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Found 55 results

  1. This post last updated: 24th February 2017 with LXF file of 90% complete outer hull and Engines. LXF files can be found at the bottom of this post. I started this project in 2010 with a Bricklinked UCS 10179-1 Falcon. I immediately started building a full interior, heavily inspired by Matt De Lanoy's Falcon (not a mod of the UCS Falcon, but very nice). Most recent overall pictures Engine modifications WIP photos and comments: This is a a strip of 18 cool white LEDs on a 30cm sticky-backed strip: they cost about £8. As you can see, I’ve stuck them in at about 10 studs from the engine “grilles". They look great when lit, both in full darkness and with the room lights on. The LEDs are pointing straight at the grilles and there are lots of them. Sorry to any purists reading that they aren’t Lego LEDs, but 18 power function LEDs and a battery box would have set me back about £150! The rest of the LEDs are a LifeLites eLites Advanced 2 kit bought from in France. These LEDs are designed to be compatible with lego bricks, e.g. they are 3mm wide and the switch box sits on a 2 x 4 lego Technic plate. I plan to use them for floodlights, landing lights and interior lighting. I haven’t fitted them yet. I’ll post more pics when I do. Since I now have a nice curve on the engines, I decided to take advantage of it to get the "Thrust Vector Baffles" sorted out: I borrowed the idea wholesale from Matt De Lanoy, once again (I really need to buy that man a beer sometime). The alternatives which I considered were this by OceanBlue77, or this by Brian Tobin. Since I was doing the engines anyway, I redid the entire rear hull: More pictures are available on my Flickr set. Comments, criticisms and - especially - ideas on how to improve this model are all very welcome. LXF files: Added 24th Feb 2017: Complete Top and Bottom Hull plus Engines Added 13th October 2015: Engine Mod and Rear Hull as pictured above. Upper Docking Tunnels (From OceanBlue77's mod): Port Starboard Episode VII (The Force Awakens) Radar Dish (see seperate thread) Upper Gun Turret (no major mods, just a re-skin) Landing Gear(template, really need to finish this) Added 17th Jan 2016: Brick-built round dish (LXF) Added 26th Feb 2016: Engine mod - just the engine grille (LXF)
  2. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy just joined my Midi-Scale ship collection! Here comes the Millennium Falcon from Episode IV – A New Hope. Made of 2,178 pieces, measuring only 34cm and weighting almost 1kg, this compact yet dense Falcon was another unique challenge at this scale. After seeing some great-looking Figscale MOCs of this tricky ship, I couldn't resist making a Midi version. With this design, I took a different approach than most other Falcons out there, and wanted it to look as sleek and gapless as possible. This resulted in a pretty elaborate and unique mix of paneling techniques that involved a lot of SNOT building. One of my priorities was to faithfully reproduce the curved saucer shape on both sides of the ship, and not only on top. As a result, the build features all the details and shapes of the original 1977 studio model, from top to bottom. The overall thickness of the ship was another concern. I wanted it to be as thin as the original, while being able to sandwich some tasty greebles and even the hyperdrive engine bay inside the saucer. The Falcon has two display modes, "in-flight" with its canted stand, and "landed" with easy-to-install landing gear. It also includes a working ramp. ► Instructions for the Millennium Falcon are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  3. Millennium Falcon III - Cover by sti fos, auf Flickr Hey there! long time no see! check the pictures of latest version and Instructions with this post: Millennium Falcon III - vertical stand by sti fos, auf Flickr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content of 2019 For Download and INSTRUCTIONS (2019) see this POST stifos - Millennium Falcon - Brickbuilt by sti fos, auf Flickr stifos - Millennium Falcon - overview side by sti fos, auf Flickr download model on page 2 Hey there! finally I am able to share my first Lego MOC. Which started as modding the original 7965 Set ended up a with a little more changes than expected. first of All big credits to Kit Bricksto (did the Falcon ever finish?) , Inthert (Systemscale and interior), Joerg Kuehni (Mandibles), Fenk512(docking rings) which inspired me most and many of their details ended up in this Falcon. I also love to see what people do in the great UCS Millennium Falcon Mod Topic. Well, the reasons for choosing the Falcon in systemscale are quite simple: Not enough Money for the UCS; Not even enough Space in my flat for the size of the UCS and I wanted to fit the Falcon to the other Lego sets I own from back in the days. So I try to stick with the original size. I know there are proportions that don’t really fit, e.g. the size of the window at the gun turrets or the size of the access bays of the mandibles… But in the end I wanted to get the most iconic details into this one so this is how i dealt with it. I also began with the interior which i will upload later.
  4. mcphatty

    Micro Star Wars (1:250)

    Hi all. I haven't added much to my 1:250 fleet of Star Wars fighters, gunships, freighters and one corvette (plus a couple of mini scenes) this year but I have been working on my photography. I've really enjoyed seeing the groups of ships grow and comparing the sizes of the finished products, Slave 1 and the Rogue Shadow turned out surprisingly big, but the biggest surprise was how huge a Blockade Runner is! In case anyone's interested, instructions for all of them are on Rebrickable... And here's another with almost all the ships arranged together, which took far, far longer than I thought it would!
  5. There’s a steppe in Southern Russia that boasts a particularly rare falcon. Through some sort of genetic mutation of the red-footed falcon, once every 1,000 years, a gray-footed falcon is born. But it can’t reproduce, so this one of a kind falcon will die out at the end of the bird’s lifespan of ~14 years. However, one of the cool things about this once a millenary bird is its nest. Let’s get a closer look. See, unlike it’s red-footed brethren, this falcon’s nest is...hang on, what’s that? Huh, well that’s actually more interesting than the bird. Let’s talk about that instead. Name: Millennium Falcon Microfighter Set Number: 75295 Pieces: 101 Price: $9.99 | £8.99 | 9.99€ Minifigs: 1 Theme: Cynical Scrutiny. Oh, of the set? Star Wars. Having extracted this from the falcon’s nest, let’s check out a ship from this 8th Series of Microfighters. Trivia Question: can anyone name every ship in a single series of these microfighters? You cannot, because I cannot. Anyway, since I’m writing four of these reviews (check back in the next three days), I’ll not mention anything more about the box design on this one, other than to say there’s a TIE fighter below the Falcon that Han seems unaware of. Watch out Han! It’s literally shooting at you! I guess he survived. Or this is before he’s blown up. The thing to note about this is the two sets at the bottom. One of them is cool and kinda original. The other one is this set. More on that later. Here’s what you get in the box. And to answer your question, Terry, no, these bags still aren’t edible. I know, bud, I know. And it’s Han. Default Han, as I’ll call him. He’s appeared in the second LEGO Death Star (no, not Death Star II), and the bad, small Mos Eisley Cantina, and the good, large Mos Eisley Cantina. And now this. I’m not sure anyone’s collection is really hurting for a Han Solo these days. Sometimes I sneeze and a Han Solo comes out. Here is an important step - the first one! No going back now. Not when you use glue as I do. Makes a good sealer and a mid-build snack. And now the rest of the owl. Falcon. Whatever bird you want. It’s, I mean, it’s a small Millennium Falcon. LEGO didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here. The sides are actually pretty snazzy, if you’re into sides. I’m more of a vertices guy myself. Still, one has to appreciate the detailing here, even if a good 80% of it is imagination. Atop the bird, there’s two of these little disc launchers. At least they’re not flick-fires, am I right? Are we still making fun of flick-fires? Pros and cons of these launchers - easy to shoot, but also easy to loose the disc. Also, if, for instance, you shoot it across your room where you left a half-eaten pepperoni pizza, make sure you retrieve it. Otherwise you might be in the doctor’s office trying to explain that you were writing a review for a LEGO Millennium Falcon microfighter, and that’s 4 whole words you’re going to now have to explain to her. They said the disc would pass naturally, and that’s good for my health insurance coverage. Or lack of it. Heyo, single-payer health care! Anyway, under this ship, you’ve got these smooth roundboys. Have you ever put these on an Air Hockey table? It’s like a challenge mode. Also - Air Hockey tables are much better at swallowing LEGO than I am. I’m actually a fan of these hinged blue parts. Did you know this was actually a function of the Falcon in the movies? It’s for aerodynamics when in planets’ atmospheres. It was only shown off once, in the 1980 comic Star Wars 28: Cavern of the Crawling Death, when Han and Chewbacca are forced to land on Orleon. See, I’m educational, too! Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes, which, coincidentally, are very easy to cut thanks to Urban Farmer Wüsthof Knives! 7-piece set now available from Williams Sonoma! I don’t really...get the point of microfighters. That’s maybe a bit of a broad statement, because LEGO sets don’t necessarily have a point so much as they’re a toy or a hobby. But at least there’s usually a selling point. These days, it’s boiled down to either minifigs or a cool set. LEGO Piano? Fun build. LEGO Harry Potter sets? All about those Hogwarts kids. So for a Microfighter Millennium Falcon, not only a set that’s come out twice before, but a set that includes one of the more generic Star Wars minifigs, it feels like they had to some sort of queue. “There must be two Microfighters in each line, so I guess we’ll go with the Falcon again.” Not to mention it’s basically the same build. There’s a few other Star Wars sets that have forced me to ask this question, like the Landspeeder situation or Snowspeeder recolor - what’s the point? It’s even more exacerbated with a $10 set like a Microfighter. You can generally make a case for other Microfighters, mainly for the minifig, but for a common Han Solo? Eh. I’m not saying being a LEGO designer is simple. But from a consumer standpoint, it seems lazy to rehash a set once every three years, especially a set that can be essentially described as a stocking stuffer. But maybe that’s why it can be so lazy, because it’s something my grandma grabs for me because she knows I like LEGO and Star Wars, and she doesn’t want to spend $30 on a real set. So I’m giving this set a 1/5. It brings nothing new to the table, and I can’t see anyone being particularly jazzed about getting their hands on this set. That’s strikes me as a failure. But what do you guys think? Are you a fan of this Millennium Falcon microfighter? Or an inexpensive Han Solo figure? How do you feel about releasing what is basically the same set every three years? Let me know below, and make sure you vote on the poll! And big thanks to LEGO for providing me with a copy of this set, and Eurobricks for being such a great community. JackJonespaw out, RAAAAAAAAAAA!
  6. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi, of course I love Millennium Falcon. All the versions provided by LEGO are great. The only problem is the space to exhibit it. So I've built a micro version. Some of the features are: less than 700 pieces has a cockpit for 1 Minifig has a living room with the chess table smooth bottom mini-mf-01 by A_C, on Flickr mini-mf-03 by A_C, on Flickr mini-mf-02 by A_C, on Flickr
  8. Hi Folks, some weeks ago I presented my Millennium Falcon Moc here on this page. ...but after a while I wasn't completely satisfied with the endresult, so I broke it down (which wasn't easy) and began a rebuild. The new version is larger and I tried to get the outer proportions more like the original Falcon, same with the the interior layout. Length: 58 cm (75257: 44) Width: 40 cm (32) Hight: 14 (14) Weight: 4,1 kg. First some exterior images:
  9. Hello there! Some might remember me as the one who always was confident that we would eventually get a new UCS Millennium Falcon back in the days when there was speculation galore. I always wanted one, but I was not willing to pay 800 Euros for a set, even one as cool as the MF. Before christmas last year, however, I managed to get one for slightly over 600 Euros and finally pulled the trigger. Even before I received the enormous box I decided to not build the model according to the instructions from start to finish, but to built the majority of the outer shell and the details myself. First of all, I wanted to get cleaner lines and surfaces, especially on the circular hull plating and the mandibles, as well as creating movie-accurate detail. As for the detail, I aimed to build the clips to which the piping is attached into the plane of plates, so that all the pipes are resting flush on the hull plating. I also didn't want to bend soft or rigid hoses to create piping detail. As a general guideline, I always opt to achieve a 'clean', pleasing-looking finish, and I'm willing to approximate details in order to achieve that rather than trying to build them as closely to the reference material as possible, often ending up with something that looks super-accurate but clunky in Lego form. That's simply a matter of building style, not of 'right' or 'wrong'. Also, I avoid results that look cool but are wobbly. I start this thread because the model is finished for now, with all major problems on the outer shell solved and all outer details built and attached. As for the circular plating, I went with a 'pizza-slices'-approach, since that gave me clean edges and the right directions of the studs to achieve the piping like I described above and also get the right shapes and alignments for various coloured parts of the hull. I also moved the maintenance acces ports in the mandibles two studs to the front to create space for the circular plating and more accurate proportions in that whole area. In the coming months, I will most propably improve some things here and there, as is usually the case with such a huge model, and maybe tackle incorporating a full interior. We'll se about that. As for now, here are the first two photos of the heavily modified build, and I'll post more in the coming days. I hope you like it - in any case, tell me what you think!
  10. TheRealBeef1213

    1:125 scale lego falcon

    This is my first post here, so i thought i should start with this model.The ships is actually a way more complicated shape then I expected. I did use some inspiration from other falcons I've seen built It has a semi full interior, missing only the hallway to the cockpit and the airlocks. The landing gear fully retracts and the boarding ramp lowers, though without the airlock it looks kind of weird. If built in real life it may be really fragile. I plan on building this some day to fix that. Edit: thanks for all the complements!
  11. Hi Folks, my name is Friedie, I'm from Bonn, Germany and this is my first posting here. I was born back in 1967 and I allways was a big Starw Wars Fan. In the last years I followed all that Lego Star Wars Creations on the Internet but never took part in building Lego myself (what I did when I was a child of course). In 2017 I thought of buying the new UCS Set but I was was a bit disapointed, that the Interior was not complete and they used these "Sticker-Hallways". I know, it is not a play-model, but even a Display Model should be "complete"in my oppinion, even more when you consider the high price. But The Falcon allways was my favorite ship, as Han Solo was my favorite charater of the series. so finally I wanted to have a Lego Falcon at home, so I decided to buy me the 75257 Edition. It was fun to build but the outcome is so much different from the original thing. So I first decided to mod it and got me some more parts from bricklink. Corona came leavin me working at home and having much more spare time. I looked up a lot of mods and mocs on the Internet, and I also found this site of course. There are brilliant works (stifos!) that inspired me from the start ofmy building efforts. Finally I finished my work and it evolved from some simple mods to a fullgrown moc of the Millennium Falcon witha detailed interior. First some Numbers: Length: 53 cm (75257: 44) Width: 37cm (32) Hight: 17,5 cm (14) Weight: 3,2 kg (2,1) I don't know the number of parts, cause I just build the thing together, so sadly I don't have instructions or part lists to offer. But here are the first pics I want to show you... The "Corona" Falcons Overall Exterior:
  12. “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” Instructions are available over at Rebrickable I’ve been working on this Micro Millennium Falcon for about three years now, in that time she’s evolved from a simple modified Microfighter into a chunky little micro build. I wanted to get the proportions as accurate as possible but couldn’t resist throwing in an interior. I tried to incorporate as many of the Falcon’s distinguishing features as I could, like the exterior holes, coloured panels and vents, interior layout and most importantly the Dejarik table (I always let that Wookiee win). I built it so that both halves are studs-out and there is as much detail on the underneath of the hull as there is on top. The upper and lower hull sections interlock in a complicated way and are held together by the side docking rings. The sandwiching adds a surprising amount of strength to the the weaker areas of the upper half as well as adding a fun challenge mid way through the build, there’s no room for mistakes or wonky 1x1 plates! This MOC is a final update to the Micro Falcon I posted earlier in the year, it still looks similar but has a much stronger structure and some improved cosmetic details in a ridiculous attempt at movie accuracy. My biggest sticking point over the year was coming up with of a better way to represent the tunnel. The 2x2 round-topped brick only ever fit at a 45 degree angle (not quite right for the ship) and because of this the cockpit was too far forward. In the end I just gave up and replaced it with some wedge plates which I think look good enough and if nothing else help to improve the strength in that corner. And this is one of the many dirty render and research collages I’ve stared at thoughtfully and scribble illegible notes on. So that’s my Micro Falcon done and dusted. It’s been a fun project and I’ve learned a lot about putting together instructions along the way. I hope you get as much joy from this little Falcon as I have from working on it. Now, Chewie, punch it!
  13. What originally started out as a bigger version of 7665, (same crappy proportions and stuff) turned into a (almost) fully fledged MOC using techniques from 75105 and the UCS set, witha bit of my own ideas mixed in. But enough chitchat, here it is: falcon cool view by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr I highly recommend checking out my flickr for high res pics, and more of them. falcon top by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top view falcon back by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr falcon underside by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr underside (UNFINISHED) falcon docking port by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr docking ring(s) (PLANNING ON CHANGING) falcon turret by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top turret, featuring LEDs falcon mandibles by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr mandibles falcon cockpit by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr cockpit and i STRONGLY SUGGEST you watch this video i put together showing all the LEDs in action: Thanks for looking, I hope for some feedback!
  14. Hi All, Last post of post of what I have built for a while. Then I will leave you alone. As a wise man once said, when you have spare time you tinker with the Falcon. In my case that means 7965. This time I wanted to try and recreate Flynn2000's fantastic interpretation of the famous Flail modifications to 4504. Then I went on and messed around endlessly. The main changes to 7965 are totally re-building the mandibles, and moving the cockpit back which was fun but very difficult! Two of the roof plates have swapped places in the last photo but the light was so amazing I decided to leave the photo in. It is a hunk of junk, anyway...
  15. simplethinker

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Back when the original Lego midi-scale sets came out, I fell in love with the idea of having models the size where they were small enough to display, but large enough to have detail and be cool. So, I set out first with my all time favorite capital ship in Star Wars, the Venator Cruiser. I roughed out the main idea, and kept tinkering with it ever since. That was 6 or 7 years ago. I was a beginner, so needless to say that it took four years of tinkering, remodeling, overhauling, and learning that got it to where I was satisfied. My thoughts about midi-scale, or desk-scale as I call it, were to focus on capital ships, since it seemed cool to have the largest ships in star wars on my desk. I also had the benefit of there not being very many people that had done capital ships at this scale. As a result, I built my next favorite capital ship, the executor. If you see the other photos, it was a good attempt, but it wasn't the greatest. Luckily, I found @skayenhere on Eurobricks who showed how to make the dimensions correct, though his is much, much larger. One good overhaul and viola!, the current model. (compliments of @skayen) It was around this time that I discovered Bricklink, which expedited the process. A lot. I decided to give it a go with smaller craft, starting first with a ship I came to love, the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels. This time, design to completion only took a month (working on it off and on). It was also on this one that I tried my hand at custom sticker work as you can see on the cockpit and front turret. Then, I saw Rogue One and had to have a U-Wing. That was a pain in the butt as I designed and bought the parts only to realize that the wings were way too heavy to be supported by only a clip. I redesigned them to be lighter, but I still had to give up the functionality of the wings folding outward. I’ve seen others be able to do it, but I didn’t have the techniques to figure it out without an entire overhaul (which I don’t have the motivation or patience to do). It looked good, and that was enough for me. I left the clip in to make it look like it could though :D. Then, I had to hit the Resurgent battle-cruiser that was introduced in The Force Awakens. There wasn’t much source material at the time (pre Last Jedi) and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did. All the while, I'm getting better and better at designing and building, so it went from four years to completion, to two, to finishing two in a year, to now three in a year. They aren’t the most complex builds you’ll ever see, but that’s part of the style of this collection. Now for the Falcon. I hadn't dared do something so iconic since it'd been moc-ized at every conceivable scale innumerable times. But, I studied and saw one niche scale where it hadn't been given justice in my eyes, and I went for it. Another driving factor is the Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon that had been released that same fall to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Episode 4. I wasn't going to pay $800 dollars for a set, as cool as it is, and I didn't have anywhere to put it even if I did. Time to crank out the desk-scale experience. Two months later and there it was, my greatest thus far. It weighs two pounds. I managed to finish it before 2017 ended, making it my 40th anniversary celebration piece. Be sure to hit my flickr to see a couple of timelapses of me building this sucker! The latest I’ve done was inspired by @Inthert when he modified his excellent U-Wing into the junker version that appears in Star Wars: Rebels. I thought, “why not? I can so the same thing!” and voila! I’ve since shortened the wings a bit from these pictures so they are more accurate. Here's some pictures of most of the fleet on a wall: Their public debut and my first Lego Con, Brickslopes June 2018: I hope you enjoy. - Jordan Fridal aka simplethinker Every model has one element, idea or technique that I borrowed from someone else. So thanks to Erik Varszegi, V1lain, Tim Goddard, @Inthert, @sparkart, Palleon, @DarthTwoShedsJackson, @skayen, @Brickdoctor, and the LEGO Group! I’ll leave it as a challenge to all of you to look through the photos and figure out which elements came from where.
  16. While I'm not sure how much this will help people right now. I am working on building 75192 in LDD. I am separating the build into "bags" like the set. When I finish this, I will try to put it all together without LDD crashing, but, with the number of pieces and number of angles, I don't know how that will work. I have read some people saying they don't have $800 to shell out for 75192 and they were thinking about bricklinking it. If so, this may be the way you want to do it. If it doesn't help anyone now, it will when this set is discounted. I will update and edit this as I finish "bags". I am on 8 now. I am still working on it. Also, keep in mind, some pieces are not available in LDD. I will update as I come across them. LDD files are in my Brickshelf gallery when modded. Bag 1, The Frame: 705 pieces. Bag 2, Landing Gear: 388 pieces. The 6 landing gear are identical to build. Bag 3, Forward Rooms, Gunner Seat, Greebling and Front Landing Gear: 545 pieces. Forward landing gear is the same as Bag 2. Missing stickers. Bag 4, Rear Rooms: 457 pieces, missing are 4 Light Bluish Gray, 27263, Modified 2 x 2 Corner with Cut Corner - Facet, I used 14719 on the model. Missing stickers. Bag 5, Rear Engines: I couldn't get the boat rigging pieces on there, they won't flex. Also missing are 6 Trans Light Blue, Hose, Ribbed mm D. 26L. Not available in LDD. 458 pieces, 464 when you add the missing pieces/ hoses. Bag 6 , Forward Mandibles: 530 pieces. Bag 7, Underside of Mandibles: 295 pieces. Which is odd, I figured this would be an even number since the builds are identical. I may have screwed up here, just noticed it when posting. Bag 8, various bits of the underside. 356 pieces. Bag 9, Tops of the mandibles. 426 pieces. Nothing missing, but, the 2, 2 x 4 curved slope pieces are printed. Bag 10, Final parts of the underside, including bottom Quad Laser. 454 Pieces, but, 2 pieces are not available in LDD. 2 light Bluish Gray, 26599, Plate, Modified 2 x 4 with Pin Holes used on the boarding ramp. Bag 11, Starting the top of the ship now. 361 pieces. Missing 8 White 30166, Minifig, Shield Rectangular with 4 Studs. If you are going to Bricklink this set, you can sub 30166pb01, same part, same color, just with a window print on it from 75166: First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack. You get one in the Battle Pack. So Bricklink maybe with best option!! Also, after posting this, I realized i missed 2 pieces on the right section. So, the total for this "bag" is 369. The file on Brickshelf is correct. Bag 12, Top, back of the ship, Exhaust vents. 472 Pieces, but, there are 16 missing pieces, 27507, Tile, Round Corner 4 x 4 Macaroni Wide. Bag 13, last 2 parts of the top exhaust vents. 357 Pieces. I think from here on out all the bags/ sections should be 100%. Bag 14, front, top of the saucer section. 298 pieces. Bag 15 more of the top, front of the saucer section, base for the radar dish and escape hatches on the sides. 371 pieces. Bag 16, Cockpit and hallways to it. 483 pieces, I know I said everything should 100% since the update, but,the 2 sections of the cockpit are not included in this file. So, this bag has a grand total of 485. Bag 17, last 2 sections of the saucer section, 2 radar dishes, Mynock, plaque, top gunner seat, and front thingies! 443 pieces. Jamie
  17. This is a modified version of 75193, designed to look like the Millennium Falcon as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Featuring its signature blue and white color scheme, this model includes a Lando Calrissian minifigure that can be seated in the cockpit as well as a detachable front pod. Please leave your comments or suggestions below! I'd love to hear what people think of my creations!
  18. Hello Space enthusiasts! Here's a MOD I've been working on for quite a while. It started out as a regular 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon Bricklink project, but turned into something a bit different somewhere along the way. LL10179_001 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_004 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_c02 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_036 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_m04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_s04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr For more pictures, and my comments on some of the details on the ship, follow this link to my Flickr page for the model: LL 10179 on Flickr I hope you'll like it. Comments are more than welcome :)
  19. Hello everyone, I decided to make a modification to my 2011 Falcon, namely turrets. Do you have any ideas how to do this? What would be the best brick to make transparent "window". I tried 18675pb02 but it is too big in my opinion. So if you have any ideas regarding this, post it here
  20. Millennium Falcon Painting Hi guys, I am Lee from Hong Kong, and I have joined Eurobricks for a few years by now, but I have never posted in the Star Wars forum before, so I guess a little intro won't harm! I browse for cool LEGO MOCs around the world on a daily basis, and while I often enjoy seeing what others build, not many of the pieces would really impress me so much that I would remember for years, but the Spider-Mosaic by Thorsten Bonsch is definitely one of them (! Ever since then I have always wanted to try to make something similar, so as soon as I saw the TBB LEGO Millennium Falcon Contest said that we can present the MF in any style, I already knew what I have to do. The artwork is based on one done by MediaGraffitiStudio (, with some personal touches for the colours based on what I had in mind. Hope you enjoy it!
  21. I’ve been busy with this little guy since I saw the leaked Solo poster, the one with the four characters and the tiny, pixelated hint of the new Falcon to one side. At first didn’t like the look of the new Falcon in that leaked Lego set image but on the poster it reminded me of the ship from Flight of The Navigator, and who doesn’t love that! But I guess if you’re going to mess with an icon you’ve got to do a really good job, we’ll find out soon enough how popular it is but I think this could look pretty sleek in the film. However they explain away the change of shape I took it as something bolted on the front (or just there originally and eventually removed) that is more or less a spoiler with a really nice GPS. I've always wanted to make a mini Falcon using the cockpit from the micro fighter and here it is. The gps-spoiler just slots in, so apart from the colours and dish it’s a quick job to change it between its original and Kessel Run look. I built the top and bottom separately, studs-out so I could add those Tie cockpit turrets (big thanks to RickJockey whose idea I’ve shamelessly pinched!) but I think it adds to the rounded the shape overall and turned out to be a neat and solid way to build anyway. I was really pleased with finding the 90’s octagonal slope part which I originally just bought in dark grey because it was really cheap, but last week I discovered that there’s only one person on Bricklink selling it in light grey and they won’t take orders for less than £100, so annoyingly the dark part stands out a bit. If anyone’s got any suggestions for different ways of building the tunnel I’d be grateful to hear them, otherwise it will just be great to hear what you think of the MOC!
