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  1. Very nice indeed. I'd be interested to see more photos of your gear selector.
  2. Let me do some some thought bubbles here. It's a car. Based on the Porsche we can expect it to be licensed. Lots of options there, but who is based in western Europe and has shown a willingness to work in Technic? Volkswagen group, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo. TLG will want something iconic and instantly recognisable. So the obvious candidate is a Volvo 240 wagon in tan. Wait a minute..... So the obvious candidate is a Bugatti chirion. Also an excuse to give us two new shades of blue, not just one.
  3. I had to take it apart to get it back home, but when it is rebuilt I will take some more photos.
  4. Everyone, Wanted to share a MOC I have built for our local lego expo, Canberra Brickexpo. It took me around 6 months (I'm a slow builder), and has more than 7000 pieces I wanted to build something big and I achieved it with the Ferris wheel. The look on the kids faces was amazing. It is structurally strong in the vertical direction, but move it to the horizontal and it comes apart in about 200 pieces. I found this out the hard way. This version is the 3rd version. Version 1 was too small. Version 2 was not strong enough, and broke it's stand. Version 3, with some tweaking worked for 8 hours straight. Ferris wheel by Russell Murphy, on Flickr
  5. A few comments, from someone with very little idea: - at the speeds you are going, aerodynamics do little, compared to power and weight. - I think you could do something quite different with measuring and solve a few problems. - if you ran over a measured course with speed up and slow down zones, then you could lose the GPS, which will save weight, but instead you need two very accurate, connected timers. - this means you could move inside, to a gym or something, reducing hazards - with the better runoff, you can potentially have no steering at all, and just do lots of runs instead.
  6. Here's the last of my three MOCs. This one is a 1977 Holden Torana. It was created to take on the big Falcon's in Australian touring cars, by putting a large 5 litre V8, in what was a comparatively small sedan. It was a great idea, but executed too quickly. The V8 was only tested on a dyno, but when put in a racecar, the high cornering speeds caused oil surges and creating reliability issues. These were fixed in the followup XU1, which became dominant. That didn't stop Holden fans from buying the SLR5000 in droves. My SLR5000 features: - Full independent suspension. - Remote control driven by 2 L motors servo and sbrick. - V8 motor - 4 opening doors, bonnet and boot. IMG_20170528_140254 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140309 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140406 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr
  7. The second of my three MOC's, the Audi TT. Again, apologies for the photo's. The TT is one of my favorite cars, and I've tried to capture the design as best I can. This one has the following features: - Full independent suspension. - 6 + N + R sequential gearbox (design by liftingbricks), driven by a porsche flappy paddles. - All wheel drive and five cylinder engine. - Opening doors, bonnet and trunk. You can see more on my Flickr IMG_20170528_140525 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140510 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140649 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr
  8. I've finally got around to taking some photos of MOC's I've completed in the past 18 months or so. This is the first of three. Sorry about the photo quality. A better photo taking location is on the to do list. This one a is very simple sprintcar, using the tumblr wheels, which are perfect. It has the usual V8, as well as suspension all round. It came together quite quickly. Down the track is plans for stickers. IMG_20170528_140044 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140031 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr IMG_20170528_140120 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr
  9. I've probably got 20-30k parts as moc supplies. Will go up and down with what stages mocs are in.
  10. Rohan, I'd be super interested in any information you can share about your modifications. I've made some small changes to mine to improve reliability, but I'm not sure I'm there yet.
  11. Would love to see some more photos of the rowing boat. That mechanism is cool.
  12. I've been having the same problem, but not even refresh is working. I can get to the first page and the last page of any topic, but none of the ones in between. It's happening on my mobile device as well.
  13. veryrusty

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    Folks, Just wanted to mention a little issue I have had with the forums since the changeover, which it seems some others are having. In multipage posts, I am unable to change pages. When I click on the next page button, or a page number, it greys out the page, has a loading splash and does nothing else. This happens on chrome on both windows 10 and android for me. It hasn't happened in this forum, but it does happen in the technic forum. I've tried the refreshing trick, but it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  14. veryrusty

    (MOC) Audi TT RS

    The TT is my favourite car. I was just about to start making a model. Now I know precisely where the bar is.