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Found 23 results

  1. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Three brave survivors (or maybe not so brave... or maybe not all af them, but nevermind) on the raft escape from ancient beast. After a sea battle with Imperial ship, Harry and Olaf were trap on a raft under leadership of old sea dog Bartholomew Gingerhead. While Harry blowing the sail, and Olaf work with a paddle, fearless captain throws harpoon after harpoon into the monster! It won't eat them! Or?.. Place your bets, Gentlemen!
  2. I was a designer, and one night I had a dream that I was in the middle of a lot of colorful balloons, and there was a big fish too . The second day I got up and did the moc. At the beginning i though it is so dull just to build a complete fish, and then i am inspired by the chinken leg at lunch, the shape of the bone, is a good idea. In order to make the set a little more colorful, i use a lot of different colors of circular pieces. In my contry, fish is a kind of animal can bring good luck to people in the new year. If you have fish at home, you will have a lot of money in the future. So i really hope this set can bring good luck to everyone who put it at home. Thanks. And i send this moc to the lego ideas, please support me if you like this set or orther moc of mine. The support linke is as follow:
  3. [MOC] Boxfish

    In the depths of the ocean lives a little yellow cube. Not Spongebob, nope. It is a Boxfish! I love weird fish and when I was playing around using SNOT techniques, I just had to build a little fish. A bit of forced perspective to hide that the lime green "frond" is holding up the fish, just to add something else I've not tried before, and I was done. I hope people also like this, my return to MOCing really. I've not posted much in the last year or more and I hope to turn it around in 2017.
  4. Fresh Fish!

    My 8th entry into the CCC XIV, for the Traveling Salesman category. I’ve wanted to try an Asian themed build for quite some time now, and this category seemed a great opportunity to finally actually do it. I’m very pleased with how this build turned out, though there were definitely some challenging parts. It was inspired by several of Disco’s excellent Asian builds. A friendly fish vendor peddles his wares on a busy street. See more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. Finding Nemo

    We wanted to try to animate LEGO at a different scale, so we brick built fish puppets and created a mashup of Disney, Pixar, LEGO and Finding Nemo. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Our LEGO ideas project can be found here
  6. [MOC] Monorail station & sushi grill

    Hi all Here's another new MOC. Moving away from residential buildings but keeping the style with black, white and grey boxes with a lot of glass to provide a contemporary/modern design, my latest building is a monorail station with a sushi and fish restaurant. The big "M" of the city's fast monorail network isn't just attracting many commuters every day but also sushi and fish lovers all over town. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr During first week of opening, a student in a shark costume was hired to attract commuters and passengers walking by. The entire building is on pillars. At street level (ground floor) there is a disabled parking space and parking space for bikes. The small sushi and fish restaurant extends over first and second level, accessible via stairs and the elevator. At first level there are also restrooms. The second level connects to the monorail station (right end of the building) and is accessible both via stairs and the elevator. A small roof terrace on top of the restaurant provides views over the city. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The monorail station entrance has a vending machine providing cool drinks, which is especially handy if you're sweating away in a suit. Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr "The train now approaching platform 1 is the 14:47 Brickston Monorail service to East End calling at Scorpion House and Dark Age Road. Please mind the gap between train and platform ..." Monorail station & sushi grill by Polar Stein, on Flickr The red bricks in the actual platform is a less-than-ideal solution in absence of grey bricks. The monorail train is supposed to be red though . More pictures including interiors and the connection to a simple monorail platform can be found on my flickr page Comments and critique, things to improve etc. more than welcome! Cheers, Polarstein
  7. [MOC] Manta Ray

    Some small Manta Rays, 50 cm wide and 80 cm long. Manta Rays by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr There is only one model . vue_de_dessus by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr vue_de_dessous_AR by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr vue_de_dessous by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr vue_de_face by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Enjoy .
  8. In France, the tradition on the first April is to try to put a picture of a fish at the back of persons. This is my April fish Poisson d'Avril by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Poisson d'Avril by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr It will not be easy to attach on somebody's back . Enjoy.
  9. MOC: Great White Shark

    Hello, finally I finished something big! ...a great white shark breaching the water surface... P.S.: Please support the guinea Pig on Lego Ideas.
  10. [MOC] Market Day

  11. Hello! Hope you like this one Newest entrance to the phantasy Realms series. what you think of it? Let me know and if you like this feel free to support it at - Cheers
  12. The Carmen

    The Carmen Taken by the sea... What was once a glorious galleon now rests below. The remains left for the sea life to overtake and grow upon. This is the final resting place of the Carmen... Or is it? I've been wanting to do this kind of MOC for a very long time. Previous attempts were never satisfying. However in the easter holidays I managed to accomplish something I'm happy with. (Although I've been thinking of redoing it already). This MOC is part of a much bigger diorama, I do not have the space to set it up at home but I will take pictures on the next event I'm attending. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures . Some close-ups of the details; I'm going to redo that figurehead sometime I think. Gold! It's all of it yet I thought it would have been more...
  13. This is the other of my two MOCs going to London for next week's Brick2014. Since it's built to life-size, many people who look quickly think the model is a real aquarium with Lego built inside it, but actually the tank itself is made out of Lego,too. The biggest challenge was to keep the tank frame narrow and sleek-looking but still strong enough to bear the considerable weight of the hood, lighting and motor. ( power functions needed for circulating " bubbles") Another challenge was positioning the fish so that they looked like they were swimming freely without any props or supports showing.(and didn't come crashing down during transport!!) • G A L L E R Y • click above image for direct gallery link
  14. First up, Kaneta-Bur. The Kaneta-Bur is a reef-dwelling, blind testudine that is largely harmless unless poked in its sensitive feelers. Do not poke the feelers. Next up, Juru-Ra. A reef-dwelling, long-necked pleiseohominid, this creature is commonly referred to as a sea monkey. Despite the name, they are quite dangerous, especially in packs. Oh god he poked the feelers Lastly, something completely different: The desert sedge. A sedge slides across the ground on millions of microscopic hind legs, and steers and balances itself with its two large clawed hands. Desert sedges are peaceful creatures. While peaceful, they are not afraid to defend themselves. How'd I do? Oh, make that four. The Cara-Ni, or Reef Deacon, is a species of violent rahi living in the reefs off the coasts of Po-Koro. No two are alike in coloration, though they are all very vibrant due to the protodermis "blood" of the Mata Nui seeping out into the reefs. All reef-dwellers that have this strange coloration are under the umbrella term "Protodermoid Anomalies".
  15. The candle in the center of the table flickers briefly before it grows into a stable and formidable size. Four acquaintances gather around the light as the wind rattles the shutters and the soft rain pattered on the windows of the inn. The building was silent that evening, except for the individuals gathered around the bar and the lone barkeep overlooking his establishment. A well dressed yet pasty looking man stands up from his seat, pipe in hand, and raises his voice to his compatriots. "Good evening, I'm glad you made it here safely," he speaks as a hush descends the inn, "now then, who would like to start us off this evening? No need to be shy, we don't haven't all night." A somber woman in violet garb nods and steeples her fingers. "I indeed have a tale to tell, Lucas, but 'tis not for this hour of night; she is still too young, and the candles yet burn too brightly. Perhaps another has prepared a more suitable tale?" A man draped in white takes a drag from his noxious cigar. The others in the Society were unsure how he stomached the tobacco - it smelled positively poisonous. "Oh, come now, Mallora. Always so rigid in your storytelling, always so dedicated; perhaps to a fault, if you were to ask me. Midnight has descended, and you'll be telling your story to the same night sky I am. Although, I must agree about the candles. I have half a mind to snuff them out." The door opened, the volume of the soft, pattering rain increasing momentarily, and shut. A Sharkling, attired in common robes and with a purse dripping a substance that could not positively be identified as blood in the flickering candlelight, made her way to the table. The old crone cackled in a voice analogous to a roc's talons being scraped across a large boulder. "And miss the horror on your faces at my tale of woe? No, the light reminds us that there is darkness out there, a darkness filled with the unknown and the improbable. I do not mind telling my tale, but I divine Val is eager to share hers. Aren't I right Hellsinger?" The last figure, a woman hooded in black, glanced sideways, eyes surprisingly sharp with that makeup they sat under, and her painted lips rose into a grin at the Sharkling and the rest of the Society. Her fingers curled around the lethal-looking instrument in front of her, as though resisting the urge to play. "Uplifting as ever, my jovial troupe. But of course you're right, I've a tale to tell. A grisly one, of a ferocious beast; of its reign of fear and of how it fell." "Takes more than the night sky and some sadness to scare someone, dear Carlotta. Isaac. Sometimes all you need is a good rousing bloodbath of a story. I like to think I'm the foremost authority on those here." The woman winked unsettlingly to nobody in general. "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this little piece....The Tale of the Sea Fiend." --- Six Weeks Prior --- The yellow-gray sky was a drab start to things. Only the old sailors were up this early. While the seagulls cry, no worker yet sings. The ones they all pass by seem rather surly. The four willing heroes stepped onto the dock. Both boat and sea churned like the foulest of stews. Near both was a man who stood stout as a rock; "Just four then, huh - guess I could think of worse crews." The Party Kiray Nastayo (KingoftheZempk) *Immune to Fire* *Party Leader* Level 10 Knight Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 4 Health: 19/19 Gold: 6 Equipment: Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP:6, doubled against Flying enemies; longsword), Scutum Shield (SP:3; shield), Flameproof Armor (SP:1, immune to Fire; bodywear, suitable for anyone) Inventory: Sword of the Kin (WP:3), x5 Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll, Mediocre Pongcanis Brew (Encouraged + Enraged), Everlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently), Sleep Bomb (Deals 5 damage and the Asleep-effect to all opponents when used.), Remedy, Dragon Scale, 2x Nostrum, x3 Fire Bomb, x4 Venom Mizuki Kimura (zakura) *50% More Gold Stolen* *Death Mask* *Hastened* Level 24 Assassin Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 0 Health: 34/34 Gold: 18 Equipment: Dual Gladii (WP:12, Darkness and Light elemental, dual-strike), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Death Mask(Increases assassination chances to 1/3 when the target’s health is lowered to 1/3), Quickdraw quiver (*Hastened*) Inventory: Loaded Die(*Lucky*), Top Hat (WP: 14, 50% Stun chance, retrievable), Fox Tail (user not affected by opponent's positive effects), Orcish Shield (SP:4, double if user is a greenskin), Fleurut(WP9), 20 venoms, Sylph Shuriken (WP:12, Wind elemental, retrievable), 8 Nostrums, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass, 1 Think Jeeax Scales, 1 Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle), Gladiator Trident (WP:11, causes bleeding effect; spear), Tonic, 3 Potions, 1 Weak Potion 1 Fire bomb, 2 chicken drumsticks, 2 Elixirs, 2 deadly venoms, Neutralizer, Weak Regeneration Potion Actaeon Artus (Actaeon) *Immune to Bound and Slowed* Level 6 Ranger Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 2 Health: 11/11 Gold: 100 Equipment: Sanctified Rito Bow (WP:6, doubled against Flying enemies; bow), Greaves of the Aubergine Dragoon (SP:2, protects from the Bound- and Slowed-effects. Footwear, suitable for anyone.) Inventory: Smoke Bomb, Potion x2, Remedy x2, Bedroll, Scroll of Frailty, Stun Bomb (Deals 5 damage and the Stunned-effect to all opponents when used.), Trial Brew, Dragon Scale Francis Barkley Level 5 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 3 Health: 10/10 Gold: 17 Equipped: Training Bow (WP 4), Tricorne (SP:3) Inventory: 3 Potions, smokebomb, bedroll, mead, longbow (WP 3) venom, Lustrous Cloak (1/6 chance of dodging damage rolls and free hits. Suitable for rogues, artifact, backwear), grand potion, grating stone Welcome to the Quest. If anyone's stats seem out of order just mention it. Make sure to visit the Marketplace beforehand if needed and note any last minute purchases. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves/with this fellow, we'll start once everyone checks in.
  16. Lego Aquarium

    Lego Aquarium two small fish,water plants from top viewing zoom view light brick insige
  17. Dock Scene

    Along the docks of Carn there are many buildings, some being houses and others being businesses. Most build there roofs out of wood and cover them with whatever they can. (sometimes grass will grow on them!) Dock Scene by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Inside View by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr This is a small build I did in my free time.( waiting for peices to arrive!) It is my first build with a hinged door and I would also like to claim the following PU credits: Architecture (wooden walls) and Trade and Law (shipping by sea) C&C welcome
  18. Gregory: Welcome back Jordan, it's been a long time Jordan: Yes it has, but now i am back for good. My second attempt to build something Castle themed. I think this one was better then my last.
  19. MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    So, here comes another Cuusoo project of mine, this time a professional fishing boat at a reasonable scale, 600 pieces. I added this to Cuusoo since there has never been any real fishing boat in Lego, like ever! There are several play features, and the trawl is supposed to be possible to trawl with like with a real fishing boat. Please check out this Cuusoo project! At the link you will be able to see more pictures of all the features and interior, and perhaps even vote for it... Also feel free to add a comment, either here or there or both...
  20. This is just a small Saturday's amusement to try out the platform. Now we all know: for Vader no way is too far for a good fresh halibut. Who'd have thought it I've built the hut after the incredible Megan Rothrocks totally fantastic book, but I added a little of my own with the roof and the surroundings. Flickr Stream
  21. Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo Aquarium I would like to present my latest MOC; A Finding Nemo themed Aquarium. I have built this for an upcoming school fete for the younger siblings that attend. I was inspired by Siercon and Coral's coral reef from the Iron Builder challenge a few months back and decided to have a crack. Finding Nemo by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Finding Nemo by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Finding Nemo by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Hope you enjoy. ISC.
  22. hi all, As you can probably tell I'm new to the forum. Im an undergraduate masters student at Bangor University and for my masters year project I'm constructing a mechanical fish model. I have an lego educational technic set(9686) I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about this. Many thanks Scout
  23. FAPC Attack of the Fish

    Puny humans, so safe and happy on your dry land...well no longer. For too long we have watched beneath the waves as you played, swam, fought and stole from our domain. You've brought this fate upon yourselves, for now you will know what it is like to have your domain invaded. We have developed new technologies (which is amazing considering our lack of thumbs, or hands altogether) and now we WALK ON LAND! Run if you must, but you cannot escape The Rise. We will find you. We will kill you. And WE, we will flush YOU down the toilets from now on!