  22. Hey there! Have not really been online much, but thought to go ahead and post stuff that I have been building so far. At one point, I was planning on building a Pirate/oriental port with wooden walls and docks for my ships... then got lazy and added a laser turret atop one of the buildings and turn it to a place for most of my ships to park. Then I obtained what I thought was a 75192 Millennium Falcon to go with my 10179 Falcon. Sadly I was dupped and it is from a group called Star Plan (Or might as well be Lepin). But.... I decided to still go with it, and maybe turn it to another YT-1300 variant down the road when I finish the stockish set. Possibly add more of a interior. There are some points in the build where the instructions tell you to put the bricks one way... but the moldings won't physically allow it to work. So I am forced to go my own way on some points. Along with my YT-1300 collection I got my A-wings and V-wings and other ships. Down the road I might go to try building an actual star port for all of them... and maybe mix in the oriental buildings into the setting as much as I can lol. But yea... hope you enjoy the following pictures. The A-wings V-wings and other ships. The "real" Lego MFs. My first YT variant next to the origional MF set. A simple mirror swap and re situating the dish. Then a change of the interior. Unfortunately no pictures of the inside... No for that clone... unfortunately it all came in one box. Was a big thing just to organize it all... then there was the dang stickers. I have since went to ebay to buy better ones. Sigh... Didn't get it from ebay... but still ended up with this... yes I could complain and return... but got bricks that work with my own and a means to build a YT variant. Will have to say that Old Man Han looks good. Leia's costume is good... and Chewie is nicely painted. Droids are ok... main characters look very funky... And apparently I don't have a freighter but a frerghter... one of the many reasons why I replaced the stickers. The build. Was testing if the bags were labeled right... so one of the first things I built was the cockpit. Where I left it at. Sad part is I don't have a close-up... but when I get home I'll do that. Went the custom route on the mandible details as I plan to change it up later anyways. Hope you enjoyed them. I am away from home so can't finish it right now... last picture is where it sits and I got tired of Legos mixing up in other bags. So I poured all them together and put them in the white box the fake MF is sitting on.
  23. Hey folks, it's me again asking for your advice on which Lego Star Wars set to buy! This time it's the 75105 TFA Millennium Falcon for like 110€, the 75190 First Order Star Destroyer for about 120€ or 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle for 100€. Thanks in advance for your advice! (If this is inappropriate, just move it or delete please!) :D
  24. <img srx = ""> Our local library holds an event once a month called bricks and beer. My brother and I had just been talking and setting Legos down to see if anything struck us. This is the result <img src = "">
  25. Alright so I own the set 7965 millennium falcon, and I like it alot, although there is a huge amount of improvement needed to make it more movie accurate. When the new UCS millennium falcon was revealed, i was inspired and started work on my modifications. Inspired by this video This is basically the same design as the 7965 but with larger dimensions. I set out to do the same with my Falcon. As I was building, I realized that the set doesnt have a very good front mandible section, so I started redoing the front using ideas from the UCS design. Here is the WIP so far, would love to hear feedback on what should be changed or fixed. I will be posting updates on this thread. millennium falcon by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr millennium falcon cockpit 2 by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr millennium falcon mandible 2 by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr millennium falcon back overhead view&#x27; by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr millennium falcon mandible 1 by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr millennium falcon front thing by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr