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Found 7 results

  1. scarovich

    [MOC] Kraken Sushi Bar

    What if the Kraken decided to quit his day job of wrecking ships and terrorizing sailors on the high seas and instead followed his passion to master the delicate art of sushi. This was something I originally created just for fun. I liked it enough to post it on Lego Ideas yesterday. Would love to hear your thoughts on it or possibly get your support:
  2. MOC#94-2 Sushi Restaurant, Japan Office Building 2nd Floor I already showed the 1st-floor 7-Eleven in the previous post. This post is for the sushi restaurant on the 2nd floor. I also created the video to show you the detail: More MOC on my homepage:
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Sushi to go

    Long time ago, I was just a kid who loved building LEGO and playing soccer with my friends. One of those friends had narrow eyes, black hair and he was rather quiet. I learned his family came from a land far away, on the other side of the planet called: Japan. On his birthday, he invited me to his house to spend the day. To me, a couple of things were a bit odd – taking our shoes off before entering the house, the apparent lack of furniture, and how everything was mainly white and clean. But nothing struck me as much as when we stopped for lunch. First, we sat on the floor. Second, the table was so low it didn’t look like a table at all. But third – you guessed it – the food was raw. Beautifully presented! But raw. As a 7-year-old kid accustomed to eating rice, beans, chicken (you know, warm meals) I did my best to hide my despair. Of course, my best was not even good, so his mother, very politely smiled at me and showed me how to use the silverware – I mean, chopsticks. To my relief, both my wooden sticks (called Hashi) were connected by a ribbon, which made things a lot easier to figure out. So, I gathered my strength, kept my cool, pinched that slice of reddish cold fish, dragged it all the way to my mouth, praying that it would not fall off, and chewed it. And it tasted so, so... good! Something about the freshness, the flavor, the texture? I’m not sure, I was seven. Seven-year-olds don’t know these things. To be honest, it probably felt unpleasant. But it was like being transported to that land all the way on the other side of the world. I was experiencing another country, another culture, another reality. And that was the most amazing thing of all. Later that day, back at home, my mom asked: “So, how did it go?”, and I answered: “You will not believe me... but I’ve just been to Japan!” ________ Now, I have spent years looking for a place that would serve me the same thing I ate at my friends house years ago. But even though there are as many sushi restaurants in my neighborhood as there are bakeries or drugstores, nothing compares to the experience I had as a kid. I found out that their food was adapted to the local taste – meaning we added cream-cheese, mango, jelly and made it our own Brazilian-Japanese Food. I’ll be honest and say I’m not the biggest fan of all that mixture of fruits and sweets and dairy with the sticky rice. But isn’t it fulfilling to think that these two almost contrasting cultures came together to create something that is now part of who we are? Just like our sushi, culture is about mixture, about welcoming the strange and embracing the new. Try new dishes with an open heart, learn from new places with an open mind. And who knows? Something great might come of it. ________ Built for the Brazilian Contest "Bloco by Bloco" held on Discord, in partnership with LUGBrasil, Challenge I - to build something that represents my life and my home, depicting a Brazilian daily life. Hope you all like it! Cheers.
  4. peedeejay

    [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Hi everyone, I would like to present my newest modular building: A modular sushi bar. The lower level features the sushi bar including a 和室 (japanese room) which is currently packed with a lot of salary men and woman which have been invited by their boss for after hour drinks. Within the restaurant you can choose to either dine the traditional way at the bar where the itamae is serving you directly or sit down with a group of people at one of the tables. The middle and upper level features an apartment. It took me a while to get a new build done due to lack of time and inspiration but once I started again it was quite a breeze. I enjoyed using some new pieces, especially all the new tiles which are round or partially round. Also finally I could build windows using the new double jumper tile as a base. The biggest challenge from an architectural standpoint was the topmost corner of the building which took me quite a few tries until I was happy with it (I fell in love with the new semi cut 1x2 round slope!). Statistics Parts: 4999 (coincidence! ;-)) Build time: around 60h within LDD and 8h with real bricks Bricklink orders: 12 Below you can find a selection of images. All of them can be viewed here: Again a building instruction is available for purchase for those who would like to build it themselves! Also complete building kits (instruction + all necessary bricks) will be available soon but in reduced quantity (PM me if you would like to make a resveration).
  5. polarstein

    [MOC] Monorail station & sushi grill

    Hi all Here's another new MOC. Moving away from residential buildings but keeping the style with black, white and grey boxes with a lot of glass to provide a contemporary/modern design, my latest building is a monorail station with a sushi and fish restaurant. The big "M" of the city's fast monorail network isn't just attracting many commuters every day but also sushi and fish lovers all over town. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr During first week of opening, a student in a shark costume was hired to attract commuters and passengers walking by. The entire building is on pillars. At street level (ground floor) there is a disabled parking space and parking space for bikes. The small sushi and fish restaurant extends over first and second level, accessible via stairs and the elevator. At first level there are also restrooms. The second level connects to the monorail station (right end of the building) and is accessible both via stairs and the elevator. A small roof terrace on top of the restaurant provides views over the city. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The monorail station entrance has a vending machine providing cool drinks, which is especially handy if you're sweating away in a suit. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr "The train now approaching platform 1 is the 14:47 Brickston Monorail service to East End calling at Scorpion House and Dark Age Road. Please mind the gap between train and platform ..." Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The red bricks in the actual platform is a less-than-ideal solution in absence of grey bricks. The monorail train is supposed to be red though . More pictures including interiors and the connection to a simple monorail platform can be found on my flickr page Comments and critique, things to improve etc. more than welcome! Cheers, Polarstein
  6. denil85

    [MOC] Ito Sushi Bar

    Hi Everyone! I would like to share my latest MOC, the title of this MOC is Ito Sushi Bar. I tried to put in more Japanese culture and foods in the sushi bar. Hope you guys enjoy Thank you [[Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 0 Main by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 1 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 2 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 4 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 5 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 6 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 7 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 8 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 9 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 10 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 12 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 11 by denil oh, on Flickr