Check out my new SUPER SMOOTH stop motion build – LEGO Technic – 42073 BASH! ?️
  13. Just finished my new SUPER SMOOTH stop motion build video – LEGO Technic – 42079 Forklift! Please enjoy. )
  14. Finished my latest video. SUPER SMOOTH stop motion build – LEGO Technic – combi model 42072 + 42073 WHACK! & BASH!
  15. Here is my new LEGO build video - LEGO Technic – 42084 Hook Loader – Stop motion build. Not perfect but still watchable. :) Please feel free to like/dislike and comment my Lego Technic sets video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the fist to see new videos.
  16. Hi! Today I'd like to show my new model - Lego Technic Arctic Truck BIG Brother. It is scale copy of 60035 Arctic Truck. The Lego Technic model is powered by four buggy-motors with two RC units. The gear ratio is 1:3 from slow output. One M-motor is used for steering (auxiliary output). Dimensions: 42x22x29 cm, weight – 2.9 kg. Video: More photos: Thanks for watching!
  17. Hi there, after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you. Motorized functions. - Steering (Servo motor) - Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor) Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element. The trailer is made similar to a truck. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  18. Hi there, after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you. Motorized functions. - Steering (Servo motor) - Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor) Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element. The trailer is made similar to a truck. What happened, I can upload only one photo And why I have only two posts and not one topic, new member...
  19. Hello, here I am with my object for this contest, made myself a crashcars slash bumpercars, completly like in reality for transport, just 2 mm space between the trailer and wheelpart to get it out, then lowering and start building... I use the pumps instead of a cyllinderenginepump, duo the weigt of the roof when some weight on it, with 2 handpumps it goes faster.. the cyllinders you see are real lego technic but I bought them chromed at Aurimax at bricklink duo the fact that yellow is not my kind of colour and would be horrible to see in my bumpercars, I put a picture of it with the normal ones so you guys can witness it... so it contains: 4 cyllinders 4 cyllinder brackets 2 pneumatic switches 2 handpumps everything (exept the net offcourse) is lego, no fake lepin or 3th partiebricks... I just made a purple rooftop on it to be realstic, I'm breaking it off today so I will make a movie and post it tomorrow then on the entry forum, hope you guys like it,I know funfair is always a risky subject duo everyone making trucks and cranes... So I ope atleast someone enjoys it.. cheers picture of the chromed vs normal cyllinders... bussy with my roof.. close up from the cyllinders and from the engineview with handpumps
  20. Hi all. I'm asking for some advices from experts. I am into lego technic "standard" constructions from a few years, now I want to enter in the world of modding and make some custom creations. I love electric models, speed and the "mechanical engineering" behind LTechnic. I also know the existence of SBrick and I love the idea and I want to support them. Then i think that a good start can be the motorization of an existing model, adapting it to power function, engine, steering and SBrick. I am thinking about buying the 42037 Off Roader or maybe the 42039 LeMans Race Car. I have an old (10-15 years old) offroader, I can disassemble it and get some parts from it, mabye. So I think I'm going to buy: - SBrick - XL Engine (I know it's a bit overpowered but I want to create a speedy car and reuse the engine for future creations) - Servomotor - Power Functions - 42037: Formula Off Roader OR 42039: 24 Hours Race Car Is it a good way to start? I need something else important?
  21. I recently started using video in their new gadget - GoPro Hero 4. And it prompted me to think a combination of mechanisms Lego video and photo shooting. I think it is quite promising direction. What do you think of it? Action camera GoPro Hero4 in my opinion it is not only well-advertised brand, but also a very useful thing when shooting Lego Technic MOCs. I decided to dream a little and make their tools and fasteners for this camera and this is what came out of it. Video: