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  1. [WIP] Porsche 918 Spyder

    This is coming along really nicely. I prefer the car on the right!
  2. I love it man!! nice colour choice - badass black
  3. It's placed with a rubber 2l beam behind. I think this photo explains it. https://goo.gl/photos/TgR8jNknyXUbQxrYA otherwise, just look at the instructions to see how it's done.
  4. Thorsten, you placed a 2l skinny beam between the 2 small black panels at the bottom. There shouldn't be anything between. Other than that it looks ok.
  5. The bodywork is excellent, and the framework is just so different in a good way! You have fit everything into the build nicely. So cooL!
  6. Oh man... I had forgotten the mess of wires for this build with all the lights and extension cables. It looks much more organized with the computer image
  7. This whole video was pro! Great work with the camera angles, my favorite part is the 360┬║ view when the car is above the truck. Awesome!
  8. Wow... this is beautifully to scale. The little graphic you added on the side of the truck really adds a nice touch to the truck! And that trailer you've outdone yourself this time
  9. Lego RC Monster Truck 4x4

    Great work! Very nice shaping and design, welcome to Eurobricks!!
  10. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Much better
  11. Invictus V12 Supercar

    Nicely done! I agree with some, filling a few bigger gaps might clean up the body work. Great work overall!
  12. Hi, I did try to add a full curve in this build but there is not much to build off of in the middle of the seats. I highly suggest you building the car, then modding it however you like Looks great AFOL!! Thnks for sharing photos. Your collection must be huge... have you bought a second house to show them all off?
  13. Awesome Thorsten! You've done a stellar job creating the curves with your software.