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  1. Don't think this has been mentioned yet. FBTB has images of 30461 Podracer and 30383 Naboo Starfighter. The latter looks great but the former is ugly as sin, especially near the back.
  2. TWRAddict

    BrickHeadz 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Seeing Emmet with ears just bothers me on multiple levels. Other than that, these look great!
  3. They appeal to nostalgia, when figures had yellow skin before 2005 in the Star Wars line. They have special printing on the back of their torsos but that's really it. Certain figures like Lando could certainly be more worthwhile, but the rest really aren't special and don't appeal to me as a collector. I can't speak to their random inclusion in sets.
  4. For me, none of these sets are bad by any means. The builds are solid and the figures are too for the most part. I would describe this wave just as underwhelming, which for something like the 20th anniversary of the line, is not permissible to me as a LEGO Star Wars fan of 16 years. Now there is still many sets to be revealed, so I haven't lost all hope. I remember 2009 when we got amazing kits like the Battle of Endor, Tantive IV, Home One, Dropship with AT-OT, and Vader's TIE Advanced. I'm okay with remakes, but seeing something more fresh than the same damn snowspeeder with the same damn cockpit piece would be nice.
  5. It's been a pattern for a while now to decrease the overall size but increase the exterior detail and sturdiness of the model. Would love some interior shots and angles where I can see the back. That's what'll really make it or break it for me.
  6. It looks to be shorter in height and shorter in length. so overall smaller compared to 8097/etc.
  7. Slave I is the best of the bunch. Just the UCS edition at a smaller scale, with a good selection of minifigures to boot. The use of slopes near the boarding ramp looks a little sloppy and it bothers me that they have not updated the carbonite brick, but boy does this come a long way from using those large curved slops from the last three renditions. That snowspeeder is very underwhelming. Practically nothing build-wise to distinguish it from the last two, and STILL using the SAME incorrect cockpit mold that they have for two decades in not acceptable. I do like that they removed the hideous multi-stud cannon from that turret gun however, this looks much cleaner. Personally, I prefer the older helmets so I don't mind that they are used here. The podracer is also a good update. Lots of engine detail and those lightning pieces look fantastic in magenta, but the blockiness of the engines bothers me - they should be more rounded. Padme's figure is also a nice update but her hair piece looks a little oversized. The AT-RT is oversized but that's understandable to up the piece count and level of detail at this scale. It looks fantastic as does the beach barrier side build, and I love the miniaturized defense turret added onto the front. The minifigures and spider droid are ok but fairly bland. Imperial Dropship was ever really only popular for the figures. The build itself wasn't special, but this one looks nice. I love the mix of dark blue with the black and grey. It's more attractive than the old livery. A nice way to collect a bunch of the new stormtroopers. $20 price tag is asinine though.
  8. LEGO fans are the stupidest people on the planet, sometimes.
  9. He was correct. Better image of the Kaz minifigure (also showing off the back of the 20th anniversary Vader torso).
  10. TWRAddict

    BrickHeadz 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    User brewemj on Brickset has said that he spoke with an employee at the Leicester Square store and Sheffield store, who confirmed the line is indeed ending. Existing stock and the seasonal 2019 models will be sold, but that is it.
  11. I can't find the pics you're talking about. Is it in the "usual" area?
  12. We've known that already.
  13. That would be nice. I love the Han figure. It screams nostalgia and classic Star Wars to me. Will definitely be picking these anniversary sets up.
  14. TWRAddict

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    Both skyline sets look spectacular. I admire some of the clever building techniques used here.